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New Moon rituals attract wealth

Since the reincarnation of the Moon, people since ancient times have associated their dreams of a better, happy, and rich life, and therefore perform various rituals on the new moon. How magic works for the new month and what you can ask higher powers for in this short phase of the lunar cycle — you should definitely figure it out before the next new moon!

Studying the nature of the influence of different phases of the night luminary on humans, scientists — astrologers, physicians, psychologists, esoterics — agree that the new moon, although it is the shortest period of the lunar cycle (day), nevertheless has a powerful energy pressure, capable of to develop the inner potential of the individual, and negatively affect all spheres of its being.

While the new month is gaining momentum when it is renewed, people, especially hypersensitive ones, who are subject to the influence of weather changes, can experience an unprecedented emotional decline. This is manifested in anxiety, depression, loss of strength, a state of hopelessness and lethargy, the emergence of apathy, indifference to themselves and others.

Those who know how to use the charge of energy sent from the Moon to the Earth, on the contrary, experience an incredible surge of vitality, which they easily accumulate (transform) into creativity, communication and realization of their fateful plans.

And the most advanced, knowing firsthand about the wonders of magic, conduct special rituals on the new moon, designed to serve to accumulate and direct the flow of energy to their own good, and sometimes to others to their detriment.

The ceremonies performed on the new moon were formed initially from the signs that the common people invented, noticing certain event patterns occurring during this phase. Here are the brightest of them:

  • Baby born in the new moon — will be healthy and happy.
  • If the marriage date falls on a new moon — the young will know all the joys of family life and this marriage will be indestructible.
  • If you notice a new month to the right of your beloved — it will bring you happiness, and you will see on the left — be careful and beware of betrayal.
  • On the new moon, show the month a handful of coins, and if they ring it, you will attract more money.
  • You will put a few bills on the window sill on a young moon so that the beam of light shines on them — you will become rich very soon.
  • All profitable business is better to start in the new moon.
  • You don’t dare lend large sums or lend at the beginning of the lunar cycle — you will lose luck in money.

On the new moon, it was also not customary to plan any serious matters, except for those that promised income: to conceive children, move, move into a new house — for such events in old times they tried to select a different, more favorable time.

On the other hand, rituals on the new moon were universally applied, in which people hoped that all planned, weighty for human destinies initiatives would be successfully completed.

The majority will take on a new month connected with the material side of existence — finances, therefore monetary rituals are deservedly considered the most popular type of witchcraft on the new moon. However, traditionally, the rites of love and the sacrament for the return and strengthening of health, the removal of damage, protection from the enemy’s evil eye are not far behind them in terms of degree of use.

The main thing for a beginner is not to become entangled in cycles and, instead of a new moon, not to perform selected rituals or rituals on the growing moon (the next part of the cycle following the desired phase), otherwise the effect will be completely unpredictable, if not the magic will not work.

It is important to know that in the phase of the so-called rebirth of the moon, it is practically invisible in the sky — only a grayish, smoky disc (as if through a fog, or as during an eclipse). This period is also called — the days of the «dead moon», in the scientific world — the days of Hecate. But when a luminous semi-bend begins to be seen — a new month — this is a different phase (of the rising moon) changed its precursor.

So, you understand that all plans, dreams and important long-term actions are better predicted during the lunar reincarnation. Then decide on the problems that concern you and begin to present the stages of their solution, and the rituals will help you.

Take a smooth white saucer (without border and pattern), seven copper (yellow) coins, a handful of wheat and a handkerchief, you can have a piece of fabric in green, personifying money, tones.

Put the coins on a platter, sprinkle the wheat grains, and cover with a handkerchief. Every three days, water the seeds (through the fabric) with warm water, saying:

“Mother wheat, the universal nurse of the people: you feed the old, the young, the poor and the rich, you never forget anyone. Give me, too, for me, God’s servants (name), the germ will make some money at once with this wheat. As your seeds grow at night, in the afternoon, they don’t give anyone a chance to die of hunger, so let my money grow and feed me. God bless. Amen».

