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Strong birthday rituals

Once a year, the calendar stops on the number when a person gathers their loved ones, prepares a delicious cake, and receives many pleasant gifts. At this time, it is possible not only to celebrate, but also to tell fortunes for the next 12 months, to perform ceremonies for success and fulfillment of desires, because the rituals for a birthday are special.

Possessing the necessary knowledge, a person can perform rituals on his birthday, thereby correcting fate and fulfilling desires with the help of magic. A simple and effective method is to celebrate a holiday away from the place of birth. This will trigger the launch of a different annual program.

Approximately a week before the date, complete the case, repay debts, forgive the offenders. Remember the events of last year, summarize, be sincere with you. Think and answer the questions, what you learned, what you understood, what you changed.

On the day of the celebration in the morning you need to make a purification, that is, to imagine how the water washes away the old, obsolete, you can stand in the salt. Formulate dreams as concretely as possible, think over the ways of realization.

It is recommended to celebrate a birthday in a new, beautiful dress. You can not quarrel with anyone, spit on the ground, cry, gossip. Following the ancient effective ritual, prepare small gifts for your friends who will come to congratulate you on the holiday. This is a time of serious change.

12 days from the beginning of the holiday. Each symbolizes one of the astrological houses, that is, spheres of life.

Values ​​and advice than during this period is best done:

  1. Your appearance, temperament, body. Take the temple of your soul, bring beauty, pay attention to yourself.
  2. Property, resources, food. It’s good to make donations, or dedicate all day to making money, do not borrow or borrow. Believe in your wealth.
  3. Social contacts, short trips, relatives. Meet with brothers or sisters, go on nature, communicate.
  4. Home comfort, real estate, mother. Visit relatives, mother, start housework.
  5. Art, children, love. Stay with your child, get creative, refrain from amorous things, do not get involved in intrigue.
  6. Health, service. It is useful to pay attention to yourself, try a new diet, help those in need.
  7. Spouses, partners. Spend time together, discuss future plans.
  8. Sex, occultism, personality transformation, crises. Stay alone, pay attention to yourself. It is necessary to see your shadow sides, to realize them, to work through them. It is useful to change something in life, to destroy the obsolete, sex is contraindicated.
  9. Higher education, travel, worldview. Spend the day with knowledge, go to an interesting seminar, to the library, to the temple.
  10. Career, karma, recognition. Reach the top, thank the boss.
  11. Friends, surprises. Spend time in the company.
  12. Isolation, disease, mysticism. On the last day, concentrate on the love of the world, forgive the offenders, help someone.

The list is associated with the months of the coming year.

Birthday ceremonies for love, fulfillment of desires

At this time, you can spend the rituals to create amulets, attract love, as well as ceremonies to fulfill a dream. They are simple and effective.

Creating a protective talisman

Its essence is in charging the amulet for a year. You need to get a decoration, for example, a ring that will be very like. It should always be used in socks or always be near. You can donated dear man.

Clean it from foreign energies under running water, then leave it in a glass with well or spring liquid under moonlight. It is best to do the ritual on the night of the birthday.

The next morning, remove the jewelry, wipe it with a clean handkerchief. Squeeze it in your right hand, imagine how the strength of the object will protect against adversity and fulfill desires. From this moment, carefully keep your ally, who will bring you good luck.

Charged Charm

Daily buy on the tape of different colors, which will determine the sphere of life. Matches are allowed to guess yourself. Proceed to buying ribbons 12 days before the sacrament, so that there are a dozen for your birthday. The spheres of life in this ritual are all the same astrological houses, the meanings of which are presented above.

In the evening of the holiday, sit down at the empty table, light 3 candles, tie all the ribbons together and place them in front of you. When making 12 knots on each, constantly think about desires, happiness and well-being. When the process is complete, weave a pigtail out of it.

Keep a magically charged object near the bed, out of the reach of unauthorized persons. Charm for the year ready.

Love attraction ritual

Lonely people suffering from a lack of relationships, often use a ritual to attract a loved one. For the conduct will need:

  • Seven candles white.
  • Spring water.
  • Crystal vase.
  • Nine red roses.
  • A piece of paper.

The ritual is performed at night. Light the candles, arrange them in the room, pick petals from the flowers and place them in a vase with spring water. On a piece of paper, describe a fictional loved one, your thoughts. Without ceasing to think about the beloved, burn the wish, pour the ashes into the vase and stir by hand.

With thoughts of him go to bed. In the morning, pour over the sapling of the young tree, its growth will increase the desire. Spending the next birthday with your loved one, be sure to thank the tree by tying a beautiful ribbon on it.

Festive cake with a magical twist

Insert candles into the cake of those colors that are responsible for the lack of energy and quality in life. The treatment of symbolizing shades:

Violet and gold — gaining wisdom and financial well-being.

Green — getting social connections and travel.

Red — for love, power, passion and creativity.

Blue is the color of intuition and learning.

White — attracts maternal qualities.

Blowing out candles, imagine how wishes will be realized.

Ritual at the crossroads

On your birthday, when the sun is at its zenith, go to the crossroads. It is important to remain invisible to other people’s eyes, otherwise you need to interrupt the ritual and look for a new place. Arriving, stand in the center, turning to the east. Make a bow to each direction three times.

Then face him again and say the text of the conspiracy 4 times:

I bow, servant of God (your name), to the east, so be it. I bow (your name), to the east, I bow to the west, I bow to the north, I bow to the south. I order to all parts of the world: call together all the powers of the earth, but the powers of heaven. May all your wish fulfill my cherished wish (here is your wish). May it come to pass that is made. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Now again bow to the cardinal points, throw 4 equivalent coins, pronouncing the word «paid.» Close your eyes, turn away from the intersection. Imagine how you got what you want, feel emotionally, try to experience the state. Now, without looking back, go home and do not talk to anyone along the way.

The rite of passage in the birthday «Money bath»

For this ritual, you must prepare a decoction, you need the following ingredients:

  • 4 teaspoons of parsley,
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon,
  • 8 coins.

All this pour 5 cups boiling water. Then type a bath and, adding a decoction, say:

«Money flows like a golden river and remains with me forever!»

After pronouncing the words, dip 5 times and then 8 minutes in the water for quite a while. Think about improving well-being. After the bath, allow the body to dry. For more effect, repeat 5 days later from the festival.

Birthday ceremonies are aimed at correcting karma and improving fate. However, rituals should be abandoned if desires are aimed at restricting someone’s freedom or harm.

Otherwise, the opposite effect may occur, which will persist throughout the year. Do not cling to the old. After the holiday, a new life will begin and magic will help in this.

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