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Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

Two idealists Aquarius and Fish difficult to fit into real life with its everyday problems and small joys. There is very little in common between them, as they exist in «parallel» worlds.

Therefore, for mutual understanding they have to put a lot of effort into. To know for sure what this will lead to, it is important to understand what kind of relationship the emotional Aquarius and the silent Pisces are striving for.

It is necessary to take into account that the compatibility of signs can be very different and depends on the type of relationship between them.

Compatibility in love relationships Aquarius and Pisces

Although the air sign of Aquarius is under the tutelage of Uranus, and the sign of the water element of the Fish is sent by Neptune, they can count on favorable compatibility in love. The basis for their harmonious love relationships will be a wonderful combination of emotions and intelligence.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

They successfully complement each other, and at first they will be comfortable and interesting, but later problems in communication are inevitable. This is due to Pisces unwillingness to put up with the excessive love of Aquarius.

To maintain a balance in the relationship Fish should not make harsh statements and find a compromise with their favorite air sign.

Compatibility in love men Aquarius and women Pisces

The love relationship of these characters is medium compatible. They are waiting for a pleasant and interested communication as long as one of them does not restrict the freedom of a partner.

Most often this happens with the Fish, which touches the relaxed behavior of the beloved Aquarius. Usually a conflict situation arises if the couple is connected by joint life or marriage.

This can be avoided if the girl Fish can let go of her emotions and disarm her partner by appeasiveness and friendliness.

The controversial love relationship of these signs does not differ in stability, since they are based on their non-standard thinking, divorced from reality. For the mutual interest shown to each other on the ground of deceptive similarity, they will be disappointed.

Developed Pisces’ intuition will allow him first to feel disharmony in the mood of Aquarius and become the initiator of the gap.

If the Aquarius girl turns out to be on the same wavelength with Fish in his aspirations and dreams, then she is destined to become his favorite muse for a long time.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

Compatibility in sex Fish and Aquarius

The intimate relationships of these signs are full of difficulties and disappointments, despite their mutual desire to experiment in this area.

But because of the increased demanding of Pisces to the manifestation of warm feelings from Aquarius, they will soon feel cornered, and their intimate relationships will come to a standstill.

Sexual relations can move to a higher level if partners reach spiritual intimacy.

Compatibility in Bed Men Fish and Women Aquarius

According to the horoscope their sex life can be very successful. Man Fish shows a maximum of tenderness and affection for his partner and is constantly ready to surprise her with sexual experiments in bed.

He admires the woman Aquarius and is faithful to her even in those moments when she loses confidence in her attractiveness.

If the couple are lucky after some time to combine sexual and spiritual intimacy, then their communication in intimate life will turn into something special and incredible.

Compatibility men Aquarius and women Pisces in sex

The harmony of masculine and feminine originated by nature in the zodiac signs of the man of Aquarius and the woman of Pisces will ensure their successful compatibility in sex. Moreover, in bed they listen not only to animal instincts, but also to their own emotions.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

The initiator in this relationship is usually the Fish Temptress, who manages to show her not very passionate man how much happiness and joy this intimacy conceals.

Unfortunately, over time, the liberated Aquarius tends to get tired even of love, and the woman Fish will receive less of the emotions she needs in sex. This can be a serious threat to their relationship.

Marriage compatibility

Stars without much optimism are looking at this marriage. Aquarius carelessly treats the formal side of marriage and is in no hurry to formalize the relationship, and it is common for fish to idealize it.

This is fraught with inevitable disappointments and jeopardizes the marriage bond.

Compatibility men Aquarius and women Pisces married

Although the compatibility of characters in the family of Aquarius’s husband and Pisces’s wife is hardly successful, the mutual desire of partners to strengthen the marriage gives him a good chance.

Spouse is not very burdensome care about home comfort, and this can be a problem, since Aquarius strains lack of comfort.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

Both signs are easy to talk to and attractive to the opposite sex, but if Pisces is not interested in flirting, Aquarius can cause jealousy with its levity. If by the efforts of both partners these contradictions are not resolved, their marriage can easily break up.

