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Compatibility: Capricorn with other zodiac signs

Capricorn is a typical representative of the earth element, serious and solid. The planet Saturn gives it endurance, purposefulness and some gloom. Periods of depression can last for a long time, if you do not divert Capricorn’s attention from contrived problems.

Consider compatibility: Capricorn with other signs of the zodiac constellations. How to achieve harmony and mutual understanding?

Compatibility: Capricorn with other zodiac signs

Gloomy Saturn and the character of Capricorn

The closed and serious Capricorn can make an unfavorable impression at the first meeting, but not only in its earthly group of signs of the earth. These guys immediately recognize the soul mate.

For example, Taurus will immediately note the thoroughness and laconicism of Capricorn — these are the most acceptable qualities for him. Virgo has nothing to complain about — Capricorn looks like an impregnable rock.

Other signs of the zodiac will not be favorable to the pet of a strange Saturn, silent and closed. Therefore, young Capricorns are not lucky in love.

Confidence will come to him only after gaining life experience and together with social and material status.

Along with growing up, security comes to them, and Capricorns can already seduce potential partners with purely earthly qualities — expensive things, good-quality clothes and prospects for social status.

And also trump stability and reliability.

Capricorns often make mistakes when choosing a partner, because they approach the issue from the point of view of common sense and practicality. For example, if Capricorn has achieved material benefits, then it seems to him that everyone aspires to this. Woman Capricorn trumps sanity and a serious approach to family life.

But not all signs of the zodiac, these positions are clear and desirable, especially marriage of convenience. Capricorn women are one of those who with a calm heart marry for the prestige of her husband and his high social status.

And they feel quite comfortable.

In the career ladder Capricorn lucky much more than their brothers in the earth element Taurus. This is due to the luck that gives the planet Saturn.

However, luck does not exclude conscientious hard work, to which Capricorns are very responsible.

It can be said that work and social status are the main priorities in life for pets of Saturn.

For a woman, family life can be a career if the husband has achieved a high position.

The disadvantages of Capricorn include the following character traits:

  • excessive ambition;
  • isolation and gloominess;
  • excessive stinginess;
  • conservatism and categorical;
  • arrogance and pickiness;
  • lack of sensitivity;
  • obsession with the material;
  • callousness

Among Capricorns, lonely people are often found, because the lack of faith in feelings and love makes them hard crackers. These are people of words and deeds, but not of emotions and feelings.

Capricorns can easily manipulate people to achieve their own goals.

With age, Capricorns may become disillusioned with the material and wish to take the path of spiritual development. However, this is possible only after they have acquired all the material values ​​and not without some internal struggle.

Compatibility: Capricorn with other zodiac signs

Earth element

With the representatives of their element, Capricorns feel quite comfortable, as the latter do not require the impossible from them — an explosion of feelings, building castles in the air and a sudden change of opinion.

Earth signs seem to Capricorn to be adequate and sensible people with whom you can deal.

Astrologers claim that marriages of pets of the earth will be quite successful and financially secure. This is an alliance of like-minded people seeking a common goal.

The most successful are the unions of a Capricorn man with a woman Taurus and a Capricorn woman with a man Virgo.

With Taurus Capricorn combines a common worldview and common aspirations. Taurus sensuality makes him a sloth sometimes, but he can give good ideas for joint action.

With the Virgin Capricorn combines the value of family traditions and earthiness. Virgo, like Taurus, diversifies the miserly emotional world of Capricorn with feelings and emotions.

Also, Virgos are good strategists who can indicate the course of a family ship.

But is everything so rosy in the union of the signs of the earth? From family life can only excite the struggle for leadership.

Figuring out who is in charge at home is a fly in the ointment. If someone of earth signs can give another leader a place, then everything will be all right in the family.

However, the emotional sphere will still be in decline, and there will never be stormy feelings between them — this is not reasonable.

Element of water

How do Capricorns have relations with representatives of the element of water? Astrologers are confident that this is a serious test for both spouses. However, Capricorns will always attract the mystery of the water element, no matter what.

For example, Scorpio can give Capricorn a storm of emotions that are unavailable to him.

With Scorpio, Capricorn can combine purposefulness and perseverance in achieving results. However, Capricorn will never understand how to burn at work for an insignificant financial result.

Scorpio can act for the sake of self-assertion, and not for financial gain.

Astrologers consider successful the combination of a Capricorn woman and a Scorpio man, as well as the union of a Capricorn man with a woman Pisces or Cancer.

Very good is Capricorn with Pisces tandem. Representatives of the water element gain a reliable partner in life and get rid of emotional distress, and Pisces’ intuitive abilities help Capricorn to clarify some incomprehensible things.

We can say: they found each other.

Relations with Cancers develop not immediately, since the opposite of worldviews alienates partners from each other. But if fate favors partners, they will be able to get to know each other better.

That’s when a passion can arise between Capricorn and Cancer, which is shown only in films. Partners complement each other so much that they no longer think apart of life.

Compatibility: Capricorn with other zodiac signs

Element of fire

Earth and fire are opposite substances. The earth can put out the fire, and that, in turn, severely burn the earth.

But it is only in adverse conditions. If the stars favor Capricorn, he will be able to find among the representatives of the fiery hypostasis a reliable partner for life.

For example, Capricorn will be completely fascinated by the fiery Leo. However, not all Capricorns can withstand the mental superiority of the royal Leo, so they simply avoid their society.

Charisma and pressure of Lviv can not be made a reasonable and pragmatic sign of the earth.

For Sagittarius, Capricorns are of no interest, because romance is not on the way with a conservative bore.

If Sagittarius will communicate with the landed Capricorn, it is only because of the extraction of some good.

Aries at first enchant Capricorn with a passionate determination to achieve results and fiery pressure, but later they will disappoint. Aries can make any promises, but they do not always fulfill them. With this approach Capricorns do not intend to put up.

Besides, Aries are not practical.

Element of air

The air element confronts the earth, although it is part of the soil — there are air bubbles in it. With the Twins, Capricorns have a rather original relationship — they are completely under their authority, that is, under the rule of Gemini.

This is possible only thanks to the bright head of the latter: only representatives of the air element can confuse the head.

Among the air signs, Aquarius is most sympathetic. Although both partners perceive each other as somewhat unrealistic — they came up with an image of each other and think that this is indeed the case.

Scales look at Capricorns only from the standpoint of mercantile spirit.

Earthly pet is better to stay away from these ungrateful people.

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