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Icon to Nicholas the Wonderworker

Icon of Nicholas the Wonderworker — help in everyday adversity

Before the New Year holidays, the entire Christian world celebrates St. Nicholas Day — December 19th. Nikolai Uhodnik is one of the most revered in the church; it is a beloved saint in both the Orthodox and the Catholic world. The icon of St. Nicholas is considered miraculous. This is the saint that every Christian knows. What is the popularity of the saint and saint of God, how does his icon help? Consider in detail.

The future Saint Nicholas of Myrali was born in the family of a wealthy citizen in the territory of modern Turkey (then it was a Greek province). From a young age, Nicholas sought spiritual scripture and diligently studied the Word of God. The godly child prayed even at night, spending time in communion with God. Nikolai received an education and began to work in the public service. After graduation, the saint made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, where he made the final decision to devote his life to serving the Lord.

In those days, persecution of Christians was common, but Nikolai always stood up to defend the humiliated and trampled. During his lifetime, he received the status of defender of Christians. Anyone could turn to the saint for advice, a request or a problem. All inheritance received from his parents was given by Nikolay in favor of the poor, living in poverty and prayers.

Nicholas died at a respectable age of 94 years, leaving his memory as a miracle worker. The saint was canonized, canonized. His relics are in the Italian city of Bari in the temple in honor of his name. The second part of the relics is kept in Venice on the island of Lido. To worship the holy relics in Lido and Bari come tens of thousands of pilgrims annually.

Iconography in the Middle Ages exerted a tremendous spiritual influence on man, gave an example of transformation. In those days there were no photographs, and only rich people could buy pictures. It was very difficult to overestimate the importance of icons for an Orthodox Christian. When a believer contemplated the holy face, moral change and transformation took place inside him.

In the recent past, the name of Nicholas was the most common among newborn boys.

The icon of Nicholas was in every home of Orthodox Christians. She guarded from harm, kept the home. Christians asked the Wonderworker for intercession in business, travel and agriculture. The popularity of the image of Nicholas the Wonderworker was so great that churches and small churches were built in his honor.

Saint Nicholas assists in the following needs:

  • sea ​​and land travel;
  • prayers for the obedience and study of children;
  • success in trading affairs;
  • well-being and prosperity in the house; reconciliation of the warring;
  • patronage of the soldiers;
  • guard against enemies and oppressors;
  • search for the second half;
  • the release of innocent prisoners;
  • salvation from captivity and bondage;
  • admonition on the right path;
  • preservation of pregnancy.

Every Christian knows that the icon of St. Nicholas saves from danger. It is worth reading a short prayer in faith, as salvation comes instantly. No wonder St. Nicholas received the name of the wonderworker — this is fully justified and proved by time.

The value of the icon of Nicholas the Wonderworker in the fulfillment of desires is difficult to overestimate. You just need to turn to the saint in one of the days of veneration with faith in assistance.

The icons of Nicholas the Wonderworker in the form of pictures can be seen at the drivers of cars who do not believe in God. This is because the wonders of the saint are legends from century to century. Every Christian knows what helps Nikolai Udodnik. And if you still do not know, people will tell.

What helps Nicholas the People? Each is different, because the requests of people differ from each other. It is believed that the saint helps even those who do not believe in God. There is plenty of evidence for this. Even if you just put the icon in the room, it will act. But the help of the saint at times increases, if you read the prayers.

The icon of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker heals from terrible diseases. There is a lot of evidence that incredible miracles happen after reading an akaphist. Painful people grease the sore spots with church oil (cross) and read prayers. Infertile women were able to conceive and give birth to strong babies through the prayers of the Wonderworker.

Note! The image of the Wonderworker is not inferior in its impact and significance to the image of the Virgin.

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