Compatibility of married women of Aquarius and men Pisces

Not a very good combination for marriage. When the family has serious problems, it turns out that none of the spouses are not ready to take the initiative to solve them.

The unwillingness of a man to shoulder the burden of obligations will encounter the opinion of a woman of Aquarius about the responsible role of a man in a family.

Intimate life does not add brightness and positive to this marriage, since the emotionally stingy partner becomes less sexually attractive for men over time. Therefore, this union often ends in divorce.

Friendship Compatibility for Aquarius and Fish

The likelihood of friendly relations between them is very real.

But for Aquarius, friendship is reinforced by a community of interests, and for Pisces, more emotional intimacy.

In the event of a strong disagreement, Pisces is the first to delicately leave this relationship.

Compatibility in friendship between a man Aquarius and a woman Fish

The friendly relationship between the guy Aquarius and the girl Fish has an average compatibility. Girl Fish in friendship is very emotional, and the man Aquarius is more practical in choosing friends, so their compatibility is so low.

Between them are more likely friendly relations, so they very much appreciate the sympathy and support.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

Compatibility in friendship for men Fish and women of Aquarius

Their friendly compatibility is very small, since the views on the world around them do not practically coincide. Pisces man is very emotional, and Aquarius woman considers it a disadvantage.

Although warm friendly relations do not shine for them, they may occasionally have friendly friendships when discussing urgent problems, if they are either relatives or colleagues.

Compatibility of Fish with Aquarius in business relations

In a business sense, their union looks good, since the rationalism and practicality of Aquarius here are complemented by the flexible intuition of Pisces.

If the tasks for the representatives of both signs coincide in the performance of the tasks set, the business union will be successful.

Compatibility of the zodiac signs of a woman Pisces and Aquarius men at work

This is a very uncoordinated team in the work on the background of poor understanding. Fish just go in the wake of the constantly experimenting Aquarius.

Much more likely to succeed in working on their project, developed by Aquarius and actively supported by Pisces.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

The union in which the woman acts as an indecisive leader, and Aquarius as a poorly controlled subordinate, does not justify itself. There are few prospects for a combination consisting of an energetic Aquarius leader and a non-initiating Fish.

Compatibility in the work of women of Aquarius and men Fish in work

The workers union of these signs is distinguished by weak compatibility. The fish are little interested in the cares of the working group, in contrast to the active Aquarius.

Therefore, due to the divergence of interests, they have little chance of benefiting each other. In the creative field is possible such a compromise, when the woman is the head, and the man is the fish in submission.

The union is also effective if the woman Aquarius sympathizes with the dreamy boss and takes on most of the responsibilities.

Strict stars do not hide from Aquarius and Pisces how difficult it is to build strong relationships with such conflicting views.

But surprisingly, marriages between them are quite frequent, and they are based on a successful combination of Aquarius intelligence and Pisces’ emotional component.

Probably, they will have to argue a lot and often, but if in the end everything ends in passionate reconciliation, then only existing love between them matters.

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Aquarius and Pisces: good compatibility in the relationship expects hard work

Pisces is a sign of the zodiac that will always take care of its neighbor. Softness and kindness are the pillars of character on which this sign rests.

Aquarius is pleased with such qualities and will accept them with gratitude.

Also Aquarius is a sign of the zodiac that loves independence. Other signs are against it, but not Pisces.

This is exactly what they like.

On the way to happiness, these zodiac signs are waiting for painstaking work to harmonize relationships. Although it all depends on the couple — their individuality. It is important to find out the main problems in the union in order to eliminate them in time and to improve the overall compatibility.

Knowledge is power if applied on time.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

The good news is that these zodiac signs have much in common and this has a beneficial effect on their relationship. Sincerity, emotionality, and also a great fantasy — those qualities that make their world multifaceted, make us enjoy life.

Fish and Aquarius believe in the same standards — they are idealists. The whole world for them is like the Emerald City, whose inhabitants looked at their city through special glasses. Although they have a lot in common, it can be difficult for them to understand each other, which complicates their compatibility.

This is especially noticeable when a boyfriend and girlfriend meet before marriage.

