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Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

Compatibility signs Libra and Aquarius can rightly be called perfect. These partners are connected by a deep relationship of souls and mutual attraction.

They are drawn to each other both on the physical and spiritual levels.

This merging of the two signs of the air element gives them common views on the world around them, which allows them to always understand and support each other.

Roman Libra and Aquarius usually develops rapidly: they fall in love, a violent passion arises and everything ends with a magnificent beautiful wedding.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

These partners are very romantic, they are interested in a joint stay. Everyone is ready to decorate the life of a partner with their positive aura and surround with tender care.

Aquarius in the eyes of a partner is the embodiment of the most beautiful feelings.

He inspires Libra, so that they do not just come to a state of equilibrium, but begin to literally float in the air, reaching previously inaccessible heights. Libra becomes the spiritual mentor of Aquarius, enriching his sometimes restless inner world.

At the same time, Libra is open and easy to communicate, trying to avoid conflicts.

Such a partner for Aquarius is well suited.

Despite the spiritual affinity, there is one contradiction: the compatibility of Libra and Aquarius determines the need for sacrifice for the sign of Libra.

It consists in accepting the partner’s love of freedom, while Libra aspires to solidarity in relations and the creation of a strong family.

However, Aquarius, though it cannot live without fresh air, having fallen in love, will not resort to flirting and casual relationships. He is also impressed by Libra’s masterful ability to lead a conversation and their high intellectual level.

Scales fascinate partner and by all means try to attract his attention. Aquarius is secretive and does not always answer the chosen one quite emotionally, which is why Libra suffers.

They will have to spend a lot of energy so that Aquarius will finally show that sensuality that they lack so much.

Sexual compatibility Libra and Aquarius

The threads connecting these two are thin and transparent, but at the same time very durable.

The sexual compatibility of the signs Libra and Aquarius is based on the fact that both partners are proponents of innovation, they are interested in the knowledge of life in all its manifestations.

These air people will never bore each other, because they are impressed by active social activities. Deep sensual relationships will become a brilliant foundation not only for intimate communication, but also for marriage.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

Compatibility: Libra man — female Aquarius

Aquarius woman is very unpredictable. Sometimes she herself is difficult to understand the true reasons for their actions. This lady manages to be both feminine and manly tough.

Man-Libra is constantly balancing, his mood can shift one way, then the other. It is most pleasant to be near him when his bowls are balanced.

Otherwise, it is unbearable.

Based on such characteristics, the compatibility of Libra and Aquarius is formed, so they can admire the stars for a long time or conduct deep intellectual conversations, and then suddenly drop everything and go to different corners.

Man Libra and Aquarius woman do not really know whether they live together or separately. Is it worth creating a family?

Or is it better to leave immediately? With such doubts, these air people will torment each other for a long time.

But then finally decide that they can not live without each other.

Man-Libra and Aquarius woman really love each other, so the airy lady will try for the sake of her chosen one to become less eccentric and give him peace of mind and tender sensuality.

Her man will struggle to pay more attention to his beloved, at the same time not forgetting that sometimes you need to give her freedom. Such a union is interesting in its instability, but the relations of partners never go to the level of tough confrontation.

Usually Aquarius can be offended, and Libra will put on a mask of cold detachment.

But the next day they will again delight each other with pleasant surprises and charming smiles.

Compatibility: woman Libra — man Aquarius

In this pair, it is important to immediately decide which of the partners will be the main one. Perhaps the Libra woman should still give in to her chosen one, although she will not lose her influence.

Libra is ruled by Venus, and Aquarius by Uranus, so the man in this alliance will have greater strength and aggressiveness, as befits a classic marriage.

A woman born under the signs of Libra is the true embodiment of femininity and beauty. Aquarius admires her visual appeal and inner charm.

In addition, she is an interesting conversationalist, which is an excellent gift for a living intellectually developed Aquarius. Although there are some drawbacks that the lady-Libra herself will not notice, but her man will certainly indicate them.

Then she would be offended that her lover called her a lazy and spoiled child.

For an aerial woman, catching Aquarius in their nets can be done in one way: to give him enough freedom and show patience to his impermanence. Then he will answer, showing deep tender feelings.

