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Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

What happens if you combine two signs, governed by the planet of love? A union full of romance and idealism?

Or is such a relationship just the same as castles in the air? For Libra and Taurus, for which attraction can be instantaneous, the astrological forecast is quite favorable, although with some “but”.

Taurus and Libra — compatibility in love

The relationship between Taurus and Libra is a challenge for each of them, both signs are controlled by Venus, but represent its different properties:

  1. Taurus loves comfort and relies on a sense of touch and taste.
  2. Libra — crave beauty and rely on their vision and smell.

If attraction has arisen between these two, they may go insane from love, but they are often cautious before entering into a romantic relationship. Taurus is often hidden and does not leave Libra the opportunity to know himself, and Libra has been concerned about finding flaws for too long.

Guided by Venus, Taurus and Libra, high compatibility is shown with signs controlled by Mars.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

But this does not give an unambiguously negative answer to the question whether Taurus and Libra are compatible.

They, like some kind of opposites, can balance each other:

  1. Taurus will help oscillating Libra to be firm and resolute.
  2. The scales will open up various sides of the problem to Taurus and save them from making a hasty decision.

Taurus and Libra — compatibility in marriage

Taurus and Libra have many common interests. Both romantic souls love and appreciate art.

If Taurus and Libra create a family, their home will be warm and cozy, ideal for home celebrations. An excellent alliance!

What is behind the screen? To understand how the two signs of Libra Taurus are combined, it is worth remembering which elements they belong to:

  1. Taurus — a sign of the Earth, thinks calmly and logically.
  2. Libra — airy, constantly talking about everything on his mind. Taurus finds this annoying.

When the ground meets the air, a sandstorm occurs. Approximately it is possible to describe the union «woman-Libra male Taurus».

It is a cardinal and active sign, always on the move and full of ideas, the stubbornness of Taurus can upset her greatly. This conflict between the fixed sign (which is Taurus) and the cardinal lies at the heart of the problems associated with their compatibility.

The mythical archetype of Libra is an idealist: everything must be perfect for them. In relationships, they will constantly try to improve the life of a couple, material and emotional. Scales focus on how everything could be and should be.

Taurus, on the other hand, is quite realistic about what is happening in life.

Taurus and Libra — compatibility in sex

Taurus and Libra in sex have points of contact, but each has its own approach to Venus as a planet of sexual pleasure. It’s all a matter of high planets:

  • at Taurus — the Moon;
  • Libra is Saturn.

Taurus cares about the emotions and tenderness of sexual relations, Libra wants good and long sex. No matter how different they are, both Taurus and Libra are controlled by the planet of love, and they are attracted to each other.

They are able to settle their differences and try to find out about the “other side of Venus” instead of waiting for the impossible from each other.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

Both gentle lovers, and with sufficient patience can create a wonderful union.

Taurus and Libra — compatibility in friendship

Taurus and Libra compatibility in friendship have a high, communication between these two signs looks as if the two parts of one whole meet.

Sophisticated nature leads both to art and culture.

Common desires and goals lead to the formation of a close friendship. However, this similarity of interests may not appear immediately — at first glance it is not noticeable.

But the more Taurus and Libra will recognize each other, the more common interests they will find that they will develop mutual admiration.

Taurus and Libra — colleagues

How compatible are Taurus and Libra at work and in business? As business partners, they can play a great game.

Together they are able to find an unoccupied niche and shake the market with a successful product or service. As colleagues working in the same company, they are unlikely to become enemies, but they will not be close.

Everyone has their own understanding of the importance of work, and this makes them wary of each other:

  • For Taurus, stable wages and comfortable working conditions are important;
  • Weights need to develop relationships in a team.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

Compatible Taurus women and men Libra

Let’s talk about the compatibility of Taurus women and Libra men. Most likely, the Heifer is not the ultimate dream of a male representative born under the constellation Libra, but she has a big plus — she knows how to rejoice in the same trifles as he — tasty food, beautiful things and interesting pastime — going to the theater, cinema or exhibitions .

Of course, Libra is a more sophisticated personality than the mundane lady of Taurus, but still they can make a wonderful duet. She will take care of life and family, periodically pushing her partner to exploits at work, which will annoy him greatly, but he will not dare to argue.

Is that a bit like offended, but then he realizes that his lady is right, and begins to act. From the side it may seem that Taurus puts pressure on Libra with his authority, but in reality it is not so, because she has a calm and balanced character, which means she will not quarrel over trifles, it is important for her not to harm the feelings of her man, who is always eager to leadership.

This pair will have a strong and comfortable union, where a sensible woman will be neck for her head of the family, born under the sign of the zodiac Libra.

