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Compatibility of Cancer and Libra: in love, in marriage, in sex

An ideal relationship between representatives of the signs of the zodiac Cancer and Libra can not be. This is due to the fact that these people are led by two different and very changeable elements — water and air.

But with good luck, such tandems are quite stable and harmonious. When meeting, these people are interesting to each other, they have many common topics for conversations, they also like to engage in common affairs. That is why it seems from the outside that everything will turn out well between them.

In fact, relations in tandem are more focused not on building a harmonious world, but on creating a successful external image.

Compatibility of Cancer and Libra: in love, in marriage, in sex

Cancer man and woman Libra — compatibility

Representatives of these signs of the zodiac are very different, so partners will have to put a lot of effort to maintain feelings. It is noteworthy that Cancer and Libra never show others that there are differences between them.

For all, they are a harmonious and loving couple. But at the same time, the partner prefers to live in his inner world, not allowing his chosen one to enter it.

The young lady is absolutely not upset because of this, and strive to spend a lot of time in a noisy society of like-minded people.

In such a tandem, the interests of partners almost do not overlap, each of them is engaged in his own business. But at the same time, if trouble happens, then the representatives of these zodiac signs are able to immediately unite.

Partners become to protect each other in any adverse situations.

In a love relationship (compatibility in love 53%)

Compatibility of men Cancer and women Libra in love relationships is not high. This is due to the increased caution of the partner when choosing a companion.

On the other hand, a Libra woman very often does not know what she wants, so she does not want to start a relationship. But if a love spark slips between a man and a woman, then any partner can be the initiator of the relationship.

Create a relatively harmonious union Cancer and Libra can only when they learn to calmly relate to each other’s desires, and will not interfere with their implementation. It is very important that the partner ceases to be offended by his darling on trifles.

It is necessary to understand that for her love is always a bright holiday, associated primarily with an interesting pastime.

She can not just enjoy the feelings, closed on communicating with each other.

In bed (compatibility in sex 87%)

Compatibility men Cancer and women Libra in bed is quite high. The partners have a very romantic and tender relationship in bed, which is often a connecting factor.

For representatives of these two signs of the zodiac is characterized by sensuality and sentimentality.

Partners are able to fully understand each other in the intimate sphere. They are aimed at giving each other an unforgettable pleasure.

The only thing that can darken an intimate life is the partner’s jealousy, although in most cases it is completely unjustified.

Married (compatibility in family life 73%)

Cancer man and woman Libra never hasten to formalize a relationship, and this is not evidenced by the high compatibility of Cancer and Libra in marriage. Partners are well aware of the serious differences in their characters.

As a result, the candy and bouquet period may take several years. Moreover, it is far from a fact that even after this the partners will decide to stay together and legitimize the relationship.

Family relationships in a pair of Cancer and Libra to keep, as a rule, on the diplomacy of the spouse. It is this natural trait of character that allows you to successfully cope with the spouse’s emotionality.

She carefully avoids all the sharp corners that may arise in family life.

The spouse is able to weigh everything very clearly and evaluate in life. Therefore, she always remembers the important advantages of her chosen one and easily closes her eyes to his shortcomings. For his part, the partner appreciates all the patience of his chosen one.

He understands that only she, by virtue of her natural tact, can withstand his tediousness.

The birth of children is very uniting spouses. Male Cancer will begin to control their emotions, and Libra’s wife will become more of a homebody.

Both parents will strive to maintain a happy atmosphere in the family, and they will be an example for their children.

In friendship (compatibility in friendly relations 41%)

Friendship between a woman Libra and a man Cancer are rare. The most that the representatives of these signs of the zodiac can do is be good friends.

Unite partners in this case common interests and hobbies. Sincere friendship is excluded, because in such a tandem neither a man nor a woman is inclined to let anyone into their personal life and do not seek to share with each other the secrets of their life.

But at the same time, despite everything, there are exceptions. And if there is a friendship between the representatives of these signs of the zodiac, it will be very strong and it is unlikely that any external circumstances will be able to destroy it.

Even the friendly relationship between Cancer men and Libra women can harm business cooperation. Moreover, if the partners are not united by a common task, then they can quite easily and naturally communicate in one team.

This is due to the fact that they are often just indifferent to each other, without focusing on the shortcomings and merits of natural characters.

Compatibility of Cancer and Libra: in love, in marriage, in sex

Male Libra and Female Cancer — Compatibility

It always seems from the outside that there are no problems in the tandem of the chosen one of Cancer and the Libra satellite, and the relationship is rosy. But in fact, in a pair, everything can be formed unpredictably.

The relations of representatives of these signs of the zodiac depend on many circumstances, but if they can overcome all obstacles, then good and stable relations will develop between them.

In a love relationship (compatibility in love 75%)

Compatibility men Libra and women Cancer in love relationships above average. The love relationship in a couple is always filled with romance and deep feelings. A partner likes to be attentive to her darling.

He often gives her beautiful gifts and makes pleasant surprises. In addition, he showered his beloved with beautiful words.

From such relationships, no matter how they develop further, there always remains a pleasant impression for life.

The way a chosen one treats her very much like a Cancer woman. She is grateful to him that, being next to him, she gets rid of spiritual anxieties.

