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Scarab Beetle: The Meaning of the Talisman

The history of ancient Egypt is closely intertwined with the present. From time immemorial, the ancient symbols and signs excite the minds and imagination of modern people. And nowadays, people believe in magical amulets and talismans, which, according to popular belief, bring good luck, love, and well-being. One such ancient and powerful symbol is the scarab beetle.

In ancient Egypt, everything was subject to a certain order. The Egyptians worshiped the sun god as the source of inexhaustible life on earth, which means his daily passage through the firmament was perceived as a rebirth of life. Therefore, watching the life of an insect, the Egyptians noted the fact that the scarab beetle rolling balls, is associated with the ascent and movement of the sun across the sky. And the horns on the head of a beetle look like sun rays. In Egypt, the beetle was perceived as a cosmic symbol; they represented the scarab of the Sun raising and pushing ahead of itself across the horizon: this was how its life course was displayed from birth to death.

But also, as the beetle laid its eggs in a ball and rolled it to the water, so that after 29 days its offspring hatched, they saw a rebirth after death. And the fact that the black beetle, moving on the ground, could rise without effort on its transparent wings to the sky, meant the resurrection after death.

The scarab was a symbol of the ancient Egyptian god Khepri, who is one of the gods of the sun. In Egyptian mythology there were three sun gods: Ra represented daylight, Atum — night, and Khepri, the god with the head of a scarab — morning, or rising sun. It is God Khepri who reveals the luminaries every morning and thereby binds man and the universe. It is a symbol of creation, which was the impetus for the movement of the entire world-creature.

According to legend, the scarab beetle emerges from the nostrils of Osiris, who was buried in Abydos, which symbolizes his exit from the world of the dead. Since then, the scarab figurine has become a symbol of resurrection and rebirth from non-existence. The Egyptians believed that even in the buried body the seed is saved for rebirth, that the soul that has freed itself from the temporal body continues to exist in outer space. And the beetle represented the very energy and constant movement that helps the soul to be reborn, overcome obstacles and renewed to come to light. And not by chance, studying ancient mummies, scientists find amulets made of stone or ceramics with a scarab inserted or painted on the spot where the heart is located.

In Egypt, they believe that the god Khepri, with the head of a scarab, controls the forces of the universe, therefore they wear amulets and amulets with his image. They believe that a person who has such a talisman is endowed with inner latent power and is protected by the universe.

The first Egyptian amulets were made of anything possible: it could be limestone, and granite, and marble, and a simple stone. Later they began to be made from precious stones. Such amulets were often covered with glazes of different colors, while the rich could afford a talisman of silver or gold. The charm could contain inscriptions about the eternal world, about the universe, about the afterlife. Spells and secret signs could be applied to amulets. Noble Egyptians made tattoos in the form of a scarab, relying on the mercy of the gods, both in the afterlife and on the earth.

Consider what the scarab beetle carries the meaning of a talisman and what to expect from it.

If you become the owner of a scarab amulet, you must be sure that good luck and prosperity will always be with you:

  • cases at work and conceived projects will be executed in the best possible way;
  • the owner of the talisman will gain confidence and inner strength for the fulfillment of desires;
  • it helps women with infertility, as well as stay longer youthful and energetic;
  • men wearing an amulet will always be on top of success, problems with money disappear.

The Egyptian amulet will listen to you and feel your needs, endow you with the power that you lack. If you need luck — it will be accompanied in everything. Not enough luck — and this will help you a scarab. Students and students also appreciate this amulet, because the value of the symbol of the Scarab is a rebirth from darkness, the beetle stretches to the light, to knowledge, to rebirth, as well as any student to the knowledge of ignorance.

The scarab beetle will bring good luck and luck to the owner who will create and create. He will help you reach heights and prosperity by helping you with your divine power. With such a talisman you will become wiser, you will have a desire to rejoice at each new day.

If you are a Sagittarius and you have a talisman with a beetle, then the value is very favorable for you. It will be for you the best amulet, the beetle gives Strelets Troops strength and additional energy.

Even a photo with the image of this symbol will scare away the envious people, protect them from negative energy, bring prosperity. Pendants, rings or pendants with the image of a beetle will protect against evil spirits, energy vampires and bad energy in general.

Amulets and charms can be applied not only to the jewelry. Often it is found on boxes, female comb. The action of such amulets is aimed at preserving the youth and beauty of the hostess. A man can hang such a guard in the car, where he will bring good luck on the road, divert trouble, save from accident.

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