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Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

Their connection could be better, but this is not a sentence. The Fire Sagittarius, an adherent of mobility and levity, is confronted with a conservative and measured Taurus.

If the family Taurus is looking for consistency, serious relations and plans to live together from the first meeting, then the second does not need commitment and strong ties. Such alliances arise in physical proximity.

And if everyone accepts the shortcomings of the other, then there is a chance for further development.

Compatibility Taurus and Sagittarius in love relationships

An incredible attraction immediately appears in love. They are supporters of passionate sex, but even here there is a difference in temperaments.

Sworn enemy — monotony.

The horoscope notes that quarrels and violent conflicts kind of encourage the couple and refresh their attitude towards the partner. It is in bed that the hottest reconciliation takes place.

Most likely, in this way they try to somehow diversify the sometimes frozen weekdays.

As friends, it is also difficult for them. Here there is rather a benefit for both.

For example, if Taurus is new, then he needs a sociable person to adapt.

But in selfless communication believe harder.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

Compatibility: male Taurus — female Sagittarius

In most cases, the beginning of their love resembles a fairy tale. But peacetime comes to an end, as soon as they realize how different personalities they are.

Sagittarius seeks to keep up with the times and takes change with great joy, sometimes even despairing about risky ventures. But he is not in a hurry to open his arms in a new way and is trying to accustom her companion to a more orderly and monotonous rhythm.

It is important for him to save her from the wind in her head and excessive sociability. This will be the basis of their contradictions and the cause of a possible break.

He wants to see his beloved homebody in his woman, who is obliged to protect the created hearth. But she is not going to limit herself to just the house.

Sagittarius is drawn to people and social activity.

In the absence of dynamics and interesting events, she is disappointed in the spouse. Routine brings to irritation, and following traditions and rituals in general takes it out of itself.

But he will fiercely defend his convictions and will not allow everyday life to stand out from the standard rut.

Complicating the situation and recriminations. But if she takes more obligations, shows herself responsible and opens up to her husband, he will also stop quibbling her minuses.

In order not to suffer an attitude, all issues should be resolved by dialogue and in calm tones.

Compatibility: female Taurus — male Sagittarius

Such a union is quite rare. Most often these are rivals or, at a minimum, they are indifferent to each other.

If for some strange reason they nevertheless came together, then cohabitation promises to be difficult. They constantly disagree and quarrel over trifles.

He sets ideals before him and does everything to achieve what he wants. But sometimes it is incredibly cynical, rectilinear and caustic.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

She tries to achieve more in practical matters. Empty fantasies are alien to her.

Things like housekeeping and caring for loved ones bring her unforgettable pleasure. But he does not like her immersion in the material, so he is looking for excuses to run away from home and talk with friends.

The more she tries to change it, the wider the abyss is formed. His irritation grows and he becomes rude.

There comes a moment when they see in front of them a cluster of shortcomings and causes for anger, and not a person with whom they once fell in love.

Having exhausted the reserves of patience, they unfold in different directions. But the old connection will be remembered as a deep emotional wound. Relationships can be maintained if they find out from the very beginning who is responsible for what.

Of course, marriage will be more like a strong friendship than love.

But the only way they can be together.

Compatibility: Taurus and Sagittarius — family life, relationships at work

These two signs are extremely difficult to get along with each other, the reason for which are endless quarrels and clash of interests. After some time, such a stormy showdown bothers primarily Sagittarius.

He prefers to get out of the situation by avoiding conflicts, less often appearing at home. This is where the discord begins.

Let us consider in more detail whether Taurus and Sagittarius are compatible.

General information

Despite the pessimistic beginning, indicating a complete incompatibility of signs, at first these zodiac signs can create a perfect pair. They selflessly love each other and make every effort to preserve the union.

But the problem is that Taurus and Sagittarius live completely in different worlds. So, the first is characterized by stability and predictability, and the second — frivolity and freedom in relationships.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

But the compatibility of «Taurus and Sagittarius» is quite possible if each partner learns to ignore the shortcomings of his half.

Sexual compatibility

In this pair of physical attraction easily takes a leadership position, overlapping even common sense. The fact is that Taurus perceives sex as an integral part of his life pleasures.

Sagittarius, in turn, is convinced that this is a manifestation of his freedom. The result is a stupid passion, which guarantees absolute harmony and understanding in sexual life.

Sagittarius Woman and Taurus Man

Such compatibility «Taurus and Sagittarius» is unlikely.

The reason is that a woman in such a couple wants to build long-term relationships only with the man with whom she has common goals in life, interests and plans.