Pisces is a sign of the zodiac that will always take care of its neighbor. Softness and kindness are the pillars of character on which this sign rests. Aquarius is pleased with such qualities and will accept them with gratitude.

Also Aquarius is a sign of the zodiac that loves independence. Other signs are against it, but not Pisces.

This is exactly what they like.

Since the character of Pisces is milder, in most families, Aquarius decides everything. It is in such pairs good compatibility.

And if Aquarius girl?

Man Fish and woman Aquarius

Aquarius woman — an individual who is difficult to surprise or shock with something. She is always ready for something extreme, for any antics. Impulsive woman.

She will easily make something that can shock her man or close circle. So that her husband should not let her be bored.

Pisces men have a strong logic and completely forget about the romance. Walking under the moon is not their hobby.

They have a good imagination, so they can always surprise their woman. Their character is mild, easy to convince.

Family for Pisces comes first in the list of life goals. Softness and malleability make Pisces good family men.

Although this is not enough to keep such a woman near her.

The love union requires many sacrifices on the part of the husband.

The union of partners does not have a special passion — no, love is present here, but without fanaticism. Yes, they do not need it, this man and woman have other ideals — spiritual intimacy.

We can say that they have soul compatibility, kinship at the cosmic level.

Pisces man does not like to lead, that is how he was born.

If a woman Aquarius is prone to obedience, then he simply has nowhere to go — you have to take the «first violin» in the family for yourself. This role will work well for him.

The characters in these zodiac signs are a bit similar. Although this seems to be a plus, but in fact it is precisely this that drives a wedge into the overall compatibility of the pair.

Because the money is needed, and where to get it? If a man and a woman live in a fantasy world. Take off the glasses of Goodwin, a wizard from the Emerald City, then enlightenment will come — reality.

Otherwise, you can upset love relationships forever.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

Also, partners in such unions are experiencing not only love, but also a great creative upswing. They are a muse for each other, signs of the zodiac that have found their inspiration. Although the heterogeneity of this union is quite large — it is creativity that can keep a man and a woman married until old age.

The pair can produce brilliant creations — masterpieces.

Aquarius man and Pisces woman

Although there are a lot of positive emotions, yet in a pair, not everything is always smooth. A man and a woman cannot tolerate household chores. Life due to this is broken, which affects the overall compatibility.

Love is a good thing, but when you want to eat, you will not be fed up with love alone. One of the partners still have to take care of themselves in order to maintain the relationship.

This couple needs to learn to sacrifice their interests for the sake of common goals, then the union of a man and a woman will be successful. The husband should spend more time in the family, and his wife must do everything so that she would like to return to their home.

If you take the sexual life of Aquarius and Pisces in this pair, then it is rather difficult to predict any results for these zodiac signs. A man is always looking for something and will go to a relationship only when he is confident in the reciprocity of feelings.

A love flirt is not to him.

Love and passion fill the hearts of the partners in this union.

Rescues difficult sexual compatibility — violent imagination and imagination. The pair gets an excellent platform for their experiments.

Their creativity and creative potential is fully realized there. How many conflicts have subsided after such violent experiments.

Here fantasy played a significant role, having overshadowed even the Kama Sutra.

Fish and Aquarius in friendship, work and business

If you have a smart project, then do not create a team of Pisces and Aquarius, because these zodiac signs have poor compatibility in work. These zodiac signs work in different rhythms, and they have different business qualities.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

There are no complementary qualities that could bring success to the common cause. If they work together, then Pisces always come under the influence of Aquarius, who is always ready for risky experiments.

Unfortunately, they are not always successful.

In business, as in business partners, they also have poor compatibility. Aquarius will always offer its partner the ultimate goal — utopia.

The softness of Pisces can provoke a positive response and wasted labor, as well as a loss of finances. So it is better for these zodiac signs not to start joint projects.

The exception is creative projects.

They always bring their material to perfection when it comes to creativity.

Good friends, great compatibility in friendship. Many common interests make them great friends. Friendship is also possible between a man and a woman.

They especially like to discuss creativity, novelties, classics. All that is ingenious and from the Higher worlds.

