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Stone Mascot for a Scorpion Woman

Scorpio girls have one of the most sinister reputations among other zodiacal constellations. They are beautiful, but at the same time they have a certain amount of deceit, unpredictability, sensuality, and it is quite difficult to please them. Therefore, the choice of a suitable stone for a Scorpio woman is not an easy task. He can act as a real problem for people who are not well versed in astrology and mineralogy.

We bring to your attention the recommendations presented by the National Association of Jewelers of Great Britain, which will help to establish what kind of stone talisman is needed for a Scorpio woman.

But before embarking on a detailed consideration of the topic, which minerals are most suitable for Scorpio girls, we offer you some general information about this zodiac sign.

  • Scorpions are those people who were born in the period from October 23rd to November 21st.
  • Their patrons are rather formidable celestial bodies — the blood-red Mars and the planet, very distant from Earth — Pluto. It is likely that it is they who so strongly cast frightening horror and notoriety on the fair sex of this sign of the zodiac. Most likely, for this reason, the corporate color of this zodiac sign is black or anthracite.
  • Small «misunderstandings» are observed in the elements to which these people must obey. If you follow sound logic, then the element of Scorpions should be Fire, but in reality their fate is in the power of changeable and deep Water. For this reason, Paul Globa, who is one of the most famous astrologers of our day, believes that Scorpios are esoterically under the auspices of Neptune.

In order for the mineral not to violate the energy balance, it must correspond not only to the constellation Scorpio itself, but also to approach the decade of birth.

  • Thus, girls born in the first decade (from October 24 to November 2) should consider such natural minerals as a talisman for themselves: amethysts, hematites, rock crystals, malachites, tiger eye, jasper, serpentine. For each of these stones character transparency and high hardness.
  • Representatives of the second decade (from November 3 to November 13) are very noble and strong personalities. To display their best character traits, Scorpios should stock up
  • Those who were born in the third decade, astrologers advise to acquire beryl, grenades, alexandrites, aquamarines, heliodors, emeralds, topazes.

These passionate, rather complex in character people tend to quickly get involved in and are characterized by heightened emotionality, so their amulet should direct the senses in a harmonious creative direction. This is especially true for the beautiful representatives of the sign Scorpio.

Pomegranate can also be one of the effective talismans for Scorpion girls. This stone of dark red color represents the most ancient amulet which will allow to direct energy in the necessary direction. He fills with power, both spiritual and physical, able to pacify a violent temper, bring all the best human qualities to the surface. In addition, pomegranate brings good luck in business, love and friendship.

Alexandrite is another mineral that occupies a leading position in the list of talisman minerals that Scorpio needs. Its distinctive ability is a quick change of shade depending on different lighting. But representatives of the mark are very important for its unusual qualities that have the desired effect on Scorpios. In the process of wearing it, thoughts gradually begin to clarify, intuition increases.

It is believed that this mineral is able to inform its owner of the impending dangers. At such moments, yellow reflections begin to appear on it. In addition, alexandrite will bring good luck to life, contribute to health promotion, give longevity.

Now Scorpion girls will know for sure which natural minerals to pay special attention to. Do not forget to also adhere to the principles of harmonious combination of stones with each other, because otherwise you risk knocking down the effect of gems. It is important that the stones match each other in terms of energy and quantity. Only in this case they will be useful.

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