The union will be long and harmonious, if only both partners show sufficient calm and tolerance.

Business compatibility of Aquarius and Libra

Compatibility signs Libra and Aquarius in business is able to bring them real success. They can harmoniously interact, complementing each other’s skills. These airy people will become true friends.

However, because of their love of freedom, tensions can arise if their collaboration drags on for a long time.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

Libra, male and female Aquarius — compatibility

The compatibility of Libra men and Aquarius women is quite good, and this couple, despite all the obstacles that will be in their way, can maintain harmony in their relationship until old age.

Man Libra is cautious and thoughtful, and more likely to look for a permanent partner for life, and Aquarius woman loves freedom and does not seek to build long-lasting and serious relationships — but this rather strange union can still exist, and do it very successfully.

Yes, the home situation in such a pair is far from ideal, and their house can not be called exemplary and exemplary.

But two partners in such a relationship understand each other so well, and are drawn spiritually to another loved one, that they get maximum pleasure from their relationships and daily communication.

In this pair, quarrels and conflicts are very rare, and this is another item that can be written to them as a plus.

It is more important for Libra and Aquarius to be near, to understand each other, to be attentive to the desires of the beloved, than to sort things out and try to suppress their chosen one.

They will better spend this time trying to get to know the world better, improve it and also engage in self-development and improvement of their lives.

When Libra and Aquarius together — then they seem to inspire each other to a wider horizon, new horizons, and enrich each other with new impressions and vivid emotions.

The Libra man has interests similar to his girlfriend, and their many joint hobbies and ways of spending time are usually very exciting for both Aquarius women and Libra men.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

Positive compatibility — male-Libra and female Aquarius

The perfect compatibility of Libra men and Aquarius women suggests that their relationship is dominated by an unconditional understanding of each other, and complete spiritual harmony. But not only mental, but also physical (sexual compatibility of the couple at a height), and also energy (they feed each other with great energy).

Usually, people do not understand how a Libra man — who loves comfort, and prefers to live in very comfortable conditions — can temper her ardor for the sake of an Aquarian woman, and live in a completely different style.

In fact, this is all because Libra needs comfort only in difficult life situations in order to calm down and recover.

The Aquarius woman knows how to surround her beloved with care and affection, that he is simply drowning in her. And even in difficult situations, his faithful girlfriend will be able to support him so much that he doesn’t have to remember to need a comfortable environment.

His comfort for him is created by his woman — and she is a constant source of tender love and care.

It is also worth noting that the sexual compatibility of the Libra and Aquarius couples is very good, and they are great for each other in bed.

Negative compatibility — male Libra and female Aquarius

The negative points in the compatibility of Libra men and Aquarius women are not that great, and with all of them a couple can quite easily cope.

Mutual support of the couple and understanding in their union and relations reach a very large level, and they are ready to go to a meeting — even in situations where it seems to others that this couple will not manage without conflict.

But they bypass these acute angles, and they do not run into dangerous reefs of scandals and showdowns. Sometimes it seems that their relationship is completely cloudless, but of course it is not quite so.

Difficulties in this union arise as the signs of the zodiac Libra and Aquarius are similar in temperament. And one of the key features of such people is the lack of endurance and great strength of will.

At short distances, they can provide great support to a partner in a relationship, be gentle, tender, and take care, but if someone of them has a crisis … then there is no guarantee that this love union will retain its strength.

After all, one of them will eventually surrender after some time, will not be able to continue to endure, and will seek his happiness on the side — with another man or woman.

Horoscope Libra-Aquarius — the welfare of the Union

The Libra and Aquarius compatibility horoscope says that in order for this family and the couple not to break up after a certain period of time, the Libra man must take greater responsibility, and his Aquarius woman should support him in this endeavor by encouraging and not giving charge any problems on yourself.

Aquarius woman has a sacrificial character, and over the years she will begin to show it more and more brightly — devoting all of herself to relationships and beloved people who are for her the closest.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

At the same time, Libra man — may show disgust to the problems of his woman, if it seems to him that neither he is allegedly «unworthy». At the same time he can behave like a real scoundrel, and leave a woman in trouble.

The problem is not that it is bad, but due to the properties of the character, he considers that this is the best way out of the situation.