Love compatibility

Making a love relationship, the Taurus woman and the Libra man are usually tuned to a long and serious relationship and good compatibility. She sees in him the one and only, for which she is ready to move mountains.

He admires her beauty and charm, because Libra is notable connoisseurs of everything beautiful and elegant. However, after some time both will understand that the initial impression was deceptive: Taurus is certainly charming and attractive, but, according to Libra, a bit boring and mundane.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

She will see that her lover does not appreciate her efforts, which will hurt her a lot and even offend her.

However, even if they are disappointed, they will not part, as he realizes that she will not find such an ideal soul mate: a good housewife, an excellent psychologist, a great mother and a career woman, if necessary, she can take on the role of the family breadwinner.

With her like a stone wall. Telka is important stability and attention to her, which gives her a romantic man Libra — bouquets of flowers for no reason, surprises and unexpected declarations of love.

In short, they can be called an ideal pair, the main thing is to learn to be tolerant of each other’s shortcomings, which they will do in time.

In intimate compatibility, this pair will have no problems: the Libra men will add romance, tenderness and warmth to a close relationship with a woman Taurus, and moreover, unobtrusively, as if playfully.

The heifer will be persistent and initiative, she will want to rule, Libra will be happy to hand over the reins in bed to her: they are emotional, of course, but they are able to analyze the situation and come to a compromise conclusion.

On this basis, we can conclude that in bed the partners will be completely satisfied: the man will get everything he wants, and the woman will be pleased with her role as the head of the intimate process. Thus, the compatibility of Libra and Taurus is indisputable, it is an excellent couple, able to bring a zest to their intimate relationships.

Scales are romantics and dreamers, so quite often they can “dream” that the problems will go away by themselves, which is very annoying to the practical Chick — she sees a goal that she always goes to, and therefore she can deal with troubles all at once and with her own efforts.

She is freedom-loving, because at the beginning of family life, the spouse immediately confronts the fact that she does not agree to affection, which will tie her hand and foot, which will disappoint Libra a little.

However, over time, he will accept that she will choose a quiet evening at home, rather than tumultuous gatherings with friends.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

As a result, they will come to a compromise — the husband has fun with friends, and she — with the family, take care of household chores and worries.

The main thing is that Libra does not give a reason for jealousy, otherwise there may be serious problems, both for the spouse and for the one to whom he was jealous — Taurus is better not to freak out!

Both partners are ready for a change in themselves for the sake of love, so they will work on themselves both physically and spiritually. The only thing that can cause problems is the lack of a Libra, which the pedantic Taurus cannot stand.

It will be very difficult for her to cope with the fact that he is constantly late, does not keep her promises and forgets important events of their family life. But he will not fix it, so she will have to accept and accept her beloved as a big child, for whom you forgive a lot, gradually directing him in the right direction.

By the way, it is because of this quality that children in such a family very quickly realize that dad is their friend and comrade who is always on their side, and mom is strict but fair, and it’s better not to joke with her.

If Libra man and Taurus woman are interested in business, then you can count on excellent compatibility.

They will have an ideal working couple, where he will be the brain — to think and make contacts, she, as a practical person, lowers him to the ground during the construction of castles in the air, they really love Libra to dream, and also to do the rough work.

Although if they do not work together, the Libra will lose its initial fuse and shirk work, so Taurus will have to do everything himself.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

Chief — female Taurus, subordinate — male Libra
The ideal relationship for these signs: she pushes him in anticipation of the results, and he, resisting, still performs the task given to him. Due to the fact that the head of Taurus — a woman, she will be able to lead gently and unobtrusively, so as not to offend the vulnerable and proud man Libra.

Head — Libra man, subordinate — Taurus woman
Scales are skillful leaders, and Taurus is an ideal performer, they do not know how to do something poorly, so this couple will show an excellent working result, even if there is a psychological discrepancy.

Only Libra needs to remember that even in anger it is in no way unacceptable to raise your voice to your subordinate, especially if you are not sure that you are right.

They are great friends. The chick pulls to a calm and gentle representative of the sign of Libra.

He also gives her inner harmony and opens in her new facets of beauty, such a Taurus who is not always confident of her attractiveness to a woman.

She is a conflict-free person, but rather touchy, although rarely when she shows it to those around her, so she needs a vest so much that you can cry. The role of the vest on yourself will take a friend-Libra.

In addition, he will indicate how to build a more harmonious relationship with people, teach not to hide their emotions, but at the same time, without expressing anger.