When the grains sprout, transplant them into an earthenware pot — they will nourish your home with monetary energy. And put the coins in your purse, in the bag compartment, in the pocket of your favorite clothes — let these «charged» talismans attract finance.

This monetary rite will make you feel like a Bill Gates — a billionaire rich man, and at the same time he will put into practice your material needs: help you repay a debt, get a high-yielding job, just give an unexpected profit.

Take a nice rectangular piece of paper and sign it in the manner of a valuable bond:


  1. DATE
  2. PAY
  3. TO THE ORDER OF (target use of funds)
  4. DRAWER (performer)
  5. SIGNED (receiver)

Now fill in the boxes:

  • date, put the current, which is at the moment;
  • in the column «pay» enter your full name;
  • Further write, for what you need funds — for the purchase of cars, fur coats, apartments, etc. — do not hesitate to ask a lot, most importantly, clearly imagine what you want;
  • the performer is the infinitely generous and abundant Universe;
  • the last column is the signature of the representative of the magic bank (you are in his face).

To do this Simoron ritual stands directly in the period of the new moon, or within a few hours after its completion. The duration of the sacrament is unlimited: you either get what you want immediately, or after a while, when you forget about your secret tricks.

Without this old rite, the picture of the rituals performed during the full moon would be incomplete. Therefore, adopt!

You will need a beautiful casket (a casket, a wooden box with a key, a lockable box). Do not skimp on the expensive thing — in the future it will be your personal talisman to attract financial well-being.

Only the new moon will enter into its legal rights, collect all the bank notes that are present in the house and put it in the box. Coins and jewels will also be useful to enhance the effect of the sacrament.

Imagine and convince yourself that this box is nothing more than a cash multiplication incubator. That is, everything that gets into it — at times increases, increases. Remember what amount you put, close your eyes and start imagining how the required amount increases and multiplies.

Do this often, but take precautions: no one should see the magic box. And even more so to touch her. Money from the casket can be taken, just try to keep there always a certain amount.

Believe me, this ritual is very effective, most importantly, do not forget to visualize mentally the flow of funds.

With the advent of the moon, a woman who cares about her appearance can perform the following sacrament:

Take a homemade chicken egg, separate the whites from the yolk, whip into a foam and apply a mass to the open areas (face, neck, hands) for 20 minutes. Wash off the dried protein film with water (spring, you can river). Bury the yolk at the roots of a rosebush. The beauty of the rose will certainly pass on to you.

If you want to keep a loved one, get married as soon as possible, or just to make the guy more attentive to you, use one of the following magic secrets:

  1. Tie a beloved scarf or sweater and give it to a new moon — the warmth of your soul, received with a gift, it will not exchange for anything.
  2. On the new moon, feed the faithful with his own hand-cooked fish soup (from the fish head) — he will listen to you and not interrupt, no matter how much you chatter.
  3. On a new moon, write on the piece of paper the name of the beloved in the light of a red candle, fold the paper three times, pronouncing his name (three times), insert three dry leaves of laurel inside, and fold the note again three times. Now seal the bundle with candle wax and hide in a place known only to you. The chosen one will be faithful to you and will not go to the side.

Also at this time, you can use the conspiracy to return a loved one.

New moon is interesting for magic lovers because it often repeats, and during this period you can plan a lot.

Get yourself a ritual book of the new moon — a stitched, bound, thick notebook, where you will enter your desires and actions aimed at their realization.

For each new moon, enter what you want to accomplish or receive, not forgetting to reread the previous records and sum up what has already come true. Plan in detail how you are going to realize your dream, who can help you with this, what you agree to give in return. Additionally, you can use the conspiracy to fulfill desires.

Desires can be varied — from the standard “to be healthy”, to the most incredible — “to jump with a parachute”, “buy a plane”, etc. The better you imagine the realization of the plan, the more likely it is that you will be heard by the universe.

So, dare and be brave — new moon to help you!

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