In such cases, it is best for Aquarius to “prepare” his partner in advance, gradually fostering his character and adapting to his habits.

Over time, if the woman-Aquarius has enough stretching and patience, she can quite significantly affect Libra — and then there will be a man next to her who you can really rely on in all situations, and in which she can be 100% sure.

As a woman-Aquarius will interest the Libra man and attract him

In order to win the heart of the Libra guy, the Aquarius girl needs to open herself from her best side.

Yes, this pair is well compatible, and therefore it will be quite easy to do it — their communication will take place by itself, and everyone — and Aquarius and Libra will very quickly feel the harmony and joy of communicating with each other.

But nevertheless, if the Aquarius woman is more open and liberated at the first meeting, this will help the man-Libra to fall in love with her even faster, and to reveal in her all those wonderful qualities that she has.

If a woman-Aquarius shows a man — how glad she is to see him, how she loves to communicate with him, and how she appreciates his attention, then in this relationship everything will be fine from the very beginning, and romance will flourish very quickly. Passion will overwhelm both.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

Friendly compatibility men-Libra and women-Aquarius

The friendship between the Libra man and the Aquarius woman is usually very good and strong. Since these two find a lot in common — in the form of similar interests, leisure, entertainment, activities and thoughts, then they communicate easily and naturally.

They are very interesting to communicate, and sometimes they can spend many hours in conversations, and not even notice how time flies.

They want to learn about the world again and again, to discover new places, whether it is a new district of the city, a restaurant, or even a new country.

Together, they in the company show themselves very brightly, and can become a real center of attention of others.

Relationships of friendship in such a pair often develop into novels, since they are very much drawn to each other, and they feel good together.

Work and career — how compatible are Libra and Aquarius?

Man-Libra and Aquarius woman work together perfectly and form excellent business couples. Their overall work is so good that sometimes people around them think that they are literally created to form common teams and to go towards similar goals.

Both are well aware of each other, and complement the missing qualities of a business partner. From the advantages of this beautiful union it can be noted that both have a large supply of energy and are ready to act very actively in any, even the most unexpected situations.

From the minuses it can be singled out that both the Libra man and the Aquarius woman do not have a great gift for rational and practical thinking.

If you want to be with your beloved man — you need to figure out whether you are compatible according to the sign of the zodiac?

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

Aquarius and Libra: Character Features

In a relationship, complete harmony

Both signs belong to the element of Air, which makes the compatibility of Aquarius and Libra one of the most harmonious in the zodiacal circle. Partners born under these signs have similar views on life, and the ability to support and understand each other is admirable.

Relationships in a pair of signs Aquarius and Libra develop very quickly, in most cases ending with a beautiful wedding and a strong family. However, there are in this union and pitfalls, a love horoscope will tell about them in more detail.

Aquarius and Libra: the compatibility of signs in love

Partners do only good things to each other.

The sun passes through the sign of Aquarius in the period from 21 to 18, through Libra — from 24 to 23. Both signs belong to the air element, which makes their qualities similar.

People who were born at that moment when the Moon was located in these zodiac points have similar character traits.

Judging by the reviews, the compatibility of the Moon Scales and Aquarius is similar to a horoscope of solar signs.

From the first meeting between representatives of both zodiacs, not just sympathy, but mutual affection and love develops.

The secret of Aquarius’ amazing compatibility with Libra lies in the similarity of their characters and worldview. Scales spiritually calm their partner, they themselves are charged with reciprocal support and inspiration.

This sign often hesitates and hesitates to make a decision, and Aquarius helps to find the desired balance.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

They do not emit aggression, like Aries or Lions, and do not avoid conflicts, like Taurus. Aquarius and Libra solve quarrels through peaceful negotiations, and this tactic makes their marriage lasting.

In a pair of such partners are suitable to each other and in spiritual terms, and in family life.

In the relationship between Aquarius and Libra reigns not just love, but sincere friendship. For the first mark, soul relatedness is more important than sexual compatibility. They need a partner who has already grown spiritually and can accept a loved one as he is, without trying to change or bend under him.

And in this regard, hardly anyone is more compatible with Aquarius than Libra.