Taurus will help Libra to become more assertive and firmer, most likely, she will push him to learn a new profession or change jobs to a more paid one, for which he will be very grateful.

They are also united by the ability to appreciate beauty — they often visit exhibitions together for a long time discussing what they see in a quiet and relaxing cafe.

They always have something to talk about. If the Taurus and Libra friends during the friendship have not yet got the second half, then there is a high probability that they can in some time become a love couple.

When they are already in a relationship, they will never overstep the line of what is permitted — a strong friendship and nothing more!

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

Compatibility Percentage

Compatibility of Libra men and Taurus women by 80%. They are ready to create a harmonious union, but there is always a small nuance that can cause quarrels and disagreements — the material obsession of Taurus, the inattention of Libra and the desire of both to redo each other.

You should not do this, otherwise you can break even the long-standing strong relationship of the couple and the love of these zodiac signs.

Taurus and Libra: Romance and Love

This couple builds their relationship gradually, adjusting to each other and changing themselves. Taurus is not satisfied with the views on life, which adhere to Libra.

At the same time, he is not particularly worried about whether his partner’s outlook likes him. At the same time, the scales require a Taurus a proper standard of living, for which the Taurus is forced to work at the limit of its capabilities.

At Taurus, the concept of friendship is somewhat narrower than that of Libra, and he is trying to squeeze relations with the scales into his framework. On the other hand, Taurus is sincere and hot in relationships, and Libra has coldness and a certain detachment.

The in love Taurus is capable of insane acts, and the scales try to direct the energy of Taurus in the right direction.

Scales strive for success in society. And Taurus makes their way.

Both partners want to live beautifully, so they are working hard to improve their financial situation.

They earn money together and spend it together. However, the harmony of the couple develops only until one of them (or both) reaches the social peak.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

When there is nothing more to strive for, the couple falls apart.

Taurus-Libra pair compatibility table

Taurus and Libra Average Average Average

Taurus and Libra — Compatibility in Love and Marriage

Many people are interested in horoscopes today, even those who claim that they do not believe in those. Some are directly interested in personal compatibility with one or another zodiac sign, let’s talk about this.

Compatibility of the Libra and Taurus marks — this particular “sweet couple” will be discussed in this article, and we will immediately clarify that both of these marks are under the control of Venus (the first one to a lesser extent), constantly competing and competing with each other.

To consider that Taurus is stronger, because it is a representative of the earth element — not true, air Libra is also active, and you should not underestimate them, believe me, they do not differ in weak will.

Their sociability and gentleness should not mislead anyone, since behind the external manifestations of peace and obedience lies a strong, sometimes uncompromising spirit and prudence.

They succeed in achieving the goals set due to the natural charm, which is the merit of Venus, which significantly cheated Taurus with the same quality. Let’s talk about everything in more detail.

Indeed, to suspect this couple in a strong friendship is quite problematic. After all, Libra seems to have completely different life values. After all, they are more focused on achieving a certain social status, on secular events that require substantial financial investments and on other similar goals.

Then, as Taurus does not differ generosity, they are characterized by isolation.

The compatibility of Libra and Taurus in business is difficult to predict. In principle, their cooperation can be fruitful under the condition of working under the direction of a person born under a different zodiac sign.

Practicality, inertness and patience of Taurus, with his penchant for specifics and tangible activity, can be successfully combined with Libra’s ability to perfectly establish contacts with others, including business partners.

Venus warns both of these signs about the need to comply with the laws, but only Tauruses clearly listen to this kind of advice, while Libra is not inclined to follow each of their letters. In the relationship of Libra and Taurus there are always stubbornness on the part of the first and pride on the other, which creates a major problem.

Immediately it should be said that in life everything is possible, and astrology does not deny the likelihood of attraction of attraction on the physical level between these zodiac signs.

It should be said that the compatibility of the signs Libra and Taurus in the love sphere is very controversial, and the stars are skeptical of such a union.

The fact is that Libra is often prone to say verbally about his sensuality and passion.

A pair of Taurus and Libra: what will tell the horoscope

The horoscope of compatibility often surprises even astrologers who have eaten a dog on predictions. Very often, a pair of Taurus and Libra becomes unpredictable in its development.

These signs are not very comfortable with each other, because whether it is a man or a woman, Taurus is very stubborn and self-willed, and Libra wants to incline him to his side.

In this situation, the novel can be stormy, but fast. In love and marriage, they will not get along, and children will suffer because of the constant war in the house for the right to championship.

For these zodiac signs friendship will be the best solution.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

But sometimes, they meet in order to build a very happy love union for all evil. Such couples are strong, with humor perceive their own difficulties.