And to find at least some similarity will be difficult. As a result, Taurus will be afraid of the pressure, energy and frankness of Sagittarius.

If the union of the couple is based only on sympathy, then the relationship will not last long.

Sagittarius male and Taurus female

In this case, the compatibility of «Taurus and Sagittarius» is more realistic, since the man in the pair is looking for mutual understanding and high feelings.

But he should be on the alert, as a woman will only play along with his ideal ideas about her for a short time.

This means that Sagittarius needs to be more attentive to his chosen one, because a Taurus woman does nothing just like that, without gain for herself.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

How to keep peace in the house?

Above is a short compatibility horoscope «Taurus and Sagittarius», but the probability of a successful union is still there. Unfortunately, they will not be able to prove their correctness to each other, as they have different views on life.

In this case, over time, Taurus learns to understand the breadth of the soul, outlook and generosity of Sagittarius, and Sagittarius — constancy and economy of Taurus. It may take more than one year for a couple to reach mutual agreement.

Often the union breaks altogether.

Relationship at work

Is “Taurus and Sagittarius” compatible at work? It can be said that cooperation goes well when it comes to finances.

Both signs love money and know how to earn it. But for the best result, each of them should deal with their own sphere, without interfering with the other.

Compatibility of the characters of the woman Sagittarius and men Taurus

What can be said about the compatibility of male Taurus and female Sagittarius?

It is difficult to imagine that such a materialist as a Taurus man may be interested in this woman. At first glance, they consist of only opposites, she is cheerful and active, but more and more, he is often silent, but really hard-working.

Even if one believes in the commonplace banality that the opposite is attracted, it is not a fact that in a collision they will not be thrown away from each other.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

However, Taurus, who can not tolerate notations and reprimands, may suddenly find that this woman does not notice the majority of his misconduct, and the rest can close their eyes.

And the Archers, who sincerely believe in the interpretation of dreams and other esoteric things, suddenly recall that they saw this man in a dream on that same lunar day, when you could see the betrothed. And that is all.

Love compatibility

A female Sagittarius is a girl like hot cakes, but fans around her do not wind up, because she already considers each of her boyfriends her future husband and behaves as if everything has been practically decided. What does not prevent her, however, change the guy in the near future, because he did not justify some of her ideas about the future spouse.

She can fall in love with Taurus already because he, too, immediately considers her his and does not plan for a long time to beat around. Of course, this does not mean that they will immediately run down the aisle, even if her man is already ready to make an offer.

Remembering the experience of many previous disappointments, she will still think for a while before making a present, and not an imaginary decision.

Taurus at this stage likes everything in her — well-groomed, the manner of dressing — not defiant, but not cheap, easy-going nature, openness to everything new.

And if she also knows how to cook, then he will be completely subdued. After all, the main thing for him is not diversity, but quantity, and this can provide it.

This openness that attracts a Taurus man in a partner can even scare off in bed. He has no particular interest in expanding his intimate horizons, for him it is not very natural.

But Sagittarius-lovers do not like routine, it binds them and deprives the joys of life, so from time to time you have to wait for unusual wishes from her and, if possible, fulfill them. Taurus is extraordinarily good in alcove joys, so much so that for a long time it will completely satisfy his beloved and without any frills.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

But all the same, her time will come, and she gently whispers in her ear: «And let’s go in the elevator?» And it is quite possible, he will understand that, yes, that is what he always wanted! Just before the girl was inappropriate, but with this — the most it!

From time to time Taurus will be disturbed that he is not the lover of her dreams, because Streltsov always has an idea of ​​the perfect man.

In addition, she has a habit of voicing her fantasies, which can make her boyfriend feel that this mythical superman is completely different from him. But in any case, even if this relationship does not end with marriage, they will remember the time spent together with tenderness.

What a woman Sagittarius can really teach her husband Taurus is to spend money wisely. Not because he is a spender, but quite the opposite.

She loves beautiful things and is convinced that money is needed to create comfort, and not to be constantly in a bank, be it a financial institution or a three-liter vessel under the bed.

This does not mean that it will require a golden toilet or a car of a representative class, Taurus lived quietly without much of her acquisitions and did not see the need for them. But over time, he will understand their charm and will no longer be able to refuse it; moreover, he will cease to be considered overkill.

Sagittarius-wife, too, will receive from the spouse several lessons, including on thrift, which also sometimes makes sense. In general, they are a good couple, especially if their sense of humor is the same — Taurus will not be able to live with a woman who does not understand his jokes, and with whom it is impossible to laugh together at a straightforward comedy.

