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Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

The relationship of signs Pisces and Gemini are rather difficult and controversial. Twins are very hot-tempered and frivolous, Pisces, on the contrary, is phlegmatic and sentimental.

The riddle lies in the fact that Gemini, with their pragmatism and logical thinking, is able to bind emotional Pisces to them for a long time.

At the same time, marriages between Pisces and Gemini are almost never lasting. Compatibility signs Pisces and Gemini questioned the astrologers themselves.

Such couples lack harmony in relationships and often misunderstandings arise. This is not surprising: Pisces and Gemini have completely opposite temperaments.

Gemini always live in accordance with common sense, as well as reality, and do not soar in the clouds.

Pisces possess subtle mental organization and live by feelings and emotions.

This is not to say that Pisces and Gemini are not interesting together — there are always common topics for conversation. However, even during hot disputes, Pisces are irritated by the rush and intractability of Gemini.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

Due to their nature, Pisces keeps memories for a long time and relives the most exciting moments of their lives. This character trait is reflected in the arrangement of their own homes. Fish keep the most confidential: memorable trifles, photographs and records.

The whole existence of Pisces becomes a mystery to Gemini. By this she attracts him.

Pisces has one more important advantage. They will emotionally and colorfully tell about their impressions and share them with a partner.

At the same time, Pisces know how to listen to the interlocutor to the end.

Slowly, thoughtfully, without giving any assessment of his behavior. For changeable Gemini, such tolerance is simply necessary.

At the same time, Pisces enjoy the awareness of their own need and importance for Gemini.

The attitude to money in these two signs is the same: both are generous, open and able to spend on each other every penny. However, Gemini often restrain their spiritual impulses towards others, blaming the partner for being overly generous.

This is another evidence that in financial matters the compatibility of the signs of Pisces and Gemini is far from ideal.

The main contradiction arises in the relationship of these signs on the basis of a different approach to leisure time and leisure.

Fish are never in a hurry, for them a minute, an hour or even a day means nothing. «You can do tomorrow» — this is the main motto of the Fish.

Such irrationality enrages Gemini, who value every moment. “We need to do today” is the life credo of Gemini.

Impressive and emotional Pisces want harmony, calm and regularity in relationships. Cold and calculating Gemini come into resentment from such a lifestyle.

Different spiritual values ​​often cause controversy and cause a break in relations.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

Relationships in a pair of Twins — Pisces

At first, the relationship between Gemini and Pisces is wonderful. But this is only the beginning.

Pisces will amaze Gemini, who do not like monotony, their ingenuity in love affairs.

It is in this area that the signs of Pisces and Gemini manifest.

However, in family relationships, getting to know Pisces every day more and more, Gemini quickly lose a fervent interest in them. Phlegmatic Pisces is unable to revive or stir up this interest.

In such a union, Pisces feel uncomfortable — they do everything to save the relationship, and the partner does not want to sacrifice absolutely nothing. In the name of love, they change their habits, lifestyle, and make huge concessions.

In the end, comes depression, apathy and the realization that the second half did not appreciate such sacrifices. Very often in a fit of despair, Pisces can drop everything and leave.

And, they will do it, most likely, silently and without saying goodbye.

Pisces and Gemini are not prone to open expression of their feelings. And if for Gemini individualism is the norm, then for sensitive Pisces lack of attention can become a serious problem.

Woman Pisces — male Gemini: compatibility

She conquers a Gemini man at first sight with her reverie, mystery and developed intuition.

However, the stealth and unhurriedness of the woman Pisces brings the man to the Twins into a frenzy.

There comes a period of mutual recriminations, offenses and accusations.

The man — Twins is verbose, he loves noisy companies and can easily spread all family secrets to his friends. It is for this reason that the woman — Pisces closes in the company and does not like fun parties.

They tire her very much.

Male Fish — Female Twins: Compatibility

Such a union is the complete opposite of the previous one. In a sociable woman — Gemini energy is in full swing, she manages to go everywhere.

Man — Pisces, by contrast, does not attend any joint activities. This is the difference between a man and a woman — Pisces, who meekly follows her partner everywhere.

