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Why the icon of the myrrh-reading: the wonders of the Orthodox world and the confusion of scientists

Why the icon of the myrrh-reading: the wonders of the Orthodox world and the confusion of scientists

My girlfriend with her own eyes saw the outflow of icons and with great excitement she told about her impressions. She visited the famous apartment of Valentina Zhuchkova and brought with her an icon with droplets of mira. Klinskoe miracle became known throughout Russia. I decided to find out why the icon of the myrrh-stream and what this phenomenon is connected with. It turns out that even scientists can not explain this phenomenon and shrug.

It is an oily liquid of a light shade, which appears from nothing on icons and holy relics. From the Greek word miro translates as fragrant oil. This sacred oil is used in Christianity for anointing.

Myrrh flow can be in the form of droplets, sometimes the liquid flows in streams. But this is not all: the world exudes a benevolent aroma, which is impossible not to notice.

Holy Myro can cure various ailments, as well as help get rid of the troubles and problems in life.

Myrrh-flowing icons are not necessarily miraculous, but the world from them has healing properties — this has been proven by the multitude of healings of believers. Even an imprint of an icon on the church calendar and a list of icons can zamotorochit.

In Russia, icons began to flow to the world since 1991, and the phenomenon has become widespread. A special commission was created to study this phenomenon.

Myrh-stream icons in churches of Russia:

Myrrh-streaming icons are in the house of the Orthodox believing woman Valentina Zhuchkova. In her house all the icons cry — iron, paper, wooden. The fragrance fills the entire staircase, not just an apartment. The woman suffered from an incurable disease, constantly praying and receiving communion. Once she noticed that drops of myrrh appeared on one home icon. Then the second icon, the third one, and so on, pampered. From the disease, the woman is completely healed, for which she praises God unceasingly.

Valentina in the house under each icon are clean cloths and cotton so that the wonderful world does not run down to the floor. The woman soaked with the world of cloth is distributed to all comers. Once a learned physicist came to her house and began to deride a believing woman. But when in his hands the icon was beset, he believed and repented. Miro and the icon flowed along his hands, which was not explained in any way by simple condensate in the apartment.

A woman constantly receives crowds of visitors, gives everyone bubbles and rags with a fragrant world, constantly talks about the physics she believes. Sometimes in the apartment they begin to stream myrrh and the icons brought with them, right in front of astonished people. This is the grace of God.

The clergy interpret the tearful myrrh of icons as a precursor of global change or dangerous events. For example, it could be a natural disaster or war. If the icon began to cry in the apartment, the hosts should spend more time praying and visiting temple services.

Myrrh flow in the house indicates the special relationship of God to the owner of the icon. Believers can visit this house, take with them a certain amount of holy mira. This place is considered blessed.

A true myrrh from a fake can be distinguished by fragrance: the present myrrh emits a pleasant aroma.

Fathers of the church distinguish three types of myrrh:

  1. tears (blackening);
  2. myrrh;
  3. bleeding.

If a liquid flows from the icon in the form of a tear, it is considered a warning sign of impending trouble. If oily drops flow down, this is a good sign. Bleeding is a formidable sign, foreshadowing great trials.

The laboratory study of myrrh was not brought any results. Scientists have not been able to establish why myrrh-stream icons. Versions that icons myrrh-streaming because of the particular composition of the canvas or the antiquity of the sample, have not been confirmed. Icons from the most diverse material can cry:

  • wooden;
  • paper;
  • glass;
  • different manufacturing time.

The miracle of myrrh flow can also take place contrary to the laws of physics, because myro streams can flow from the bottom up and from the sides to the center of the image. Human logic and scientific thought can not explain the phenomenon contrary to the laws of nature, scientists shrug their shoulders in bewilderment.

However, it was possible to establish that the composition of the liquid is completely organic and identical to the composition of human tears. The consistency of Miro may vary. Sometimes a flowing liquid flows, sometimes more liquid. There are cases of bloody tears in the images.

The scientific explanation of the myrrh of icons is missing. The world-streaming icons were filmed on a video camera, but that was all. Droplets of wonderful liquid can flow down both on the icon itself and appear on the icon case. Liquid contains a lot of protein that can only be synthesized by a living organism. How this relates to icons is not clear to anyone. Myrrh-streaming remains the unsolved mystery of modern science.

Fathers of the church do not advertise the myrrh of icons, as people tend to be seduced by miracles instead of true faith. If the icon is myrrh-streaming, it means that it is necessary to strengthen prayer work, and not to admire the contemplation of miracles. Jesus Christ warned that believers worshiped not miracles, but the true god. However, a miraculous miralo can be a help in healing, if a Christian understands that it was sent to help the suffering god himself.

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