The negative moments of the Libra and Aquarius couples include the emotional restraint of the latter. Often they put friendship over love or intimate relationships, so they seem detached and cold.

Weights it hurts, it is extremely important for them to be in close contact with your loved one, to divide into two things and thoughts.

If Aquarius will begin to show more sincerity and warmth in love, and the second partner will be able to accept his secrecy, then, according to the compatibility horoscope, Libra and Aquarius have every chance to live a long and happy life together.

This quality allows Aquarius and Libra to achieve perfect compatibility in sex. Man and woman intuitively feel each other’s desires and realize them with great tenderness. Both love to experiment in bed and find new sources of pleasure.

That only increases the percentage of compatibility with Aquarius Libra.

Note that mutual understanding in love relationships is determined not only by the zodiacal symbols of the partners, but also by the years of their birth according to the Eastern horoscope.

Thus, the best compatibility in the marriage of Aquarius and Libra will be if the first is born in the year of the Bull, Rooster or Dragon, and the second — in the year of Cat, Snake or Tiger.

Under these combinations born the most successful in love famous couples of show business.

Aquarius woman and Libra man

Serious discord in this relationship is not expected.

The woman in this union is patronized by gentle and kind Uranus. She is feminine, sophisticated, sweet and slightly naive. Unlike a man under the sign of Libra, a woman of Aquarius will not long reflect on the choice of a life partner, if he manages to win her heart.

No other benefit can influence the choice.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

In love, for such a girl, it is not passion that is important, but sincere friendship and the opportunity to talk with a partner about everything in the world. Stronger than sexual passion, she needs moral support and spiritual intimacy.

If a loved one tells her the right direction in life, helps with advice and is able to listen, then couples can hardly be more compatible than Libra and Aquarius.

However, such a union will require considerable freedom from a freedom-loving girl in order to cope with the jealousy of her zodiacal chosen one.

For him, it is important to be consistent in everything and even more so in love relationships.

He would prefer to stay in a cozy home nest than go to a party with friends. But the Aquarius girl, unlike the Libra man, wishes to have a good time than to stay at home.

Such a difference in hobbies is unlikely to make a serious disagreement in the romantic relationship of these signs, if they manage to meet the needs of both. Strengthen the emotional connection in a pair of women of Aquarius and Libra men will help the following entertainment:

  • Joint trip to the cinema;
  • Romantic dinner outside the house: in a restaurant, cafe or open-air;
  • Sitting with friends;
  • Excursion around an unfamiliar city;
  • Participation in a carnival or masquerade.

If the partners spend more time together, then the question: whether the man’s union Libra and the Aquarius girl are compatible — will disappear by itself.

A man in such a pair is not afraid of even the unpredictability of his partner, who herself does not understand the true motive of her actions. This girl can be both femininely soft and masculine demanding, tough.

Her partner, too, often fluctuates from plus to minus.

This feature of the couple and forms the compatibility of the girl Aquarius with Libra: today they are enthusiastically sharing their thoughts with each other until the morning, and tomorrow they will disperse into different rooms.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

And yet, there’s no doubt whether Aquarius and Libra are compatible. Of course, yes. Their love is strong and boundless so that the woman Aquarius will be able for the sake of the beloved Libra man to become more calm, showing herself as a caring and economic wife.

Her elect, in turn, will try to provide the freedom she needs, while spending a lot of time together.

Ideal can be called and sexual compatibility girls Aquarius with Libra. For both, passion and inventiveness in bed are not so important as emotional connection. They get pleasure from communicating with each other, without attaching too much importance to bedding.

What gives another reason to consider the union of the girl Aquarius and Libra the best combination of signs.

Aquarius man and Libra woman

Yield to your loved one

Femininity, open smile and charm of a woman Libra attracts an independent and discreet man of Aquarius. The girl is very intelligent, much interested and can with dignity support any conversation, and this quality is like an intellectually developed man.

The compatibility of the Aquarius men and the Libra girls in friendship cannot be called perfect. If a guy sincerely values ​​these relationships and wants to see in the life partner first of all a friend, and then a mistress, then a woman is not so sentimental and tears up friendly relations without regret if for some reason they stopped arranging her.

