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Spinel stone — to whom it suits, what properties it has

Spinel stone — methods of applying healing properties

Spinel — very beautiful romantic stone. In Russia, it was called «lal». The spinel stone decorated the famous Monomakh’s hat, the crown of Catherine the Great. By its precious qualities, the mineral can be equated to emeralds and rubies. In ancient times, red spinel was confused with rubies. In the east, the red spinel was called the passion stone, this stone is often used in bewitching magic.

The stone is distinguished by its gloss and transparency. The colors of the spinel may be different, but the red and blue tones are valuable. The mineral has high strength comparable to diamond. The name of the spinel may be different:

  • lal; rubitel;
  • pleonaste;
  • ceylonite;
  • Ruby Bale;
  • chrome spinel (pikotite);
  • zinc spinel (ganite);
  • sapphire spinel;
  • oriental amethyst.

The name is determined by the properties and color of the stone, as well as the place of its extraction. Spinel — precious or semi-precious stone? This question interests lovers of jewelry. Mineral belongs to the gems. For the first time it was mentioned by Marco Polo, who visited the Pamirs. However, the famous traveler confused the spinel with a ruby ​​and wrote in his diary about the ruby ​​mines.

Stones of red shades have a good effect on the immune and hematopoietic system, help with viral diseases. Wearing spinel jewelry improves complexion and activates digestion.

Also, red spinel was used in male impotence as an activator of seed production. It was believed that crystals have an impact on sexual centers and help restore potency.

Minerals of a green shade help with eye diseases, improve metabolic processes and treat back pain.

Pink spinel normalizes sleep, relieves nightmares and soothes the nervous system.

Stones of blue shades improve hormones, help with ailments of internal organs and the digestive system.

Ancient healers used spinel powder in healing practices, since pebbles were easily crushed. Powder sprinkled burned places and open wounds. Using black spinel powder, the bleeding was stopped.

If you wear jewelry in the form of necklaces or pendants, you can get rid of skin and infectious diseases, improve heart function. Spinel on the belt enhances the potency, eliminates female frigidity.

Stones have a strong positive energy and bring happiness to their owners. However, the nature of the mineral is contradictory: this is due to the protection of three planetary spirits at once — Venus, Jupiter and the Sun. Therefore, care must be taken in handling spinel. To increase the beneficial effect of the mineral, you need to adjust it in gold. Look at the photo decoration with spinel:

Can spinel harm its owner? The stone does not like mean and bilious people, even the simple touch of such a person to the mineral causes his anger. Spinel’s mystical revenge is unpredictable. It also does not like the stone overly unbalanced and impulsive people. However, a mineral can attract happiness and good luck to honest and decent people. Mages use it to develop the gift of prediction.

The properties of spinel stone are well combined with the energy of Taurus, Libra and Pisces. They can wear talismans that attract good luck and happiness. For female fishes, a pebble attracts the opposite sex.

Spinel gives lions energy, strengthens their volitional qualities and sense of purpose. Cancers this stone is contraindicated and can plunge into depression, make it too lazy and apathetic.

It is believed that it is best to wear jewelry with spinel in the form of earrings or rings. The ring must be worn on the left hand — on the index or ring finger.

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