In the initial stage of the relationship, man — Pisces will be able to attract the attention of the second half. He gives information in portions, which is very intriguing to the inquisitive woman — Gemini.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

In such a union, a man will always be tormented by jealousy. By nature, a man — Pisces is a Monogamous Man, it is not typical for him to flirt left and right.

What can not be said about loving twins.

They can not live without the attention of the opposite sex. Moreover, they subconsciously seek not long-term relationships.

It is because of the jealousy of the relationship, where he is Pisces, and she is Gemini, can very quickly collapse.

Surely Compatibility of Pisces signs and Twins leaves much to be desired. However, there is still hope for further relations and a prosperous union. Such a development is possible if Gemini and Pisces have astrological horoscopes that are not typical for their signs.

For example, Gemini will be strongly influenced by Cancer, and Pisces — under the influence of Aquarius.

Gemini and Pisces — compatibility of zodiac signs

The Geosy and Pisces compatibility horoscope makes it possible to say that this couple can create a happy marriage only if they solve the problems of family life before they arise. Each of the partners has a strong character, have their own inner world, to which outsiders are strictly forbidden.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

In the union of two signs, they will claim the freedom of the chosen one, and prevent each other’s attempts to get inside the soul. They can turn their life together into hell if they can not agree in advance on how to solve these or other problems.

General horoscope compatibility Gemini and Pisces

This union combines two elements: Air and Water. This fact introduces a lot of contradictions in the relationship. Air sign does not like stability, responsibility and ongoing responsibilities.

He in life does not like to live by the rules and values ​​his freedom. Even in a love relationship, he suffers if his partner tries to seize power over him and command his every step.

At the beginning of a relationship, Gemini is optimistic. He does not like struggle, conflict, and therefore this sign will not fight for his independence and freedom.

It is easier for him to break off the relationship.

A water sign is always waiting for the one or the princess with whom he can create the perfect romantic and love relationship. In a pair of Gemini and Pisces, the latter will be bitterly disappointed in their partner, because the air sign is not used to winning.

However, the beginning of the relationship will develop very romantic. Pisces will immediately fall in love with a chosen one due to its activity and ease.

Continuing to study the partner, the watermark will be very worried about what it feels like the chosen one cleverly manipulates them.

The partners will gradually move away from each other, and in a pair of Gemini — Pisces the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac will tend to zero.

The hopes of an ideal union will gradually fade away and the latter, in the expectation of the partner’s departure from their lives, will take action to renew their mutual feelings.

Fish will take care of the chosen one, take care of him, turning custody into an obsessive maternal care. Increased attention will frighten the partner and increase his desire to leave and become free.

If a couple can maintain sympathy for a long time, they will be able to find a way out of this situation. Experiences of the Water mark will dissipate the romance and optimism of the partner.

Twins and Pisces, if they really try, will be able to paint their relationships in bright colors.

Each of them should try to become more attentive to the chosen one, to take care of each other. That’s when they can discover a lot of common interests.

The couple will together solve difficult life situations, support each other and common experiences will unite them into a happy and long union.

Compatibility Twin Women — Man – Fish

This pair is difficult to get along with. In a woman there is too much additional energy that will annoy the chosen one.

If you consider the situation with a visit, a woman will wait for this meeting with impatience.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

She looks forward to the opportunity to talk with friends, so the Gemini girl quickly dresses up and at the same time hurries her man. For him, such trips are too tiring.

He is looking for any way to avoid visiting.

On this basis, there may be a mass of conflicts.

At the beginning of a relationship, a man conquers his darling in an interesting conversation. It can heat up interest gradually and in small portions.

Women in this period deliver only torment to Pisces.

They are extremely jealous, and young female fans always revolve around their partner.

Because of these differences in character, their union quickly ceases to exist.

Compatibility Twin Man — Woman Fish

The woman under the sign of Pisces is very mysterious. If a man named Gemini paid attention to her, he would immediately become interested in her.

However, soon he will have the feeling that his darling is hiding something, and that the Fish’s taciturnity is to blame.

The slowness of the water mark is very annoying to a man. And the difference in the characters plays a negative role in their life together.

Partners communicate in different languages, so it’s difficult for them to understand each other.

