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Icon of the Blessed Virgin

Miraculous icons of the Blessed Virgin with photos and descriptions

For me, the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a symbol of how strong a woman is, how much suffering and grief she can endure, the personification of sacrifice and endless patience. From one glance at the sacred face arises trepidation. In this article I will talk about the history and significance of this holy image, as well as the prayers with which you can turn to the image of the Virgin Mary.

The icon of the Holy Mother of God seems unusually filled with divine light. From her like rays of light emanate — soft, warm, but calm, humble, and not destructive and burning.

The image of the Virgin Mary is an earthly woman who endured countless sufferings and misfortunes. She died early in the church, suffered her husband’s treason. So began her life. And then I had to endure all sorts of bullying, martyrdom. Only endless patience and unconditional love for God helped the Virgin Mary to endure all these misfortunes.

In the Christian world, the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary is revered, and its icons are considered miraculous. Her sacred face helps, heals, sends good and changes people’s lives for the better. There are four known types of icons of the Virgin:

  1. Hodegetria or Travel Guide. In the arms of the Virgin Mary her son in infancy. Mother holds her little Jesus with her hand, and her gaze is full of depth and wisdom. Orthodox believe that on this icon in the eyes of Mary reflected the whole life path of a real Christian.
  2. Eleusa or Milila. Mary and Jesus on this icon hug each other, leaning forward. It is believed that this image best embodies unconditional love and sincere maternal feelings. It is also a symbol of the unity of the divine essence of Christ and the earthly — of his mother.
  3. Oranta or «Sign». On this icon, the Virgin Mary raises her hands to heaven, as if praying. At this moment in time Jesus is still in the womb of the mother, but his face is depicted on the medallion of the mother, which personifies the presence of two principles in each of us — the human and the divine.
  4. Akathist icon has absorbed all the meanings of the rest. Icon painters painted it, being deeply impressed by the sacred texts set forth in the Gospel. The face of the Virgin tells about her great role in the destiny of the Savior, the icon illustrates her selfless actions.

The miraculous icons of the Virgin are known throughout the world. They are addressed in prayers with requests and desires in order to receive healing, forgiveness, and to obtain God’s grace for themselves.

Watch the video about the icons of the Mother of God with the baby:

The sacred images of the Virgin Mary with the baby in her arms are widespread throughout the world. This is one of the most popular icons, to which Christian believers most often address prayers with prayers.

Who and what is protected by the Mother of God:

  1. Virgin Mary combines the functions of protector, comforter, patroness and intercessor. She can be asked to protect from enemies, cry out in grief, ask for divine protection in complex matters and intractable problems.
  2. It is believed that this holy image carries in itself love, gratitude and protection not only to those who piously honor the commandments of God. She protects and shares her energy with sinners who are ready to repent and receive forgiveness. Invisible, she patronizes and misguided souls who are not yet ready to turn their eyes to God.
  3. They turn to the Mother of God when a person is sick or grieving, when he is harassed by enemies and wants to get protection. In any unfavorable situation, you can pray to the holy image and get divine support.
  4. It is believed that the prayers addressed to the Mother of God help to heal infertility, conceive, bear and give birth to a healthy baby without suffering and threats of life.
  5. Men who need comfort and protection can also pray to the icon. What matters is how sincere this prayer is.
  6. The Mother of God can be asked to relieve difficult childbirth, to protect from enemies and evil forces, to cure the evil eye or damage, to heal a headache or toothache. No less often they seek help in healing addictions: mothers of alcoholics and drug addicts pray to the Mother of God for God to enlighten their offspring.

This icon has tremendous power, and for good reason is called miraculous. It is believed that it was she who helped the Russians defeat Tamerlane’s army in 1395, who came to destroy our land, but eventually fled with his soldiers.

Victory in the Kulikovo battle is also attributed to the Virgin. There is an opinion that Ivan the Terrible, before going to Kazan, appealed to the Virgin Mary for help, and received it.

There are a great many prayers through which you can turn to the holy image. But at once I want to note that even if you do not know one, you can speak in your own words. The main thing is that your voice goes from the heart — it will work better than any memorized, but mechanically pronounced wording.

What can I ask for:

  • Rid of hunger.
  • Comfort in grief, heal from the disease.
  • Ask for protection at risk of flooding the home, fire.
  • Ask to cure physical pain, blindness and any diseases of the eyes, as well as hearing.
  • About the speedy recovery of a cancer patient.
  • Ask for patience and strength to endure difficult life challenges.
  • Get rid of suicidal thoughts, get a desire to live and perk up.

This is not a complete list of the miraculous properties of the icon. If you feel your connection with God and receive a response from prayers addressed to the Virgin Mary, use it in your spiritual rituals as often as you like.

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