Very often couples stack up impulsively. Stars push people to each other, although their compatibility is zero. Usually, in this case, a strong friendship is obtained from a failed love.

People tried, they did not work, but why leave forever? Leave yourself a chance, but for now — just friends.

A man and a woman in their love relationships are looking for only one thing — harmony. If not, then this love is no longer love.

Love should not bring suffering, disappointment.

Why is it necessary, if someone in a pair, or both, is capable of treason? A pair of Taurus and Libra in different combinations, usually not very similar to each other.

They are alien to the interests of each other.

How can a successful union come out of this, many ask? Can.

Especially if both are already 30 years old.

In general, if the compatibility horoscope does not please at the age of 18, then at 30-40 it no longer matters so much. Life experience enables us to curb our negative impulses. Of course, not always and not for everyone, but it is.

Such a pair is already developing more successfully. They know how to look at themselves, their love and differences with humor.

The signs of the zodiac Taurus and Libra compatibility is usually estimated at 50%. It cannot be said that they do not fit together at all — there are many positive examples of very successful unions.

But, nevertheless, usually the horoscope does not please the couple who reads it. Since the beginning of a turbulent romance, and then cooling.

Whoever cools first is easier for him, because the second is still in love.

If you are ready for the fact that you really need to work in this love relationship, then you should try. Will have to work every day:

  • restrain yourself in one place, give free rein to feelings in another;
  • condescend to the interests of the partner (For Taurus);
  • understand that not all people are hopeless (for the sign of Libra).

Both have problems with expressing emotions, but with different signs. Taurus can not hold back feelings, and Libra always measure everything in grams.


Being different, but together — not so bad, you see. A partner can give you his new world, and you give him yours.

This builds a close relationship that arises from the first minutes of communication. Couples are very interesting if you consider not only the classical, but also the Chinese horoscope.

For example, if Taurus is a Dog, or Tiger by the year of birth, then the chances of being paired with Libra are much higher.

These wise animals allow you to smooth the sharp corners of the character of Taurus. Be it a boy or a girl, everything becomes easier.

In general, Tiger and Dog are one of the most peaceful signs of the Eastern calendar. The tiger does not needlessly accept its enraged essence, but, on the contrary, it looks with dignity at what is happening.

If this is Libra for the year of birth of the Dog, then it is much easier with them. Such a woman can be very «home», loving children and comfort. Build with her love is much easier and more enjoyable.

But Libra Tiger is a dangerous and ferocious man. For these zodiac signs, coincidence with the Eastern horoscope should be taken into account if you want to more accurately understand the nature and character of your partner.

Taurus man, Libra woman

Male Taurus is an interesting person.

He is always engaged in his business, he is in his place.

These people are thorough, whole. Although it happens to have an explosive character. This is a combination with the sign Tiger, most often.

Friendship with him is more pleasant than love.

If your beloved male is Taurus, then be patient. He has so many plans in his head that he postponed until later, that now there is no time left to live. All in the future.

In love and love relationships, his main credo is to hit his partner.

“Taurus-man — Libra-woman, whose compatibility is not at a very high level, still have a lot in common. This is romance, love of art, the desire to make the house more comfortable and beautiful.

Libra can inspire Taurus, and he, in turn, instills in her a sense of confidence. They can talk long and lively, make plans for the future and share the most secret. ”

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

There will be a beautiful love, because the man Taurus knows how to care, give signs of attention, he remembers holidays and dates. To disappoint him simply, in fact.

For example, inattention to what is important to him.

For these signs of the zodiac, love is above all, because life without love has no meaning. He’s looking for.

If the man is Taurus, and even the Tiger is not in love right now, then he is definitely in search of love — do not miss your chance.

This is a faithful and honest man who will go on treason only as a last resort, and then will regret it.

Woman Libra knows how to be on top. That is why her horoscope compatibility with most other zodiac signs is so complicated. But Taurus encourages all its initiatives.

If the woman is Libra according to the eastern horoscope Dog or Tiger, it will give the relationship of passion. Moreover, Libra Dog can easily change its views on life, start thinking the same way as its partner.

In all aspects, you need to look at a couple after 2-3 years of marriage, then it will be clear if they have a future. Then the horoscope will clearly show on the problems and opportunities in the pair. A Libra woman knows how to love, although rarely shows it.

It is easier for her, so that the man himself will guess her feelings.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work


Taurus and Libra are in no hurry to marry.

A woman here believes that it is better to be together, but free, than to immediately jump down the aisle.

For both signs of the zodiac it is in general to love your freedom, not to be scattered about it.