He loves going out to the light, where there are parties, celebrations and a sea of ​​friends. A woman, over time, begins to realize that for the sake of communication, Gemini is able to give out even the most intimate secrets and cannot keep her mouth shut.

She has to constantly accompany her chosen one at meetings, which is extremely tiring for her.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

Pisces and Gemini: horoscope compatibility promises harmony and balance in relationships

When Gemini and Pisces meet, a very warm relationship begins.

Let these two be very different, but they have one common quality — the ability to love. The horoscope of these signs is very similar, although at first glance they have nothing in common.

However, their compatibility is colossal.

The most important thing in a pair is to teach something to a partner, to learn from it. In these respects, this policy is implemented at 100%.

Over the years, negative character traits are erased, leaving only mutual love, affection, and joint care for the house. But to come to this is not easy.

Zodiac energy in a relationship

Horoscope Pisces many may seem boring. For these signs of the zodiac there is no worldly vanity.

They are always in themselves. Few things can pull them into the real world, make them move, move.

This is not bad, because in its solitude, Pisces create masterpieces.

This is the zodiac of thinkers, creators, sculptors, excellent doctors and teachers. They do not really want to interact, but are definitely ready to share their thoughts.

Not bad by the way.

The fish are very open, if they manage to establish a friendly or love relationship with someone, they will be happy to share everything with their loved ones.

In the family, the fish are valued. Woman Fish is very kind to their loved ones. She can live with her parents for a long time, not because there is no means for independent living.

She is very afraid to leave them unattended. Woman Fish is ambitious, but it contradicts itself.

She often stops herself, slows down the process of professional development only in order not to become the subject of talk and gossip. Many horoscopes are written for Pisces, but they all say — this story is not about a brilliant career.

Man Fish loves his home.

Of course, Pisces adore the sea, the reservoirs, but do not intend to go far from home. He will lead the beloved to himself, show where that lies.

It is best to leave his order, follow it, do not try to swap everything. For representatives of such signs of the zodiac order is of paramount importance.

As a child, the boy Fish most likely literally fought with his parents because of where to put things, how to place furniture.

If you look at the horoscope of life, Pisces are well suited to professions in which you need to think a lot and speak little.

They make good doctors. They are not inclined to talk, but they will always help.

In love, Pisces is submissive to a stronger sign, and with weak ones they build relationships — friendship. This is not bad, because for many such a friend and lover would be best suited.


Fish can listen. You can always negotiate with them, ask for advice. Woman Fish responsive, she has 1-2 good friends who are constantly «on the phone» with her.

She is the last to find a boyfriend, lover. The compatibility of Pisces with other signs is not great, but it is looking for its love, it is not exchanged for an empty relationship with no future.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

The fish takes itself very seriously, health, appearance. She regularly visits doctors, performs exactly all the prescriptions. Diseases of the soul or body rarely seize Fish, because she knows the secret of health.

This zodiac sign needs water. Water takes all the negativity out of the body. especially if it is a natural body of water.


The disadvantages of fish is its detachment. Even in the company of friends you feel it.

She is here, but she is not. For women, though, a society of girlfriends may be important.

Male Fish does not suffer from a lack of friends. You can have a couple of words with a work colleague, and so it’s good for him alone.

Problems with achieving goals. If the Fish has chosen for itself the business of all life, then it is not a fact that it will follow. Failures scare her, she is very afraid to disappoint everyone.

Therefore, keeps aside. It is hard to get what you want, especially if you do not know how to deal with your complexes.

In love, the twins feel like a fish in water

Imagine real twins. These are two people, outwardly similar, but with different characters, opinions, hobbies.

And now, imagine one person in which two whole persons are placed. You have imagined the Gemini zodiac sign.

Today he is completely absorbed in his work, builds a career, thinks about further education. A couple of days before he could not get through — Gemini is already somewhere on a tropical island among palm trees.

And he completely forgot about work, business, family and friends.

A week later, he will come to you to complain about his sad fate, and then immediately drag him to the casino to walk away the last money.

Guy or girl, Gemini is always a source of controversy, crazy ideas, absolutely mind-blowing projects. They are loved by friends, although you can not rely on the Gemini.

Male twins in the household is almost useless.

