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Talisman tortoise: symbol and meaning

The talisman tortoise is distinguished by its ancient history and is primarily associated with the culture of China. The turtle symbol is of great importance for feng shui philosophy, which is extremely popular not only in the east, but also in our country. The figure or image of a turtle is one of the main talismans of Feng Shui. According to this science, it must be present in every home and workplace. Let’s take a closer look: what the turtle symbolizes, what magical properties it has and what benefits it brings to its owners.

Properties and Value of the Tortoise Mascot

First of all, the turtle is an ancient symbol of the world order and the world order. It is not for nothing that they believe that this animal supports the earth and everything that is on it. The turtle is a symbol of a basis, the base, stability. She stresses that for a successful movement in a person’s life, it is necessary to rely on knowledge of the laws of the world order, spiritual principles, basic and unbreakable truths. This basis is similar to the shell of a turtle, protecting from dangers, giving shelter and rest.

The basic principle of this creature: «Hush you go — you will continue.» What is meant is not sluggishness, but prudence decisions and wisdom, which make it possible to follow the flow of life. Everything goes on as usual — there is nowhere to hurry, you only need to tenaciously keep the main goal in sight. The turtle also symbolizes wise flexibility and adaptability, as it can live in two elements — on the ground and in the water.

The turtle is also considered a symbol of perseverance, dedication and ability to work. Not being especially mobile, turtles, nevertheless, always reach the necessary destination, persistently overcoming obstacles and difficulties on the way. This animal is a symbol of hard work, which is never fruitless or in vain. In addition, the work that the turtle symbolizes is always well organized and thought out to the smallest detail, with the result that it is successful.

The turtle is a symbol of long life and good health. In addition, most of these amphibians are long-livers, their appearance appeared in nature millions of years ago and has not changed much since then. The measured «lifestyle» of turtles suggests thoughts about the correct mode and routine, which are inseparable from good health. A strong shell symbolizes immunity, protecting against disease and external damage.

In China, the turtle is a symbol of wealth and abundance, as it usually lays a lot of eggs. However, it is not the kind of wealth that is dumped «from heaven», but prosperity and well-being that accompany honest work and pious life. A stubborn turtle helps to achieve career advancement and, therefore, an increase in well-being. In addition, its shell is a talisman of stability and prosperity already achieved.

How to choose a tortoise talisman for yourself or for your home? First of all, rely on your intuition and intuition — choose the figure, decoration or picture that you liked more. And if you just can not wait to get a live turtle at home — do it by finding out beforehand how to take care of it (in order to translate its magical properties into reality, the turtle must be healthy, cheerful and contented life). However, you can also use some of the recommendations of Oriental experts and feng shui philosophy, designed to select and place a talisman.

The talisman can be in the form of a figure

A statuette, a photograph, a painted image, a piece of jewelry — all this matters as a talisman, as well as a real live turtle. In the house most often place one statuette of medium size or a painting, in the office at the workplace — one small figure. As a personal amulet, you can wear a key chain or pendant in the shape of a turtle, a charm (pendant) for a bracelet in the “pandora” style, a ring, an earring for piercing or an earring in one ear. Pairing earrings is undesirable, because the talisman and amulet is considered a turtle in the singular.

Most often, talisman figures are made of natural stone. The classic version is the jade turtle — this stone is a symbol of wisdom and health. Also, Oriental craftsmen often use agate (or onyx), aquamarine, topaz, rock crystal. An amulet in the form of an ornament with a stone is set in gold or silver (it seems that silver is more suitable for a magical talisman, however, the gold metal as a symbol of longevity and prosperity is also relevant for the manufacture of the turtle). If you decide to make a figure-amulet yourself, you can use any natural material available for processing, for example, wood or clay.

For the talisman of the tortoise, proper placement is of great importance. According to science feng shui, this symbol should be placed in the northern part of the house — in the career zone. A very good option would be to put a figure or hang a picture behind her back — this way she will protect your “rear”. If your goal is family well-being, feng shui advises putting a bug in the eastern part of the room. For this place a special talisman will fit — three turtles, placed on top of each other.

Where in the house you need to put a bug to achieve financial prosperity? Feng Shui recommends the south-east side of the room where the wealth zone is located. Here you can put a talisman of golden color or made of wood. You can place it in the north-west, if you want to get the patronage of the powerful of the world (in addition to the east side, where you can put three turtles, this second place is an exception, where it is recommended to “settle” not one but six turtles at once).

Chinese symbolism can combine a turtle and a dragon into one creature, creating a powerful amulet to increase the level of human energy. If we consider the fantastic creature more attentively, it is also possible to find elements of other animals (tiger, phoenix) in it. Talisman, firmly standing on the dragon’s paws, indicates strength, confidence and protection — placed in the house, he successfully confronts internal conflicts and negative influences from outside. It is recommended to put it in the same zones as a regular bug.

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