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Frog Talisman: the meaning of the character

The talisman frog is found in many nations. It is very ancient, the image of an animal can be seen on artifacts that are 6-7 thousand years old. Attitudes toward him are different, some consider the frog to be a symbol of chaos and beware, others attribute to her the ability to bring wealth to the house, and fertility to the earth. Sometimes in the same culture symbols are diametrically opposed. Often, the frog is opposed to the toad, as good and evil. A widespread symbol in the practice of feng shui.

Most often, the frog is found as a symbol in ancient Egypt. It was considered a chthonic animal, born of chaos, primordial silt, which existed before the creation of the world. The amphibian was associated with the eight original gods of the Ogdoad Germopol. With the head of a toad they depicted four gods of men, symbolizing the elements of fire, water, earth and air. Their goddess-companions were depicted with snake heads.

In Egypt, the frog was blamed for the spills of the Nile. She was also associated with fertility, because in spring the eggs of tailless amphibians could be seen everywhere, and tadpoles filled in any water body. A good harvest in those days was synonymous with wealth. The ability to transform from eggs to tadpoles and adult Egyptians perceived as a symbol of resurrection. She was often portrayed with Isis.

In ancient Greece, the frog mattered the symbol of fertility. She is the companion of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and debauchery. Black toad lived in the waters of Styx, gave a sign to the carrier Charon.

In Celtic culture, the frog is the earthly mistress, the queen of the lower world and groundwater.

In the beliefs of the Australian Aborigines, Africans and Filipinos, it was strongly associated with drought. Could admit or not admit to the water of animals, people and even gods. According to one of the African legends, the animal was deprived of its tail because it did not allow the well of the heavenly God Nyama to enter the well.

Among the Slavs, the toad had different meanings, often met in fairy tales. Some nations endowed her with the qualities of an evil spirit. It was believed that a frog or a toad is a transformed witch. Very often associated milk yield with it. Some thought that a swamp animal at night could take milk from a cow. Others, on the contrary, used frogs to increase milk yield.

In some regions, frogs were considered to be the keepers of water, rivers and lakes. They were killed or appeased to make it rain. Also in ancient times, the Slavs used frogs as a love spell. Young guys caught them in the swamp to meet a beautiful girl. Old maidens sat on them in order to get married in the end.

What does the frog mean as a symbol in Christianity? Her image changed over time. At first she was associated with resurrection. In the churches even made candlesticks in the form of this animal. They were engraved on the inscription: «I am the Resurrection.» However, the frog mentioned in the book of the Apocalypse is not very positive. It symbolizes ignorance, which wants to seem wisdom, in fact, destroying it. In folk beliefs, amphibians were often represented as the souls of unbaptized babies and sinful girls. The toad was considered a symbol of mercy, envy and greed.

In Judaism, the three-fingered frog is a symbol of the neophyte — a man who has just begun to learn wisdom. He is on the path of becoming, his soul is still immature, it requires a mentor. These amphibians are mentioned in the Pentateuch when describing ten Egyptian karst. In later times, the Christian tradition was borrowed — they began to perceive the frog as a symbol of rebirth.

In India and China, the frog is a symbol of the beginning of the rainy season. In both cultures, it is customary to sing a hymn to this animal, which resembles a croaking. With its help, it caused rains during times of severe drought. She was also associated with the moon, the night sky. In addition, in the east, an amphibian without a tail means a talisman for attracting money. In more detail we will tell about it, describing the art of feng shui.

The Chinese art of home improvement feng shui has now become very fashionable. The division of the home into zones, the placement of household items and talismans in them brings many benefits to their owners. In this way, you can ensure family happiness, attract love, success, luck and luck. What does the frog mean as a symbol in feng shui? It is considered an amulet that attracts money to the house, but you need to use it correctly. Here are some tips:

  • the figurine should be placed in the common room, best of all in the living room;
  • you need to put it in a far corner, placed diagonally;
  • the frog should be directed as if it enters the room, and is not going to leave it;
  • a monetary figurine should not be in the dark and gather dust, so it will cease to act;
  • it is best to put a talisman in a small indoor fountain;
  • Once every two weeks it needs to be washed in a bathtub under running water;
  • when money comes in, thank the frog;
  • bills or coins must be placed under the figure. It is advisable to use the currency in which you want to receive income;
  • best to attract wealth is the jade frog.

It is necessary to follow all the recommendations exactly, otherwise the toad will cease to act or will begin to harm. For example, if you put the figure on the face of the exit, the money in the house will disappear, go in an unknown direction. When a frog is forgotten, it reduces income. If you did not thank the frog and did not give it a reward, luck will end, you will not get more profit. The art of feng shui is a delicate thing, it requires certain knowledge and discipline.

Many people may benefit from a purse toad. It is small in size, may look like a miniature pendant or pendant. You should always carry such a feng shui talisman with you, preferably in the department where the largest bills or credit cards are put. After each solid profit thank the toad. It is impossible that the wallet was empty. At least one coin for the frog should always be left. From time to time it should be pulled out of the wallet, bathed and put back.

Moonlight can not only attract money. In modern magic it is widely used. The symbolism of the frog says that the animal is able to bring success in business and personal life, soothes an angry person, helps to endure difficulties and supports in bold endeavors. For a talisman to act, you need to choose it correctly. Here are some tips:

  • A silver frog is suitable for men, and a golden frog for women. In order for the talisman to bring success in business, it must be worn as a pendant.
  • In order for a frog to bring good luck in business, it must be with a coin in its mouth.
  • For the success of the family business is better to buy a toad with a ring in the legs.
  • Overcome envy, bring success in any endeavors under the power of a green malachite frog.
  • If you are a creative person, success and inspiration will give a rose quartz talisman.
  • Men need a bracelet-talisman with the image of an amphibian made of onyx. He removes heaviness from the soul, helps to cope with anger. Some women will not interfere with such a talisman too.
  • Frog from rock crystal is a wonderful amulet for travelers. It is worth having it and those who change their place of residence. A small amphibian helps to adapt faster.
  • People who often quarrel and conflict, it is useful toad from any transparent material. It can be glass, crystal or some transparent pebble used in jewelry.
  • For women who want to become more beautiful, to conquer the hearts of men, a frog brooch with amber or completely made of this material will come in handy.
  • A trinket made of Gzhel ceramics is useful for those who like to preserve traditions and skills and pass them on.
  • A souvenir toad with a silver ruble in the mouth is a very reliable means to attract wealth.

As you know, all talismans need to be charged, otherwise they will not act. The frog lives in water, because it needs to be charged in the same environment. An amulet is put in a glass with water for a day. Be sure to talk with the toad. It is necessary to open all your desires so that she knows what exactly she must fulfill, after which she will pull the talisman out of the water and not wipe it in its proper place. You can not take an amulet as a gift, you definitely need to buy it yourself.

The personal file of everyone, whether or not to use folk omens or rites. Many people say that the talisman helps in business, increases earnings, brings success in business. Each person can try to use such an assistant. But you shouldn’t hope only for the strength of the amulet, you have to do something yourself. If you do not flounder like a frog, it will not work, and the quagmire of failures will suck in very quickly so that not a single amulet will help.

What does the little frog in different folk legends and fairy tales mean? There are many signs and legends in which it is mentioned. In most cases, an amphibian symbolizes transformation and an amazing ability to adapt, to find a way out of any situation, because this animal can live in two elements at once: on land and in water. She is quirky, feels great on unsteady marshy soil. Probably everyone knows the story of how a frog got into a jar of sour cream and floundered there until the butter turned out and she could not jump out. That is why many perceive the amphibian as an assistant in the fight against difficulties.

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