A Sagittarius can not stand men running themselves, so that her chosen one will have to monitor their appearance in order to preserve this marriage.

The acquired balance in relation to life will have a beneficial effect on their children; they will take the best of both worlds and learn compromises from childhood. Archers are mothers who can always arrange a holiday for a child, but they are not interested in babies.

The same can be said about the fathers of Taurus, so that sometimes the kids spend more time with the older generation until they grow up.

Despite the different attitudes towards money, both representatives of these two signs of the zodiac can work with them in their work.

Therefore, it is contraindicated for them to work in pairs, as they will be fraught with deadline violations and constant conflicts already at the planning stage, even though both cannot endure quarrels and fights.

But if you give everyone a task, everything will be done perfectly, despite the different pace and approach.

Chief — female Sagittarius, subordinate — male Taurus
Sagittarius-boss — a generous soul, but she pays attention only to those employees who somehow stand out.

She may not notice the calf-subordinate for months, or even years, until she retires, because he is so executive and hardworking that rarely causes trouble. However, he rewards him for his excellent work often and solidly, so that he is completely offended, quite the contrary.

He does not particularly appreciate the attention to his person, but his work is another matter.

Chief — male Taurus, subordinate — female Sagittarius
A conflict may arise between them only if the Sagittarius-subordinate works carelessly and constantly gets caught up with mistakes or violations.

In principle, Taurus-chief is not mild, excluding the rare moments of strong anger, but he does not tolerate disregard for work, especially on a regular basis.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

If the case goes on and there are no complaints, then there can be a good relationship between them in the long run.

Friendship between them is unlikely, except if they have developed at work or during school. Their interests are so different that they have nowhere to cross, and those are not the people who can start a friendship from the first or second meeting.

But even if they maintained relationships, then with the acquisition of their own family, Sagittarius and Taurus are more likely to stop communicating.

If they decide to continue, this can cause a lot of jealousy on the part of their partners, and not groundless. All because of their strong attraction to each other, visible to the naked eye.

Most likely, they made love once or twice, being just friends, and such a husband of Sagittarius and a wife of Taurus are unlikely to understand and accept, unless they belong to completely non-jealous signs like Rakov or Pisces.

In percents

Compatibility of female Sagittarius and male Taurus — 50%. The most important thing is to find a point of contact between the two opposites and combine them according to the gear principle, so that a perfectly coincident mechanism is obtained.

It will be difficult, it can last a long time, but love is capable of and not like that.

Sagittarius will allow a little stability in his life, Taurus — a little relaxation, she will become more reasonable, he — more spontaneous.

And both will stop waiting for each other the impossible.

The relationship of the sign of the zodiac Taurus to love and marriage

Many people believe in horoscopes. Stars are able to predict the future by date of birth, as well as warn against errors in the course of life.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

Therefore, when they meet their chosen one, many girls think how to determine is the given favorable union, which one wants to build in the future.

In solving this problem, you can refer to the zodiac horoscope, where the stars can tell about the compatibility of certain signs.

Characteristic Taurus

Taurus is subject to Venus — the goddess of love and beauty. They belong to earth signs, therefore conservatism and balance are peculiar to them, in everyday life these people are calm and laconic.

Fans of home peace and comfort prefer to spend their free time in silence, and not in a noisy company.

In the love plan, they are endowed with reliability and endurance in relation to their second half, therefore they are able to endure even the most fiery temperament.

People of this sign put their family and their welfare to the fore, so they rarely ruin their marriage themselves.

They choose their soul mate, first of all, with their head, therefore for Taurus love at first sight is an invention.

Among the negative qualities of character should be noted excessive materialism and impulsivity. Taurus is not tactful, so in a fit of anger, he is able to talk too much, which he later regrets.

The Taurus girl chooses his life partner for a long time and thoughtfully, asking all candidates for the price. She is not wasted, so she will spend time only with the person who is interested in her.

At the same time, a woman of this sign will never show her interest in a man. But he will do everything that he began to care for her.

Compatibility of zodiac signs Taurus and Sagittarius in love, friendship and marriage

We also know from children’s fairy tales how difficult it is for two lovers to keep their relationship. Stepmother harasses poor Cinderella, if only she did not get to the ball to the Beautiful Prince, the evil Ursula intrigues the Little Mermaid, and the Old Witch lulls Snow White in the hope that she will not wait for her cherished kiss.

Whatever the case, the heroes go through all the trials and then live happily ever after in the far-off kingdom, because their union was destined and it could not be otherwise.

