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Icon of the Sign of the Mother of God: what helps

The icon of the Mother of God is a sign, which is associated with the miracles performed by this face, is one of the most revered Orthodox images. Represents the image of the Virgin. Hands open in prayer, palms open, the Virgin prays for ordinary people. She stands, and just below the chest is her baby Jesus. On some lists, there is no Christ.

Original two-sided. On the other hand, there are faces of the righteous Joachim and Anna praying to Christ. Once the holy face was surrounded by a riza of gold, studded with precious crystals. The name of the author is not preserved.

Many interesting facts, many of which have written sources, are connected with this ancient way.

The news of the miracle accomplished thanks to the sacred face overflowed the Orthodox world as early as 1170. The event was connected with the internecine struggle of the book. Mstislav Andreevich with Veliky Novgorod. The troops, infinite, approached Novgorod, were strong and merciless, and the forces were not equal. Residents began to pray to God for intercession.

Such was the sign, having seen that the defended soldiers believed in their own strength and defeated the Suzdalians. Those, in turn, were terrified at their work, frightened by the signs. Since then, in memory of the event, Jonah ordered to read the Intercessor, and the day of the icon was 10 December.

This was not the only miracle. For about 200 years, the image remained at the old place in the wooden church. Once there was a fire (14th c.). Everything burned around, but where the holy face was located, the flame stopped.

Not far from the burnt down temple a new stone one was built. He began to be called Znamensky. There and moved the miraculous «Sign».

Another terrible fire occurred already in the 16th century. He began to cover many houses and even entire streets. People could not cope with the fire element. Metropolitan Macarius began to fervently pray to the Queen of Heaven, having raised the icon to hell, made a religious procession and reached the river itself. Here, with Volkhov, the wind blew, so much so that it put out all.

Already at the beginning of the 17th century This face of the Mother of God again came to the aid of the Russians. In 1611, Novgorod was occupied by Swedish troops. Knights rushed to the Cathedral of Znamensky in order to disperse the service held there. But a certain force threw them repeatedly from the walls of the temple. Frightened, the conquerors left. So the enemy could not enter the temple and destroy it, and the townspeople hid there from the cruel murderers.

With the coming of the Bolsheviks to power, the icon was sent to the Novgorod Museum. When the war began in 1941, it was taken to evacuation, at the end of the Great Patriotic War, the holy face was returned.

Most importantly, the image helps Christians to gain and strengthen their faith. In the fall of 2009, an icon as part of the Orthodox space expedition flew over the earth 176 times. Such a cosmic procession was blessed by Patriarch Cyril.

For a long time, the wonderful face of the Blessed Virgin Mary was kept in the Savior Transfiguration Church. Only in 1356 a new cathedral was built, called the Cathedral of the Sign of the Virgin. More than once the face of the Virgin came to the aid of Novgorod, protecting them with his wonderworking.

And today, the people go to the Protector for help, and the icon, the sign of the Most Holy Mother of God, is listed below:

  • Reconciliation of enemies, the acquisition of peace and peace.
  • Freedom from internecine strife.
  • Treatment of blindness and many eye diseases.
  • Cholera Healing
  • Cares from thieves and villains.
  • In case of fires and other natural disasters.
  • Helps to cope with the attack of enemies.
  • Deprives the forces of evil envious and those who have plotted evil.

Prayer to the image must be sincere, pure, go from the depths of the soul. Then she will help to keep harmony and peace in family affairs and state.

There are special words written for this icon, known and petition to it. But the main thing, according to the clergy, is sincere faith in its power, and knowledge of words is secondary.

It is not only the original that is honored, but also many lists and copies of which they are said to be doing a miracle. Each has an additional name at the place of manifestation of miraculous events. Some are stored in Russia, others abroad.

The first miracle is the healing of the paralyzed man Ephraimus. In the future, the image helped many parishioners of the church where it was placed.

It is believed that Seraphim Sarovsky is related to this list. Known in many European countries and America.

By the decree of the daughter of Peter the Great, the autocrat Elizabeth, the icon was trimmed with gold and jewels. Known in the history of cases of healing from cholera those, then asked an image in their prayers.

Unusual name obtained by the fortress Albazin, which was on the Amur. It is believed that the icon helped defeat the attackers on the town. While it was being transferred to another place, the enemy troops were held up for 9 days, after which it retreated.

A copy was in the eponymous female monastery. Many of her miracles are known.

In 1991, the Novgorod diocese returned to its bosom a miraculous image. Icon restored master Makarii. Of the paintings made by ancient icon painters, only a few details of the garment remained intact. Turnover has not changed. Today, you can pray to all the venerated icon «The Sign of the Most Holy Theotokos» in the Sofia Cathedral (Novgorod). It is interesting that when the image was transferred, a rainbow appeared around the dome of the church.

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