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Compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn: in love, in marriage, in sex

Cancer and Capricorn are located on opposite sides of the zodiacal circle. Their elements Fire and Water are absolutely incompatible in nature. As a result, the relationship between the representatives of these signs of the zodiac is always very difficult.

In this tandem, a lot of unpredictable, so we can say with confidence that the welfare of the union depends on fate. These partners in one tandem resemble ice and flame.

If fate brings these people together, they either immediately disperse in different directions, or begin to slowly build relationships, becoming interested in each other. And it should be noted that this is not always unsuccessful.

Compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn: in love, in marriage, in sex

Male Cancer and Female Capricorn — Compatibility

In many ways, how the relationship between a man Cancer and a Capricorn woman, depends on fate. It is noteworthy that a successful tandem develops for a long time and requires patience from both partners.

In a love relationship (compatibility in love 44%)

Compatibility between men Cancer and women Capricorn in love relationships is average.

In general, we can assume that for a Cancer guy, meeting a Capricorn girl is a gift of fate.

That is why he will strive to maintain love relationships, despite the difference of natural characters and different outlook.

Cancer man feels very comfortable with a serious and sensible partner. She is caring, responsible and most importantly, she can give useful advice.

Only she can promptly return a man to real life from the world of fantasy, in which he likes to spend a large amount of time.

In a love tandem, the young lady becomes a guide for her chosen one in life. She teaches him to properly perceive the events of the world and evaluate them.

Chosen, being next to a female Capricorn, becomes more confident and achieves great success. For her part, a partner in such a love union has a beneficial effect on a woman.

He fills her life with romance and sensuality.

Partners unite similar life principles that promote mutual understanding.

Representatives of these zodiac signs value loyalty and dedication in relationships.

That is why in their tandem there is no place for jealousy, it is built on full confidence.

In bed (compatibility in sex 56%)

Compatibility between Cancer men and Capricorn women is average in bed. But at the same time, much depends directly on the partners. It is very important that the girl appreciates the romance of the chosen one and understands his feelings.

This will help her get rid of the natural complexion and fully open up in bed.

Male Cancer in bed prefers sincerity, so if he does not feel the same attitude, he may be offended. And it’s very bad.

As a result, misunderstanding and partners will move away in the intimate sphere, and this will worsen the general relationship.

It is very important that the partner does not make hasty conclusions about the coldness of his chosen one. The thing is that it is characterized by no less emotion than it, but it cannot open up due to its complexity or natural squeeze.

She needs help to open up, and the Cancer man is quite capable.

If the representatives of these zodiac signs set a goal to understand each other in the sexual sphere, then they will definitely succeed. They fill an intimate life with romance and sensuality.

But at the same time, they will stick to traditional sexuality and will never experiment.

Married (compatibility in family life 40%)

Despite the similarity of life principles in the family sphere, the Cancer and the Capricorn girl rarely get married, as evidenced by the low compatibility between Cancer and Capricorn in marriage. Harmonious relationships in the family can be only when the leadership takes over the partner.

But at the same time it is very important to do this unobtrusively and imperceptibly, because Cancer’s husband is a supporter of traditional family relations and, therefore, does not allow himself to openly rule himself.

In such a family, the spouse is more responsible and practical, in most cases, she even manages to earn more money. But this in no case can not focus attention, so it can greatly hurt the spouse.

A woman, if she made a decision to start a family with a Cancer man, should understand that it is useless to redo it.

Her husband will never agree to look like a henpecked.

But on the other hand, the spouse will never distance himself from solving everyday problems. This is very like the wife, who does not like to do household chores.

The partner pays a lot of attention to parenting, he literally dissolves in their problems and becomes a real support for them for life. Given all this, over time, the marriage is strengthened, but it will require great patience from the spouses.

In friendship (compatibility in friendly relations 77%)

Between a Capricorn woman and a Cancer boy, very seldom strong friendships arise. Most likely, they can become good buddies who never trust each other their secrets and do not share their secrets. This is due to the fact that due to natural differences it is very difficult for them to understand one alone.

A friend will never be able to understand the desire of a friend to sometimes cry “in a vest”.

As a rule, friendships can be maintained by the representatives of these zodiac signs only if it is to their advantage.

In certain situations, partners can fully trust each other and rely on support.

But as soon as circumstances change, people disperse again and do not even remember each other. When the need arises, you can converge again to help solve certain problems that are vital to both.

Compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn: in love, in marriage, in sex

Male Capricorn and Female Cancer — Compatibility

Despite the difference in natural characters, the chosen Capricorn and the young lady of Cancer create successful alliances. On the part of the tandems of representatives of these signs of the zodiac will always be evaluated as prosperous.

The fact that they fit together, partners will hear in their lives more than once. With the successful combination of circumstances of Capricorn and Cancer, common aspirations and life principles unite.

In a love relationship (compatibility in love 75%)

Compatibility between men Capricorn and women Cancer in a love relationship is good, such alliances always develop very well. And above all, this is due to the fact that the partner can become a real comforter for the man.

This will relieve him of depressions, in which he often falls due to the peculiarities of natural character.

