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Stone talisman for a female Taurus — how to find your mineral?

Stone talisman for a female Taurus — how to find your mineral?

Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac has its own stones-talismans. The choice of the mineral, which will henceforth serve as an amulet, depends not only on the owner’s zodiacal features, but also on its gender. A stone-talisman for a Taurus woman, for example, must match the character of her mistress and at the same time not harm her karma.

Taurus is a sign of the zodiac, known for its remarkable persistence and stubbornness. Born under this sign, people are accustomed at all costs to go ahead and prove to others about their case. They love stability in everything and prefer to solve problems that arise consistently and methodically.

Not devoid of perseverance and focus and a Taurus woman. But this does not prevent her from having a peace-loving disposition, calmness and slowness. At the same time, some secretiveness and pragmatism prevail in the character of these stubborn persons. The Taurus woman is distinguished by particular scrupulousness in work and prefers to follow everything strictly according to the instructions.

The young lady, born under the sign of Taurus, is also not alien to romance and sentimentality. She is a sensual nature, but in love she shows some caution, reveals itself gradually before her partner.

These ladies love comfort and chic, so they approach every choice with great care. The same applies to talismans.

The strongest talismans are stones, inherited or as a gift. The minerals purchased for their money will begin to perform the function of a talisman only after a few years. And the stolen gems do not carry anything except negative energy.

So what kind of stone talisman for a female Taurus is best suited, how to choose it, what parameters to rely on? One simple recommendation will help answer this question: Taurus is a sign of spring, and its representatives like spring colors. Therefore, stones and talismans should be juicy and at the same time gentle spring shades: blue sky, white clouds, young greens.

People born under the constellation Taurus, endowed by nature with high energy potential (and women — including). Therefore, as talismans, it is better to choose minerals that are active and at the same time not too aggressive. Their main task should be the direction of the innate energy of its owner in the right direction.

The best solution is to choose a stone talisman for a charming Taurus woman, based on the period of her birth. In total, there are 3 such periods:

  1. Taurus women born on April 21 — May 1.
  2. Taurus women born 2 — 11 May.
  3. Taurus women born May 12-20.

Each group will have its own stone amulets.

Taurus women, born from April 21 to May 1, are under the control of the planet Mercury. Their distinctive features are poise, amazing luck, generosity, love for pleasant surprises. The best talisman stones for these young ladies and ladies are:

  • Aventurine is a stone that brings prosperity to its owner and protects her from various unpleasant situations. Mineral also enhances the leadership qualities of its mistress. It helps to activate positive energy, he allocates it. Attracts luck and good luck.
  • Agate — protects its owner from the effects of dark forces, from the evil eye. Soothes and softens her temper, gives confidence. Eliminates anger and irritability. Strengthens health. It promotes the establishment of peace, harmony and harmony in her family.
  • Amazonite is a calming, relieving anxiety and causing a good mood stone. It brings harmony into the family life of its owner. It is recommended for single Taurus women, as it gives the energy needed to create a family, attracts well-being, peace to the house, and gives a sense of security.
  • Amethyst is a talisman that helps its owner relax, achieve peace and tranquility, take control of her emotions. Protects against alcoholism.
  • Turquoise — it is recommended to choose the mineral “old”. This is a stone-talisman that will help strengthen intuition, give prosperity and well-being. Attracts love, strengthens family relationships, contributes to family and happiness.
  • Bulls eye — helps to cope with various diseases and addictions, protects against them. Awakens the gift of clairvoyance. Recommended for female Taurus active and active. Will harm her mistress if she is prone to laziness.
  • Quartz — activates mental activity, develops the imagination. Attracts financial well-being. Treats organs of the respiratory system.
  • Carnelian — a stone that brings good luck in love, and also attracts money and glory. It attracts the attention of men, eliminates too obsessive boyfriends. Protects its owner from cheating.
  • Tiger’s eye — gives the owner of his vision. Cultivates patience, concentration. Instills determination and activity.
  • Bloody jasper is a powerful talisman stone that protects a Taurus woman from any negative impact, including those emanating from evil forces (spoilage, evil eye). Gives happiness and well-being.

Taurus women born between 2 and 11 May are under the control of the moon. These are business and practical ladies to whom romanticism is absolutely alien. The key goal of their life is to build a career. At the same time, these persons are somewhat indecisive.

The best talisman stones for women of this period are:

  • Jade — guards from misfortune and failure. It bestows its owner on the mind, wisdom and fortitude. It makes her more humble and merciful, courageous and fair.
  • Malachite is a stone with healing abilities. Improves mood, protects against depression. Gives harmony and fulfills secret desires. Attracts wealth. It is recommended to wear it framed in silver so that the talisman can protect its owner from the envy of others.
  • Onyx is a mineral that can soothe its owner, strengthen her body. It helps to find a vital purpose, gives a good mood, enhances the positive qualities of the owner.
  • Opal is an amulet that protects against the influence of dark magical forces. It protects from failures and accidents, from dishonest people and diseases. Develops talents.
  • Chalcedony is a stone with a strong energy of love, happiness and joy. Attracts to its owner the attention of men, sometimes even too active and intrusive. Makes the atmosphere in the family joyful and happy.
  • Chrysoprase — a talisman that protects from danger and malice. Friendship Stone — helps to make friends with decent people. Gives luck to her mistress.

Taurus women, whose date of birth was in the third decade (May 12-20), seem to be cheerful, cheerful, cheerful and optimistic to people around them. In fact, this is a kind of mask, under which lies a pessimistic and uncommunicative nature.

Taurus women of the third decade are suitable stones-talismans:

  • Aquamarine — directs the owner’s energy in the right direction, helping her learn to distinguish between any deception, the secret meaning of things. It has healing properties: strengthens the immune system, cleanses the body of toxins and slags.
  • A diamond (diamond) — makes the hostess happy, attracts material well-being into her life. Makes her temper more determined and firm. Heals from mental illness, relieves depression. Protects against any evil. Recommended for Taurus women for permanent wear.
  • Beryl — stands guard over the financial well-being of its owner. It protects against any diseases, gives the body vitality and tone, increases its potential. Recommended for female Taurus aged.
  • Pomegranate — inflames passion, returns faded feelings. Suitable for Taurus women in creative professions.
  • Emerald — helps out in difficult life circumstances, gives strength and patience. Attracts well-being.
  • Rubin — brings up in his hostess purely masculine qualities: courage, courage, courage and strength. It is recommended for wearing those Taurus, whose activity is associated with danger and risk.
  • Sapphire — strengthens the marriage bond, protects against lies. It personifies virginal purity, chastity and constancy.
  • Topaz — protects from deceit, lies and intrigue. Helps guide subordinates, find the right solutions. Instills focus. Recommended for female Taurus engaged in business.
  • Tourmaline — gives the hostess confidence in her strength, eliminates indecision. Raises stamina and endurance. It has anti-aging properties.

There are stones, talismans, which are extremely not recommended for women born under the sign of Taurus. Usually these are minerals that are attributed strong energy. According to astrologers, a Taurus woman does not fit:

Specialists have received a very ambiguous attitude towards ruby, amethyst, rhinestone, pearls, coral, zircon, jade and yellow topaz. Some believe that a Taurus woman should be careful with these minerals, although in some sources these stones (ruby and amethyst, for example) are attributed to the talismans that are permissible for this person.

In any case, choosing a stone-talisman for herself, a Taurus woman should listen to her inner feelings. If the mineral, taken in hand, causes a surge of heat, then it may well become a talisman, if the feeling of anxiety is better to refuse such a gem.

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