And what to expect a couple, in which one in love Sagittarius, and the other — Taurus? Should they hope for star patronage, or maybe not even think about sharing happiness, so as not to get defeated in the fight for love, which is not destined to exist?

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

Compatibility in the love relationship of Sagittarius and Taurus

Sagittarius and Taurus — fire and earth. These two signs of the zodiac can move mountains. The love connection inspires them, gives strength and inspiration for new achievements.

Between them almost never there is a serious conflict.

They are simply sorry to waste time on quarrels and offenses, when it is pleasant and useful to spend it together. Together they can work and relax.

They never bother each other’s company.

They complement each other, and others sometimes feel that there is a telepathic connection between Sagittarius and Taurus, because they easily understand each other even without words.

Compatibility in love when the guy is Sagittarius, and the girl is Taurus

Sagittarius is capable of insane acts for the sake of his beloved. Bouquets of roses in human growth, expensive gifts for no reason, a tattoo with a cute name — all this is just in his style.

But also the Sagittarius guy is also characterized by rash actions that can become an obstacle to relations with the girl Taurus, because she will not neglect her principles even for the sake of love.

In relations with Taurus Strelets it is necessary to clearly know the line that cannot be crossed, otherwise mutual happiness at any moment may be lost.

The Taurus girl will never throw a gratuitous tantrum, putting the loved one in an awkward position. She is benevolent, tactful, careful in her words and actions.

Such a chosen one can inspire the creative Sagittarius and direct its energy to the creation of something positive and significant.

Taurus guys are usually over the years developed. They have big plans for the future, they know exactly what they want from life, and stubbornly achieve their goals.

Girls Sagittarius are ambitious and intelligent.

Most of the time they spend on self-improvement and personal growth.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

Often the plans for the future of the guy Taurus and the girl Sagittarius coincide. By combining efforts and backing them up with a feeling of sincere love, together they can succeed absolutely in any area of ​​life.

In a love union, both partners will feel full and satisfied even on the darkest days.

Compatibility in sex Taurus with Sagittarius

When the relationship moves to a new level and it comes to bed, many couples feel some awkwardness, but Sagittarius and Taurus have nothing to worry about. Their similarity in sexual preferences allows them to better understand each other.

Their sex is not limited to mechanical repetitions of movements, it is sensual and gentle, like the partners themselves.

Sexual compatibility of Sagittarius men and Taurus women

The guy who was born under the sign of Sagittarius feels very subtly his partner and is ready to do anything to make her feel good. The Taurus girl, in turn, enjoys the opportunity to satisfy the love desires of her chosen one.

In bed, this star couple is waiting for harmony and mutual pleasure.

Compatibility in bed for a male Taurus and a female Archer

For a female Sagittarius you will not find a better sexual partner than Taurus. Men Tauruses are very charismatic and skillful lovers.

The intimate life of these two lovers will be rich and diverse.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

Even if the Sagittarius guy had many women before, he will get real pleasure only with the girl Taurus.

The pledge of such a love idyll is a spiritual connection between partners, and physical pleasures only strengthen it.

Compatibility in marriage Streltsov with Taurus

In the zodiac marriage of Sagittarius with Taurus reigns peace, harmony and understanding. Watching their exemplary family is a pleasure.

There is always a well-kept manor near their house, they are friends with all their neighbors, and under the windows they smell like fresh pastries.

The family of Sagittarius and Taurus lives in prosperity and several times a year rests steadily abroad. From the side it may seem that all the benefits of this marriage come by themselves, but in fact the well-being and comfort in the union of Sagittarius with Taurus is their daily work and work on themselves.

However, they should be wary of envious people in order to preserve their home.

Compatibility in marriage between a man Taurus and a woman Sagittarius

The stars approve of the marriage of Sagittarius men and women of Taurus, because people who are so much like each other should be together in everything.

In such a prosperous family environment, children are brought up in love and respect, which is important for both zodiac signs, because they want many children, and family is above all for them.

Inseparable Sagittarius and Taurus also suffer setbacks and misfortunes, and who has none? But their strong alliance is able to withstand any vicissitudes of fate.

Compatibility in marriage between husband Sagittarius and wife Taurus

In a marriage between a man Taurus and a woman Sagittarius, all duties are divided in half.

Spouses normally look at the fact that, for example, a wife can earn more than her husband, and her husband does an excellent job with her children if his wife is suddenly forced to go on a business trip.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

Also in this marriage it is not considered shameful if the man prepares dinner or loads the laundry, as there is no separation between “female” and “male” work.