Aquarius in friendship seeks similarity of interests, and Pisces — emotions. If they find what they were looking for — it turns out a real friendship.

Character features of Aquarius

There is little in common between them, so high compatibility appears rarely. However, a love union can be quite strong and withstands the test of time.

It is brought together by the fact that Fish is incredibly friendly, kind and feels great on the sidelines.

And Aquarius is independent and seems unconventionally to everything. It has both an emotional component and an outstanding mind.

Together they will always be interested.

If they understand that they are a person from another planet, but still loved and valuable, they will remember patience and tolerance and create a harmonious relationship.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

Compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces in love relationships

In love, it is difficult for them to gain understanding. Although the experimental traction and ingenuity, which Aquarius is famous for, and the sensuality inherent in the Fish, create the most favorable atmosphere for harmony in bed.

But Fish requires constancy and it is important for her to receive confirmation every day that she is still beloved. Because of this, the partner feels obliged and constrained, that he does not like.

There is a risk that they quit and go away.

Compatibility: male Aquarius — female Pisces

They say about such people that they are from another galaxy. And this is true, because everyone has a rich and saturated inner world in which they prefer to spend more time than in real life.

Although, if he continues to intensively exchange information and does not forget where he is, then Rybka goes into himself with his head.

The novel is filled with passion, beauty and tenderness. But all this will sooner or later break on the prosaic life shore. Problems arise due to the fact that both do not pay attention to life, because of this, they are not ready to live together.

They will not make any effort to keep track of wealth, home and acquire the necessary.

However, they love it when they are comfortable in the apartment and suffer from the fact that what they see does not correspond to their desires. But they will not change anything. They just sit and wait for the partner to make a decision, but he is not there.

And then there are mutual accusations and scandals. Sometimes the cause of the conflict was completely different, but the nature of disagreement always lies in lack of finances or lack of home hearth.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

Saves only their willingness to put personal interests aside at least for a while and focus on family issues. If not, then they are doomed to constantly feud.

He needs to reduce the number of appearances, and she should take care of the home environment, so that he really wants to come to a loving wife as soon as possible.

In this case, they will succeed not only to save the relationship, but also to bring it to a new level.

Compatibility: female Aquarius — man Pisces

A love affair does not spark passion, but it does not interfere with them, since they are not seeking a fiery affair, but a spiritual fusion. Fish used to dream, imagining an ideal companion and a fabulous coexistence.

Therefore, he is very upset when the resulting relationship does not reach his picture. Marriage does not compel him to strive for a leading position, as it promises more responsibilities, which Fish successfully refuses.

But if the partner turns out to be even more malleable, he will not miss the opportunity to command.

Aquarius is not so much in the clouds, although it also likes to dream. She likes to do home, equip housing, cook delicious dinners and care for family members. But it is difficult for her, since there is no strong person nearby, behind whom Aquarius would be like behind a stone wall.

Therefore, you have to rely on yourself.

Because of the strong similarity, they are even more detached from everyday life. Partners do not understand that it is sometimes important to return to the sinful earth, because without their participation the love tandem falls apart.

Despite love and affection, they will not stay together if their material level is not as good as their wishes.

This is the most controversial connection, as they are extremely sensitive to everything that happens in the world, but they are cold to the second half.

Mental discomfort leads to the fact that they delve into the search for the meaning of their existence and are expressed in creativity.

Strange, but they find pleasure in suffering, as true masterpieces of art emerge from their broken hearts. If both are inclined to create, then general inspiration will keep marriage from breaking up.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

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Union of Aquarius and Pisces signs: tips for improving compatibility

Aquarius and Pisces — two signs that are not well combined with each other.

They perceive the world differently and have different goals in life, so it may be difficult for them to agree.

But common efforts and joint work on relationships promise good prospects even in complex astrological combinations.

The main thing is to know exactly what needs to be worked on, and in time to eliminate the contradictions that arise.

Aquarius man and Pisces woman

This combination is quite complex, and often all aspects of such a union are incomprehensible to others. At first, the partners are drawn to each other and feel that they are “on the same wavelength,” but over time the number of difficulties increases.

To resolve them, this couple uses non-trivial approaches, which often surprises others.

