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Compatibility characteristics in a pair of fish fish

It has long been noticed that the sign of the Zodiac (or rather its compatibility with it) often greatly influences the relationship in a pair. Of course, everything is very individual, but some zodiacal constellations are easier to find mutual understanding, while others are much more difficult. I have been studying this topic for a long time and in detail and today I am ready to share with you my knowledge of it, revealing compatibility in a pair of Fish-Fish.

Characteristics of love compatibility in a pair of fish-fish

Like any two Yin (that is, Water or Earth Signs) pair of Fish easily find mutual understanding with each other. At the same time, they never get bored with each other in society, the similarity of their characters will play only plus and in no way will become a problem.

For Pisces zodiac sign, patience, pliability, sensitivity are typical — all qualities necessary to create a strong pair. Basically Pisces are interested in the emotional component of the relationship, let alone what, and partners are able to share their emotions with each other simply in abundance.

Overview of the psychological compatibility of the guy and the girl Pisces

If you describe metaphorically the love relationship between Pisces, it will sound like this: two droplets of water touch slightly to each other until they merge with the help of a light breeze, becoming a single whole.

Fortunately, in order for these two to form one, it will not be necessary at all to resort to aggressive actions, since the peculiarities of Pisces’ disposition allow them to completely dissolve in their beloved person.

The variability of water signs, as well as their supersensitive susceptibility to extraneous exposure, complements the relationship of the couple with multiple external psychological attitudes.

It’s not for nothing that all the people that were once met by Rybkis are firmly “prescribed” in their soul. This list includes parents (especially mother), brothers, sisters, lovers, teachers and friends.

Therefore, we can summarize that the relationship between a guy-Fish and a girl-Pisces is the sum of the collective experience of the two of them.

It is impossible to say for sure what exactly will come out of this pair, but it is possible to speak with certainty about the strong attraction between the partners and absolutely for sure — about a very interesting union.

Characteristics of sexual compatibility between male Pisces and female Pisces

Pisces zodiac sign is very configured to merge. They are able to transform into a single whole with their second half and together enjoy all manifestations of their sexuality. Ready to demonstrate all your amazing inner world.

An important aspect — both the partner and the partner should always take into account the danger of completely dissolving into their beloved person. It is great if they can independently understand their mistakes, although, unfortunately, in practice this often fails.

Therefore, one should not be surprised if one of the days Pisces suddenly realize that they are worried about how a loved one will react to their way of tying shoelaces. Being in a similar state, people-Pisces often begin to resort to a variety of sexual quirks.

This leads to a rational recommendation — in the bedroom at least one partner should not be dressed in latex and leather.

Fish may well engage in joint business, professional relationships (in particular, creative, relating to the field of art).

However, the stars do not advise them to work in tandem «boss — subordinate.»

It is difficult to argue with the fact that Pisces is a rather complicated Zodiacal constellation. Many people do not understand the behavior of Pisces, in particular — the absence of an internal core characteristic of them.

Both men and women Pisces love to abandon any rules and act more instinctively than logically. Such personalities are distinguished by variability and rapid falling under the influence of other people. That is why Pisces can unwittingly, begin to sit down on alcohol, drugs, spiritual practices and similar things, allowing them to forget about the gray reality for a while.

In most cases, Pisces is religious. In an extreme degree, they can completely distance themselves from the surrounding reality, shielding themselves with the help of their ideals and coming into contact only with people who fit their ideals and requirements.

The absence of certain internal restrictions forces Pisces to have some system of spiritual counterbalances that prevent internal disharmony.

For both men and women, Pisces is very difficult to create for themselves a concrete ideal which they could strive to imitate. In some cases, too many mutual accusations arise in the relationship of such a pair, the struggle for power (although the location of the planets in their natal horoscope plays a very important role. For a more detailed forecast, you should always consult a professional astrologer).

Also, in Pisces, as a rule, compassion is very strongly developed, which helps them to protect themselves from such a development of events.

Difficulties faced by Pisces in a relationship

It might be noted that the main difficulties between the Pisces partners are obvious and concern more everyday problems, as the representatives of this constellation are by no means the most practical sign in the entire horoscope.

But this is not the only and not the most important problem in the pair. Hiding behind the solution of domestic issues, Pisces simply seek to hide from other life difficulties. After all, the lack of economy, the inability to rationally allocate and spend money, a detachment from real life — this all relates to external factors, objective areas of life — “money”, “work”, “life”.

And the greatest difficulty must be sought not outside, but inside Pisces themselves. This zodiac constellation is patronized by the planet Neptune responsible for illusions. Sometimes illusions can have some kind of positive effect on a person, but more often they still cause harm to her or at least severe discomfort.

What is the original source of pathological illusions? He refers to deception, lies and lack of sincerity. Thanks to lies, illusions are created and the surrounding reality begins to seem to people to be completely different from what it really is.

The second reason for creating pathological illusions is the presence of harmful meditations. We are now talking about any impact that could provoke a trance, and not just meditation in the narrow sense of the word.

In particular, the category of harmful meditations can be attributed to frequent and prolonged sitting behind the TV, watching TV shows (it is scientifically proven that TV shows can disconnect a person from reality), plus long telephone conversations without much sense (they also have a mental zombie effect).

Certainly, the use of chemicals — alcohol and drugs — can be put in the first place in the list of provocateurs of pathological illusions.

Under the influence of all the factors listed above, Pisces lose their correct understanding of the essence of love and begin to move away from each other.

It is sad to know that for the most part, people-Pisces are easily susceptible to various kinds of illusions. With the help of the latter, they seek to find salvation from the quarrels that provoke various domestic troubles.

Of course, no matter how bad the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac may seem according to the horoscope, you cannot rely solely on it alone. You must also work independently on your relationships, if you have a strong desire, of course.

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