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Icon of the Mother of God «Power»: description, meaning, history of the photo

Icon of the Mother of God «Power»: description, meaning, history + photo

The main shrine of Russian monarchists sovereign icon of the Mother of God was found in the twentieth century. Although, its history originates much earlier. It is considered one of the most revered images of Our Lady. There is an opinion that the «Sovereign» is very significant for those who are endowed with a great state power and is the patroness of the rulers of the country. In fact, not so simple. Not only the rulers, but also ordinary Orthodox are turning to it.

A somewhat unusual look appears. Traditionally, Christians are accustomed to the image of the Humble, but here a little different. On the knees of the Mother — the Infant Christ blesses all with an outstretched hand. The Lady sits on the throne of the sovereign, holding in her hands the signs of power (scepter, orb).

The severe face is strict. The photo shows that the head of the royal crown, and around the glowing halo. Red mantle draped over — another symbol of power. All indications are that the Russian people now have their divine trustee.

In 1917, when Emperor Nicholas II abdicated the throne (March 15), the image of the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ suddenly manifested itself in Kolomenskoye near Moscow. A certain Orthodox woman named Yevdokiya Andrianova from a neighboring village saw the same strange dream several times, where a quiet voice addressed her with the command to go to a white temple, to find an icon there and make it red. Believer peasant tried to fulfill the mandate. She shared her visions with Father Nicholas, rector of the Ascension Church.

The priest believed the parishioner, deciding that the dream is prophetic. Feverish searches began throughout the temple. All corners and walls were inspected. For a long time they could not find the icon, but when they got to the littered basement of the church, then among the dilapidated boards it was found, the largest and black one stood in a row of other icons, as if waiting for something. There is a version that may have been taken out of the capital, hidden during the war with the French in 1812 and the all-consuming fire.

A thick layer of dust covered the invisible image. When the soot and dirt was hardly wiped off, they saw the Most Pure in red vestments. She sat on the throne, holding signs of power in her hands, and her head was crowned with a magnificent crown. In his lap sat little Jesus. The dreamer immediately recognized the face about which the voice was speaking in the dream.

The fact that the Mother of God appeared in a new image soon reached many pilgrims in different parts of Russia. Great importance was attached to this event among all strata of the population, the Mother of God allegedly came to the aid of the long-suffering Russia at a difficult time, and now, when she does not have a legal ruler, she will decide the fate of the country herself.

Others believed that the appearance of a forgotten image again in front of people was a warning about impending terrible events for the people and the Orthodox Church and the punishments for grave sins. Many still adhere to this opinion, recalling the persecutions of clergymen in the early years of Soviet power and the bloody revolutionary events.

The icon helped the infirm to heal. In Kolomenskoye itself, a spring with healing water suddenly clogged up. People from different cities and provinces began to come to him. Before the face, the Defenders prayed not only for bodily health, but also for the return of the soul.

Since then, the icon has been often taken to other temples in order to enable as many people as possible to bow before the shrine. In the days devoted to the miraculous image, he is left in Kolomenskoye, where rites are performed in his honor.

First of all, Christians are asking for the recovery of their loved ones or giving strength after a serious illness. Practically with any request, the pilgrims go to a creative miracle. They read prayers heartily.

  • About assistance in finding the second half, getting rid of painful loneliness.
  • On the fact that financial matters were restored, issues related to debts and loans were resolved.
  • About peaceful life and peace of mind, agreement between relatives and friends.
  • About salvation in the years of turmoil and wars from death, hunger and disease.
  • About the pacification of the evil enemy, finding them a calm spirit and goodwill to the one praying.

Anyone who seeks help may approach and pray. The main thing is that there is no negativity in the heart, a negative message, even towards its sworn enemy.

Location today of the icon «Power» Mother of God

For 50 years, the historical museum kept the original image in its reserves. If there were any lists in the Soviet era, they disappeared or were deliberately destroyed. However, in 1990, the icon was returned back to Kolomenskoye.

Today, she can be prayed in the same place in the church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, where she mostly lives.

From the original, numerous lists have been made from time to time, but only a few of the old ones have been preserved. There are several of them and they are located in different places, the most popular of which are the following.

  • In the Moscow church tort. John Warrior in Moscow.
  • Miraculous. Nikolo-Perervinsky monastery. Given by the nun Agnia.

The holiday of the sovereign icon of the Mother of God is celebrated in March 15 in a new style. In the monastery at this time, the procession in her honor is necessarily performed. The image is taken out of the church along with the people bypassing the building.

Once again celebrating in the Kolomna in July, the day when the icon was found. 27 numbers.

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