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What mystery is permeated with the icon of the Fire-giving Mother of God

What secret does the icon of the Mother of Fire of Fire keep

There is a very large number of Orthodox shrines, each of which has its own specific mystical properties. Against the background of all Christian faces, the icon of the Mother of God is Firelike, which I want to tell you in more detail in this material.

Not a lot of information is known about the history of the creation of this divine image, which makes it necessary to draw any conclusions on this matter with great caution.

The fact who and when was the first to create the original copy of this Orthodox creation is not known for certain today. It can only be said with certainty that the first version of the icon (now, unfortunately, it has already been lost) was created in the 845th year.

According to the information we possess, it can be concluded that the iconographic type of the icon evokes associations with the image of “Agiosortiss”, that is, “Advocates and Supporters”. The distribution of this image falls on the period from the twelfth to the fifteenth century. The image spread over the territory of Byzantium, and most likely Greece is its homeland.

At the same time, the original icon showed us the face of the Holy Virgin Mary, but which holds in hands not a Savior, but a scroll. The manuscript was a listing of requests for sinful people with whom the Mother of God refers to her Son.

Thanks to this, we get hope that the face of the Mother of God, like all other images of the Virgin Mary, helps to protect people from any misfortunes and life difficulties.

As a result, in the face of the Fire-icon of the Mother of God, it is customary to pray about something that goes beyond human abilities and for which help is really needed from above.

It is noteworthy that on the icon the Virgin Mary is dressed in red clothes, which act as a symbol of the Savior’s blood, spilled for the salvation of all mankind.

A bright fiery hue symbolizes a cleansing fire capable of burning in the soul of man any manifestations of evil that have arisen because of the tricks of the enemy of the human race — Satan and his followers.

Many Orthodox prayers and hymns often give the Blessed Virgin Mary the name «Candlestick with Divine Fire» or «Throne of the Cherubim fire.»

A canon, written in honor of the Holy Virgin, is associated with the word «Fire Chariot of the Word.»

Looking at the icon, you can not ignore the view of the Mother of God: he turns directly to the viewer and collected in him such meekness and humility that he is simply unable to leave you indifferent. It should be noted that many Byzantine icons, which lack bright emotions, are distinguished by the described feature. And in this particular situation, the emotional impact creates a rich red tint.

By analogy with many other faces of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Christians offer prayers from the image of the Fire-like Mother of God with a request to protect them in any undertakings and deeds. In addition, it is customary to ask the icon to heal a person from various pathologies, to protect from negative influence from outside, to help successfully give birth to a healthy baby, and it is also believed that the face allows you to stop the war and save the lives of the soldiers.

Having lifted up your sincere prayer at the icon of the Mother of God “Fire-like”, you will be able to make sure that she creates the most real miracles. Confirmations are known to contemporaries who say that the little ones for whom they prayed at the image were healed from even the most serious pathologies and gained health.

It is noteworthy that in the church there is no special prayer for this face. So, you can fully use any prayer addressed to the Holy Virgin Mary. And in order for it to really help you, one important condition must be observed: prayer must be sincere and come from a pure heart and soul. And before embarking on appeals, we advise you to sincerely repent of all your transgressions.

As noted earlier, the image of the Mother of God is able to protect people from disease, blood shedding and military action. The people pray, asking to preserve (restore) the health and life of the defenders of the fatherland and the soldiers. For this reason, it is not surprising that the icon is the most popular among mothers and sisters serving in combat zones. They beg to help end any scuffles as soon as possible and allow sons and brothers to return home alive and without damage.

In any case, which of the faces of the Virgin we would not consider and no matter how we call her — in fact, we offer prayers not to the image itself, but directly to the Holy Virgin. So, you can well appeal to the Mother of God with a request to save from any misfortunes and troubles, the most important thing is that the prayer should come from a pure heart and be completely sincere.

An interesting conclusion about the icon, which scientists came to

While studying the iconographic features of this face and trying to create a reconstruction of it, the scientists made one very interesting observation.

Documents about the icon, preserved to this day, indicate that the initial sample of the face, from which all further copies were started, turned out to be on the Russian lands in the 845th year.

But after all, the year of the Baptism of Rus is the 989th, and accordingly, we come to the logical conclusion that the image appeared about a half century before this time. This phenomenon suggests that the Christian religion was known and actively used by the inhabitants of Russia for a long period of time, when it was officially approved on these lands.

Most likely, it falls on the initial years of the rule of the Rurik princely dynasty. But despite this fact, the face of the Mother of God «Fire-like» acquires its present glory and reverence only by the eighteenth century.

It was all interesting and reliable information relating to the icon of the Fire-like Mother of God. I would like to wish you to always receive help from the Higher Forces when you need it!

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