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Simoronsky ritual will help you to become not only beloved, but also rich

Simoronsky ritual «Red panties on the chandelier«Is considered one of the most famous and effective techniques. Those who have already plunged into the magical world of Simoron and dared to carry out one of the most unusual of his rituals, enthusiastically tell about the extraordinary luck that followed. Those who have so far feared the bewildered views of their relatives or friends, perhaps after reading our article, will change their mind and decide on such an unusual act.

You could already familiarize yourself with some of the Simoron techniques and the basic principles of this popular teaching. We know that Simoron is a technique for people with a sense of humor, inclined to fun, and possessing the skill to use the inexhaustible human energy of creativity for the benefit of themselves and the world around them.

The more ridiculous and ridiculous the ritual you have invented will be — the more effective it will be.

Consciousness is freed from the shackles (or vice versa, gives up and succumbs) when we perform absurd, from the point of view of an ordinary person, actions, so the subconscious mind, which has much greater potential, comes to the rescue and helps to achieve what is intended.

But from the point of view of absurdity, the ritual with red shorts has no equal. Therefore, its performance simply rolls over. Probably because of this, his popularity has remained unchanged for many years.

Initially it was thought that this ritual will allow to attract finances in your life. Numerous reviews of the people who conducted it confirm that after the ritual, money appeared in unexpected ways and soon enough: someone was given a debt, which was no longer remembered, another suddenly got a premium or a salary increase. However, practitioners report that this ritual is no less effective in attracting love, it helps to make new romantic relationships, and even get married.

Despite the popular phrase “all women are witches,” one should not think that magic is a female lot. The adherents of the teachings of Simoron proved that not only women, but also men are very capable, and not at all witches, but good fairies. The creative potential of each person is unlimited, and only a large number of “taboos” and “not allowed” do not allow him to open up fully. So, neither your gender, nor age, nor social status matter in the desire to create magic. It is very simple, do not restrain yourself. So let’s get started!

We will understand what and in what order we will need to do in order for our plans to be fulfilled quickly and efficiently.

  • For a start, make a wish. If we are going to spend money on money, then guess not the amount, but what you would like to buy for it. Why ask a hundred thousand for a fur coat if tomorrow you can just give it to you? If we are talking about matters of the heart — then think very well what the desired cavalier should be, and the main thing here is not wealth and beauty. You do not need a wealthy, but narcissist narcissist, or a mad and poor jealous man? In this case, every detail is important, there can be no trifles.
  • Now we go to the store and select the appropriate occasion for the red briefs, necessarily monochromatic, without flowers, cells or stripes. Whether they are female or male, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that you like them. It is advisable to invent and pronounce at this time some suitable phrase within the meaning of the words, as the coroners themselves say, “purmer”, something like “my delicate panties — for duty money” or “I took the thongs — I tied the groom”.
  • Then we come home and erase our purchase in order to remove all the bad energy. In order to simultaneously with the removal of irregular energy, to adjust the props to the desired wave, when washing we use sea buckthorn soap (so that gentlemen are stuck around) or lime (so that money is stuck). If there is no suitable soap — you can use a shower gel, here they are — then surely there are a wide variety. In this case, do not forget to pronounce appropriate to the case of affirmations.
  • After the pants are dry, we charge them with the energy of the main message, that is, we think of something for which we all started. There are a lot of options for exactly how to do this: some recommend one day to bear them on themselves, saying: “I am a money magnet,” “I always get an unexpected profit,” “I am an enviable bride,” or something like that. Others believe that it is enough an hour — another to hold them in your hand or in your pocket, while also, not forgetting to pronounce your desire, after which you can proceed to the final part of the ritual.
  • So, the key point of our ritual is Magic Dance. We start dancing. You can turn on the music, if there is a suitable mood, or sing yourself. Rush around the room, dance and jump, twist the pants on your finger or pull them over your ears, sing loudly something like “I don’t know where it comes from, like, money just comes” or just “cowards, relatives, help, all of you hope, I really, really need, just a thousand, and tomorrow already. » If the ritual is performed on love, then make up a corresponding “chants”. Attract to the dance of households, rejoice, as if you have already got what you want, any crazy idea that comes to your mind should be implemented. If there is a fear that the household will call an ambulance — then it is better to choose a time when no one will disturb you to relax. Enjoy. Worse exactly will not.
  • And now, when there is no strength left at all, on the final chords, it does not matter, hand or foot, as it will, throw panties on the chandelier with a loud yell «panties on the chandelier — money in the house» or «I throw panties on the chandelier — I invite the gentleman to the house «. You did not forget to pre-wash the chandelier? If you failed to throw the first time — throw the second, third, fifth. Persistently fall down — push the stool and tie it to the horn with a bow. Do not get out of the stool — carry the stairs. At all costs, but your red underwear should be at the top center point of your home — on the chandelier. When the goal is achieved, you can tap a foot several times, or clap your hands three times, or jump, or click your fingers, or, or, or … You know, you can do whatever you want.
  • How long should cowards hang on the chandelier? There is no consensus on this score either. Some believe that it is enough for the panties on the chandelier to spend the night, others say that they need to be there for at least a few days, and others that before fulfilling their desire. Like, it was just that the money began to reach out to you, and the magnet was already removed. Only you, as a real wizard, decide whether the panties will hang on the chandelier until you get bored, or until you want to repeat the ritual. And that exactly after 27 the result will be obtained — you can be sure.

To remind you that during the performance of the ritual you need to be in a state of «floating», I think it makes no sense, since this is the basis of all Simoron techniques. Great mood and Simoron are inextricably linked.

Try to control that the appropriate mood does not leave you during all stages of the ritual — both during the trip to the store, and during the wish making, and in the final dance you can’t do without courage.

It is also necessary to remember that all the rituals for attracting something highly desired in your life are best carried out in the phase of the rising moon. The most optimal time is the first week after the new moon.

Note that the “panties on the chandelier” ritual can be performed not only with red props, but then the end result will not be money or love. Thus, practitioners of the Simonists say that such a ritual with blue shorts helps to achieve high sporting achievements, blue — contribute to the addition to the family.

As you can see, being a magician and working wonders is not at all difficult. Charge with optimism, good mood and dare. Good luck and let all your dreams come true!

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