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Cancer and Leo Compatibility: in love, in marriage, in sex

Representatives of the zodiac signs Cancer and Leo are complete opposites in their natural character, but despite this, their tandems can be formed quite successfully. This is due to the fact that people are strong personalities and are constantly working on themselves in order to maintain good relations.

If they have no desire to go to meet each other, the partners will never stay together. In addition, it happens so that at first the relationship develops smoothly, but since time the brightness and assertiveness of the Lions begins to irritate the cautious Cancers, who often assess life circumstances intuitively.

Cancer and Leo Compatibility: in love, in marriage, in sex

Male Cancer and Female Lion Compatibility

It is very difficult for a man of Cancer to build a harmonious relationship with a girl Leo in all spheres. Closed and prudent partner, being close to her chosen one, falls into a whole whirlpool of emotional events. He will have to really try to meet all the requirements of the chosen one of Leo.

This is not always possible, so partners often break up.

In a love relationship (compatibility in love 61%)

Compatibility between men Cancer and women Leo in love relationships is average. Love unions can be created only against the background of a huge sincere love. But even in this case, the partners can never understand each other.

Man Cancer will always remain a mystery to the young Lion. But thanks to this, their feelings will always remain new. Over time, love will help partners learn to respect.

Strengthens the love union that partners can give a lot to one another in personal development.

In order to preserve love, the chosen one must remember that the girl Leo strives for a luxurious and beautiful life. This means that the partner must be well secured. In this pair, how relations will develop is entirely dependent on both partners.

It is very good if they immediately realize that it is useless to remake their soul mate. Only with this approach, you can count on the emotional and spiritual harmony.

In the tandem of Cancer and Leo quite often there is jealousy on the part of the partner.

This is due to the fact that his chosen one loves to shine in society, and if she is not bound by official marriage, then she will not be restrained.

In bed (compatibility in sex 87%)

Compatibility men Cancer and women Leo in bed is good, there is complete understanding. Both partners love to have sex, they are romantic and always strive to experiment.

Moreover, the more time partners are together, the more interesting their intimate life becomes.

But at the same time harmonious and valuable sexual pleasures can only be if there are sincere, deep and mutual feelings between the partners. A woman should always remember that her chosen one has a very developed intuition from nature, therefore feelings for him play a huge role in life.

If he has no offense to his partner, then in bed he will be a wonderful lover. He will fill sex with amazing tenderness and will do everything to make his companion have unforgettable pleasure.

The girl Leo is different natural passion, therefore, always responds to the wishes of his partner.

The intimate life of the representatives of these zodiac signs is filled with romance and admiration.

The guy is attracted by the passion of the young lady Leo. The two of them like romance and tenderness. He is ready to give in to everything and submit to Leo, which suits her completely.

And if his feelings are not offended, he will always admire his Lioness.

Married (compatibility in family life 43%)

Cancer man and woman Leo create a family only if they begin to understand that they sincerely love each other. Despite the average level of compatibility of Cancer and Leo in marriage, the partners create strong family unions.

Spouse Leo is a wonderful hostess, she does a lot to ensure comfort in the family, and to maintain a good atmosphere. She always has time and seeks to show off her skills in any situation. Spouse loves to arrange family holidays and receive guests.

This behavior delights her spouse. He surrounds her with care and attention.

He gives his beloved the warmth of the soul that she desperately needs.

Over time, the man becomes more open, he draws strength from family well-being and is charged with the activity of his partner.

But despite the purposefulness of his wife Leo, the husband of Cancer must always remain the head of the family.

And if this fact will accept the spouse, then the family will be very strong.

The girl Lev, after marriage, ceases to flirt with outsiders and begins to behave very restrained in society. Therefore, family ties rarely overshadow jealousy.

The family is built solely on a trust basis.

In friendship (compatibility in friendly relations 52%)

Very often between a friend Leo and boyfriend Cancer there is a friendship. In such a tandem there are quarrels due to different natural characters, but, nevertheless, this friendship does not collapse.

Rally partners common hobbies. The friendship between them rarely turns into love, so the «halves» of these people do not have to worry.

Representatives of these signs of the zodiac, despite their different worldviews, can provide each other with important moral support in difficult life situations. Both partners appreciate this, so in case of quarrels they do not heat up the situation, but take time out, and after a while they restore friendly relations again, as if nothing had happened.

A friend always admires his girlfriend, in difficult periods of life he does everything he can to cheer her up. And this woman really likes, because she really needs to be praised and admired by her.

Better to do it than a friend, Cancer, no one can.

For her part, her friend fiery activity fills her friend’s life with new emotions. It becomes interesting to live.

His life is filled with new meaning, and he is very grateful for that.

Cancer and Leo Compatibility: in love, in marriage, in sex

Male Lion and Female Cancer — Compatibility

The union in any sphere of life between the guy Leo and the young lady Cancer is very controversial. Outwardly indecisive partner very often surprises a man with the strength of her character and depth of intelligence.

Therefore, there is often rivalry in relationships, which is the reason why people disagree.

In a love relationship (compatibility in love 55%)

If a man Leo and a woman Cancer are mutually in love, then from the side of the couple looks romantic and happy. Partners, despite the low compatibility of men Leo and women Cancer in love relationships, tend to adapt to each other.

