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Salamander symbol: the meaning of the mascot

The salamander symbol began to be widely used in medieval Europe, although it has its roots since antiquity. In fact, this is a real animal from the amphibian family. In appearance, it resembles a lizard, common in southern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia Minor. For centuries, people endowed him with magical properties, made up legends, used for healing as a totem or personal amulet.

The first information about the salamander, as a mystical creature, is found in the works of Pliny and Aristotle. They were described as animals capable of putting out fire. Although Pliny is rather skeptical about these properties of salamanders. He believes that the supernatural abilities of animals is only a legend created by sorcerers. It may have been caused by the ability of the skin of salamanders to excrete milky white poisonous juice in case of danger. In addition, the body of an amphibian is cold, which could also serve to feed the ancient myth.

Aristotle described not only the mythical creature salamander. He talked about flying animals that lived in the fire. Departing from it, they immediately died. Already in the writings of St. Augustine, these two myths are mixed, the salamander seems to be a creature born of fire. In this view, this symbol entered the Middle Ages. No wonder the salamander was depicted in a ring of fire. The idea was picked up by the alchemists, who deduced everything on earth from the four elements — Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Since living beings dwelt in the three elements, they wanted to find them in the fourth, in the fire.

In the Renaissance there were disputes whether a salamander is an animal. According to Paracelsus, this is only a stone, Marco Polo considered the salamander to be a substance, and Leonardo da Vinci believed that it feeds on fire. Arab doctors used the poison, skin and body parts of salamanders to treat purulent wounds, depriving and other skin diseases. They were of the opinion, like the ancient scholars, that the salamander does not live in fire, but extinguishes it with his own body. The designation of the properties of this creature can be found in the works of Avicenna and other Muslim scholars of the time.

What did the salamander symbolize at different times? Most often it was used by Christians in the Middle Ages and by alchemists. For Christians, she was a sign of resisting sin, burning passions. She became in their eyes a confirmation of the Old Testament legend of three young men who did not burn in the furnace. Also, the fire salamander became a symbol of chastity of men and women, as it was considered asexual. In later times, the sign too often began to use black magicians and sorcerers, after which the church began to treat him wary.

Alchemy interpreted the salamander as a symbol of the cleansing power of fire and sulfur. The image of a salamander can be seen on many emblems of medieval nobility and royal houses. The mythical creature was considered a symbol of courage and courage, which can not destroy the fire of ordeal. She later acquired the meaning of patronizing good and fighting evil. People rumor attributed the salamander positive properties. It was believed that God appointed her to protect the fiery element in this world.

The fire element of the salamander empowers the amulet with its image with special power. It is best shown when the talisman wears a Sagittarius. A good effect of the symbol has on the signs of the earth. Virgin, Taurus and Capricornus will strengthen their energy, if they wear a pendant, a bracelet on their hands or a ring with this ancient creature. Wingless dragon useful people courageous, possessing power. He will protect them from the machinations of the envious, the temptations, will give strength in the struggle for leadership.

The emblem with the drawing of a salamander, as a symbol of the struggle with the elements, is often used by firefighters and rescuers. And this is not only a tribute to a legend or story. The ancient symbol is able to protect people from fire. Let it be proved long ago that these animals are not able to extinguish fires. But no one has canceled the hidden energy of signs, their otherworldly force. So, the emblem or pendant is an additional talisman for the fire element handlers.

The talisman of the salamander is better to make from a noble material. Most of all it suits gold. A properly charged pendant or brooch is capable of:

  • Strengthen when a person is in need.
  • Kindle the flame in the soul, if it dies away.
  • Keep your owner from negative influences.
  • Avert the evil eye and damage.
  • Help in overcoming life difficulties.

In order for the talisman to act, it must be constantly recharged, perform rites and rituals. Otherwise, he will turn to ordinary jewelry. It is best if they are connected with fire. For example, you can put an amulet in a ring of lit candles and say a prayer over it. A person who is not confident in their abilities should turn to psychics so that they feed the character with energy.

The salamander is often painted on the body, although it looks somewhat intimidating. Sketches and photos with her image can be found in almost every salon. The meaning of the salamander tattoo is interpreted differently. But in general terms, it can be described in the same way as the meaning of the amulet. The image is suitable for both girls and guys. After all, this creature is considered asexual. What does a tattoo mean? It symbolizes:

  • Immortality.
  • Calm and serenity.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Toughness and courage.
  • Steadfastness.
  • Courage and bravery.
  • Indifference.


The owner of the tattoo should be a strong man. Otherwise, it will not have a positive impact. Permanent feeding can damage people who are weak. They have a small supply of energy, the fire salamander can simply burn it. In such cases, it is better to wear an ordinary talisman, which can be removed from time to time. Do not underestimate the tattoo salamander and its value. After all, the sign is applied to the body for life. So it will act on its owner constantly.

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