Marriages smooth out the irregularities of their single life. If a man Taurus was already married, then he knows how easy it is to destroy everything, if you think only about your feelings.

Advice from an astrologer for a couple

These signs have problem compatibility, so you need to spend more time together. Common interest, participation in the common cause will help the couple rally.

Do not forget that your partner also feels, loves, suffers. Do not leave his feelings without attention.

Then the horoscope promises to be successful for life.

Libra man, Taurus woman

A wonderful man in all respects Libra in love is not very generous with compliments and gifts. He wants to show his partner that he needs to be rewarded.

That’s why it’s hard to get good compatibility for this mark. Not every woman is willing to put up with the fact that she must deserve love.

If the Libra man is also a Dog according to the eastern horoscope, then this complicates the matter.

He becomes an avid homebody who sees happiness only with his family.

Taurus woman can love. This is not to take away from anyone.

Sometimes it even seems that she can fall in love with any man if the Stars are like that and they crossed.

A girl or woman has been looking for a real partner for a long time, and those who are temporary — also give them their warmth and care. In her work she can be a cynic, but at home with her beloved she is gentle, soft and playful.

Among all the signs of the zodiac, the combination of women Taurus and Dog is considered the most surprisingly harmonious.

In general, horoscope compatibility says that this couple should be happy if they do not spoil everything themselves. With Scales is not easy, it is understandable.

Especially if the Tiger is mixed in here.

Taurus can be painfully aware of the way in which Libra lives life, because it deprives them of so many pleasures. Taurus woman makes money easily, spends it easily.

This can not be said about the partner.

Scales for money have cravings, money is very important to them.


A love horoscope for such a pair is more successful than in the combination of Male Taurus.

He does not bring his male energy balance into a pair.

They have a quick beautiful wedding, many friends and relatives who bring gifts and greetings.

Family life will go well after both understand that there is no “I” in the family, but there are two individuals who need not only respect, but also attention. Taurus woman and dog usually like to work at home or create.

This way she can earn enough to contribute to the family budget.

Advice from an astrologer for a couple

Compatibility for these zodiac signs comes with age. If at the beginning both doubt the appropriateness of the relationship, then after a few years, everything is fine.

He is such, this Taurus, can withstand everything. But do not expose your love to trials of betrayal and scandal.

It is better to try to take a partner with all the shortcomings, then the advantages will become clearer.

Taurus and other zodiac signs

Cautious Taurus (20 — 20 ) really only open to rare people. They are always distinguished by iron restraint and indestructible calm.

Incredibly patient in relationships, but behind external balance often lingering insults and serious passions seethe.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

The union with a solid Taurus is usually quite strong, representatives of this earthly sign are secretly afraid to change anything. After a long relationship, you must still try to break the annoying relationship.

In friendship and partnership they are extraordinarily reliable, they always help out in the most critical situation.

Aries — opposites attract

The energy of the fire sign gives the sharpness of a too measured life to the representative of the earth element. An impulsive Aries often infuriates the balance of Taurus, which only exacerbates conflicts.

These are two extremes, the characters of which are united only by stubbornness, but with time they become friends with friends simply excellent.

In sex, the two signs are incredibly compatible, hot Aries wonderfully suits Taurus with his huge love appetites. Marriage is very difficult, they will not be boring together for sure.

Taurus — two pragmatists

Their characters are too similar, in the presence of common interests friendship is quite possible. Two so pragmatic people will definitely find a common language.

The marriage union is very calm, together they will be incredibly boring.

They can be together only if they are united by something else besides love, for example, intimate friendly relations. Often, such a marriage is very similar to the usual hostel.

There are likely quarrels where one stubborn person will never yield to another.

Gemini — rivalry and contradictions

The extraordinary interests of Gemini attract Taurus very much, but relations, friendship, and partnership between representatives of such different signs rarely last long. Vivid impressions can quickly be replaced by disappointment.

In marriage, they often compete with each other, the boy will persistently try to win power, and the girl is unlikely to yield. Taurus is also annoyed by the excessive talkativeness of Gemini, often he considers the careless partner too unreliable.

Cancer is the perfect union

Incredibly compatible in all areas of life. Both are avid homebody, and Cancer’s caring is incredibly appealing to the practical Taurus.

Representatives of signs are often friends from early childhood, and there is always mutual understanding between them.

In marriage, relationships are usually very close, Cancer perfectly understands the hidden feelings of a spouse, and Taurus rationality in financial matters helps family relationships.

They are united by a constant desire for a stable existence, family comfort, a sense of duty towards relatives.