In such a love tandem, the man feels very confident, because next to him is a gentle and gentle darling. But at the same time, the partner should understand that his partner is far from defenseless and, if necessary, can stand up for herself.

In a perfect union, Leo and Cancer can fully realize themselves.

Problems in love relationships can arise in the emotional sphere. The fact is that a woman Cancer is very vulnerable, so she can be offended for any reason. Due to the natural secretiveness, she does not always voice her offenses, therefore, when they accumulate, this can significantly worsen the relationship.

The man Leo is an optimist, so his partner’s experiences are incomprehensible. He seeks to enjoy life in all circumstances.

To keep the love union and increase the compatibility of Leo and Cancer in love, the girl should control her emotions. She needs to learn to be more open and stop hushing insults.

This will allow in time to remove unnecessary tensions in the relationship.

In bed (90% compatibility in sex)

Compatibility Leo and Cancer in bed is very high. This is due to the fact that their attitude towards intimate life coincides.

They consider sexual well-being to be an important part of a happy life.

Both partners are romantic and tender lovers in bed. For them, there are no barriers, and they always seek to experiment. Sex between the representatives of these zodiac signs is filled with bodily pleasures, strong passions and deep feelings.

It is pleasant to both lovers.

It should be understood that the well-being of sexual life is entirely dependent on relationships in the real world. It is important that a man never be rude to his partner in anything.

This will alienate her, and she will not fully open up in bed.

In addition, add unnecessary experiences that harm the intimate life, can unduly free behavior of the elect. If jealousy is present between partners, then full and happy sexual intimacy is completely excluded.

Interest in sex in a woman can be reduced against the background of previously suffered grievances.

Married (compatibility in family life 50%)

Compatibility of male Leo and female Cancer in marriage is average. If partners are in love, then they may well create a prosperous family union, despite the rather serious internal contradictions.

This union can be successful only with the traditional distribution of duties:

  • Leo’s husband should provide for the family, which will allow him to take a leadership position.
  • Wife Cancer should take on the role of the keeper of the hearth.

In this scenario, the relationship between the representatives of these signs of the zodiac will develop very well. A spouse will never seek leadership, but will enjoy the care that surrounded her spouse.

She will feel very calm and confident, and therefore fully realizes herself as a caring and loving wife.

Some problems in the family may arise due to different attitudes to family spending time. A woman can fully relax and unwind only at home.

But her husband seeks to lead a high life where he can shine. Permanent outlets in society tire spouse.

But, nevertheless, she will always try to be close to him, because otherwise, jealousy can ignore her.

In friendship (compatibility in friendly relations 41%)

True and sincere friendships between a girl Cancer and a man Leo are unlikely to be possible. Such a strong friendship can be only if the representatives of these zodiac signs are relatives.

Affection in this case is very strong, even if they belong to different age categories.

Difficulties in building friendships are due to the fact that these people rarely have the same life hobbies. In addition, they are bred in different directions differences in worldview.

Friends of Cancer and Leo is difficult to understand each other.

But if friendship does emerge, then, most likely, in such a tandem a woman will be older than her friend. In this case, the man will feel very comfortable, because the next chosen one, who will take care of him motherly.

On the other hand, the society of an optimistic and confident young man gives strength to a woman and allows her to achieve great success in life.

But it’s hard to consider true friendship.

Cancer and Leo Compatibility: in love, in marriage, in sex

How can a woman Raku conquer a man of Leo

Of course, a strong and confident guy Cancer always attracts the attention of the representatives of the opposite sex. The young lady Cancer to attract the attention of the chosen one is absolutely not difficult, because she by nature has character traits that he considers very attractive.

At meetings it is necessary to demonstrate their femininity and softness. The fact that you are far from defenseless, a man Leo, at first, does not necessarily know.

After he realizes all the advantages of the tandem, it will be possible to make him understand that not a weak woman is next to him, but a companion with a deep intellectual world. This will not scare him away, but will make him understand that the woman Cancer is for him a reliable companion of life.

In addition, it is important in the bouquet and candy period to admire the talents of your chosen one, he will like it very much.

But it is not necessary to demonstrate the economy.

Also be sure to control your emotional state.

It is important to behave in such a way that the chosen one understands that you need him and appreciate his presence in your life very much. This will allow to fully realize their natural qualities as a leader and protector.

How a man Leo conquers a woman of Cancer

Cancer girl is a very mysterious person, so even an assertive man Leo to win her heart is not always easy. First of all, you need to learn how to correctly perceive her emotional perception of events in the outside world.

It deserves respect, as it perceives life on an intuitive level.

The man Leo should understand that the external insecurity of the chosen one is very deceptive, inside she has a strong willed rod. Therefore, it is important to try to build relationships on an equal footing, but it should be remembered that Cancer woman is very vulnerable.

If she has a lot of resentment in her soul, then she is unlikely to be able to reciprocate a person who seeks to win her heart.

To attract the attention of the beauty of Cancer can, if you ask her to help in some business. The representatives of this zodiac sign are very responsive.

They render any help to another person absolutely disinterestedly, but in the process of this they become very attached and this can be the starting point for the development of relations. The caretaker Leo must be sure to remember that he can attract the attention of the woman of Cancer to himself only with serious intentions.

But even in this case, it is necessary to prepare for the fact that his chosen one will take a long look at him.

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