Mutual understanding between these zodiac signs on a friendly level is possible, although there will most likely not be a close relationship. But there are prerequisites for this communication to develop into a strong spiritual connection.

Male Aquarius and female Pisces are subtle natures capable of viewing works of art and culture on an emotional level.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

Sharing such feelings with each other will lead them to believe that they are not as far as they seemed.

They have different approaches to finding friends: for Aquarius, friendship is a common outlook on life, the same position in society, a common occupation, and for Pisces emotional intimacy is a priority, while external circumstances are not significant. Most likely the success of such a relationship — if it occurs at work, between colleagues.

Fish by nature attract the ideal for them is a gentle, sweet, feminine girl, unlike those around them.

But the young man-Aquarius is better for the time being not to show his interest because of the peculiarities of the reaction of Pisces to such actions of the opposite sex.

Woman Pisces can begin to transform, and not for the better: behave more extravagantly, eccentric and even strange. This may scare him off early.

If this outcome was avoided, then at first the compatibility of Pisces and Aquarius in love relationships would be almost one hundred percent. In the middle distance, it is easy for them to communicate and learn new things about each other, they easily make contact and feel that communication is taking shape.

However, in the future, more difficulties, disappointments and inconsistencies in ideas about the ideal for both may appear.

Aquarius does not behave the way a partner should behave, according to Pisces: he pays a lot of attention to other representatives of the opposite sex, and although he does not mean anything by this communication, for Pisces this may be unacceptable.

A Pisces girl may seem to a Aquarius man too tightly coy, modest, and her dissatisfaction with excessive control and a tightening noose around his neck.

Compatibility of the woman Pisces and Aquarius men: positive and negative sides

The purpose of his life, the man of Aquarius sees the creation of good for all mankind, and he will devote his whole life to this. A Pisces woman sees the purpose of her life in caring for someone.

They can make a wonderful union.

Male Aquarius for a woman Pisces at the first meeting may seem like a prince from a fairy tale. He is courageous, brave, with him fun and easy to communicate.

The Pisces woman is gentle and refined, which in turn will attract the attention of the Aquarian man.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

For serious relationships Aquarius is not enough one physical attractiveness. Before starting a novel, they must make sure that the views of the object of their dreams do not contradict their views on life.

But if the points of view of a man of Aquarius and a woman of Pisces coincide on important parameters for him, then he will decide to conquer a girl.

This zodiac sign can beautifully and originally care, which, in turn, is liked by the creative Fish.

The man Aquarius believes that before marrying, he must achieve something in life. He is very freedom-loving, and if a fish woman gets tired of waiting for a marriage proposal from him, he will not be very upset.

At the beginning of a relationship, such a pair will often quarrel, until the casting of characters happens. The initiator of disagreements is most often the Pisces woman, but the reason is the behavior of the Aquarian man and the lack of attention to her. She can even pack up and leave.

Aquarius will not hold it, but in a day or two it will definitely try to return it. And the Pisces woman will surely forgive him.

Aquarius will constantly come up with something, create, invent for the benefit of all people living on Earth. But at the same time, he may not care at all about the person next to him.

Women Pisces, in turn, are very prone to sacrifice. They just need it.

Therefore, such a union can be very strong. A man of Aquarius will be occupied by global ideas like “world peace”, and a woman of Fish will keep him alive throughout his life, surrounded by care and warmth.

The husband will treat his wife for granted, and the wife will sacrifice himself to his ideas and aspirations, and he will also feel harmonious.

Compatibility of Fish and Aquarius can be perfect if the spouses take into account the features of each other.

The Aquarius man is a real man, and only a real woman will suit him. A more feminine girl than a representative of the sign of Pisces is hard to find.

These two signs will simply attract each other.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

For a woman of Pisces, to be completely happy, you must sacrifice yourself, and the man of Aquarius will gladly accept such a sacrifice.

Although the man Aquarius has a large number of friends and noisy companies often gather in his house, such a couple often does not need communication and communication with the society around them. For a long time, they are able to lead a reclusive life.

The love of a woman Pisces and men of Aquarius can last a lifetime if they go to meet each other.