Leo — a holiday and everyday life

The Royal Lion and Taurus, solid and appreciating material beauty, feel a strong mutual attraction. The holiday man, spectacular, imposing, attractive always evokes the sympathy of the sign representative under the auspices of Venus.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

Their union can destroy only everyday domestic failures, which often darken interesting relationships and become the cause of hostility. Different Leo and Taurus also rarely agree on financial matters.

The aristocratic ferocity of one faces the rational stinginess of the other.

Virgo — practical relationship

The similarity of views, general conservatism, seriousness, practicality make the relationship harmonious, but sex insatiable Taurus due to some puritanism of the Virgin seems too bland. Their family will be exemplary, these spouses will bring up children ideally.

The girl in such a marriage has great power, and the guy is happy to solve important domestic issues.

In business, the thoroughness, prudence, accuracy of the Virgin will greatly complement the stubbornness, pragmatism, diligence of Taurus. There may be petty conflicts, trivial disputes caused by the stubbornness of one and some tediousness of the other.

Scales — harmony and practicality

Balance Taurus often helps restless Libra to find harmony. The solidity and stubbornness of the earthly sign in their union complements the mind of the strongest representative of the air element.

Their joint work often ends in success; in friendship, the intellectual Libra somewhat dilutes the pragmatic earthiness of Taurus, together they become very useful teachers to each other. Both consider the marriage union from the practical side, each spouse sees in it his own self-interest.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

Scorpio — attraction and contradictions

There is a mutual attraction between signs, but long-term relationships are extremely problematic. If Taurus somewhat keeps his own stubbornness, he will obviously have something to learn from the emotional Scorpio.

In a pair, they are able to intuitively feel each other and touchingly empathize, but their aspirations are usually strictly opposite.

Friendship will be incredibly useful and precisely contributes to the self-development of both partners.

Sagittarius — the main balance

The freedom-loving Sagittarius is very attracted to the sensitive Taurus. In business, partners often achieve dizzying success thanks to global plans, the courage of one and balanced practicality, the diligence of another.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

Friendship is very possible, such relationships ground a little inclined to dreams of the common good of Sagittarius, and Taurus will be forced to get out of the daily routine. The marriage union is quite problematic — to gain understanding, it will be extremely difficult to reach an agreement.

Capricorn — realism and understanding

The forecast of mutual relations of representatives of two having so many signs of the zodiac is favorable. Substantial Taurus and Capricorn are successful in joint affairs, both are distinguished by a rational practical approach, decency, perseverance. Friendly relations are full of mutual understanding.

Both are realistic, so it is extremely easy for them to communicate.

Taurus and Capricorn create a strong marriage, but without a special romance, which is practically not important here, they value the loyalty of a partner more.

Aquarius — freedom or comfort?

A cautious Taurus may at first be suspicious of the sparkling friendliness of Aquarius, but after their relationship will become strong, despite the shyness of one and the detachment of the other.

The union promises to be interesting if in a couple Taurus is a guy, but conflicts are too possible. Aquarius too appreciates freedom, such a girl does not tolerate a measured comfortable existence.

In business, Taurus willingly embodies the bold intentions of a partner, it is easy for them to become successful.

Fish — Difficulties of Understanding

Unstable relationship, common between the characters is small. Taurus seems incomprehensible desire of a partner to some high ideals, he knows no empty dreams, this is a man of concrete actions.

A practical representative of the earth sign can direct the imagination of a colleague or friend in the necessary direction, which will help to benefit both.

Sly Pisces will easily become the main ones in marriage, despite its outward weakness of character. Understanding is almost impossible, both live in opposite worlds.

Pisces should be sensitive and warm to try to strengthen their union.

A patient Taurus can create strong relationships with almost any sign, but excessive stubbornness and earthiness will quite easily destroy a partnership or marriage created with great difficulty. A pragmatic approach to any business and his loyalty allow people to consider Taurus to be extremely reliable; to achieve harmony, this representative of the Earth sign needs to become a little more romantic.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

Character features of Taurus

When people are going to unite their destinies, it is especially important that their union is conditioned not only by physical attraction. You should always pay attention to the compatibility of characters, common interests, unity of goals and many other factors.

One of them is the question of the harmonious union of zodiac signs.

Possible compatibility issues

If we proceed from the fact that the same planet, Venus, controls both the terrestrial Earth Taurus and the non-permanent Air Scales, we can immediately assume that the compatibility of these two signs will be, if not perfect, then definitely meaningful.

However, it is impossible to make hasty conclusions only on the grounds that the Earth is unshakable and stable, and the Air is gentle and tender. The bowels of the Earth at any time can erupt into an unprecedented earthquake, destroying everything that was created by overwork.

