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Rituals when moving to a new apartment or house

When the settlement is coming, a person is visited by mixed feelings — this is the joy of waiting for something new, but also sadness according to the habitual, beloved old. Moving to a new place is like starting from scratch, and everyone wants to do it right. Rituals when moving to a new apartment or house — an important, integral stage of this business.

Rituals when moving to a new apartment or house

Since ancient times, our ancestors used unusual rituals when moving, learned to read signs, in order to protect housing from enemies, to attract happiness and joy in a new home. After many centuries, customs remain relevant. When preparing for relocation, it is important that the mood is positive, the intentions are clean. From this depends future life in a new place.

When inspecting an apartment or house, before you move into it, you need to fully examine it. If you find holes, cracks, cracks, you need to plaster them before the move happens. It is believed that through the holes goes the energy of the owner of the house. Check the plumbing. Cranes, pipes should be intact, without cracks, as finances leave through the crack. Old things, broken plates, cups from the former house, you should not take in a new home, it promises failures. An exception may be things that are dear to the heart.

A brownie in an old apartment can move in with a new owner. But, if the former brownie is not satisfied, you can start a new guardian of the hearth. According to the rules of transportation, furniture, utensils for the kitchen should be brought first to a new place, so it is worth preparing it the day before the move. On the evening before the move, you need to knead the dough, while reading the prayer to God for a good life in a new place.

“Soon we move, and from here we leave. Take the dough, take offense at home, forgive us. We move to a new world, prepare a feast of you. Bring good luck to us so that the budget is full of zloty. Our home is your home. Amen».

Then soak any cereal overnight in water, with the calculation of 1: 1. Light a thick church candle. It should burn no more than 5 minutes, then it must be extinguished, leaving the next day for the second stage of the ritual. You will also need a talisman or an icon.

The next morning, rinse the cereal under running water, which has been soaked overnight. All components for the ritual to take with you to the new house. You also need to prepare: matches or a lighter, a broom, a room flower, a napkin or a paper towel, nails, a hammer, a juniper branch, a plate intended for a new brownie, if the old one stays in an old apartment.

Before you bring things into the apartment, you must acquaint the house with the apartment, if it was taken. To do this, pour in a plate of sweets, and put in the kitchen. Read the following text:

“Come in, Brownie, in your new home, from now on you will live in it. From now on, you will defend him, the house is most important to you. «

If the settlement is carried out in an apartment, and not in a private house, you need to invite your relatives, who can come. Gathering at the entrance, go in turns, starting with the oldest, ending with the youngest. In front of the door of the apartment the owner takes out a flower, and transfers it to the first incoming one. The flower must «enter» first in the house. Attention! In no case can not step on the threshold, this can be set against the whole apartment. The flower must be placed by the window in the hall or guest room. The first time entering the house, there is a custom — to make a wish. It necessarily comes true. When everyone entered the apartment, the hostess pours salt over the threshold, along it. This is a kind of protection from evil spirits. First of all, go into the kitchen and hang the amulet or icon on the wall.

Next you need to hold the rite of settlement in a new home. The text must be learned by heart. Read from the sheet is prohibited. Violation entails the opposite consequences of what is written in the spell:

“I light a candle in a new dwelling, I wish happiness to the House. I leave the green bouquet on the table, I wish prosperity in our family. The guardian on the wall is already nailed, it will save us from the evil eye and damage. We want to live in peace and tranquility, without foreign spirits, enemies and malice. Amen».

When a person reads a prayer, the other should do what the text says. “I light a candle” — you need to light a candle that has been prepared beforehand, putting it on the window-sill in the kitchen, “leave the green bouquet on the table” — put a sprig of juniper on the kitchen table, “have already nailed the charm on the wall” as he was hanged in advance, the only thing during these words is to cross the icon or amulet.

After that, you need to take a new broom, and sweep the floor from the entrance to the kitchen to the window. Put in the corner of the kitchen, and next to arrange the old, brought from the past housing. It is believed that the broom is the transport of the brownie, so the old broom should stand next to the new one for at least 3 weeks, until the brownie gets used to the new one. Juniper divided into as many parts as the number of rooms in the apartment, including bathroom, balcony, hallway. In the corner of each room leave a piece of juniper. During the ceremony, no one who entered the apartment leaves it until the ceremony is completed. Next, sweep the salt with a new broom before entering the dwelling, and wash it under running water.

Now you can make furniture and other kitchen utensils in the kitchen. When the kitchen is full and ready to cook, the hostess prepares cakes or dough bread made in the old house. From cereals to cook porridge. Thus, welfare and wealth are invited to the house. When the bread is ready, put two pieces on the plate for the brownie. One for the brought little house, the other for that which the former owners could have left.

You need to say the following:

“Brownie this house, I’m sorry, but you have to leave. More you do not live here, find new housing. Please do not be offended, but you can not stay here. I wish you good luck, accept it as a gift and farewell. Amen».

When all the food is ready, everyone who deals with the move, give up and go to the table.

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