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Icon of the Mother of God Joy of All Joys

I wanted to buy an icon of the Mother of God for my daughter in the church shop. But I was surprised — I know for sure that the image I chose is called “Affection”, but in the shop it was called differently, “Seraphim emotion”, and then they said “The joy of all joys”.

I almost got angry, even though it was a sin (how can you confuse the names of the icons, especially those that you offer to people?), But God got the idea out of the way — I asked. I heard a lot of interesting things about this face with three names. And of course, bought it in the house — I think we need just that.

Why is it so called, what story is connected with it

It was created at the end of the 18th century, painted in oil on canvas, served as the basis for a cypress plate. Iconographers claim that the icon related to her style of writing is the Ostrobramskaya Mother of God. However, «Affection» is not decorated with western attributes (stars around the halo, moonlit bottom).

At one time she hung in the cell of Seraphim Sarovsky. He prayed to her every day, and it is to this saint that we owe the main name of the icon (“The Joy of All Joys”). Near the icon all the time burning lamp. The Reverend anointed the sick people who came to him with oil from here, and they were healed.

He even gave his soul to God during one of his prayers in a cell near the face of the Virgin Mary. It happened on January 2, 1833. The saint was buried on the territory of the Diveevsky monastery. After the death of the monk the monastery was named Seraphim-Diveevo.

There are many icons depicting Seraphim Sarovsky of the knee, standing in front of this image. For example:

The further story of the image can be told as follows:

  • After the burial, the holy face of the Assumption was transferred to the Diveevsky monastery. And not just like that, because even during his life the monk told the sisters that they would be entrusted with the care of this heavenly Mother. He was hanged in the Trinity Cathedral, located on the territory of the monastery. Removed only for the procession.
  • Before the revolution, the icon was decorated with a rich salary, which Nicholas II himself ordered. For example, a halo of rays scattering in different directions was made of pearls and numerous precious stones. With famous for healings, icons were made lists, and many also became known as miraculous. Unfortunately, not all of them survived to our days, “burnt out” in the crucible of the atheistic revolution.
  • After the revolution in 1927 the monastery was closed, the archbishop, the bishop and the hegumeness were arrested. However, Mother Abbess, Alexandra was able to free herself. Having gathered some sisters and the things of Father Seraphim (including this icon), they left for Murom.
  • Under Soviet rule, the holy image was transported several times in order to preserve it. In particular, in Kratovo (village in the Moscow region). And keeping the image of a nun and (later) the priest did not forbid the faithful to approach him. They often noticed that he healed the sick.
  • In 1991, when Orthodoxy again entered into its legal force, all personal belongings of Saint Seraphim were transferred to the Patriarch from Moscow (Alexy II was at that time).

Today it is one of the most honored shrines in our country. Its original is constantly located in the residence of the Patriarch. True, the faithful, too, can see it. On Saturday, the Akathist (the 5th week of Great Lent, the rolling feast of the Praise of the Virgin) is solemnly brought to the Epiphany Cathedral, where she can be worshiped.

There is another date associated with this face of the Virgin: December 22 (or 9). On this day, the Diveevsky monastery celebrates the date of foundation of this holy monastery.

It is impossible not to mention another short date, namely, the year — 1903. This year there was a canonization of Serafim Sarovsky.

The Virgin Mary is depicted here by herself, with folded hands and humbly lowered eyes. This moment is the Annunciation. The Archangel Gabriel had just come to her with the news that Mary was chosen to become the Mother of the Son of God. As you know, having heard these words, Maria humbly said: «Let it be according to your word.»

It is difficult to say now with what words St. Seraphim of Sarov addressed the beloved face of the Virgin Mary. Obviously, for the many years that this icon hung in his cell, he prayed in different ways. We can also treat with different, most importantly, pure and sincere words, in which we will clothe our requests and thanks.

But nowadays there is a special prayer, which the priests are advised to address specifically to the icon “Seraphim emotion”. Here is its text:

And then there is the troparion. This is a short church hymns, which is performed in honor of the holiday, the saint or (as in the present case) icons. Often the essence of what is being sung is revealed in the troparion. This face is sung troparion icons «Affection»:

  • Sick or sick, as it gives healing.
  • Women in position. Many believe that this is an icon of pregnant women, since for many she really helped to conceive, bear and give birth to healthy babies.
  • Young girls. It is known that the icon helps to keep clean even in our corrupted time, and also to meet a worthy person who becomes a husband.
  • Also, the icon pray teenagers or their parents. It helps to calm the violent transitional age.
  • Finally, this face helps to touch the evil hearts. As one’s own, burned off from mental agony, so is someone else’s, so it is sometimes asked to help reconcile with someone or send kindness to someone.

By the way, nowadays you can not only pray to the icon, but also wear a small wrist pendant with the image of the “Joy of All Joys”. In church or jewelry stores you can find both modest silver and diamond-set pendants.

On the back of these icons, you can see the words of greeting with which the angel turned to Madonna, or the image of a lily — this is the flower he handed to her as a sign of her purity.

But remember: it is very desirable to sanctify a purchased icon bought in a regular store. Only then will she truly connect you with the one to whom you pray.

Rev. Seraphim of Sarov lived not so long ago — from 1754 to 1833. But so much has changed in that time, both in matters of faith and in our country! We, believers, honor this saint not once, but twice a year: 2 (or 15 in the old style) of January and July 19 (or the old on August 1).

But why did he gain so much respect among believers? What miracles glorified his name, and why even his favorite icon is so revered? You will learn about all this from the watch film about Saint Seraphim — the wonderworker. Believe me, you will not regret the time spent on viewing!

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