And light air at any second can turn into an irresistible tornado, demolishing everything in its path. That is why Taurus should not rely on the fact that their strength and heaviness will be able to suppress the necessary and compliant Libra to the extent necessary.

Libra is generally a rather soft sign, controversial, doubting and always in search of mutually beneficial solutions. But this does not prevent him from possessing a remarkable mind, which resists the rough onslaught of the temperamental Taurus.

It is useful here and innate charm, which is inherent in almost every representative of the sign of Libra.

The influence of Venus on the signs

The influence of Venus on Taurus is expressed mostly in the unwillingness to find problems for themselves. In any situation, Taurus tries to find the least traumatic way and avoid trouble.

It is for this reason that Taurus jealously observe almost any laws, both morals and state codes — out of sheer desire not to be punished for their violation.

Taurus zealously monitors the moral stability of its loved ones, not allowing them to violate generally accepted norms and terribly offended even when someone throws garbage past an urn.

As for Libra, Venus is more of a stimulant for them, prompting them to always and everywhere prove to anyone their case. Any dispute on interests Libra can turn into a real battle, where any arguments are used.

Often in the heat of such a dispute, Libra loses ground and can move from rational arguments to juggling and even insults.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

Here, an alliance with Taurus would be most welcome — for the most part, a calm, down-to-earth Taurus is able to cool the rage of the raging Libra and return the discussion to a peaceful course.


In some specific and even slow-moving Taurus in places it will be quite difficult to harmonize with the unstable rhythm of restless Libra.

They can be annoyed by endless searches and throwing, from the choice of toothpaste to the place of work.

They do not see the fundamental difference between insignificant trifles, whereas Libra, for complete harmony, needs to be absolutely sure in the choice.

For a successful union, which will arrange both of these so different signs, Taurus must be a little more patient with the characteristics of its companion.

Yielding to Libra in disputes that are of no fundamental importance for their life, Taurus is likely to find that harmony that is lacking in his alliance with Libra. And Libra, so as not to torture half of the trifles, is often to solve minor problems on their own.

In general, the union of Taurus and Libra is quite successful in the sense that the representatives of these signs will most likely always be interesting to each other, like unread books.

The Earth will always be curious where the indefatigable Air draws energy for endless rushing, and the Air, in turn, will constantly torment the question: how does the Earth manage to keep mental balance and peace when serious passions are raging around.

In the end, it can be concluded that for a happy and long family life two different signs — an unruffled Taurus and restless Libra — first of all, you need to learn how to listen and hear each other. And when the dialogue of two loving hearts is established, no contradictions can prevent their compatibility.

Compatibility of Taurus men and Libra men in friendship

  • Friendship Compatibility: 84%
  • Family compatibility: 77%
  • Compatibility at work: 88%

Relations Taurus and Libra are built gradually, they are drawn to each other. Men have a lot in common, but some differences affect the communication of characters.

Compatibility at work

Signs can build a successful business union. Taurus is practical, visionary and hardworking, and Libra knows how to find an approach to people.

In addition, Libra does not differ conflict and in some situations, balance the hot Taurus. Negotiating is better to entrust the Libra, and Taurus consider money perfectly.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

Family relationships

Both men are aimed at social success, material wealth is important to them.

They love beautiful things, new gadgets, so the family is trying to provide maximum household comfort.

In the case of material security, relations develop without conflict, but if a family is in a financial crisis, then men begin to quarrel.

Brother Compatibility

The brothers have a great relationship, with a small difference in age, they always find games of interest.

If Taurus is older, then he will find, than to entice a brother, also the young man Libra can establish contact with the younger. Signs know how to be friends, they have something to do together.

Libra and Taurus: will such a union be long?

Taurus and Libra. Understanding

Both signs are ruled by Venus, the most mysterious planet of the solar system. Everything in it is not like the others.

It even rotates in the opposite direction.

Venus has an equally strong influence on its wards, despite the fact that both Taurus and Libra have dissimilar characters and belong to different elements.

Their relationship and compatibility of Libra and Taurus are based solely on mutual understanding and a clear distribution of who plays the role of the lead, and who — the slave.

The sign of Air Libra is by no means an ephemeral creature. Endowed with a hurricane passion of an airmark in the most active phase, Libra can be like a typhoon. And then Taurus, as an earthly sign, will not be sweet, although it is a rather distinctive and strong sign.

The idea that a strong Taurus can hoof the priest with the most charming sign of the whole trigon bears absurdities.

The quality tandem of Taurus and Libra perfectly resists the onslaught of the signs of Fire, despite the destructive power of the latter. Without air, the fire suffocates, and the eruption dries out.