Anyway, these qualities are hardly compatible with young pairs of Libra and Aquarius. Although it may be developed in the family life of more mature and successful spouses.

But even the lack of tolerance towards each other will not prevent the Libra woman and the man of Aquarius from establishing a happy family life.

Spouses are attracted to each other, they like to spend time together, especially if both are engaged in the same business.

And even the occasional need of a man for personal freedom is not capable of scaring a woman with Libra or breaking compatibility, if Aquarius does not forget to listen to her partner and support her morally.

A man in such a union should be aware of a keen sense of justice with his beloved. She is ready to defend her opinion to the last.

Her love for disputes is generated precisely by a desire for justice, and not by egocentrism, as it may seem from the outside. Therefore, a man of Aquarius needs to learn to maintain the delicate balance of a Libra woman in order to achieve perfect compatibility.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

The girl in this pair should not strive for the championship and dutifully cede leadership to the partner. Such an act will significantly strengthen the love compatibility of the Libra girl and the Aquarian man.

Moreover, the man of this sign, thanks to the patronizing planet Uranus, is endowed with greater courage and strength of mind, which will allow him to become a worthy husband and head of the family.

But the woman of Libra, to ensure high compatibility with a man Aquarius, will have to prove himself a good hostess. It will not be easy to do.

A girl of this sign often remains a child in her soul and requires more care for herself than she can give it to her loved ones.

The role of the ideal wife is given to her with difficulty.

If all efforts are not applied to housekeeping, then even excellent compatibility in love relationships can be ruined by a spouse’s remark about her agility and laziness.

On such a reproach from the beloved girl will certainly be offended and can break off the relationship. Interestingly, representatives of this sign often have conflicts in a pair of sister-in-law in law.

So that love does not break about life, and compatibility in a pair of Aquarius with Libra caused admiration, partners should look for approaches to each other, openly show the most tender feelings and maintain calm in a relationship together. Then, according to the strength of feelings and harmony, this union will not be equal, and the question “is the Aquarius guy and the girl Libra compatible enough” will be resolved in the best way.

Aquarius and scales — the compatibility of men and women in love, marriage, relationships, friendship, sex, business, interest

Expressive Aquarius and successive scales. What features unite these two signs, how compatible are they in different spheres of life and how to achieve the most harmonious relations in this union?

Read about it in our article.

Two air signs — Aquarius and Libra are a wonderful pair based on a deep understanding. The unity of the elements also leads to the unity of life goals and worldviews, which causes genuine mutual interest in each other’s affairs.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

Both Aquarius and Libra, they are distinguished by interpersonal skills, which makes them excellent interlocutors and pleasant in communication, first of all with each other, people.

A good creative duet — both signs have an innate creativity and a tendency to its development, in which they often support each other.

The meeting of Aquarius and Libra can turn into love at first sight, and the relationship between them will develop rapidly. In this alliance, joint business management is possible, which can lead to the success of both.

Compatibility in love and marriage

He is the Aquarius, she is the scales

A stable and harmonious union of two kindred souls, which rests not only on the successful arrangement of the stars, but also on the innate sense of tact of the Libra woman, who does not tolerate hysterics both in his own performance and in his environment.

The romance between the man-Aquarius and the woman-Libra in most cases leads to marriage.

This couple always finds topics for conversation, and the commonality of interests becomes a solid basis for building a strong and friendly family:

  • The tendency to have long conversations on various topics will not only eradicate boredom in relationships, but also helps to resolve conflicts quickly and constructively. Their quarrels are more like a philosophical conversation, the purpose of which is to reveal the truth, rather than a banal dispute between a husband and wife.
  • The Aquarius man is rather freedom-loving, and the Libra woman will be able to reasonably satisfy this partner’s need. At the same time, having received the desired freedom, the man-Aquarius, most likely, will not indulge in all serious things, but will use his personal time to contemplate the world and to know himself.
  • The woman Libra, in turn, receives from Aquarius the necessary her romance, tenderness and care.
  • The wise woman of Libra will guide the indecisive man of Aquarius to make the right decisions.
  • A wide range of interests of male Aquarius will stimulate self-improvement woman Libra, and she, in turn, will direct him to spiritual development.
  • In a pair of conflicts may arise against the background of domestic differences. This is due to the fact that each of the partners has its own idea of ​​what should be the way of life and it is quite difficult for both of them to concede in these matters. However, the Libra woman is quite diplomatic and able to find a compromise.

