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Compatibility of the Bull with other signs

Compatibility of the bull in the horoscope with other signs of the zodiac

Representatives of the Bull sign, as well as the animal itself, have been famous for their performance, love of work, and nobility from time immemorial. Such people never give up anything halfway. Having taken one, they go to the end, and they cannot be led astray. For them, there are no insurmountable obstacles. In friendship, love, work, they are distinguished by responsibility, reliability and demandingness. The compatibility of the Bull with other signs may be different, as there are signs with which a person may conflict, and with others it will normally communicate or even build a strong family.

Compatibility of the bull in the horoscope with other signs of the zodiac

Successful compatibility of the Bull with another sign is often associated with the age and experience of the couple, as well as with their desire to create a strong family. But the importance of the stars plays here as well. This is due to the fact that different signs are endowed with different character traits, life goals and aspirations. If the partners can agree among themselves and establish communication, then such a pair will be successful on all fronts.

Bulls are often the victims of unrequited love. Quickly ignited by passion, trying to overcome all obstacles in their path, push the mind into the background and give preference to feelings. Men and women born in the year of the Bull are especially permeable and sociable, for them there is no problem finding contact with the other person. That is why such a sign is popular among the opposite sex. According to astrologers, this is the most loving sign.

This is especially pronounced in adolescence. Unfortunately, such love of love leads them to unrequited love. If the subject of adoration is reciprocated, then the Bull’s feelings quickly fade away, as flashed and the person goes in search of a new love. This can continue for a long time until true love meets, or a period of maturity begins. In the latter case, the choice of a partner is often no longer associated with immeasurable love, but with life guidelines.

People born under this sign give themselves up completely in a relationship; they may remain in dreams for a bright cloudless future for several hours. If the subject of adoration does not reciprocate, then the Bull will not experience the best feelings, a person may even spend most of his time, forgetting everything, to build a strategy of winning the opposite sex. So it can go on for years. The feelings of a representative of a stubborn sign diminish only with the advent of a new object of adoration.

  • Practicality.
  • Neat appearance.
  • Meek and cheerful disposition.
  • The ability to surprise.
  • Punctuality.

With age, sign representatives redefine life values. The older a person is, the more he needs a partner with life values, aspirations, and the desire to create a strong family. He is no longer satisfied with youthful amorousness — only that member of the opposite sex will take a place in his heart, which shares his reference points with him. Otherwise, strong relationships can not wait. Truly strong couples can only be built with a calm person who can reason sensibly.

Passion must be present in a relationship with the Bull.

For example, the love compatibility between the Bull and the Cancers is very good, and a successful union with Taurus is also possible. But good love compatibility with Aquarius is a big question, since for Aquarius freedom is paramount. The passion and a storm of emotions representatives of the sign can get in alliance with Leo, Aries or Sagittarius. Sometimes, passion and emotion are needed by the Bulls, who may get bored by a quiet and peaceful life. But people born under this sign rarely agree to a constant passion in relationships. Everything should be in moderation. Indeed, in the first place, in compatibility with the Bull, it is he who plays the role of a stone wall and a breadwinner in a pair.

Compatibility Male Ox with other signs of the zodiac

Virtually any woman will be hard if a man displays dictatorial notes of character. That is why not every woman is ready to sacrifice herself to a relationship, becoming a docile housewife. A family with such a man should be created only after 30 years. Although such a union has some positive aspects. A man becomes a real support for his woman. This is a breadwinner for whom the family will always be in the first place. You can be sure that the male Bull will not change, being married. For him, the strength of the family is more important than fleeting hobbies. In order to build a family, a companion must possess such qualities as appeasability, humility, wisdom.

If the representative of the mark chose his ambitious companion, such a marriage would not last long, as it seeks to ensure that his companion can create comfort in the house. In addition, the curiosity and education of the companion is of no small importance for the Bull, since only by reasonable arguments and logic can she convince her lover that he is right. In relationships, a man loves power and perfect compatibility. A Bull should be with those signs of the zodiac who are suitable for such an emotional partner.

But sometimes his desire for control over everything and everything leads to the fact that the representative of the sign morally suppresses his life partner. A male representative of such a sign often does not show romance in relationships. From a man, you can’t wait for a candlelit dinner or a balloon flight. For him, love manifests itself in helping his beloved — to wash the dishes, to clean the house. And this is probably the best manifestation of love. The general compatibility of the Bull with Cancers in work and friendship is quite good, people born in these years are suitable for each other. If you look at the horoscope, then Cancer is able to put the interests of your partner above all, therefore the overall compatibility of the Bull with Cancer is almost 100%.

