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Initiation rite of the Slavs

Initiation (or initiation) is a specific rite that becomes for man the beginning of a new life. Such ceremonies are conducted by people from ancient times, and the purpose of initiation always becomes a change in a person’s status or life position, entering into some kind of secret society, etc.

Initiation rite of the Slavs

And today, people who practice magic know perfectly well how important the initiation rite is and how it should be performed. Let’s talk about this in more detail, paying attention to the specifics of the initiation rites of the ancient Slavs.

What is the meaning of initiation?

Initiation rite of the Slavs

Initiation or initiation is of paramount importance in magic. After all, this procedure, in essence, is an attempt by a magician to attract to his aid certain forces, which he will then use during his practical activities.

And besides, passing the initiation rite, a person thereby proves that he changes his life and begins to consciously engage in magic. And of course, it should be noted that the initiation ceremony, in most cases, becomes a kind of test for the future magician — he tests his strength and helps to join something important and global.

So, the initiation rite should be approached as seriously as possible.

It is important to note that each magician undergoes the rite of initiation several times during his life — as soon as his powers increase, and the magician moves to a new level, he must once again undergo initiation. However, the most important, no doubt, is the first initiation, which is held when a person first connects his life with the world of magic.

Moreover, this ritual can be implemented in different ways — it all depends on which magic school the future magician belongs to, and who is his Mentor. Well, if a person does not belong to any of the currents existing today, then he can choose absolutely any rite of initiation for himself — one that seems to be the closest.

The specific features of the ritual

Initiation rite of the Slavs

Regardless of whether you consider the initiation rite among the Slavs or, for example, among the Indians, you can see that some specific features of the ritual will remain unchanged. In particular, a person who wants to undergo the initiation rite (no matter to which magical current he belongs, and what nationality he has), it is necessary to properly prepare for this rite.

Such preparation can be a diet, performing certain ritual actions, etc. The most important thing is for the magician to fulfill all the instructions of his Mentor — otherwise, he may simply not receive the dedication.

And besides, any initiation involves the contact of the person who passes it, with one or even several spirits. And most often, these spirits are those entities that will further help the magician, and it is at the time of initiation that the adept and these entities establish an energy connection.

Over time, this connection will only grow stronger, which will entail an increase in the power of the magician, as well as an irreversible change in all of its energy structures. And this important aspect also needs to be remembered by every person undergoing the rite of passage.

During the initiation process, the magician must obtain a new name. This is a kind of “baptism” of a person, which allows him to enter the world of entities without any problems.

Moreover, according to the rules, a new name must be kept secret from everyone (you can only know it, Mentor), because otherwise the magician risks falling under the influence of any person (if he is related to magic, of course) to whom it will be known .

And it is very important that the name be close to the one for whom it is intended — only when this condition is met, the new name can actually perform the functions that are assigned to it.

Is it possible to do without initiation?

Initiation rite of the Slavs

Do I need initiation

In ancient times initiation ceremonies were held everywhere, and many people became their participants. Children were initiated into adults, boys into men, and women among the ancient Slavs, as they grow up, must also undergo a variety of initiation rites.

But today, these rituals are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and only the people who have dedicated their lives to magic are aware of why initiation is needed, and how to proceed with it. And not all.

Often our contemporaries have questions as to whether it is possible to engage in magical activity without first conducting the initiation ceremony? And this is not surprising, because very often modern people learn magic on their own, without mentors and without recourse to anyone.

Note that in this case, it all depends on exactly what value you mean in the concept of «engage in magic.»

If we are talking about conducting the simplest rites, which are well known and easily accomplished, or about reading plots and preparing medicinal potions, then in this case initiation is not needed.

Moreover, in order to do such things, it is not necessary to be a real magician at all.

The situation is completely different when it comes to a person who has decided to devote himself entirely to magic. In this case, he simply needs the help of the spirits (good or evil), which means that he must pass the dedication. Moreover, this ceremony should be held according to all the rules — it is important that a person competently prepared for the transition to a new state, that the ritual was carried out without errors, that the new name of the magician was chosen correctly and kept secret.

Only in this case, the magician will have the opportunity to develop further, increasing his strength and achieving new and new heights. And besides, a timely initiation rite can protect the magician from the influence of detractors, from damage and the evil eye (unless, of course, a person who seeks to harm the magician, will not know his real name).

Thus, it can be noted that the initiation ceremony is a very important ritual that must be performed correctly, because only in this case can it bring benefit to the future magician. And every person who decided to seriously engage in magic, you must take part in such a ritual — and, most likely, more than once.

Anna 05/09/2015 21:44

And if a person does not want to belong to any magical orders, etc.? Doesn’t want “human” initiations? If he does not carry out any rituals (well, meditation on thoughtlessness, concentration, etc. does not count), and he does it all by itself, just by thinking he gets what he wants in the near future.

If his whole life is his own magic, but he wants to develop further … Judging by what is written in the article, he still cannot do without initiation? I have doubts about this.
And is it possible to initiate the Higher Forces without the knowledge of the person and any Orders (that is, the sun «deciding» that the person is ready, give him some kind of sign that the people are initiated and «moved» to a new level of their development)?

And can a single case of Enlightenment in a person (that very Enlightenment) be considered an initiation of the sun?

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