Sagittarius and Taurus and their compatibility in friendship

Compatibility in friendship of such signs of the zodiac as Sagittarius and Taurus, in the case of men and women, we can say the following: their friendship is very strong and strong.

Almost immediately after they met, they both begin to feel that they understand each other like no other.

Often, such a friendship at some point becomes so strong that imperceptibly for both is transformed into strong affection and sympathy, and then into strong love.

Friendship between a Sagittarius guy and a Taurus girl

Being friends, the Sagittarius guy and the Taurus girl, without even noticing it, begin to see each other more and more often and in the end they devote all their free time to communicating with each other. Such a friendship in a short time grows into strong sympathy, against the background of which there is a bright feeling of love between the guy Sagittarius and the girl Taurus.

Friendship between a guy Taurus and a girl Sagittarius

The Taurus guy and the Sagittarius girl get along well with each other. Their friendship can last quite a long time.

It happens that they are friends since childhood and throughout life. This does not mean that Taurus and Sagittarius are not in love with each other, just the opposite.

But they are afraid to confess their feelings, so as not to destroy life-long friendship.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

If one of the signs of the zodiac does not have the courage, the lovers risk never to find joint happiness and painfully observe how a loved one tries to build relationships with someone else.

Compatibility in work for Sagittarius and Taurus

Sagittarius with Taurus — a great team. Their temperaments are similar, and they can work together very well in order to achieve a common goal.

Complementing each other, they show a high result and often it even happens that they no longer need anyone to help them in their work.

Compatibility at work for male Sagittarius and Taurus girls

The Sagittarius guy is hardworking and patient, and the Taurus girl is distinguished by prudence and the ability for easy communication. In tandem, this couple signs large financial contracts.

Whatever it was, and the ability to earn is the quality that both have.

Compatibility at work for a Taurus guy and a Sagittarius girl

Any work under the force of the tandem of the Sagittarius guy with the girl Taurus. They even cope with tasks that no one can cope with.

The bosses appreciate such employees, and it would seem that everything goes the best way. But afterwards the girl Taurus and the guy Sagittarius can become serious competitors, because moving up the career ladder implies tough selection.

In the entire universe, it is difficult to find two people who would fit together just as well as Sagittarius and Taurus. But the secret of a successful relationship is not always in the stellar compatibility of the signs of the zodiac.

Rather, it is to be able to give in to one another and respect the opinions of its other half. Do you agree?

Who is suitable Sagittarius
Good Neutral poorly
Aquarius Sagittarius Fish
Taurus Crayfish Capricorn
Aries Virgo Scorpio
Who is suitable for Taurus
Good Neutral poorly
Fish Twins Capricorn
Aries Libra Virgo
Crayfish Taurus Aquarius
Sagittarius a lion Scorpio

Sagittarius and Taurus what is the compatibility in business

In order to become a happy couple, Taurus and Sagittarius should substantially revise their outlook on life. Physical attraction between the signs of the zodiac is incredible, in bed they experience serious passions and pleasure, but in everyday life everything is not so smooth.

The main reason for conflicts and misunderstandings is that Taurus is looking for reliability in relationships, appreciates loyalty and devotion, Sagittarius does not want to burden itself with obligations and limit its own freedom. If the partners meet each other, it is quite possible a wonderful union.

General compatibility of Taurus with Sagittarius

A Taurus man expects his chosen one to transform into a diligent keeper of the hearth, but women of this zodiac sign never limit themselves to family and domestic interests, their life is no less associated with social activities and active contacts with other people.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

Sagittarius, in turn, may also be disappointed in the man-Taurus, expecting a much richer, more dynamic and interesting life.

She will be annoyed by the routine of life, the steady observance of traditions and rituals, but the partner will certainly ardently defend their interests, trying to make their common life “standard” in all respects.

Mutual reproaches and accusations lead to increased tensions.

But if the partner takes the trouble to be more obligatory, responsible and open, if she more often demonstrates her feelings towards her beloved husband, Taurus will also become more lenient towards the behavior of the lady’s heart.

This union will benefit from a clear distribution of responsibilities. If the pair of male-Taurus-female-Sagittarius will solve the emerging problems through constructive dialogue, she will manage to save love, although the horoscope does not promise that it will be easy.

Both of you can be stubborn. You have similarities when it comes to money, and there is usually potential for income. You enjoy the pleasure of bargain, but willingly spend money when it comes to luxury goods, bringing comfort.

You are united by a common love of art, music and a chic lifestyle, luxurious furniture. You are a charming couple.

