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Compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Cancer and Aquarius rarely find mutual understanding with each other, although by their nature they are not conflicting signs. But speaking figuratively, the harmony of relations is hindered by the gravity of the Water and the lightness of the Air.

Even if a tandem appears between the representatives of these signs of the zodiac, then there will be no complete understanding between the partners. Relationships in a pair of Cancer and Aquarius rarely develop successfully.

The conservatism of Cancer pushes away the life-loving and aspiring Aquarius for everything new. Both partners are so different that they simply cannot understand each other, despite the efforts being made.

Compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Male Cancer and Aquarius woman — compatibility

Male Cancer and Aquarius woman can unite in tandem only if they are connected by common affairs. But even in this case, they will hardly be able to achieve great success; misunderstanding may be so strong.

First of all, disharmony may occur due to the fact that a man does not have enough determination, and Aquarius is distinguished by its natural irresponsibility. But it should be remembered that even with incompatibility of characters there are exceptions.

In a love relationship (compatibility in love 52%)

Compatibility between men Cancer and Aquarius women in love relationships is average, their basis is the novelty of emotions and impressions. This is due to significant differences in the nature of nature.

Usually the initiative comes from the girl, as she is very attracted by her unlike her partner. Most likely, such an attraction can be considered an interest.

Opposites, of course, attract each other, but in order to stay together partners need to find some kind of common cause.

Hold together a guy Cancer and a girl Aquarius can the public interest, they together can successfully solve the most complex problems of public life. Working in this direction, a woman Aquarius will be able to fully demonstrate their own humanism. In this case, her natural sociability and good intellectual abilities will come in handy.

Love relationships will develop very well, if the partner will support its activities and become its like-minded person. In a love tandem, relationships will be very intense and active.

Representatives of these zodiac signs will have many common topics for discussion. They will not be bored together.

The main danger lies in the fact that the guy can quickly get tired of a turbulent life, and he will begin to seek solitude, increasingly closing in his own inner world. The partner will not be able to understand this and this will cause serious disagreements.

In bed (sex compatibility 46%)

The compatibility of the man of Cancer and the woman of Aquarius in bed is rather complicated. The difference in natural characters has a negative impact on the intimate sphere. A man is always important that his partner feels emotionally in bed.

He prefers a romantic sexual relationship, filled with deep sensuality.

The Aquarius girl is little interested in feelings, she is much more interested in the thoughts of her partner. But at the same time she seeks to dream up and is always ready to participate in experiments. Sex is not important to her in life.

If her thoughts are busy with problems occurring in real life, then she remains cold and passionless.

Such an attitude towards sex is unacceptable for a man of Cancer, therefore cooling begins very quickly between partners.

The intimate relationship between the Cancer guy and the Aquarius girl is often unpredictable. The novelty of feelings at the beginning of a relationship can overwhelm both partners, and sex will turn into a fairy tale.

And after a while, the partners will completely lose interest in each other and will simply sleep in separate beds. But after a while, they can again be kindled with each other and the sexual attraction will happen again.

Married (compatibility in family life 27%)

Compatibility Cancer and Aquarius in marriage is very low. Although at the same time they create families very often. But such family unions are not stable.

Partners do not fit together, but, unfortunately, are not aware of this immediately. That is why the divorce rate is very large.

In the family life of the representatives of these signs of the zodiac there are a lot of obstacles and surprises with which people cannot always cope. Husband is very difficult to accept the chaotic lifestyle of his wife.

She prefers to lead an active social life, in her environment there are a lot of acquaintances, among whom there are very few true friends.

Save love relationships can be when the spouses will strive to find compromises. To do this, a man should not save insults, and you need to express them directly at once.

This will allow the partner to understand how to behave. If love is present in her soul, she will make concessions.

To avoid divorce, partners must maintain interest in each other. If this cannot be done, then a divorce is inevitable. It is noteworthy that children cannot hold representatives of these zodiac signs together.

But when people break up, the man continues to provide all the necessary help to the child and communicate with him.

In friendship (compatibility in friendly relations 52%)

The friendship between a woman Aquarius and a man Cancer resemble business cooperation. Friendship can be strong when partners are united by common goals and interests.

Very well formed friendly tandems, if the representatives of these zodiac signs work in the field of education.

But in any case, the friendship of the union Aquarius and Cancer lacks the special warmth that is inherent in sincere friendships.

In ordinary life, partners simply repel each other. A friend quickly gets tired of communicating with a closed comrade.

That is why friendships often fall apart, never having begun.

Compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Male Aquarius and female Cancer — compatibility

The relationship of the woman of Cancer and the man of Aquarius is always very difficult. Natural compatibility between representatives of these zodiac signs is very low.

But in rare exceptions, relations between partners develop very quickly, but at the same time their finale is always unpredictable.

In a love relationship (compatibility in love 35%)

Compatibility of men Aquarius and women Cancer in love relationships is low, strong alliances are very rare. The initiative always comes from a partner. When meeting, he immediately draws attention to the woman Cancer, which attracts him with its mysteriousness.

In addition, the variability of her mood is interesting for him.

He wants to understand her inner world.

On the other hand, the young lady Cancer is interested in her partner because of her unusual perception of the world around her. She likes his desire for everything new, out-of-the-box thinking, broad outlook.

