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Overview of the amazing properties that citrine has

Citrine stone: general characteristics, an overview of magical properties

Citrine stone is a kind of quartz, which is characterized by transparency and a bright lemon yellow color. Its modern name «citrine» stone was due to the similarity with citrus. Until the 18th century, the mineral was known as the “Spanish Topaz” because of its similar characteristics.

Under natural conditions, natural citrines are almost absent. Instead, jewelers are engaged in processing amethysts, quartz, which in total receive almost the same color, density and strength.

The largest reserves of the mineral went to residents of Brazil (South America). Such states are also rich in stones: the United States of America, Kazakhstan, France, Spain and the Urals. As a rule, citrines are found in rocks that are classified as hydrothermal or sedimentary.

Silicon oxide is the substance that formed the basis of the mineral. And a wide variety of color variations provides aluminum and iron, also present in the composition. Although citrine is solid enough, it is easy to cut it.

This mineral falls into the 4th grade gem category.

As mentioned above, citrine has a great similarity with topaz, for this reason it is also called: Bohemian, Brazilian, Oriental, false topaz and pseudo-stope.

  • stones with a golden yellow color — known as golden topaz;
  • brownish yellow — Spanish topaz;
  • burnt stone with rich wine-yellow color is known under the names Madeira-Topaz, Bayeas-Topaz, Palmyra-Topaz and Sierra-Topaz (found in Brazil);
  • Saffronites (or safronity) are the ancient names of topaz. It is believed that this name comes from the «saffron» color of the mineral;
  • stones of lemon yellow shades whose deposits are located in Madagascar are called Madagascar citrines.

Citrine can have both natural coloring, and can be a result of special processing. It should be noted that the stones, painted in natural colors, in nature can be found infrequently. Therefore, it is worth to be attentive when purchasing jewelry with this mineral.

The bulk of citrines sold in the modern jewelry market has an artificial color, which was obtained after heat treatment of amethysts, rauchtopazes (smoky quartz) or morionov, as well as after irradiation of rock crystal.

As for the Russian Federation, the Ural Mountains are rich in gems here. Since ancient times, the craftsmen of the Urals have invented a way to get citrine — for this, amethysts and smoky quartz were baked in Russian stoves in bread or pots. As a result, the rauchtopases acquired a rich yellow tint, and amethysts became orange and brownish.

It is very difficult (almost impossible) for an ordinary person without special equipment to distinguish natural stones from burned ones. But you can try to do it — so the natural minerals are mostly less bright in color. But in the jewelry is usually used stones obtained by firing.

The healing value of a stone for a person is very high. Mineral is famous for its healing properties, namely:

  • due to its positive vibrations, it surrounds the energy body of a person with a protective sheath;
  • the use of stone favorably affects the functioning of the brain, the state of the psyche and the nervous system;
  • It is recommended to use jewelry with citrines when chronic fatigue occurs;
  • mineral cures the endocrine system, allows you to clean the body of slag;
  • the stone can successfully cope with allergic reactions, pathologies of the liver, spleen, gallbladder, normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • and women in menopause should use an elixir infused on this mineral.
  1. Citrine is the most powerful energy «vacuum cleaner» and a regenerator. It will help clean the energy centers from pollution, promotes the accumulation of spiritual energy and the development of intuitive abilities.
  2. Mages highly appreciate this mineral for its properties to improve magical skills. By doing meditation with a stone, you will increase the amount of your energy, which will help to realize your purpose in life.
  3. The yellow color of the mineral helps to improve the financial situation, attracts good luck. In the case when the shade of the mineral is more golden, its abilities are even stronger.
  4. Citrine is the perfect gem for business people who often make different deals. He will help them to invest money and get high profits.
  5. For people gambling gem will increase the likelihood of winning, and even if they lose, they will retain a harmonious mood.

Citrine is the perfect talisman for creative individuals, as it will fill with creative inspiration and help realize various projects.

Citrine vibrations have a particularly positive effect on the work of such chakras: Svadhishthana, Manipura and Sahasrara. The stone is distinguished by the projective energy of Yang (emitting).

To help citrine was particularly effective, you must adhere to certain rules of his socks:

  • for business success, wear mineral rings on your little finger;
  • people who want to be good speakers should wear rings with a gem on the middle and index fingers;
  • pendants with a gem will help to find the rightness in the eyes of their listeners;
  • In general, citrine rings are shown for all whose work activities are associated with virtuosic hand movements (jewelers, sculptors, surgeons and engravers).

Before purchasing products with a gem, it is worthwhile to examine your personal compatibility (or incompatibility) with it.

Citrine is ideal for representatives of the earth element — these individuals he fills with the necessary energy. In particular, you need to take a gem with you on business trips, speaking on stage, if you practice manual labor and applied art.

Surprisingly beautiful citrine is also suitable for Gemini, Aries, Lviv, but for men and women it will act a little differently: the first gem will improve their intuitive abilities, and help men to get a higher level of income.

But who exactly should stop using citrine is Scorpios. For them, it is strictly contraindicated.

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