Compatible Taurus — Taurus

Taurus and Taurus — loving, managing Venus nature Taurus sometimes leads to the formation of this pair. There may be moments when you both want to shut up to think and reflect.

Both of you are prone to constancy and do not want change. When serious emotional problems begin, you may find yourself in a state of near stupor.

Compatible Taurus — Gemini

He needs a woman who believes in all his dreams, and not pinned him with pins of doubt and ridicule. A woman who would surround him with tireless care and love, not constraining his freedom.

He needs a cheerful companion in the campaigns, a woman who challenges him with her independence, overflowing with delightful ideas. This is not an easy task for any woman, but a Taurus girl will cope with her, except, perhaps, the moment associated with ideas.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

She is smart, maybe even too much, neon is rather a listener, and she needs time to think things over.

In addition to the ideas that overwhelm someone, she is suspicious.

Its practicality and common sense perfectly balance the careless desire of Sagittarius to play and win.

So it is better for him not to expect that she will always share his fanatical thirst for action. In these games, he let him play with friends, and she is much more pleasant to another game.

Male Taurus radiates nobility, restraint, shows by his behavior that he is a reliable rear. Phantom Taurus, able to show suspicion regarding the loyalty of Sagittarius.

But excitement is vain, the woman is devoted only to him.

Name Compatibility

She loves to hurt him «for life» and hit on his pride. Well, this is typical of Sagittarius.

No matter how hard the Taurus man tried, he still would not be able to replace her with fictional gentlemen. They live in her dreams and dreams, although it would be better to embrace and love the one who is near.

For example, reliable and faithful Taurus.

A Taurus woman is endowed with a hot and sensual temperament, but it is difficult for her to express what she feels.

She can show her love only by touching … this is enough for her, and when she is busy with love, silence is gold for her.

However, Sagittarius is an idealist, he wants to express both in words and physically the wonder of his overwhelming feelings.

So it sometimes seems to her that her lover is a legendary Centaur, half full of passion, half immersed in thoughts that are beyond reality.

Sagittarius and Taurus: compatibility in love, in marriage, relationships at work and friendship between a man and a woman

In order to achieve harmonic relations, the union of Sagittarius and Taurus will have to make a lot of effort. Compatibility of these signs in love does not promise the pair to “go hand in hand” — between them possible frequent conflicts and a complete lack of mutual understanding.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

General Characteristics of Marks

It is difficult to find two more opposite signs than Taurus and Sagittarius. The only similarity between them is the consonance of the names.

But even despite such dramatic differences, sometimes such a union can be a success.

Representatives of this zodiac sign have a stubborn character and are always ready to move towards their goals.

They are not exchanged on trifles and are accustomed to «play to the maximum.»

Taurus has a very developed intuition, which helps them in making important life decisions. They do not accept lies and falsehoods from others, as they themselves are not accustomed to hypocrite.

Somewhat slow in actions — Taurus is not accustomed to rush, and is always very calm in critical situations.

Very categorically belong to the criticism. The first time they listen to her carefully, but continue to do everything in their own way.

If you begin to criticize this sign again, the vulnerable Taurus will be offended and removed from you.

Taurus women are very graceful, gentle and beautiful — they have an incredible attractiveness that attracts men so much. For them, it will not be difficult to seduce the first comer, only he is unlikely to cause interest among such ladies.

Men of this sign has restraint and endurance. They are ready to endure all for the sake of the goal.

They are alien to the constant manifestation of sentiment to their second half, but they are ready for the sake of loved ones for everything.

Got used to take care of themselves and can not stand the negligence of others.

The fiery representatives of this sign are smart enough. Many of them from an early age show an interest in the exact sciences and already in their youth they are achieving good results in this field.

Archers are rather stubborn — they are difficult to convince even when they are clearly wrong. They are also very straightforward and not used to making any hints, but they say everything as it is.

Representatives of this sign are freedom-loving and will not tolerate any harm from others. Spacious houses are better suited for living than narrow apartments — the more “air” Streltsov will have, the more comfortable they will feel.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

Women Sagittarius are not very soft and supple. They are very energetic and accustomed to achieve everything on their own.

Do not wait for alms from others, and build their own future.

The strong half of Sagittarius has a fiery character — they are hot-tempered and a bit fickle. Despite the fact that these men know exactly what they want from life, they often make rash decisions.

Not used to parade feelings, but for the sake of their ladies heart soften the character a little.

Love compatibility

To present this couple in a serious romantic relationship is very difficult. In order to preserve such an alliance, both partners will have to make constant concessions and step over their principles.

He is Taurus, she is Sagittarius.