He is the scales, She is the Aquarius.

A bright and ambiguous union of an unpredictable, feminine and, at the same time, tough Lady Aquarius and a soft, friendly, but unstable male Libra. Their relationships are heterogeneous, but based on friendship, mutual understanding and a strong emotional connection, which makes them fairly strong.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

Serious crises and tiffs will often get around a couple:

  • Man-Libra tends to psycho-physiological comfort and its absence can knock Libra off track. If a woman-Aquarius feels good to her man and creates the necessary conditions, it will be much easier for them to maintain a pleasant microclimate in the family.
  • Difficulty in relationships can cause principles and the stubbornness of the Aquarian woman. Male tolerance will help balance this quality.
  • The ability to plan, which has a man-Libra, will help to realize the wildest many dreams and ideas of a female Aquarius.
  • Despite the fact that the Libra man is an idealist and will make many demands on his partner, and the freedom-loving Aquarius woman is not inclined to satisfy them, equality in the alliance and the ability to pronounce conflicts will minimize them.
  • Perhaps a more open man-Libra at first will have to make an effort in order to reveal the feelings of a female Aquarius. This applies to both interpersonal and sexual relations.
  • Joint life will be successful if earnings fall on the shoulders of the Libra man and the family budget will also be in his hands, because Aquarius woman does not like to deny themselves the whims and is unable to reasonably manage the funds.

Negative moments in the union

Aquarius is a rather freedom loving sign. This applies to both men and women.

Scales, in turn, need a stable relationship and a reliable partner. This situation can sometimes lead either to the fact that an unmet need for freedom in Aquarius will spill out in the form of irritation on a partner, or Libra will periodically have the feeling that a loved one is not around and is alone.

But if Libra will be diplomatic, then it is this quality that will help preserve peace in relations and find a balance between the interests of each other.

The stubbornness of Aquarius can sometimes come across the intransigence of Libra. Both signs are principled and selfish.

However, in disputes most often will win the first. Even aware of his guilt, Aquarius will experience difficulty in recognizing it.

Just as in the first case, the diplomatic traits of Libra’s character can save the situation.


Two sensual and bright in bed sign. Aquarius has a rich sexual fantasy and has a tendency to constantly bring experiments to this area of ​​living together.

Scales have rather high demands that Aquarius will be able to satisfy.

The sensual connection in this union must necessarily be fueled by romance and friendship — the relationship between Aquarius and Libra is rarely of an exclusively sexual nature.

Similar views on life and the mutual absence of the habit of re-educating another person and teaching him make Aquarius and Libra good friends. Mutual understanding and friendship do not interfere even with the tendency of both to clearly define their personal space and the clear love of signs.

Aquarius and Libra rarely make serious commitments to friendship, but they are reliable and true to each other. Both sides will gladly support their comrades both in difficult situations and in all undertakings.

The sensitivity and ability to protect the feelings of another help to maintain the friendship between Libra and Aquarius for many years.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

The union is also good for creating joint projects, for business and work, because both have a lively mind, and often also oratory, which helps to actively promote the common cause.

Also, they remarkably complement each other in the field of joint activity — the second partner has the missing qualities of the first.

However, these signs are not practical enough and often become a victim of their own laziness or partner laziness. In order to compensate for the negative qualities of this duet, you can invite a representative of a more serious and practical sign for cooperation.

Compatibility Percentage

Male Aquarius — female Libra — 90%.

Man-Libra — Aquarius woman — 40%.

Libra and Aquarius: the stars determine the perfect compatibility for these signs

Both partners love independence and harmonious relations. Although they allow their partner to enjoy freedom — this does not mean that it is used to the fullest extent.

This is not about going to the side, but about the possibility of living happily. Happiness is living the way you want.

Do not depend on the opinions of people, on material values ​​and life success.

To be happy, to live in your pleasure. What else is needed to strengthen love?

Two zodiac signs that are perfect for each other are Libra and Aquarius.

These are similar souls and characters.