He is used to food, clean clothes and money taken by themselves. And if you manage to sell your idea, then he considers his future career to be a hindrance. Female Twins causes admiration.

Unlike men, she has powerful ambitions, is always active, cheerful.

Although, on closer inspection, about the same helpless.

It is very easy to start a relationship at first. You still do not know about your antics nothing is known.

Bright, attractive, Gemini delights. Man-holiday will give you unforgettable days and nights.

The huge sexual potential of this zodiac sign causes a wave of delight in the opposite sex. The man and woman of this sign are always popular.

Unfortunately, most often, these partners do not linger long.

Not everyone can survive Gemini.


The advantages of Gemini include their ability to quickly make a decision. This is not a problem at all, quickly, without nerves and haste to tear out quite a good plan.

Their compatibility with others is not so great, but they may well build successful relationships with friends, colleagues, and other people. For them, communication is an advantage.

Twins are able to start a conversation with anyone.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

A woman and a man Gemini have a detracting charisma, they are able to perfectly combine colors. One head is good, but Gemini has exactly two of them.

Choose clothes, choose interiors, make great photos — these are their advantages. They do this job best.

Although it is not so easy to find it.

Among other creative signs of the zodiac, one can single out their unique imagination. This is an extraordinary approach to solving a problem.

The organizers of the holidays, major events are simply excellent from the young, active Gemini. Such is their vocation to do the most incredible things.

If this zodiac sign lacks organizational capacity at work, it will carry it all home.


Those who are well acquainted with the representatives of this zodiac sign, all the disadvantages of their nature are obvious. These people are not permanent, you can hardly rely on them.

Twins do not make exceptions even for their loved ones. He will say that he will come to help, and then it turns out that he has already left for 100 km to a music festival. And you are waiting for him to carry furniture …

Great compatibility with other characters, but here the problem. Gemini prone to treason. It seems just a light flirt, and then everything becomes serious.

No one can hide his adventures from the second half.

The unpredictability of many scares. The twins honestly want to make their beloved one enjoyable, they call him on incredible adventures, but he doesn’t know what to expect around the bend.

Such entertainment very few people seduce.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

Compatible Women Fish and Twins Men

High feelings, hidden from all, can easily unite a Pisces woman and the same ambivalent Gemini man.

Compatibility by spiritual parameters is sometimes even great.

But in the plane of practice, everything is diametrically opposite. A woman, as a sentimental nature and very receptive, may not so much be annoyed as suffer from the outward windiness of her companion.

She dislikes his way of life (or rather, her absence).

Constant pastime in friendly circles, which the partner considers closer than the family, can upset such a spouse in earnest. The twins are also not happy with the constant melancholy, suspicion and even jealousy.

They are unlikely to tolerate such an attempt to cast a lasso on themselves. The picture is not the best with the difference in the astrological mentality.

Air Zodiac is easier to look into the distance, focusing on their analytical skills, while the «water» girl intuitively feels what will happen next.

The reluctance to burden yourself with additional responsibility can become a serious obstacle to the joint happiness of these unpredictable people.

But the horoscope can tell how a man Gemini and a woman Pisces do not lose each other.

It must be remembered that a person can receive more than he can give himself.

Sexual compatibility

If Gemini for Pisces is a new sensation, not bound by stereotypes and prejudices, then a woman born under the constellation of Pisces, for her unstable hero, is an ocean of sensuality, in which a partner, not used to delving into the essence of intimate life, even risks “going to the bottom”. This is not a sexy duet, it is a whole “quartet”.

After all, two dual signs are at least 4 unpredictable individuals, half of which seek to enjoy and hide in search of a new one, and half — all their lives to get new impressions from one partner. A bit of a ghostly compatibility of Pisces and Gemini, but, nevertheless, it is.

At work and in everyday life

Solar Twins love to work on projects when they are interested in them. This is the striking resemblance to their «water» colleague!

But beyond the path of these employees quickly diverge.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

It is difficult for a woman of the last in the Zodiac to tune in to productive long-term activities. But the development of the natural mind and imagination will make of it a good leader.

Together may not have enough patience and perseverance.

But if some of the planets of these partners are located in the constellations of the earth element, the compatibility of Pisces and Gemini may pleasantly surprise.