There is a constant voltage in this pair. Both partners cannot fully relax and feel themselves.

Every day together they perceive as another test, not knowing what the lover wants to do today.

The stubborn Taurus will constantly blame the woman of Sagittarius for impermanence, and she, in turn, will not be able to give her chosen one proper care and warmth.

As a rule, such a pair is possible only in adolescence. It is then that young people are ready to close their eyes to some of the characteristics of each other’s character and are not so keen on imposing their own opinion on the partner.

He is Sagittarius, she is Taurus

Gentle and wounded woman Taurus is ready to create home comfort for her chosen one.

That’s just Sagittarius, most likely, will not appreciate such zeal.

It is important for him that she simply does not “saw” him because of the eternal desire to walk with friends and delays at work.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

The representative of the stronger sex will definitely want to control his woman, which Taurus will definitely not like. She will avoid this in every way, but sooner or later she will have to accept it.

Otherwise, the pair will be doomed to failure.

Relationship at work

If the team formed the tandem of Taurus and Sagittarius, the company is waiting for a clear success. Both representatives of this sign are hardworking enough, so they are ready to do everything so that work simply “boils”.

He is Taurus, she is Sagittarius.

Taurus man is very responsible and goal-oriented. Working with him in the same team, it is better to be “for” him than “against”.

He knows exactly how to reach the top of the career ladder and is confidently moving in that direction.

If a female Sagittarius gets into one team with such a man, they are promised only “working” relationships. Together, they will be able to move mountains in the labor arena, but only until one of them tries to become a leader.

He is Sagittarius, she is Taurus

An intelligent and resourceful woman Taurus will be able to extract the maximum from such relationships. Although she is not afraid of work, she still loves to shift it onto other people’s shoulders.

An excellent option for her would be a partner Sagittarius, who is so fond of helping everyone.

She will do it very carefully — to pretend to be a little fool and say that she doesn’t understand anything about what is happening. The brave Sagittarius will surely extend a helping hand and will do everything himself.

Despite this trick, this pair of employees has a lot of potential. They are ways to bring fresh views and current solutions to problems in any field of activity.

As a rule, both of these zodiac signs choose friends in their early years. They are not inclined to make multiple acquaintances — they can usually count close people on the fingers of one hand.

If Taurus and Sagittarius began a friendship as a youth, then they will definitely carry it through the years, keeping warm relations.

He is Taurus, she is Sagittarius.

Men Taurus is not very accustomed to the manifestation of feelings. Therefore, even in friendship, they may behave a little cold and even detached.

But this does not mean that for his girlfriend Sagittarius he is not ready to do anything.

In this pair of both signs endowed with a constant desire to help loved ones. They happily support each other in difficult times.

When one of the friends has a pleasant event in life, the second one will not become jealous, but sincerely rejoice for a friend.

He is Sagittarius, she is Taurus

Fiery male Sagittarius is always fighting for justice. If someone offends his girlfriend, he will immediately intervene for her.

They are very attached to friends, so they diligently cherish warm relations.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

Taurus woman is more indifferent to male friends. More often, she perceives them as support and support, but at the same time she remains a little apart.

For her, it is much more important that a friend fully understand and accept her with all the “raisins”. But Sagittarius would rather want to “crush” her friend and impose her opinion on her.

Sagittarius and Taurus: compatibility in bed

Love is a feeling that is difficult to control by the mind. It is mystical and mysterious, but at the same time attractive.

Man is unable to master it, because he is completely controlled by his feelings.

This magic was known thousands of years ago and was associated with various factors, one of which is the signs of the partners’ zodiac.

Be it Cancer and Virgo, Sagittarius and Taurus — compatibility in love relationships shows the direction in which such a pair goes.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility — Should You Believe It?

Many start their day with horoscopes, build plans on the information received and solve important issues. They can come true completely, display only the general character of the whole day, or talk about what, it seemed, could not be.

Among millions of people there are those who, in their own experience, prove the truth of such predictions by the sign of the zodiac. But at the same time there will be people who show skepticism to such prophecies and completely abandon their faith in them.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

It is necessary to check love relationships for compatibility immediately after the appearance of the prospect of starting such a stage in life, because you need to know what to expect from your partner.

But if suddenly such a test gave a negative result, and the relationship at this stage is really excellent, you should not give up everything and ruin the already constructed one. Any difficulties, disadvantages compensate for love.

Therefore, if your heart is already in the hands of a partner, horoscopes are not what you need to follow.

