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Description of the amazing properties that the pearl stone has

Pearls are minerals that are organic. In its color variations, you can find pearls of white, silver-white, cream or rich pink color. More rare types of pearls are golden brown or black.

In total, there are two types of pearl names: Oriental (also referred to as Oriental pearls) — the place of its production is the Persian Gulf or roll (pearly pearls) — they look like round river pearls. Marine and cultivated pearls are the most popular, while freshwater is also common, but less popular.

  1. Decorations with this mineral relieve kidney pathologies, normalize the work of the digestive tract (especially the liver), and help lower blood pressure.
  2. For a long time, pearls have been used to treat cataracts and other eye diseases. The inhabitants of ancient China believed that the stone will increase the visual acuity, and also heals from the pathologies of the ears.
  3. The well-known treatise of the Tibetan medicine «Zhud-shi» indicates that pearl improves memory, eliminates disorders of the nervous system and increases the overall tone of the body.
  4. Also, the mineral has an excellent hemostatic effect. Because of this, it was ground to a state of powder, various infusions were made from it, which were designed to eliminate bleeding of the gums and blood hemorrhoids. Pearls pounded into powder could be purchased at any of the medieval pharmacies until the 18th century.
  5. It should be noted that the healing properties of pearls are not exaggerated: the microelements that are included in its composition are distinguished by an activating and tonic effect on the human body. It is not surprising that in the times of the Middle Ages, babies who had anemia were advised to drink milk, to which crushed pearls were added.

Today, more and more often you can meet pearl powder and powder, which are advised to be used for cosmetic manipulations, as well as a dietary supplement, to improve the condition of the skin, to heal wounds, burns, and so on.

  1. Lithotherapists recommend to use therapeutic and healthy drinking pearl water, which is made according to the Ayurvedic system. It has an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and blood-regenerating effect. This healing water will help strengthen the immune system, successfully cope with inflammatory phenomena, poisoning, fever, liver pathologies, gallstone disease, will normalize the menstrual cycle in women.

It is rather simple to get pearl water — for this you just need to leave a couple of pearls in a water tank for the night. If desired, you can also boil the pearls in this water.

  • In Europe, pearls symbolized a long age. The people of India revered him as a symbol of prosperity and well-being, as well as a happy family life. Also, the stone personifies honesty and complete perfection.
  • This natural mineral will help to establish mental processes in the body, give spiritual harmony, make its owner more peaceful.
  • Another positive property of the mineral is that it will protect its owner from an unrequited feeling, and also indicate the onset of the disease, starting to lose its luster.
  • The inhabitants of the East worship pearls as a stone that protects against theft, dishonest fraud, the evil eye and other negative phenomena.

Pearls control the functioning of the Sahasrara and Vishudha Chakras.

It has receptive Yin energy (tends to collect energy).

Refers to the earth and water elements.

The planets patrons of the mineral are Neptune and the Moon.

The stone will help people with such names: Eugene, Oleg, Sergeyam, Valentinam, Innam, Irinam, Claudiam, Liliam, Margarits and Sofia.

In ancient times (in the 13-17 centuries), pearls were the most frequently used stone, which was decorated with garments, women’s hats, as well as the garments of clerics. To date, the mineral is made of various jewelry (rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces and others).

Before you buy a product with a pearl, it will not be superfluous to find out how the precious nugget relates to your zodiac constellation.

  • Gemini — the stone helps to get rid of their inherent fussiness and haste, save from envious and avengers. Women, thanks to the mineral, will more easily determine their professional path.
  • Aquarius — thanks to the mineral will also protect themselves from the negative effects from the outside, empty gossip. Pearls will help stabilize their emotional sphere, contribute to the restoration of emotional balance. And black pearls help the fair sex to fulfill their innermost dreams.
  • Pisces — adds harmony, sharpens intuitive abilities, protects against unrequited feelings, and also contributes to the disclosure of mental and creative abilities of its owner.
  • Scorpios — it is recommended to use only black stone. Thanks to him, women are more likely to meet their fate, become more cheerful and vigorous.
  • Cancers — for the representatives of this zodiacal constellation, the mineral allows to diagnose various pathologies in time, normalizes blood pressure and helps calm down. Women Cancers thanks to him increase their sensuality in a relationship with a man.
  • Taurus — the mineral adds tranquility and balance, girls-Taurus stone makes more empathetic and attentive.
  • Libra — the representatives of this zodiac sign, due to the magical influence of the stone, successfully cope with heart pathologies, set up harmonious relations with others, get rid of excessive arrogance and pride. A weak half of humanity, using jewelry with mother of pearl, will increase its chance of marital happiness.
  • Pearls are suitable only for those Devs who are confident in their own abilities — he will protect them from vain risk.
  • Capricorn — will relieve from excessive stubbornness, will contribute to spiritual harmony.

But there are three signs of the zodiac, which must necessarily abandon the use of jewelry with pearls:

  • Sagittarius — the stone belongs to the water element, it is contraindicated to use Sagittarius. As an exception, only a white band can be called in the life of the representatives of this zodiacal constellation, when it is permissible to wear jewelery from a black mineral.
  • Aries — the hot Aries is protected by the planet Sun, and the Moon is the ruler of pearls. As a result of the confrontation of these two planets, Aries must refuse to wear nacre. They need to dwell on brighter and more voluminous stones.
  • Lions — the use of any pearls, even black ones, is absolutely contraindicated for Lviv. The stone will absolutely not dock with the solar nature of this constellation and will have a sharply negative impact on health and life in general.

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