Sexual compatibility

Sexually, the compatibility of the woman Pisces and Aquarius is high for men. Both partners love and appreciate diversity, always looking for something new. A Pisces woman is ready to go on many experiments, if only the wishes of her men are satisfied.

But Aquarius will not calm down until it brings pleasure to his partner. He is a real man!

At the beginning of a relationship, while Pisces and Aquarius did not join their union with the bonds of marriage, betrayals are possible on both sides. The man of Aquarius seeks diversity, and the woman of Pisces goes to treason in response.

But if they are lawful spouses, Aquarius stops looking for fleeting hobbies and remains faithful to his spouse until old age.

He begins to understand how valuable for him the comfort and care with which his spouse surrounded him.

At work and in everyday life

The workers’ union of a man of Aquarius and a woman of Pisces is likely to fail.

There are several scenarios:

  • The situation when they act as partners. The man Aquarius is in the clouds in search of new ideas and inventions. Fish is completely absorbed by his interests, she believes in his ideas. But the material side of the issue, none of them is not engaged. They just don’t think about it. Such a pair can become rich only if, by a lucky chance, the outside world will pay attention to the inventions and ideas of Aquarius and recognize them.
  • The situation in which the man Aquarius is the leader, and the woman of Pisces is subordinate, is also doomed to failure for similar reasons.
  • Very conflicting option, when a woman Pisces — the head, and the man Aquarius — a subordinate. Creative Fish can not clearly articulate what it expects from its subordinates, and the freedom-loving Aquarius does not accept power over themselves. He will be able to work only under the guidance of a very strong-willed and authoritative boss, and a sensitive Fish will never be such a boss.

Zodiacal compatibility of these signs is not bad, but the fate of the tandem will be decided by the ability of partners to compromise.

Compatibility in love relationships, friendship, marriage: Pisces and Aquarius

The union of Aquarius and Pisces is quite ambiguously regarded by astrologers. This combination of characters is very contradictory. Representatives of these constellations have a very unusual way of thinking and approach to life, and sometimes it is very difficult to understand them.

These people think differently.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

It is not easy for them to find a common language regarding most issues and situations. Aquarius, people of intelligence and prudence, they do not trust the feelings and fleeting impulses.

Fish, on the contrary, are dreamy, romantic, easily giving in to their inner impulses and emotions.

Love compatibility when male aquarius and female fish

The Aquarius man is an intellectual, a connoisseur of everything interesting and original. He respects true friendship, sincerity, devotion. A woman who decides to win the heart of such a man should be unusual, not like everyone else, to have its own flavor.

The uniqueness of the main means to attract the attention of this man.

Aquarius is a terrible egoist and skeptic. He loves himself, his freedom and independence.

It puts its interests above all else. This man requires constant attention, care and care for his person.

A woman who decides to link her life with such a person should understand that she should be given to this person entirely. Ideal for this role is suitable woman fish.

To balance the desires of a male Aquarius in the best proportion can only this woman. She is able to realize all his fantasies and find a reasonable use for her man’s diverse ideas and finds.

The main advantage of this marriage for a man of Aquarius will be comprehensive care, care, attention to his person, ease in relationships.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

A woman-fish will feel quite comfortable next to him, because for her it will be very easy to do all this, she was created to devote her life to a beloved man. It is important for her to sacrifice herself.

This brings her moral satisfaction.

Devoted and caring Pisces attract Aquarius with their tolerance, readiness to support in any situation, to take responsibility in solving household and other problems.

It is surprising that the individuality, and sometimes even the narcissism of a man of Aquarius, does not repel a woman-fish, but, on the contrary, attracts her. This couple rarely has children, and those are very late.

A man does not want his companion to spray his care on someone other than him.

A woman puts her husband in the first place in her life, lives exclusively by his interests and gives herself all to him alone. Although it does not feel that it gets something in return.

The Aquarius man, as a rule, doesn’t try to find out what the woman wants, he only takes care of himself, and takes her devotion and care as a matter of course.

The man himself, born under the sign of Aquarius, even being strongly in love is unlikely to make any adjustments to his lifestyle, and so everything suits him.

