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When will the icon of the Life-Giving Source help?

Icon «Life-Giving Source» — in which it can help

The icon «Life-Giving Source» can be met in a number of Orthodox churches. What is her help for man? What prayers should be addressed to this icon? About all about this, I want to tell you in the article below.

The history of the appearance of the holy image goes back to the fifth century, then a grove was located next to Constantinople, which, according to legend, was dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary. In this grove flowed a source known for its miracles, but over time it hid behind the bushes of mud and mud and gradually disappeared completely.

In 450, a warrior named Leo Markell (who later became the emperor) had a chance to meet a blind man in this grove of a stray blind man, the warrior helped him find a path and planted him in the shade. And he went to fetch water to quench the thirst of an exhausted traveler. Suddenly, Lev heard that the Virgin Mary herself was calling him, who had given him the task of finding the abandoned source and putting mud from it into the eyes of a blind man.

Markell did everything he was told and a miracle happened — the blind man began to see again. The Mother of God also told Leo that he would sit behind the imperial throne; this also became true after seven years. When the promise was fulfilled, Lev Markell remembered the Mother of God and ordered to ennoble the source, establish a circle of stones around it and build a church on it in honor of the Virgin Mary.

The emperor’s holy key was given the name «Life-Giving Source», because he began to manifest the miraculous grace of the Virgin Mary. Also called and a new icon, written specifically for this temple.

In the 6th century, Emperor Justinian the Great also had to drink water from a healing spring that cured him of a serious illness. To celebrate, he ordered to build another temple next to the fact that he built the Lion, and during his time they organized a monastery.

In the 15th century, when the Byzantine Empire collapsed, a similar fate befell the temple — it was destroyed by Muslims. Then, in its place, a small church was rebuilt, which was also demolished in 1821, and the source itself was filled up. But the Orthodox removed the ruins, cleaned the source, and again began to use his healing water. Subsequently, a new church was built on this site, at which a hospital with a poorhouse was organized.

The image of the Mother of God «Life-Giving Source» was very revered by the ancient Rus. For example, a church was built in honor of this image in the Sarov desert. All the afflicted Orthodox went on the advice of St. Seraphim of Sarov to offer prayers at the miraculous image and their ailments miraculously passed.

Until now, the icon of the “Life-Giving Source” has not lost its popularity. In particular, on Friday at Holy Week, when the Liturgy is completed in Christian churches, it is customary to perform water-holy prayer for this image. And the water, consecrated at the Liturgy, is used by believers to sprinkle their gardens and gardens.

The shrine shows us sitting in the font of the Mother of God, holding the baby Jesus in her arms. Initially, the source was not applied to the sacred object, but later the composition was supplemented with Phiala (bowl). And a little later, the icon is depicted already with a pond and a fountain.

Many people are interested in the characteristic of the icon «Life-Giving Source» and in what it is able to help. It should be noted that the face of the Mother of God has a much deeper characteristic and meaning than the healing properties of holy water alone.

He personifies the Holy One herself, who in his bosom endured the Savior of all mankind and gave eternal life to all who believe in him and in his Father and keep the faith of both in his soul.

You can meet the statement that God is our whole Life, and the source represents the feminine, personifies the image of the Mother of God. It is for this reason that the Russian icon painting tradition grants this face the name «Istochnoy.» So, this is the personification of the beginning, from which life itself expires (the festive kontakus designates it as the Water Rescue or the Source of the God-grace).

The image contributes to the healing of the spirit and body of all people living on earth, like a real caring mother, who is on guard of the entire human race. Next, consider what specific problems this icon will help you with.

When should prayers be offered to the “Life-Giving Source”?

The Sacred image, which received its name in honor of the healing waters, is traditionally asked for help in the presence of such problems:

  • when they want to eliminate bad habits, eradicate harmful passions;
  • to heal the physical and mental pathologies;
  • still the holy Mother of God will render her help to all the righteous who are holy believers in the Savior;
  • they will be able to get help from her and all those whose soul is overwhelmed with grief, who suffers from a lack of vital energy;
  • thanks to sincere sincere prayer before the icon, it becomes possible to get rid of even the most serious ailments.

From his childhood, one Thessalian dreamed that when he grew up, he would see with his own eyes the place from which holy water flows. And finally the moment came when he and the other Orthodox could begin their long pilgrimage journey.

But on the way, the young man became infected and when he realized that he would soon die, he asked other travelers with him not to be buried after death, but they still brought him to his destination and poured 3 jars of healing water on him, and only then betrayed his body is earth

His request was fulfilled, but when the 3rd jug with water spilled on the body of the righteous — a miracle happened and he came to life. After such an amazing resurrection, the young man decided to serve God and the Mother of God until his death, the prayers for which helped him return to life.

There are also other examples of the healing effects of source water. But it must be remembered that a miracle happens only under the condition of a hot, sincere and sincere prayer to the Creator, and if a person leads a righteous lifestyle, he does not commit any transgressions. Only in this case can he expect to receive long-awaited relief and healing.

They appointed a day in which to commemorate the reconstruction of the church “Life-giving Spring” in Constantinople, erected at the behest of Leo Markell and at the direction of the Mother of God.

This date was the Friday of Holy Week, and from now on every year in the Christian churches in Holy Week water consecration is celebrated, the Easter procession is performed.

In which churches can you find the icon of the Mother of God Life-giving Source?

At this time there are more than a hundred chapels and churches, which received its name in honor of the Mother of God. Further I suggest to get acquainted with some of them:

  • The temple of the image of the Mother of God (Kosmodamianskaya) in Marcino, Moscow region. Ancient records tell about the fact that in the 17th century, a wooden temple of Damian and Cosmas was located not far from Moscow, but in 1701 it was burned down. Fortunately, most of the images were saved, they were transferred to a small chapel located close by.

The destroyed church in 1848 was replaced by a real church of God, which is dedicated to the miraculous face of the Mother of God. This is also not accidental, since in 1829 the miraculous appearance of the Holy Face happened. And in 1840, the year of Avdotya Evdokimova, the widow of a soldier, the miraculous icon, which was presented to her by tradeswoman Anna Kiriyanova, was transferred to the village of Metkino. Since then, people from nearby areas have come to the temple to worship the holy image.

  • Another icon dedicated to the Virgin can be found in Tsaritsyno (Moscow).
  • In the city of Tver is the Cathedral with the miraculous image of the Mother of God (in the Church of the Sorrow).
  • Church of the healing icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary is in the Nativity of the Virgin Monastery (Zadonsk).
  • In addition, you will find a healing icon in the church of the Mother of God (the city of Arzamas).

Now you know the full characterization of the image of the «life-giving source.» I would like to finally say that the most important condition for receiving divine help is sincere faith in this help.

Therefore, believe in miracles and complete the reading of the article by watching an exciting thematic video:

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