Instantly starting relationships often end with a wedding. They only dream of tranquility, because both do not tolerate stagnation in life.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

Libra and Aquarius see the world in the same colors — because they have good compatibility. These zodiac signs also have common goals in life. In life — these are two friends who can help out a partner in trouble.

In a love relationship, they have good sexual compatibility. A horoscope for partners predicts a dull life.

Libra and Aquarius are doing everything to their union was successful.

Sex life is different from most zodiac signs. They have spiritual intimacy, do you need something else?

Romance brings into their sex life a fairy tale where the prince and princess are madly in love with their soul mate.

This makes their sex life rich and beautiful. Good sexual compatibility. They value intelligence in a partner, and physical attractiveness retreats to second place.

This gives rise to the beginning of a love relationship.

Libra man and Aquarius woman — family and relationships

Here we meet couple, about which it can be said that the two halves found each other.

They have excellent marriage compatibility. Men and women in most cases adore each other.

They are admired, imitated by them — people envy couples with happiness. Love reigns in their home.

The union welcomes the disclosure of talent partners. A man is ready to sacrifice much to please his beloved.

A woman is ready to give up many things for the sake of revealing the potential of a man. It strengthens their marriage and mutual understanding.

Both partners love independence and harmonious relations.

Although they allow their partner to enjoy freedom — this does not mean that it is used to the fullest extent. This is not about going to the side, but about the possibility of living happily.

Happiness is living the way you want. Do not depend on the opinions of people, on material values ​​and life success.

To be happy, to live in your pleasure. What else is needed to strengthen love?

Conflicts are a forbidden topic in a couple. Everything is solved peacefully, without scandals and raised tones.

For Libra, peace in the family comes first.

Libra and Aquarius do not like everyday problems.

Repair, cleaning or washing dishes. The man will try to help the woman, and she to him.

So they quickly cope with them, and therefore be able to enjoy life. This all enhances the overall compatibility of these zodiac signs.

A woman in union enhances the spiritual development of a man, directs, perhaps his muse, which opens up the best facets in a partner. The man tries to preserve peace and harmony in the family.

Horoscope advises to develop talents such a man.

Such unions are among the creative professions: artists, singers, actors. If this is a creative couple, then betrayal in it is quite a frequent occurrence.

Children in such a union is a cross in their careers, and therefore they are not in a hurry with their heirs.

These two are sociable, quickly find new friends, have non-standard thinking.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

An ordinary couple rather quickly has children who are trying to grow up in an intellectual environment. According to the horoscope in this married couple, harmony and happiness.

Aquarius man and Libra woman — family and relationships

The couple will always find a common language that plays to increase the compatibility of the union of these zodiac signs.

When a boy and a girl meet, they understand from the first seconds that they have a lot in common and the wedding is just around the corner.

The horoscope is also on their side.

Marriage for Aquarius men and Libra women — a business union, a creative couple, a cell for a breakthrough into the world. They are able to accurately emphasize, strengthen the strengths of their partner, which leads to success in society

Aquarius is sometimes obstinate, which creates additional problems for Libra. Weights have to send their half in the right direction. This can lead to numerous quarrels.

Although rather it is not a conflict, but an intellectual discussion. As they say «the truth is born in the discussion.»

This is what brings together and increases the overall compatibility of characters. After going through the stage of the dispute, they understand what they really need, and what should be discarded.

New goals are being found, harmony in the family and love are increasing.

So, according to the horoscope such discharges are sometimes needed for these signs of the zodiac.

In such a union, in most cases, the Libra woman takes the leading position — becoming the head of the family.

Everything is simple here — this woman is intelligent, stable, thorough in her actions. She makes decisions.

This does not mean that the husband submits to his wife, he just rests on making important decisions.

Or just can not make decisions — it does not matter. If she succeeds better, so be it.

Although some individuals perceive this position as a stone in their garden, which affects their manhood.

Such individuals can leave the family to find other relationships, where they will dominate in the couple, in sex and love.

If a woman does everything right, then the couple will have a happy and long married life.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

In such a pair, the horoscope advises the woman to be patient, to look at her husband, to his interests.