Taurus woman

The Taurus-woman, influenced by the Moon and Venus, whose compatibility in love and marriage depends on many aspects, is very decisive in its actions. It is designed to deal with material matters, gives preference to convenience for a lot of money, pays attention to its appearance, especially beautiful clothes.

In a woman’s relationship, Taurus is reliable, but emotional.

It is important for her that the partner should not be her “burden”, but become a reliable support, bringing benefits to her life. Being reliable in marriage, she expects the same from her chosen one, while demanding not only emotional satisfaction, but also material.

Such a woman is not so much interested in herself, as her partner, and therefore she does not bother with the reasons for her behavior.

She loves to feel control over her life.

In this, she is assisted by the constant planning of days, months, and years.

In this case, you should not interfere in her plans, since she will not tolerate such a thing.

Taurus man

Men Taurus calm in any situation. They do not break life difficulties or big failures.

The determination of such a man will force him to start the business over again.

They are not so emotional, they radiate confidence, patient and peaceful. For a man, Taurus is better just, but good.

That is why they prefer non-striking, but well-tailored clothes, a certain style, rich silks and wool.

Such men avoid controversy, especially if they occur on raised voices, but are often willing to put up with their half to preserve harmony in relationships. You should not use it, because if patience comes to an end, the relationship will not last long.

The actions of Taurus men are based on inner convictions, which they hold in any situation. Feelings sometimes take over the mind, what these men are used to and do not oppose.

A woman for a man of Taurus is his property, and therefore he is ready to fight for what, in his opinion, belongs only to him.

Female archer

Sagittarius-woman — this is naturalness in its purest form. She used to be herself in everything and with everyone. Free from prejudice, alive, independent, it surprises others with its optimism.

A drop of frivolity, readiness for easy flirting and love adventures — such is the female Sagittarius.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

Compatibility in relations with her is determined by whether a man is ready to be near and at the same time give her freedom. Her honesty and decency relieves her from worries about her reputation, because why oppress yourself with thoughts of what others will say, if it is what it is, and will not change for the sake of others.

In a relationship, she is straightforward, says everything she thinks of her partner. At the same time, she appreciates sincere, tender feelings from the side of her half, and because of this they often have to apologize for their tactlessness.

A man for a woman Sagittarius must be understanding and patient. However, she does not tolerate a lie, although she herself often throws herself at it, do not understand that sometimes it is better to remain silent.

With a strong love of freedom, she may regard marriage as a cell, but for the sake of real feelings, she is ready to be made there, next to her partner.

Male Sagittarius

Practical, prudent, circumspect — this is the male Sagittarius. He likes stability, so short-term relationships are uninteresting to him.

Sometimes it may seem frivolous, but this is only at first glance. The Sagittarius man is ready to wait for the one that really appreciates him, and will even love the flaws, giving bounces to the long-legged blondes.

He is ready to adore his soul mate, but not to idealize it, but just to love the way it is. Shows his loyalty with gifts.

In this case, he would rather buy one expensive semantic thing than throw his woman with thousands of simple knick-knacks. You can rely on him, he will not fail in difficult times.

Relationship with a man Sagittarius are built on a strong foundation of sincerity and love.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

Compatibility of Sagittarius women and Taurus men

Sagittarius and Taurus, compatibility in love relationships and marriage which is full of various nuances — that is a couple more.

The female Sagittarius immediately attracts the male Taurus, and this connection increases with every minute spent together.

Different characters of this pair will prevent them from creating emotional harmony. For this, both Sagittarius and Taurus must make an effort.

Compatibility in a love relationship first reaches its peak, and a quick love affair may end before it starts. A partner in a relationship with Taurus can be inconstant, which he quickly gets tired of, and that causes depression.

In order to prevent this, a woman should be attentive to the surrounding trifles and provide a sense of reliability with her man.

Compatibility Taurus women and men Sagittarius

It is necessary to pay a lot of attention to the pair that is created by Sagittarius and Taurus. Compatibility in the love relationship of these signs shows that a lot of patience and work is needed from everyone.

Compatibility of the calf and archer: in family relationships and at work, the possible causes of conflicts and quarrels

On the basis of minor domestic problems they may have a misunderstanding. Both the Sagittarius-male and Taurus-female are accustomed to stand on their own principles and not to yield to the dispute, which can cause a war in the house.

Due to the fact that they are completely different in character, their relationship will not be entirely in iridescent colors.

But with a great desire to be together the house can be filled with love and tenderness, which Sagittarius and Taurus will radiate. Compatibility in a love relationship, although it is frightening with gloomy predictions, it can still lose value when everyone in a pair is ready to yield to common happiness.

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