Fish and Twins — compatibility in life and love

In what horoscope do not look — everywhere one thing — Pisces and Gemini compatibility is impossible. Indeed, it is difficult to find another similarly different pair. The Union of Twins and Pisces looks so unlikely because of their fundamentally contradictory views on life and everyday habits …

Fish and twins — compatibility in love

In order for love to flare up between Pisces and Gemini, everything is necessary: ​​they both have a developed sense of beauty.

They equally love good music, the beauty of nature and there is a small “but”: in order for it all to come together in a pair, they need to meet, and this is already problematic, because their companies are too different, they have too little in common at the beginning.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

But if Pisces and Gemini did meet, then at the beginning of a relationship everything will be just fine. Gemini will be interested in unraveling Pisces, and, conversely, Pisces, with the help of Gemini, will see that the world has other sides.

Fish and twins — compatibility in bed

Fish and Gemini in bed are almost perfect. Gemini dreamers will be pleasantly surprised by Pisces’s ingenuity.

Gemini and Pisces in sex are equal participants, but only at the beginning of a relationship.

Fish tend to become attached, dissolve in a partner, and this scares Gemini, which, frankly speaking, is more attracted not by quality but by quantity. If Pisces can overcome jealousy and learn to trust, the gratitude of Gemini will be limitless.

Trust is holy for Gemini.

He will never betray your trust, and, most likely, will make you never know anything.

Fish and Gemini — compatibility in marriage

A strong marriage between Twins and Pisces may seem impossible. Fish lives in emotions and dreams, the second name of Gemini is thrift and realism.

The longer the marriage lasts, the more Gemini will get used to and steadily lose interest in their half, and monogamy is not for them.

Unreliability, resourcefulness of Gemini — it is easier for the devastated Fish to drop everything and leave.

This is true then, if they entered into marriage at a young age, but someday the Gemini will settle down, and if by that time, Fish does not get tired of offenses, the answer to the question of whether Fish and Gemini are compatible will be positive.

Twins, having connected common sense, will learn to be a leader in the family, Pisces, having ceased to suffer because of the tragedies out of the blue, will draw optimism from their partner and share their emotionality.

Together they will be able to answer the main questions — who will be responsible for the relationship and the decisions made.

Fish and Twins — Compatibility in Friendship

Are Pisces Gemini friendly? Just as in love, the friendly union of Gemini and Pisces will be successful at the beginning, until they know each other better.

Fish — good friends — responsive, disinterested.

They are full of compassion and will come to the aid of anyone, their heat will be enough for everyone.

Suspicious Gemini will not understand disinterestedness, will not be able to appreciate the depths of Pisces, their emotional versatility.

They will be bored with Pisces, will be irritated by melancholicity and slowness.

They will intimidate poor Pisces with their stinginess and for a long time discourage those who want to communicate.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

This friendship can give at least some fruit, when they are both passionate about intellectual events, here their craving for the abstract and abstract is mutual. Talk about art, painting, too, will be able to reconcile these different natures.

If Gemini needs sympathy and attention, then they will find it in abundance, and will be patiently listened to by sensitive Pisces.

Fish and Gemini — compatibility in work

In the work, these two are compatible, like Tyani-Push. The twins do not take anything seriously and they try to make the work quick and, often, at random.

Fish slowly, constantly distracted dream, will painstakingly delve into every little thing.

And one and the other will shirk from taking responsibility for the result — and this is a direct cause for conflict.

Full compatibility of the signs of the zodiac Pisces and Gemini will arise only in one thing — in avoiding work.

Gemini and without it is always full of cases, and Pisces is much more interesting inside their own «I.»

Fish and Twins — famous couples

And yet, with such cardinal differences, the marriage of Gemini and Pisces sometimes happens, here are the most famous couples:

  1. Irina Alferova — Alexander Abdulov. Having lived for 13 years, they still divorced, but it seemed to everyone who knew them that after the divorce they put not a point, but an ellipsis …
  2. Evgeny Tsyganov — Julia Snigir. Caught in a very difficult situation, can difficulties and keep a couple together? Well, wait and see.
  3. Natasha Koroleva — Sergey Glushko. Here in the role of Gemini appears sa that neither is a fish. Tarzan — Fish by a horoscope, and Gemini Natalia, apparently, is not at all boring with her husband.
  4. Ekaterina Strizhenova — Alexander Strizhenov. This pair, contrary to all horoscopes, lives in peace and harmony. Does this mean that compatibility with Pisces and Gemini is still possible?