The main problems in the tandem Capricorn and Cancer are associated with different emotional perceptions of the world. Partner for a very long time can not get used to the sensitivity of the chosen one. Quite often, he is irritated by the capriciousness of the Cancer girl, which she allows when she is in a bad mood.

For her part, the partner has long become accustomed to the rationality of the man and his desire to logically accept all the events of the world.

Good compatibility Capricorn and Cancer in love keeps partners together. In order to preserve harmony in love relationships, the representatives of these signs of the zodiac should, as quickly as possible, accept each other with all the flaws and virtues. In addition, a Raku woman should learn to control her emotions.

It is necessary to give time to the partner that heightened emotionality is connected with the intuitive perception of the world.

In bed (compatibility in sex 65%)

Sexual compatibility of Capricorn and Cancer in bed is just wonderful.

They are attracted to each other not only in real life, but also in bed. Despite the fact that the partner is different natural coldness, sensual and romantic darling will force him to fully relax.

He will reveal all his sexual abilities so that he will be surprised.

But such a scenario is possible if the partner does not begin to focus her attention on the man’s restraint in bed. It is important for her to understand that this behavior does not at all indicate that her elect does not love her.

On the other hand, the Capricorn man can not cover his complexion with excessive femininity in sex. Harsh behavior can hurt a partner and it can close, which will aggravate sexual relations.

Married (compatibility in family life 80%)

If the guy Capricorn and the young lady Cancer will strive for this, then they can become a very harmonious married couple. In such a tandem, there is a traditional distribution of roles, which is always the most favorable.

And this is evidenced by the good compatibility of men Capricorn and women Cancer in marriage.

The husband takes on the responsibilities of providing for the family, and the woman becomes the real keeper of the home. Due to the existence of a reliable and strong rear husband successfully climbs the career ladder.

In addition, in such a family, the main decisions are always made by a man. The spouse simply accepts all this, but sometimes gives very pertinent advice.

Next to such a woman, a partner becomes more purposeful and responsible. He is able to make the right decisions that contribute to improving the well-being of the family.

In a family there is never a struggle for leadership, which is often the cause of a divorce in many other family unions. By virtue of various natural characters, conflicts between a man and a woman happen, but they are always safely resolved and do not provoke a break in relations.

Cancer and Capricorn, being together, each well fulfill their purpose. Both of them manage to fully realize their full natural potential.

Children in the family always grow up happy and self-sufficient.

They feel the support of their parents, so they are confident in their own abilities.

In friendship (compatibility in friendly relations 52%)

Guy Capricorn and girlfriend Cancer have very rare friendships. First of all, this is due to the fact that the partner perceives his companion in a different role. He sees in her a woman who can become his destiny.

A similar attitude is observed by the woman of Cancer.

Very often, after the representatives of these signs of the zodiac begin to be friends, deeper relations arise between them. And none of the partners can not resist.

But if friends belong to different age categories, then friendships can be strong. In this case, if the Capricorn guy is older, he will help his girlfriend avoid mistakes due to the adoption of spontaneous decisions.

If a woman is older than a friendly tandem, then she will always give hints to her friend that will help him move in the right direction.

Against the backdrop of friendship, strong business relationships may arise.

In this case, the woman will help ensure that the Capricorn man successfully moves up the career ladder.

But this can happen only when the woman herself is interested in work.

Compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn: in love, in marriage, in sex

How can a woman of Raku conquer a Capricorn man

Male Capricorn is by nature a very rational and rational person. Therefore, he chooses his life partner not with his heart, but with his mind.

Because of this, winning his heart is not very easy.

But for a girl to draw the attention of a demanding chosen one is not difficult. After all, she by nature possesses all those qualities that a Capricorn man appreciates very much and dreams that they must be present in the character of his “half”.

Femininity and gentleness are those traits that a man needs to demonstrate to Capricorn at the first meeting. If you try to pretend to be a vamp or a pretty silly doll, you should not count on the continuation of the relationship.

At the same time, a woman Cancer must necessarily emphasize that she prefers traditional relations with a man when he is a breadwinner, and she is the keeper of the hearth.

In order for a man to make sure that a woman does not deceive him, you should casually invite him home. By his arrival, it is necessary to emphasize the cosiness and comfort of the home environment.

At such a moment, a man will be conquered by the care of a woman and, most likely, he will definitely want to continue the relationship.

As a male Capricorn to conquer a woman of Cancer

Feminine and gentle woman Cancer is always attractive to Capricorn men. That is why the representatives of this sign of the zodiac often have a question about how to win the heart of a mysterious and lovely darling.

Despite all the softness of character and external insecurity, a woman Cancer has a strong character and, if necessary, can stand up for herself. But despite this, she dreams of having a man with her, who will support her in all her endeavors and become a real life support for her.

The young lady is very fond of gifts, so during courtship you should definitely give her original memorable things.

That is why a man Capricorn should demonstrate their independence and confidence in life.

It is important to let her know that you will be able to provide it fully, and she will not need anything.

But on the other hand, you should emphasize that you really need her advice. If you have the opportunity, you can ask the darling to help you solve any important problem.

But at the same time, it should be remembered that your behavior should be sincere, because any false choice feels intuitively.

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