The compatibility of Libra and Taurus is based on the logic of each action and the game of the mind.

The subtlety and the use of the gentleness of manners, character and Venusian temptations is a defensive reaction, camouflaging the true behavior of Libra, regardless of whether he is a man or a woman. Taurus goes on about the occasion, until-time, until his true ruler, imperious and not compromising, Chiron, the planet guiding the principles of secret strategy and power, turns on.

At the same time, the planet Chiron gives the bulls great patience, thanks to which people born under this sign can wait very long.

Character traits

In order to compile a Taurus and Libra horoscope, it is necessary to take into account all the subtleties and peculiarities of the nature of each of the signs of the Zodiac. Their common features are based on the planetary impact and belonging to one of the four elements.

Choosing an object of your own passion can take a fairly substantial amount of time for Taurus. But if the choice was made after all, no one and nothing can convince the bull of the opposite.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

To the male of Taurus, Romeo’s ardor is not peculiar. They are practical and sluggish, and, nevertheless, have a very romantic kind, which is absolutely not typical of a Taurus woman.

The fair sex of this sign is solid and strong personality, not deprived of a sound mind. A Taurus woman will never show a man her superiority over him.

On the contrary, in her rush, she in every way carries her partner along with her, skillfully avoiding all kinds of obstacles.

Compatible Taurus-man and Libra-woman

According to the type of relationship, compatibility between a male Taurus and a female Libra can be called the height of the art of enjoying life. This pair has a 100% love union, with 90% compatibility in marriage.

These two signs complement each other so much that, when living together, comfort and coziness literally flow into each sphere, be it a bedroom or a kitchen. Their goals and aspirations coincide so much that they can be attributed to an ideal marriage.

The compatibility of Libra and Taurus is a harmonious, durable, and at the same time long relationship that many may envy. Any trifle is able to bring genuine joy to the relationship of these two signs.

Problems for them simply do not exist, but there are pressing issues that will sooner or later be resolved, perhaps in a natural way.

Taurus refers to the female sign, while Libra refers to the male sign. But this fact does not mean that the Libra girl is endowed with a male character, while a Taurus boy can be like a woman.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

In this case, the signs only influence the feelings, giving a shade of masculinity to the character of the woman, and additional sensuality to the man.

If we talk about matters of the heart, then the spiritual wounds of Taurus-men heal so long and painfully that it confronts him with the need to completely conquer the woman-Libra with his own rules of the game, planning each turn in advance. It resembles a chess game in which Black starts and wins.

Things are much easier if a girl is born under a female sign, and a guy is born under a man’s sign.

Compatible Taurus-woman Scales-man

According to his type of relationship between the male Libra and the female Taurus can be called the relationship of souls. Their almost complete compatibility in love and marriage is 90%.

There is a strong, almost unshakable connection between partners, thanks to many common traits of character.

They both have the ability to create their own joys, even on trifles. This may be a shopping trip, where they will simultaneously see beautiful good-quality things, and discuss them from a single point of view.

The joy of delicious food in a tiny, but luxurious restaurant will cause a storm of emotions and genuine delight. Compatibility of Male Scales and Taurus Women is a priori non-negotiable.

Here everything is according to the rules.

She manages the household chores, happily doing the female part of the work, with all the household chores and purchases, he is taking care of his career, occasionally listening to her kindly reproaches of his indecision.

In the conditions of such ideal compatibility of Libra and Taurus, a woman herself teaches a man that she makes decisions on all the vital issues of the family independently.

Relationship coherence

Sociability of Libra and Taurus, their compatibility, whether in everyday life or in the conduct of public activity, reaches full agreement. Both he and she love a calm atmosphere filled with good music.

Compatibility of Taurus Scales: how their relationships develop in marriage, friendship, work

But unlike women, men prefer more muffled sounds and pastel colors.

Women of these zodiac signs like outright luxury, displayed in expensive fabrics, antiques, folios, exquisite dishes, expensive jewelry.

Full understanding at Taurus and Libra is manifested in the kitchen. She, as a rule, simply adores cooking, and he is always ready for laudatory odes in her address and in relation to the dishes she has prepared.

Even if, after heavy drinks, there will be a question about going to the gym to lose excess weight.

In the bedroom, the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac Libra-Taurus reaches its logical apogee. Tactile sensations of intimacy develop into a phase of their integrity, as a single organism, for which there are no problems a priori.

There is nothing surprising, because Taurus and Libra are influenced by the most mysterious planet — Venus, a symbol of love and pleasure.

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