The character and life values ​​of the Gemini sign

Zodiac signs compatibility demonstrates that there is an erotic attraction between Pisces and Gemini, but their relationship is not easy.

Emotions are important for Pisces, intellect for Gemini.

They manifest themselves differently.

Pisces will find that the Twins are cold and insensible. It is difficult for them to accept such behavior of a partner. In turn, Gemini boredom Pisces emotionality.

They are not interested for hours discussing relationships and indulging in caresses, with great pleasure they would go to a party.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

The fish are jealous and touchy. They worry about the fact that the Twins are constantly communicating with new people, not paying them enough attention.

Fish often recall the past and dream of the future. Today is important for Gemini.

There is an atmosphere of suspicion between them. At the first stage of a relationship, sincere feelings may arise, but frequent quarrels can destroy this union.

Compatibility of the woman Pisces with the man Gemini

Sex horoscope compatibility says that between Pisces and Gemini there is a physical attraction. They can become a romantic couple. Both are creative and can together realize their erotic desires.

Compatibility between them is not too high and reaches 60%.

They both love to travel, are not too binding and practical. Male twins will attract a Pisces girl.

She seems mysterious, her mood is changing rapidly.
Between them, good compatibility for love relationships, but marriage will begin with difficulties. The Gemini man lives social life and is rarely at home.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

He likes it and he is not inclined to change.

Woman Fish appreciate his sense of humor and high intelligence, but she lacks care, sympathy, support. Gemini man prefers to avoid obligations and does not like to be responsible.

She has a good intuition, thanks to which she can give him what he wants. She is able to maintain their relationship, but for her it will be a serious stress.

Compatible female twins with a man Pisces

There are complex relationships between them. At the beginning of their novel there is romance, adventure, new experiences. Their love will bring them not only happiness, but also emotional experience.

Soon the partners will realize that they find it difficult to each other.

They often have conflicts in which everyone considers himself right and is not ready to yield.

Pisces man is very emotional and needs warmth. He wants to be met from work, asked how the day went, missed without him.

Female twins is a self-sufficient person who does not need spiritual attachments. She is not ready to give him attention, because there are so many interesting things in the world!

The Gemini woman loves to flirt with men without investing anything serious in it. She likes to be convinced of her charms.

Man Fish This behavior of the chosen one is deeply wounded. He thinks that she considers him not courageous enough and is looking for a replacement for him.

Jealousy and pride may force him to initiate a divorce.

If they want their relationship to break up, they will have to make serious efforts. Most likely, the partners will switch roles. Female Twins will often be in society, making money.

Pisces man pays more attention to creating home comfort.

Pisces zodiac sign description

Simplicity in this combination can not wait.

An understanding is established between them, but one can hope for a strong bond only after the signs have tried their best and have corrected the shortcomings.

They find it difficult to be around for a long time, because they have little in common.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

Fish used to exist in the past or the future. But the emotional Gemini is present in the moment and is aimed at maximum contact with society.

Also, Pisces is too vulnerable and take everything personally, so the Twins injure them with a careless word or a thoughtless act.

Compatibility of Gemini and Pisces in love relationships

In love, they find a common language due to natural ingenuity. Both are ready to listen to the partner’s fantasies and try to embody them. They are not afraid also of non-standard desires.

But this understanding ends.

Gemini can not stand too sensitive spouse. Often they get their portion of pleasure and disappear from their lives.

Therefore, in most cases, people subconsciously do not trust each other and are waiting for a stab in the back.

Of course, attachment is also possible, but it is fleeting.

Compatibility: Male Twins — Female Fish

Fish is endowed with a rich inner world. But no one sees this, since the zodiac protects his soul with a barrier.

This also applies to an overly communicative man who longs for freedom and is not ready to reveal all his secrets to a loved one.

Their attitude is full of contradictions. He tries to get rid of his duties, and will defend his inclinations with the zeal of a warrior.

