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How to remember the past life and understand its impact on the present

The question of how to recall a past life interests those who are passionate about mysticism. Find out who the person was in a past life, you can.

Consider the methods of varying degrees of complexity.

Remember past life through meditation

If you are interested in how to remember a past life, a special meditation. The experience of meditation is useful.

The temperature in the room should be comfortable, the cold and stuffiness will be distracting. Turn off the TV, radio, mobile and home phones, doorbell, so that nothing distracts.

Even the time it is desirable to choose so that from the street came as little noise as possible.

Care must be taken that a person is not distracted by hunger, thirst, or a feeling of a full stomach. Illumination of the room is desirable to minimize.

After preparation, they are comfortably arranged so that the uncomfortable position is not distracting — you can lie down or sit in any position.

How to remember the past life and understand its impact on the presentThey close their eyes and represent white light that envelops the body. The shell is impenetrable for any energetic dirt, detractors and entities living in the subtle world.

A white shining cocoon is needed for protection — a difficult journey is ahead of man, during which mentally hold a cocoon of any (not necessarily white) color.

They represent that a person is standing in a large hall. At the end of the room should see the door. The hall is considered as detailed as possible, assessing the interior, lighting, ceiling height, etc.

The room should be remembered in the smallest detail: the hall is always presented when working with past lives.

Slowly approach the door. Each step is done with an awareness of the goal.

Listening, trying to hear the noise of steps, remember the characteristics of the floor.

Behind the door is information about past life. Do not rush to open the door: you should feel the texture of the handle, feel how it turns in the door, what sounds make the details of the lock.

The door is carefully considered, because it is an obstacle to the realization of how to remember the past life on your own.

One should believe that what he saw behind the door is related to the past life. Perhaps with meditation experience it will turn out that some of the information is false, but doubts will negate all efforts.

Open the door and accept information about the past incarnation. It is rarely the first time to get a lot of information.

For example, an unfamiliar face is shown, which is preserved in the memory of the past incarnation, or only color. Repeating the exercise, it becomes clear that this is the color of your favorite carpet or dress, and the abstract wall was the wall of your home or place of work.

You can also look at yourself. For example, evaluate what shoes a person was wearing, what would be a hint to determine the century and the country in which the meditator spent a past life.

If images cease to appear or images do not appear, there is not enough strength. To return to the present, mentally enter the hall, close the door to a past life.

As soon as a person comes to the place where he started, he will open his eyes and remember what he was able to see.

Remembering a past life with a one-time experience of meditation is impossible. Regular meditations will eventually give all the information about the past incarnation with sufficient perseverance.

A person has not one past incarnation: information from different lives is mixed, but with experience will come skills, how to distinguish between images, and understanding how many lives a person has lived.

How to remember past lives alone at home — the magic of dreams

How to remember the past life and understand its impact on the presentCan you remember a past life in a dream? Dreaming — doors to other worlds. If you often dream of events that were not in real life, it is a reference to past incarnations.

To recall a past life with the help of dream analysis, you first need to learn how to memorize dreams.

They bring up a diary of dreams, where every morning they write down what they saw during the night’s rest. The presence of a diary is also important for those who want to learn to understand dreams.

Having learned to memorize dreams, they give a clear setting before going to bed to see past life in a dream. From the first, it may not be possible, and with experience, instead of past lives, sometimes contemplate events from everyday household life.

Past life dreams of every person from time to time: only a system analysis of all dreams will help to find information about the past incarnation.

It is easier to remember past incarnations to people who have mastered lucid dreams, astral projection, or other variants of the state, which is called a phase.

Find out who you were in your previous life — fortune-telling by mirrors, water and magic ball

How to remember the past life and understand its impact on the presentGuessing on the magic ball refers to the complex. The ball can be replaced with a mirror or ordinary water tank.

The size of the container fits any, but not less than a glass. On the dishes should not be drawings or bumps. Fill the tank with clean water and observe the surface.

The phone and the doorbell are turned off so as not to be distracted. They only think about how to see the past incarnation.

After a while, images will appear in the water that are related to the past incarnation.

Guessing on the mirrors are known to almost everyone. In the reflection of the presence of experience you can see anything.

Learning to see the past and the future in the mirror is a whole science.

They darken the room: a night light or candles are perfect. The mirror is installed in such a way that a single-color wall or a blank sheet of paper is reflected.

Reflections should not be seen. In the past, a man looked different, perhaps was of the opposite sex.

The contemplator must relax and try to decipher the reflection in the mirror.

They think about wanting to see what happened in a past life.

After some time, a foggy area will appear in the center of the mirror, and when the fog clears, images will appear that will answer questions about past lives and reincarnation.

Past lives — how to remember by date of birth

How to remember the past life and understand its impact on the presentNumerological calculations will help to find out who the person was in his past life. Numerology — the exact section of esotericism, with the help of which the numbers relating to the person will be recognized.

Numerologists believe that the date of birth hides valuable information about talents and inclinations, the amount of vital energy, character and even the fate of a person.

How to recall past lives by date of birth? The date of birth laid information about the past incarnation.

Each person is born at a time strictly defined by the universe.

To pass the numerological test of past life, find out the date, month and year of birth. More accurate information, such as hours and minutes, are taken into account by professional astrologers.

Calculations give accurate information, but few know the secrets of numerology.

How to remember past lives — methods of coincident events

How to remember the past life and understand its impact on the presentIf you want to remember past lives, simple methods will help you that do not require skills such as the ability to meditate or read mirrors.

The clock method in the recent past was used during hypnosis. A clock is ticking (mechanical). The person should relax and listen to the ticking, keep his eyes closed.

Remember an episode from the life associated with the ticking of the clock.

The selected event is scrolled in memory, transferred to the next tick-tied memory. They are trying to recall an episode from the past incarnation, in which a tick was heard. Observe the images and sensations that appear before the mind’s eye.

The essence of the method lies in the fact that a person in any case has heard the ticking of the clock — everyday sound will be the start to restore the memory of the past incarnation.

If none of the methods helps, try to think logically. Any talents, preferences are most likely connected with what happened in the past life.

Why does a person like a favorite scent?

What is the reason for the smell, what are the associations? Answers to questions push on information about past life.

Often people with talents in the past incarnation, people have inclinations in the present life.

Is it possible to remember the previous life under hypnosis

How to remember the past life and understand its impact on the presentIf attempts to find an answer to the question of how to remember a past life on your own at home, were not successful, you can try to turn to hypnotherapist.

Self-hypnosis is often too difficult, so hopes are placed on a professional.

Under hypnosis tell any information. The state allows you to retrieve from the memory of anything, for example, information about past incarnations.

Usually the information is hidden, because it was originally intended that people should not know who they were before.

How to remember the past life and understand its impact on the present

How to remember the past life and understand its impact on the present

The services of a professional hypnotherapist are not cheap. Instead of taking this specialist you can be a guest of a fraudster.

Often, under hypnosis, a person tells fraudsters, where he keeps money and valuables, gives the keys to the safe.

Of course, not all hypnotherapists are scammers.

It is recommended to contact only proven professionals with an ideal reputation.

Everyone can learn about past incarnations. The information is closed from the majority of those who wish: in order to extract memories, it requires considerable persistence, desire, free time to carry out the relevant techniques.

The goal often justifies the means, because past lives affect the present.

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