In order for their family to have peace and harmony, it is the woman-fish who must teach herself to look for positive things in everything.

The main thing is for her to be honest with herself.

To name the true causes of the alliance with Aquarius.

She tends to idealize her chosen one, and constantly suffers from remorse, considering herself unworthy of such a man. She will never give up her husband, be he an alcoholic, a walker, or a house tyrant.

She will tolerate everything, not quarreling, not throwing a tantrum, will carry her cross.

Only woman Fish from representatives of all signs of the zodiac is ideally suited for an extraordinary man Aquarius.

Love compatibility when man is fish and woman aquarius

This is a relationship in which there will never be stability. These signs are so different vision of life, attitude to marriage and family that it is almost impossible to connect them into one.

Although such tandems are found.

Man-Pisces and Aquarius can feel sympathy for each other, and even mistakenly take her for falling in love, because they have a lot in common. In fact, this pair has practically nothing in common.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

The fish-man lives in his own world, renounced all earthly things.

He is a visionary and a dreamer. He will accept into his world only that woman who will share his fantasies and support in creative impulses.

Aquarius woman is the best fit for this role.

She with joy and inspiration will share all his spiritual impulses. This couple does not need the company of other people, they prefer solitude. But the men of Pisces will not share their life with an ordinary woman.

Should his companion stand out as an extraordinary attractiveness? so and internal.

Such a man needs a woman a fairy tale, a woman a holiday. But this is just the ladies born under the constellation of Aquarius, perfect for them.

They are often endowed with extraordinary beauty. They are wise, fully developed.

These women are capable of accepting a man as he is, without criticizing, not trying to change him, allowing him to live in his own little world that he will never be attacked.

Aquarius woman is not mercantile person, she is completely disinterested and will not demand from Aquarius untold wealth and high position in society.

She will accept that he will never make a fortune, and will be content with the little that he can give her.

But she will not allow her to become her chosen mate and gigolo. Aquarius is not a sponsor of a poor artist. She is the muse that makes create.

She will gently push him to small feats for the sake of their happiness and well-being.

Thanks to her extraordinary contact, a woman-fish can help her genius husband to gain fame and glory, but will never deserve this. It will simply be always there, without distracting him from worldly concerns, which he will happily place on his frail female shoulders.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

She will be proud to serve something that is sublime and will be happy with it.

Difficulties in the relationship of these zodiac signs, of course, also exist. One of those moments is that man-fish is an introvert. He does not like crowded society and noisy companies.

He is very comfortable in the privacy of his home, where he feels calm and can afford to read a book by the fireplace, to dream, to reflect on something important for him.

Aquarius woman is an extrovert. She loves society, is extremely intelligent and interesting in communication, she loves parties, she takes part in various trainings and various kinds of social work with pleasure.

She is offended by her soul mate for not wanting to have fun with her and spend time with friends, and he shows discontent that his wife spends little time at home.

But these moments are easy to handle. Affectionate Aquarius can comfort an offended husband with tender words and a declaration of love. Pisces love being praised and given compliments, assuring them of what they are special.

A Pisces man, if he really fell in love with a woman and decided to start a family with her, would never offend her life’s friend with adultery. It is low for him.

He will not allow himself to do so with his beloved woman who believes and trusts him.

The companion of life is also very categorical and principled in terms of marital fidelity. Having entered into marriage, she will forget about the existence of other men forever.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

Any manifestations of special attention from an outsider man, the Aquarius woman will take as a personal insult to her dignity.

Aquarius and Pisces — what attracts them in each other

Partners have different ideas about life, the opposite nature and temperament. Nevertheless, such marriages can be met quite often, which is explained by the positive fusion of the intellect of Aquarius and the emotional component of Pisces.

Compatibility of signs Aquarius and Pisces defines relationships with a clear division of roles. Of course, the representative of the air sign will lead in such a relationship. It is more rational and independent.

Fish also attract a partner with its softness and malleability.

They are caring and devoted, choosing a life partner for themselves, the representative of the sign Pisces will do his best to support him and surround him with tender love. That is what enchants Aquarius so much.