The heated atmosphere oppresses him, so he prefers to leave first. By inexperience, the girl will see the long-awaited prince in him, but soon she will understand that he does not care about her, because there are too many hobbies in his life.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

Such an attitude dooms the partner to suffering, since the man’s manipulativeness is complemented to her experiences. In an attempt to keep him, she will narrow her world only to his person and will be severely disappointed as a result, because he will quickly grow cold and leave her with nothing.

And, as you know, she has a tendency to dramatize from scratch, so this will further aggravate the situation.

If they decide to fight for a happy union, then she needs to learn to think positively and not to fall into melancholy. And he should care more about the impressionable spouse and envelop her with attention.

Then Rybka will appreciate his efforts and turn into a loyal assistant.

Compatibility: Female Gemini — Male Fish

These are two rivals who are not always comfortable in the same room. It is enough to plant them side by side, how conflicts will arise from nowhere.

Therefore, life together resembles a storm or a boring and dull routine.

They spend precious time closing their worldview with a wall and do not even try to hear their opponent. Only a wizard can bring order to such a connection.

But if a miracle happened, then quite promising prospects appear.

Their meeting is rather random, because there are practically no points of contact between them. Literally from the first word, they understand that further they are waiting for the test. All the actions of his beloved will seem to him meaningless and strange.

And she cannot believe that there are so passive personalities divorced from reality.

For scandals, a surprisingly favorable soil was prepared, and every day it is getting better and more fertile. He will understand that this principled and noisy maiden is far from his fantasy.

He is wildly watching how she flirts with other applicants and constantly seeks the attention of others.

But she perceives her actions only as a means for self-affirmation. Jealousy will lead to divorce.

If desired, they can solve even such strong disagreements. But the problem is that partners equate concessions and forgiveness with humiliation. And no one wants to appear weak.

The only way out is to talk and as much as possible. Moreover, it is necessary to eliminate hysteria and tears.

Only constructive discussion. With the right behavior, Fish will introduce romance and sentimentality, and Gemini will act as a competent leader.

In their case, it is worth moving away from the notions of the traditional family.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

Therefore, it is better for a man to do household chores, and to devote himself to her career.

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Pisces and Twins: Possible Relationship Problems

Pisces — introverts, thinkers, dreamers, immersed in their inner world.

These are creative people. Exactly alone they create masterpieces.

Having ambitiousness, it is difficult to translate their dreams into reality. Therefore, a brilliant career — the story is not about them.

Tolerant, caring, able to submit to the stronger.

Advantages and disadvantages of Pisces

  • Listening skills;
  • Responsiveness;
  • Not exchanged for frivolous relationships;
  • The ability to take care of yourself, your health and beauty.
  • Detachment;
  • Closure;
  • Love of loneliness;
  • Fear of failure;
  • Difficulties in achieving the desired. Not the sign that will break the wall with your head;
  • Complicatedness.

The advantages and disadvantages of Gemini

Gemini is a sign of the zodiac in which two people live with different characters. Today he complains about lack of money, and tomorrow he will drag you to the casino.

In their head are many projects, plans, crazy ideas. Extroverts, like society, active, cheerful.

Not strong at the farm. Irresponsible.

Have a good sexual potential.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

  • Positive mood;
  • Ability to make quick decisions;
  • Sociability;
  • Charisma;
  • Vivid imagination;
  • Activity.

  • Inconstancy, levity;
  • Irresponsibility;
  • Variability;
  • Unpredictability.

Character Compatibility

It would seem that they are completely different people. It’s hard for them to even meet.

After all, Pisces is a loner, and Gemini is in society all the time. If their paths are still crossed, then this is fate.

Logically, they do not fit together.

Nevertheless, Gemini and Pisces have good compatibility in love. Everything will start with warm friendship and will gradually grow into affection and mutual love.

Signs will show each other different sides of the world.

So different, both partners learn something from each other every minute.

Male twins and female fish

Possessing masculinity and spontaneity, male Gemini is changeable. Easy and fun, appreciates the intellectual level of the partner.

Pet Mercury — fidget, next to this you need to have incredible patience.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

Romance, strangeness, mystery — the main qualities of a female Pisces, influenced by Neptune. She is attractive, but she does not boast about it; on the contrary, she is modest and shy.

