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Compatibility of Fishes and Aquarius — causes of conflicts

Compatibility of Pisces and Aquarius is considered unfavorable. But despite this, the couple has a chance to build a happy and harmonious relationship.

Just have to seriously try to work out all the problem points. We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

The difference of elements — Water and Air prevents partners from understanding each other. But this does not affect the birth of relationships.

A union of two opposites arises, which at first fall in love with each other sincerely and with all the strength they are capable of.

Compatibility of Fishes and Aquarius - causes of conflicts

What is characteristic of the relationship of such a zodiac pair:

  1. Aquarius has a well-developed intellect, Pisces have an emotional intellect. In this they complement each other. They are able to learn from a partner — someone to feel, and someone — to think logically. For the relationship is a favorable sign.
  2. However, Aquarius, in love with Pisces himself, gradually realizes how strong power he has gained. And taking advantage of this, take all the possible benefits out of a relationship. Lovers of Pisces initially notice nothing. But when the rose-colored glasses are removed, there comes an epiphany and a long stage of frustration.
  3. As a result, for Aquarius, these relations become more friendly, he ceases to feel and turns into a consumer. As soon as he has played enough, he will leave Pisces to suffer, to suffer and to try to understand what was their mistake. Although it’s just an astrological incompatibility of signs.
  4. By Pisces in this alliance you will not reproach. They are loyal, faithful, give themselves completely and are ready for anything for the welfare of the chosen one. They are so dissolved in a partner that they do not notice anything around, they forget about their own desires and interests. These are sick, often socially dependent relationships, in which speech is not about love at all, but about sacrifice.

Save the relationship can only be a general occupation of creativity. If they set a goal to develop precisely in this area together, supporting each other, they will be able to build a happy and harmonious union.

Negative energy will be transformed into the energy of achievements and actions, and the relationship will only positive, love and gratitude.

Causes of conflict

Serious conflicts and violent quarrels usually do not happen. Aquarius simply does not notice the problems, and Pisces prefer to silently endure insults and accumulate them within themselves.

Compatibility of Fishes and Aquarius - causes of conflicts

Of course, such an approach to building relationships cannot be successful. Sooner or later, Pisces will burst out — they will fall apart for nothing and will say everything they think about the chosen one.

And Aquarius simply does not understand what he is accused of. Shrug and leave, accusing the partner of hysteria and lack of common sense.

To maintain relationships, they need to talk daily, share their feelings, feelings and emotions.

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Woman Fish and Aquarius Man

People around him are always perceived somewhat ambiguously.

He seems to them to be a strange, albeit an interesting person, outstanding and creative. And there is.

But at the same time, being in a difficult situation, these qualities and help him out. In addition, he becomes very strong-willed and decisive, does not succumb to problems, but solves them in all possible ways.

It is thanks to this character of a man that a girl in a relationship with him finds peace. He meets all her ideas about the ideal chosen one for life.

She feels as if behind a stone wall. Fully reveals her femininity, becomes a wise, attractive and reliable companion of life.

Compatibility of Fishes and Aquarius - causes of conflicts

Over time, she realizes what power has over the elect, and will actively use it. But not for the sake of their own vested interests, but for the common good.

She is very wise, and psychological comfort in a pair depends to a greater extent on her.

Partners complement each other perfectly. The intellectual potential of a man is amplified many times thanks to the intuition and the gift of foreboding of the chosen one.

She is able to protect him from trouble, not allowing him to make wrong decisions, and send him on the right path.

The girl is very nice. It diplomatically and tactfully extinguishes nascent conflicts, therefore large quarrels usually do not happen, all quarrels are resolved quickly and peacefully.

The most important thing is for a man to appreciate such a commitment and not neglect his woman. If he can’t really love her, the relationship will fall apart.

Therefore, sincere feelings for such a pair are required.

Man-Fish and Aquarius woman

Strange, but in real life such a union is extremely rare. It can take place only under the condition that both partners are sufficiently developed, integral, mature and experienced personalities.

Then there is a chance for a happy relationship, strong and stable.

Such partners, having united, grow spiritually, develop the best qualities of their personality, and get rid of the drawbacks easily and naturally, helping each other and supporting the chosen one in everything.

A man in such a pair is given to the relationship entirely.

He is ready to devote his life to the beloved, to give her everything that he has himself.

This is a true self-sacrifice that does not go unnoticed by a woman. She appreciates his love, support and help in difficult times.

Relations will be 100% strong, long and stable if partners find themselves in the works. Especially if in one area in which they will develop together.

General self-development will be a strong foundation and that will unite them until the end of life.

It is especially surprising that the unstable Aquarius girl, for whom adultery is a true trifle, it is in relations with Pisces that she becomes capable of being faithful and does not even look at other men, no matter how attractive they are.

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