Compatibility Aquarius and Cancer in love is bad. Relations in such a tandem are characterized by the fact that they necessarily at some point come a crisis.

If the partners manage to survive it, then after that everything will be fine with them. The thing is that the representatives of these zodiac signs just learn to appreciate each other over time.

They will be the perfect companions. A woman will be an ideal companion and will be able to keep up conversations on any topics, while a man with his optimism is able to paint any event with bright colors.

This will be for partners harmony in love relationships.

In bed (compatibility in sex 52%)

Compatibility Cancer and Aquarius in bed is average. Intimate life, as well as marriage relations, is rather complicated. But at the same time, at the beginning of a relationship, sex between representatives of this zodiac sign is always enchanting and emotional.

This is facilitated by the novelty of the senses, which is always present in such a tandem.

Cancer girl really likes the eloquence with which her partner showered in bed. He flirts very nicely, and this cannot leave his partner indifferent.

A man likes a love game very much, and this attitude allows a woman to open up the cancer and feel like a queen.

Unfortunately, sex games quickly bore a partner, because his intimate life is always in the background. Therefore, courtesy in bed can be replaced by indifference.

Cold attitude is very offended partner, because it can perceive it as a loss of love. Lovers should try to avoid complete cooling to sex, as this will provoke a break in relations.

If the partners are able to understand the needs of each other in love relationships, the intimate life will improve.

Married (compatibility in family life 39%)

Compatibility men Aquarius and women Cancer in marriage is low. As a rule, the decision to marry lovers is made spontaneously.

It is rather connected with mutual interest in each other, rather than sincere feelings.

That is why family relations between the representatives of these zodiac signs are unstable.

Ideally, family relationships can be strengthened if partners engage in community activities. In this case, the husband of Aquarius is interested in global and large-scale problems, setting a goal to resolve them, and the spouse is a good support for him.

Moreover, she does not necessarily have to be close to her spouse at public events. She may well become his reliable rear, doing housework and creating comfort and coziness in the house.

It is important that she always be interested in the affairs of her spouse and be aware of all his affairs.

To maintain harmony in the family, a man also needs to be interested in the inner world of his chosen one. Of course, he will not be able to understand her completely, but the spouse will become much closer to him in the spiritual sphere.

Aquarius and Cancer in the family are faithful to each other. Life in such a tandem never darkens jealousy.

But at the same time, some problems may be created by the fact that the spouse perceives events in the surrounding world very dramatically and this can tire a man who is alien to unnecessary emotions for any reason.

In friendship (compatibility in friendship 25%)

Compatibility in friendship between a man Aquarius and a woman. Cancer is very low. This is caused by different natural characters. A woman Cancer always needs time to fully trust a friend, she must be convinced of his sincerity.

Aquarius is always open and friendly, so waiting for understanding immediately and makes conclusions that the woman does not want to be friends with him.

But if he has patience, which is extremely rare, then he will soon realize that in the person of a friend he can make a reliable and loyal friend. If the friendship takes place, then it will never grow into love, so the second «halves» have nothing to fear.

Friendship will never contribute to the development of business relations. It is very difficult for partners to work on one task because Cancer’s friend is distinguished by conservative thinking, and Aquarius’s friend is always striving for everything new.

Compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

As a woman Raku to win the man of Aquarius

To win the heart of a man of Aquarius to a woman in Raku is not easy. First of all, to attract attention, you need to pay attention to your appearance.

At meetings, you should always look perfect, with every nuance in clothes should be thought out to the smallest detail. Inaccurate and unkempt women, even if they have developed intelligence, will never attract the attention of a man of Aquarius.

In addition, you can conquer your chosen one by open character. Of course, such a trait is not natural for a woman of Cancer.

But she can successfully hide the lack of openness with her ability to easily and naturally talk on any topic.

The man Aquarius is a disinterested person. Therefore, next to it can not be a mercantile companion who is seeking benefits in the relationship.

This means that the chosen one will surely like the responsiveness of the woman of Cancer, as well as the fact that she is always ready to rush to help if necessary.

A man of Aquarius and the natural emotionality of a woman of Cancer will not be scared away; rather, on the contrary, he will be interested in him.

This is due to the fact that the chosen one is distinguished by a stable character and is always interested in the novelty that a woman Cancer brings.

He considers her to a certain extent a person from some fantasy world, and this is very attractive to him.

As a man Aquarius to conquer a woman of Cancer

A man of Aquarius rarely has a desire to win the heart of a woman Cancer. At a meeting, these people are not attracted, but, on the contrary, on a subconscious level, simply bypass each other.

But if love is awakened in the soul of a man of Aquarius, then he will naturally strive to attract the attention of the mysterious darling.

First you need to study the natural features of women Cancer. Representatives of this sign are intelligent and have developed intuition.

This means that a Cancer woman can never be deceived. Honesty is the main success factor.

A woman with Cancer, despite her inner strength, needs a nearby satellite, which will become a vital support for her.

A man of Aquarius may well prove his worth, demonstrating his success in various spheres of life.

And it is very important to interest your darling in the matter in which he is engaged.

The general hobby or work can become a starting point for the beginning of the relationship.

The heart of a woman Cancer can be won if she realizes that her chosen one is ready to become a leader in tandem. Such an approach may mean for her that she can count on the care and support of her chosen one.

And most importantly, you need to behave so that she saw in the man Aquarius the father of their future children.

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