Does not like deception, looking for a perfect, harmonious man.

Acquaintance and date

She does not go to parties, parties, discos. They can meet in a store, library, in one word, where it is quiet.

Or, these people will make common friends, acquaintances, colleagues.

She conquers him with her mind and beauty at the same time. Before the date, the Gemini man will fuss, book tables in all restaurants, choose a chic image for yourself.

When he meets, he will be fascinated by her coined plan of seduction.

Love and relationships

A spark will slip between them. Air-water signs will easily find a common language.

At first, the Gemini will seem strange how you can be on a peaceful wave all the time: lie in the bathroom for several hours, meditate, listen to classical music.

And she will become incomprehensible, as you can for no reason off the place, rush off to friends, ride with them all night, and in the morning be fresh as a cucumber.

Fish will not tolerate such adventures. She will discard unnecessary friends, will charm his relatives, they will take her side.


The wedding will be gorgeous, fans of the Twin will come. His friends will be delighted with the beauty of the bride. The twin will equip their family nest, and the Pisces woman will become an excellent keeper of the hearth.

They make excellent mother and father. Over the years, their compatibility has only increased. They are easy to share dreams, secrets, projects.

According to astrologers’ statistics, 90% of such alliances are successful.


Rani and sensitive, she will be devoted to this friendship. He is restless, unreliable, but will not give her an insult.

Both sincere, with well-developed intuition, feel a fake for a mile and a half. They love animals.

Compatibility of Gemini and Pisces in love and marriage

The attraction between them can be very intense, but, ultimately, will bring problems. The compatibility of these signs is very difficult.

Pisces are too emotional for Gemini, the partner’s frivolity can easily hurt their feelings.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

The twins are superficial and playful, but Pisces takes everything to heart. This will create an atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust.

There may be sincere feelings between them, but the instability of relationships will quickly destroy them.

This is a rather risky relationship, which is unlikely to lead to a happy marriage.

Compatible Women Pisces and Men Twins

Compatibility of the woman Pisces and men Gemini in love and marriage 60%. If they met and felt attracted to each other, they could become a very romantic couple, their love will turn into a fascinating adventure.

They both value freedom, do not like boredom and routine. They have something to talk about and what to discuss.

A woman of Pisces will be attracted by the friendliness and sociability of the partner, and the man Gemini will be fascinated by her tenderness and calm character.

For love and romance, they are quite a couple, but in a long relationship and marriage, everything is not smooth, because there are many similarities, but no less differences. The Gemini man lives a rich life, constantly in motion, busy with a variety of things.

Moreover, he believes that everyone should live like this.

This position in life can be a problem for a woman Pisces, who has a different lifestyle and believes that everything has its time. She will appreciate his intellect and wit, but she will miss his emotional involvement, because the Gemini male is characterized by a mental approach.

If the relationship with this man is dear to her, she can maintain them indefinitely. A Pisces woman is endowed with intuition, it is not difficult to find the right approach to her chosen one, to play on his strong and weak features.

She can even keep a falling apart relationship, and he will be grateful for that.

Compatibility of fish and twins in: love, marriage, friendship, bed and work

On the other hand, it creates undue stress.

Compatible Women Twins and Men Fish

Compatibility of women Twins and men Pisces in love and marriage 50%. This is an extraordinary relationship in which there is romance and creativity.

They will not have a lack of adventure and vivid impressions, every day will bring them something new. Their relationship is like a red rose with thorns, where the red color symbolizes love, beauty and passion, and thorns — the pain of disappointment.

After some time, partners will find that understanding is difficult for them.

The disadvantage of the union is that the Pisces man needs more emotional involvement from a friend whom she cannot offer. Pisces is a very emotional sign, while the Twins are mental, they live as if in parallel worlds.

He may feel insecure with a Gemini woman, who at times flippant with his problems, makes sharp remarks that hurt his sensitive soul. To feel loved, a Pisces man needs a lot of care and attention, but she is constantly involved in the flow of events, she does not always manage to allocate enough time for a partner.

To build strong long-term relationships, each of them needs to compromise, make efforts to understand and accept the needs of the second half.

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