Together, partners look at life positively and believe in a bright future, as evidenced by the good compatibility of Libra and Cancer in love.

Their life is filled with interesting communication and pleasant impressions. Often there will be holidays, visits to friendly companies.

In such a tandem is never boring.

Ideal love relationships can develop only when both partners learn to respect each other and cease to be engaged in reeducation. In addition, the turbulent life that a partner imposes on may eventually annoy a woman.

And in order to maintain relationships and not push away a loved one, she will have to force herself to adapt to him. This will not contribute to the harmonization of relations.

In bed (92% compatibility in sex)

Intimate life is always a unifying factor for the elect Libra and Cancer girls. Compatibility Libra and Cancer in bed is very high and can even be considered perfect.

Partners are equally about sex and strive to get maximum pleasure.

The Libra man cares about his partner very much, he can skillfully play a love game. This is very much like a woman Cancer, and she is able to fully open in the arms of the chosen one.

Sexual relations are filled with affection and tenderness.

A threat to sexual relationships can be a habit that occurs with partners over time. This will cool the senses.

Due to the sincerity of the partners, it will be difficult for them to maintain an intimate life at the same high level.

Married (compatibility in family life 78%)

Compatibility men Libra and women Cancer in marriage is good, family relationships are formed traditionally. That is, roles in the family are distributed as follows:

  • The spouse becomes the keeper of the home, she leads the household and is engaged in solving all sorts of household problems.
  • The spouse is the earner, and it should be noted that he successfully copes with this role. In addition, he is responsible for various matters that are related to the outside world.

With this approach, the relationship will always develop harmoniously.

In such a family, as a rule, there are no quarrels and clarifications of relationships.

Taking into account all the above, it can be argued that the well-being of the family union depends entirely on the partners ’focus on building harmonious relations.

In the family, spouses are very respectful of each other. They try to find compromises in all matters. Quite often, spouses go one by one to give in.

But despite this, disagreements very often arise that are associated with an inappropriate response to certain events. A spouse always perceives life intuitively and very emotionally, while Libra’s man prefers to evaluate events occurring in the surrounding world, based on rational logical reflections.

In friendship (compatibility in friendly relations 68%)

Male Libra and girlfriend Cancer can create successful friendly tandems at any age. On friendly terms, the representatives of these zodiac signs treat each other like brother and sister.

Even if disagreements arise between them, they solve them easily and naturally.

It unites friends with a similar sense of humor and the fact that they can forgive each other in friendship.

Both partners are happy to relax together. The unifying factor is that they prefer not active, but quiet rest, between them very rarely there are serious conflicts.

This is due to the fact that friends appreciate harmony in relationships.

Cancer girl feels very confident next to her friend, so she can trust him with her secrets. Attracts a partner that friend is very soft and does not demonstrate male features that are completely unnecessary in friendship. That is why the second «halves» of men and women can not be afraid of adultery.

In such a friendly tandem, the partner is responsible and compares betrayal with betrayal, and the partner does not like to create any difficulties in life.

Friendship will enable the Libra man and the Cancer woman to maintain good business relationships. They are able to quickly and easily solve any tasks assigned to them.

Working together for both partners is a pleasure.

Compatibility of Cancer and Libra: in love, in marriage, in sex

How can a woman of Cancer conquer a man of Libra

The girl Cancer, to win the Libra guy should strive to hide from him his increased emotionality.

It is impossible to react sharply and categorically to any events in the surrounding world. Also, you should not demonstrate their natural vulnerability.

If a woman begins to take offense over trifles, then this will only push the chosen one away.

To attract a Libra man to oneself can be eloquence and a lively mind. It is important to remain a mystery to your chosen one.

This is due to the fact that the Libra man loves to play and flirt, he wants to get to know the darling and get to know her more deeply. He likes women who take part in such games.

It is very important to monitor your image. The Libra man will definitely pay attention to this.

Since he is a public person, he always wants his chosen one to look well-groomed and attractive.

It is very important at the beginning of acquaintance in all to agree with your chosen one. He needs to constantly make it clear that he is an authority. Even in those matters with which a woman does not agree, you need to show diplomacy.

After a man gets used to his companion and realizes that she has life experience, he will start to turn to her for advice.

As a Libra man to conquer a woman of Cancer

To win the heart of a woman Cancer men Libra is not easy. It will take a long time.

It is noteworthy that between a Libra man and a Cancer woman, friendly relations quickly arise. And this to some extent hinders the development of love.

You should prepare yourself for the fact that your chosen one is a very emotional person. It is important to spend a large amount of time talking to a Cancer woman.

If you learn to listen to her carefully, this will attract her attention.

For a woman Cancer should be very nice to care for. This will allow her to convince you that you can become a real life support. Since a Cancer woman is very romantic, she will surely reciprocate the person who can give her a sense of security.

But in demonstrating your masculinity, it should be remembered that excessive pressure can push a woman away. Representatives of the zodiac sign Cancer are very vulnerable, so any rudeness will be the root cause of separation.

A Libra man should remember that for his chosen one the financial viability of a partner is very important.

A woman Cancer will be able to receive a man in satellites who can fully provide it in material terms.

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