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Icon of St. George the Victorious: description, meaning, what helps, how to pray

Icon of St. George the Victorious: description, meaning, what helps, how to pray

The image of Great Martyr George has long been revered by Orthodox Christians. He is considered the most popular among the shrines. His face is found not only on icons, but also coins of different nations, city flags and coats of arms. It is considered the strongest advocate of believers, especially those who are somehow, at least indirectly, connected with the military craft.

But not only. He is considered to be his patron and farmers. Many icons of St. George the Victorious are known, where he can be depicted as a horseman or a warrior with a spear and a sword.

To this shrine, as has already been said, soldiers can make a request and prayer, warriors — everyone who is in one way or another connected with the army. In case of military conflicts, the son’s farewell to the service calls to the Holy One. They are asked to protect the saint from serious difficulties, to save them from a bullet, to serve them faithfully and healthyly back to the family.

Every believer knows the saint. However, among people who do not attend the temple of God, the Victorious is well known. What can you ask, besides being related to the war. It turns out that with a sincere prayer, the divine face can help with many ailments.

The icons of St. George are victorious, where he is a horseman on a horse, piercing a monstrous serpent with his spear. This personifies the majesty and courage of a warrior, noble and fearless. The warrior is honored in many countries, in the Republic of Georgia is honored after the Virgin Mary.

George the Victorious suffered a lot in his time, but he was firm in his faith. No riches and treasures, the authorities did not shake her, and they did not knock her off the bright path of the warrior.

In the memory of mankind there are stories about how, while in prison, the Holy One prayed to God for those who asked him for help. All those who needed deliverance from ailment or other help received it, since the Lord listened to what George told Him.

Known legend of the town of Beirut. Near him was a lake, where the snake lived, holding in eternal fear of all the townspeople. After all, he ate human flesh. Many residents, to appease the monster, cast lots among the youth. The one to whom he fell was doomed to be eaten. Quite a few girls and young guys died at that time.

The king’s daughter did not escape the lot either. When she already appeared before the serpent, the Wonderworker appeared and thrust a spear into the cannibal.

By his feat, having killed the monster, he not only saved his compatriots, but also strengthened their faith in the Lord, and those who did not believe, after he had killed the serpent, believed. For urged to sincerely accept their Christianity. This story was the basis of the plot for many icons of St. George.

He lived in the days of pagan, when there was a physical destruction of Christians. Ruler Diocletian ordered the terrible execution of anyone who believed in Christ. George, being a representative of a noble family, served the emperor. He became at this time the secret Christian.

However, they gave him away and tortured him. The goal was to force the military leader to renounce his faith. In order not to take the soldiers, George endured pain. He did not die in a pit of lime; the spears of the hardened servants of Diocletian did not pierce him.

The boy was fed with poisonous drinks, but he remained alive. Forces came back to him even after severe beatings. 8 times he was restored after the deadly torment, and then the emperor pagan ordered him to be beheaded.

However, even after death, George attracted people to himself and worked a miracle. They bribed the guards so that they would be able to stand by the body and pray.

  • Survive the fighting.
  • Gives protection from enemies.
  • It helps to establish peace, to find it for the prayer and those for whom he asks.
  • From female infertility and other diseases.
  • To win in battle.
  • It helps not only adult men, but also children and women.

To make prayer more effective, a church candle is placed in front of the image. It is lit, the words of the prayer are uttered with all the spiritual power. Knowing how to pray and sincerely believing in the power of the shrine, you can help yourself and your loved ones.

Celebrations in honor of St. George are held by Christians more than once a year on the following days:

  • 09.12. (according to Art. Style 26.11 ..) — Yaroslav the Wise, who had the Christian name George, ordered him to do it for the first time in the Russian Church.
  • 23.11. (according to Art. Style 10.11.) — Giorgoba is a holiday in honor of the saint in the Georgian Republic.
  • 16.11 (according to the old 02.11.).
  • 06.05. (according to the article. 23.04.).

There are several miraculous shrines that have come down to our time and are famous among Christians. They can be found in these temples and ask for help.

  1. One of the most famous — the miraculous icon of St. George the Victorious is kept in the Moscow Cathedral of the Great Martyr (in the Old Archers).
  2. In Monino also in the church in honor of St. George.
  3. Visiting St. George’s Church of the Odintsovo deanery.
  4. A number of cathedrals near Moscow.

Those who want to touch the shrine, you should know that a piece of St.. There are relics in the Moscow church on Poklonnaya Hill.

Today, not only warriors turn to the icon, but also people of other professions. Especially helps those who are engaged in vigorous activities related to rivalry, the achievement of noble goals. It can be athletes, lifeguards, respectable politicians.

You can pray in the temple or at home. It is good to have not only an icon, but also a small scapular, which is easy to carry always with you. There are many prayers to the saint, but the ones below are most often used. They are considered the strongest.

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