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Rituals to attract work will help make a career and raise salaries

If your mood deteriorates in the morning from the thought that you need to go to work, do not hesitate, immediately carry out a ritual to look for or attract work, and your life will change radically.

For the magic of rituals to work in full force, it is necessary to undergo training at the material and energy levels. Before any important undertaking, it is necessary to carry out the procedure of purification from negative energy.

First, clean home space — Throw away unnecessary things, fix broken, if there are any, do a wet cleaning. It would be nice to wash the windows to increase the flow of solar energy into the house. Next you need to clean the energy of the house — with the help of candles or bells, as you like.

Then proceed to the purification internal energy. If from time to time you are visited by thoughts that the house has little money, your friend has a better job, the promotion should not have been given to a colleague, it means that you are under the influence of destructive, destructive energies of envy, ingratitude and disagreement with the world energy order. Urgently start working on yourself! You should be grateful to the Universe for what you have today: for health, family, work. When you learn to feel gratitude for any available sums, position — then the Universe will pamper you, and life will become better.

It is not a secret for anybody that each of us has his own “monetary threshold”. That is, there is a certain «bewitched» amount, more than which a person can neither earn nor win in the lottery. And even if it wins, then after a while, in an incomprehensible way, all the money disappears somewhere, and again finances come back to where they are.

Try to determine exactly how much money you need and why. If your idea is to get a million, put it in a bank deposit and have a two percent rent every month, then you will probably not see more than twenty thousand. Ask not money, but what you need it for: apartment, car. Otherwise, the required amount may appear, but, for example, as compensation for someone’s death or disability. The universe will show that it is not money that is important, but human goals.

Ask for real sums so that your subconscious mind does not block your desire, as impossible.

If you ask for an expensive car and immediately think, as if it were not stolen, you will not be given it. It is useless to ask for a big house with the thought of the imminent cost of its maintenance.

Raise the income bar gradually. There are many different techniques, how to direct your thoughts in the right direction, you can easily choose the most acceptable ones.

Since the problem of successful employment has been worrying people for a very long time, there are also quite a lot of various rites and rituals that help in the search for good work in various schools and magic currents.

Among the most common are the following:

  • Plots and prayers to get a job or an increase in salary. With some types of conspiracy to wealth, we have already met earlier. Prayers and conspiracies can be pronounced at any time, as soon as the opportunity arises. The more often you do this, the more effectively they will work.
  • Magic rites with money (bills or coins). They can be aimed both at finding and attracting new work, and simply at improving financial condition. Examples of such rites, we have also repeatedly considered.
  • Feng Shui Techniques By properly organizing the circulation of energy in the house, you can achieve incredible results. Feng Shui technicians will tell you which sector of your apartment is responsible for finances, which one will attract the help of the Universe and good luck into your life, and how you can increase the energy of each sector.
  • Simoronsky rituals to work. Earlier, we already got acquainted with the features of Simoron rituals, and considered some of them, including the search for work. You can not only use existing rituals, but also invent your own. Moreover, as noted by the followers of the teachings, it is independently invented rituals that turn out to be the most effective.

Regardless of which ritual for attracting work you choose for yourself, remember that it is best to spend it during the growing moon, and, of course, with a positive attitude.

Now we will take a closer look at the rituals and rituals that we mentioned above.

    A prayer for a job. As often as possible, say the following prayer at every opportunity:

“God, merciful and omniscient, you know all my strengths and weaknesses, I humbly accept all the tests that you send me. Send me a new job that will fill me with joy, and my house with wealth, and accept my thanks for your mercy. ”

Rite of passage to get a job. Going for an interview, imagine your new job, and say the following words before entering the building:

“I’ll enter the house — I’ll find good luck. I want to get a job here. So be it! Amen!»

  • A ritual with a dollar bill. On a one dollar bill, write the text: «I already have a favorite, well-paid job, and I am incredibly happy because of this.» Put some essential oil on the corners and fold it three times, each time repeating the written phrase. Then put it in an envelope and place it under the pillow, where you keep it until you find a new job.
  • Feng Shui Techniques. In the feng shui teaching, the northern sector of your home is responsible for your career and job search. Strengthen it with a sailboat with coins (a symbol of good luck and wealth), a fountain (brings career growth and a constant flow of money) or a pelican looking to the right with money in his beak. You can use a turtle or a goldfish, as long as all these symbols are not directed towards the door, so that well-being does not pass by. Whether these characters will be in the form of pictures or figures depends only on your imagination. Trust your intuition, and perhaps it will tell you new ideas.
    • On the jar of raspberry jam paste the label «Work — raspberry!». We take a teaspoon every day, joyfully pronouncing these words: “Well, and I have a wonderful job, just raspberries!” After 27 (Simoronsky units of time) a wonderful job will appear.
    • We open the work book and in the last columns enter a new record, as if you have already received the desired job. We prescribe the date, position, number of the order, as it would have done in the personnel department. On the back, we write thanks to the Universe; we put the “document” in the northwest corner of the room (in Feng Shui, this is the sector of assistants).

    Following the above recommendations, you will very soon get a favorite and well-paid job. Do not forget to share your joy with friends and thank the Universe for your care and favor.

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