Compatibility of the female Bull with other signs of the zodiac

Girls Bulls are always very enterprising, romantic and responsive to various offers. These women are famous for their thrift, hospitality and taste. Due to the positive characteristics of the Bulls women, they can turn a house into a cozy hearth. Choosing such a woman for her companion’s life, almost no man loses. Woman Bull never betray or deceive. According to astrologers, the compatibility of the Bull and other signs will be good with a practical and reliable man.

Woman Bull is faithful and reliable

For a woman of such a sign, romance is not important, she prefers realism, she does not care how other people treat you. For her, walks under the moon are not as important as the opportunity to share working problems with her husband. For a woman it is important that she be heard by her chosen one. Its help is not so important as support. On a horoscope compatibility with the Bull of the woman, is most optimal with the Virgin, Scorpio and Leo. About Gemini and Pisces say that the wind is walking in their head, which is completely inappropriate. Such a union is doomed to unwillingness to hear each other and to understand, it will lead to constant quarrels.

However, one should not think that loyalty of representatives of this sign implies submission to her man in all life situations. The union with the despotic man is doomed to a speedy break. For a woman, it is important that her chosen one appreciates all her efforts. If she does not feel this, then the woman will leave. She is completely self-sufficient and without a man, that is why she cannot talk about any patience of neglecting speech.

Compatibility of the Bull with other signs on the Eastern horoscope

Many are wondering, what is the ideal compatibility of the Bull and with which of the signs, a person born this year will be able to create an exemplary family union? Representatives of the sign in question have a traditional view of life, which is why a couple’s readiness to build a family is of great importance. For the Bull, a soft sign is needed, adhering to all that is traditional.

The couple is doomed to a happy future if the Rat learns to hear and listen to its partner. Representatives of both signs know how hard money is earned and efficiently manage it. The bull serves as a guarantor of safety and reliability, and the Rat — loyalty and unlimited love.

In this union, the partners complement each other, they are connected as part of a puzzle. Despite the love of power, there will be no war in the pair. Everyone will find a niche for themselves, without interfering in the affairs of the partner.

Relationships in such a pair will be tense, because the Tigers can be overwhelmed by their authority. Different views on life, the inability to understand each other — all this will lead to quarrels. The only way out of this situation will be a change in worldview.

In theory, an alliance is possible with a cat (rabbit), but practically for both partners it will be very difficult at first. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to largely change their habits in favor of the partner. There are often situations where it becomes difficult for partners to be together, because the relationship does not have enough passion, because Rabbit (hare) is too shy. Walking to friends and entertainment can bring new emotions to their lives.

The bull will strive to drive the temperamental Horse into a certain frame, and there is not always friendship between such signs. The bull will show aggression and hot temper, which will alienate the partner, so the Horse does not suit him. To create a strong alliance, relations will have to work long and hard.

Conflict can not be avoided

The bull will have a very hard time with a fickle goat. This will lead to misunderstanding and, consequently, to conflicts. The goat will demand from the partner what he cannot give her a connection with kind — admiration and adoration. Conflicts on financial grounds are not uncommon, when partners cannot understand the constant and unjustified from their point of view spending of money.

Representatives of the sign are almost complete opposites in the nature of each other, but attracts them like magnets. But this does not last long. After some time, the Bull begins to strain the spontaneous Monkey, and its sarcasm towards him hurts. This leads to quarrels in a pair.

Not perfect, but very good combination for both characters. Similar interests and goals unite them. The only obstacle on the path to happiness can be Pig’s love for an idle lifestyle. Even if you take into account the horoscope and choose the appropriate signs of the zodiac, such a union is quite complicated.

Each representative of the sign is aimed at creating a long and harmonious relationship, which is why a couple will have a strong union. Everything is perfectly combined in it — responsiveness, mutual understanding, attraction, support, passion. Everyone gets joy, fun and admiration.

Representatives of the signs are not similar to each other, but their union can be called successful. The dragon will teach the Bull to haste, which he lacks a little, and that in turn will teach to respect the opinion and views of the partner. If a conflict is brewing in a pair, the problem must be solved immediately and not postponed for later. This is the only way to maintain harmony in relationships.

We can say that this union is the standard of family happiness. The snake in the partner will attract reliability, the ability to be a support and logical thinking. The snake will try to please the partner in everything, and he, in turn, will close his eyes to the minor flaws of the Snake. However, it is worth noting that the conservative Bull can be repelled by the turbulent past life of a partner. That is why it is necessary to carefully hide it. As they say, a lie for good.

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