He is one of the few signs that can appreciate such sacrifice.

Fishes surprisingly simply perceive the unwillingness of a partner to adapt to the opinions of others. This independence of Aquarius makes it very attractive in the eyes of the watermark.

The compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces is also based on their mutual dreaminess and love of art.

Both partners have a fairly fine mental organization, so it is so easy for them to understand each other.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

There are quarrels between partners, although they quickly fade, ending in hugs. In such situations, Pisces make categorical remarks and stop the verbal struggle, while Aquarius tries to bring it to the present conflict in order to throw out emotions and then feel relieved.

It is important that the compatibility of the signs Aquarius and Pisces is primarily based on their spiritual kinship. They first become close friends, and then lovers.

The pledge of harmony in such a relationship is an intellectual unity that greatly enhances their physical attraction.

Aquarius and Pisces have common views on education and career growth. There will be no disagreement in financial matters.

Moreover, these signs are similar in their rejection of any promises. Fish rarely promise, but even less often they fulfill the promise.

Aquarius is even more categorical: he never makes promises, because he cannot be sure that his plans will not change tomorrow.

Negatively on the relationship of Aquarius and Pisces may affect the great secrecy of the latter. Their evasiveness sooner or later will begin to annoy the partner, they should learn sincerity.

In general, the compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces gives these partners all that is necessary to form a happy marital union. The most important thing is that their waves have the same frequency and they understand each other perfectly.

Sexual compatibility Aquarius and Pisces

Sexual compatibility signs Aquarius and Pisces is promising. At the initial stage, partners are attractive to each other.

In addition, they are interested in learning something new in their intimate life together, since both are very creative.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

Difficulties may arise if the open and sociable Aquarius will not like to unravel the secrets of his chosen one, but the fussiness of the air sign will cause irritation in Pisces.

However, if there are strong feelings, these obstacles will be easily overcome.

Compatibility: male Aquarius — female Pisces

Such a union is not uncommon, because it is a pure reunion of the masculine and the feminine.

A man born under the sign of Aquarius, as it may seem, is a bit out of this world.

However, in difficult situations, it is this type that shows an amazing strength of character, and a female Pisces with a developed intuition feels this immediately.

On the other hand, a lady born under the sign of Water has real femininity, and her attractiveness is of particular importance to Aquarius. Being enchanted by his companion, this airy man can behave rather strange and even repulsive.

Poor Fish decides that he is unpleasant and will be very worried.

But then intuition will still tell her what kind of feelings make her chosen one commit such extravagant acts.

Particular attention should be paid to the physical side of the relationship of this pair. It is in this ratio that the compatibility between Aquarius and Pisces becomes the embodiment of the ideal classic union of man and woman.

Soft and supple lady Pisces becomes a faithful companion to a strong and rational Aquarius. It is these couples that surround them are called beautiful.

Compatibility of fish and Aquarius: the positive and negative sides of the union, the causes of conflicts

Compatibility: female Aquarius — man Pisces

Aquarius girl — the embodiment of extravagance. She often surprises others with a very strange behavior, doing so voluntarily or involuntarily.

In any case, it gives her great pleasure.

The Pisces man, whose personality due to reverie and mystery cannot be called mediocre either, is one of the few representatives of the zodiacal circle who is very tolerant of such manifestations of the chosen one.

Sometimes he does not even notice anything unusual, for him many strange things seem quite familiar.

At the same time, the representative of the sign Pisces is very soft to the Aquarius woman and gives her herself without a trace. However, such sacrifice does not confuse her, but on the contrary, makes her partner a real man in the eyes of the airy lady.

In addition, the Pisces man can listen to her partner and give her excellent advice on what the Aquarius girl will certainly take advantage of. Such a pair will be happy and harmonious over the years.

In each partner there is something else is missing.

Business compatibility Fish and Aquarius

In business relationships, partners should avoid close emotional contacts. This will not in the best way affect both their work and the activities of the entire team.

Generally Compatibility of Aquarius and Fish in business is not bad: Aquarius’s technical rationalism perfectly complements the flexibility and excellent Pisces’ intuitive intelligence.

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