Libra and Aquarius — friendship, business and business relations

To work in pairs — these are the ideal partners. For Libra better assistant than Aquarius is not found.

The horoscope predicts success of such partners in common projects.

Dexterity, intelligence, eloquence are common features of the signs of the zodiac. The horoscope recommends that such people work in the field of intellectual work in order to achieve success in business.

The horoscope does not advise Libra to work with Aquarius in a business where huge money is spinning and you need an analytical mind. Here artistry does not overlap the costs of projects.

When they have a business relationship, Libra and Aquarius become good friends. They immediately understand that they are ready to help their partner.

For Libra, friendship is sometimes more important than financial profit.

In friendship, Libra and Aquarius value freedom — this is their credo, slogan. In friendship, these zodiac signs have good compatibility.

It doesn’t matter if a man is a friend of a man or a woman. They have a lot in common, so the floor is in the background.

There is no encroachment on personal freedom, on the opinion of another person. Tolerance and respect for other views.

They love to travel together or party. Libra and Aquarius are loyal friends.

Libra and Aquarius — how long can their relationship

These signs of the zodiac can make a harmonious couple. But only if they take into account some peculiarities of their character and others, and will be able to adapt to their manifestation in everyday life and love.

Men and women are advised to study the recommendations of astrologers in advance, then everything will turn out and the marriage will be stable and happy.

Aquarius and Libra — compatibility in love

Both signs refer to the element of air. Therefore, such people communicate a lot both among themselves and with others.

On the one hand, this is good, but on the other hand, this situation can cause jealousy and quarrels. In order to avoid such problems, it is necessary to agree in advance on some rules of behavior with each other and with others.

Then communication will be easy and carefree.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

Libra and Aquarius compatibility in love relationships is possible if:

  1. They give up outright flirting with other people.
  2. The couple will try to make common friends.
  3. Both people will learn to restrain emotions during quarrels.

Libra and Aquarius in bed

The sexual life of the couple is very rich. Union Libra and Aquarius is filled with blatant emotions, and this is manifested in bed.

Each partner is trying to bring something new to the sex life.

Libra and Aquarius compatibility signs, according to astrology, show a close and based on the burden of experimentation.

Bored in bed, they will not be absolutely sure, because the representatives of the air element are sexy and relaxed.

Libra and Aquarius — compatibility in marriage

Matrimonial union of these people can be perfect. But only if, if they limit themselves somewhat in the realization of their own interests and plans.

The probability of a happy marriage is great, even considering that each of them has a not too pleasant character trait — a pronounced egoism. Because of him, the situation could be catastrophic.

Libra and Aquarius compatibility in family life main features:

  1. Much more chance for a couple where the guy was born in September-October. Then he will take over the planning of expenses and questions of making money completely, and the responsibility of the girl, with whom she will cope perfectly, will be to create comfort in the house.
  2. Chances of a happy marriage are high if people marry after 28-30 years.
  3. In the union, the male Aquarius female Libra guy often does not pay attention to material well-being, does not seek to build a career. The girl rarely arranges such behavior.

Libra and Aquarius — compatibility in friendship

Such a relationship is doomed to success. Aquarius and Libra often become friends as a child, and it often lasts throughout life.

Easy to communicate, not too touchy, positive and fun-loving people get along great with each other.

They do not seek to suppress a friend and take a leadership position, do not interfere in personal life and do not give unnecessary advice. Therefore, the answer to the question and whether Libra and Aquarius are suitable as friends for each other will definitely be in the affirmative.

Compatibility of scales and Aquarius: problems in a pair, work on relationships

Such relationships bring only positive emotions.

Scales and Aquarius in work

Business links between these signs are strong and bring considerable success. But only if the duties were correctly distributed between them.

Libra and Aquarius fit each other in character, style of thinking.

But this is not enough to achieve material success. We’ll have to agree in advance on who will deal with finance.

Mostly suitable for this role are people born in September-October, responsible and able to save.

Compatibility Libra and Aquarius in different areas of life is good. But it should be understood that success depends not only on character traits and predispositions.

If each person starts to control himself and his behavior, to listen to the requests of the other, then the relationship will develop just fine.

Therefore, the recommendations of astrologers are important, but not more than the ability to restrain their desires and emotions.

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