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Owl symbol: the meaning of the talisman

An owl is one of the most mysterious and controversial representatives of wildlife, whose appearance, habits, abilities and even voice instill mystical horror in people, so it is not surprising that various symbolic meanings are attributed to this bird. Let us see what the symbol of the owl means.

Since the time of ancient Greece, owl has been a recognized symbol of wisdom, science and philosophy. Her ability to see in the dark seemed magical, so the bird was feared and respected. Owl is the symbol of the famous Greek goddess Athena Pallas, patroness of arts and crafts, so the bird can often be seen on the images of the goddess sitting at her feet, on her arms or shoulder.

The owl was depicted on the back of a Greek coin of four drachmas. The Greek warriors believed that if you see a nocturnal bird flying over the battlefield, you can expect a positive outcome of the battle. Owls were considered sacred birds, they were protected and they were even allowed to live in the Greek Acropolis. As a symbol of knowledge, the image of the night bird was chosen as the emblem for the Athenian Academy of Sciences.

In Slavic mythology, an owl symbolized something ominous and even otherworldly. It was called an impure bird, and some saw it as a devil incarnate. This negative perception of the feathered is associated with its nocturnal lifestyle. So, in Poland and Serbia they believed that the bird is endowed with the devil’s gift of eternal life: it is dead by day, and comes to life at night. In the view of these nations, witches could turn into owls when they needed it.

In Slavic mythology and in Christianity, the symbolism of an owl is closely connected with the symbolism of death. It is widely known that if you see an owl near the house, this is a sure sign of the close death of someone from the household. The cry of an owl was considered no less sinister. He was consonant with the call of death in Czech, Polish and Ukrainian. It was believed that by its cry the bird evokes the souls of dead people and lures the living to take their lives.

In the image of a night bird, the Slavs saw a symbol of loneliness. She is compared to a widow or a lonely childless woman. The night cry of the birds was regarded as a warning about the birth of an illegitimate child. Some people called the owl walking woman. Filin was popularly considered to be the constant companion of Leshego — the owner of the forest.

Slavs used an owl as a guardian against adversity. According to the beliefs of the Ukrainians, if you hang the bird in a stable, then the brownie will not torment the horses. The Serbs believed that the bird on the door of the house would ward off trouble from it. Poles hung an owl on a barn, scaring mice and rats.

However, not only bad associated with the image of an owl. In Russian fairy tales and lullabies for her found the gentle word «owl». Nocturnal birds were associated not with her magic abilities, but with the fact that she had to hide from persecution: once the owl painted the crow black, to which he was terribly angry and swore revenge on her.

The white polar owl is one of the most mysterious representatives of the owl family. It is associated with many legends and superstitions. This bird is the companion and assistant of healers and shamans. Those whose totem was an owl were endowed with developed intuition and even discovered the gift of clairvoyance in themselves.

The white polar owl is one of the most revered birds of the northern peoples. The Tungus believe in its help and protection, and Kalmyks consider it sacred. It is believed that for the person who saw the bird in its mating season, the whole year will be happy and successful. That is why the peoples of the North were distributed amulets and talismans in the form of an owl. Claws and the image of a bird were also popular.

It is believed that the owl is a Masonic symbol. The legs of this statement stem from the fact that the bird pattern was seen on a dollar bill, which is known to contain many symbols of Freemasonry. There is a version that her image appeared on the money after the Great Depression and President Nixon’s refusal of the gold standard. However, this symbol does not carry any official meaning, but one can only guess about the secret.

The masons have a school of symbolism that is so developed that it would be surprising if they did not touch the character of the owl. According to reports, it is found in several degrees of various statutes. For members of society, owl denotes wisdom and common sense. In general, the night bird in Freemasonry is of secondary importance.

Owl — a dual symbol. On the one hand, it denotes wisdom and prudence, and on the other, it brings death and adversity. In charms and emblems, her image is mainly used in a positive sense. An owl with a book often serves as a calling card of educational institutions, and a bird on a sword — military units.

There is much controversy about what an owl character means by Feng Shui. Some claim that the owl in the Chinese tradition is the personification of death, evil and the machinations of black magic. Others are convinced that the symbolism of the night bird is positive and signifies wisdom, success and wealth. Teaching Feng Shui offers the following options for feathered talismans:

  1. The statuette of an owl on an open book personifies wisdom and a craving for knowledge. Such a figure can be a good talisman for pupils and students. The statuette must be placed on the child’s writing desk, where she will every day help him master the knowledge.
  2. One of the best talismans for attracting financial well-being is an owl figurine sitting on a money tree. The tree will help to gain wealth, and the bird will protect it and multiply.
  3. The talisman, depicting three owls, located in the house, serves to protect against evil and negative energies.
  4. Porcelain piggy bank in the form of a wise bird, standing in the house, will not only contribute to the accumulation of money, but also protect people from waste.
  5. A jewel box with a picture of an owl can be a great addition to the interior. A bird with its keen eye every day will follow your valuables.
  6. An excellent gift is an owl figure with spread wings. This talisman is suitable for business people, whom she will bring success in business and career advancement. Such souvenirs can be presented in crystal or glass.
  7. Bird feathers are often used to make the famous Dreamcatcher amulet that is hung in the bedroom above the head of the bed to sift out bad dreams.
  8. The figurine charm «owl with a owl» can be put in the bedroom of those spouses who dream of a child.

To enhance the charm it is better to make it yourself. Those women who love needlework can be advised to purchase a cross-stitch pattern depicting a wise bird and embroider it with their own hands. A perfect addition to the interior of the house will be a feathered figure with expressive big eyes, made by hand from burlap. She will keep a keen eye on property and will protect the house from detractors.

Today, as well as many centuries ago, jewelry and costume jewelry with the image of an owl are popular. These products not only emphasize female attractiveness, but also serve as excellent talismans. For men, there will also be jewelry charms depicting a wise bird. They are made of gold and silver, and of steel and other materials. However, it should be emphasized that silver talismans are the most powerful.

The most popular women’s jewelry amulets are pendants and pendants with the image of a bird. They are worn on a chain around the neck, closer to the level of the heart. Bracelets, brooches and earrings with owls are also popular. As for rings and rings, they are recommended to be worn by self-confident people or those who want to develop this character trait. Children for learning assistance are recommended to wear special badges with the image of a wise bird.

Various kinds of divination could not pass over this mysterious representative of the family of birds. In fortune-telling rituals, the appearance of an owl has its own interpretation, unfortunately, very negative. So, in the fortune-telling on wax waxed outlines of an owl — a bad sign. He promises the questioner troubles, failures and illness.

Divination on the coffee grounds decrypts the image of a bird as a herald of death, hatred, quarrels and failures. If its outlines appeared at the top of the cup, this means that in the near future we can expect trouble and even the death of relatives. The image of the bird, which appeared at the bottom of the tank, promises troubles and financial losses. An open-faced owl is a sign of the breakdown of a family or relationship.

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