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Compatibility Taurus and Scorpio: in love, in marriage, in sex

The union of Taurus and Scorpio is always very difficult. Of course, this is primarily due to different natural characters. But the unifying factor may be that both representatives of these signs strive for stability in life.

In addition, people are connected by spiritual and sexual intimacy. And if it were not for the internal egoism of Scorpio, the chances of creating successful tandems would be much greater. Among the negative factors that reduce the compatibility of a pair of Taurus and Scorpio, can be called the natural stubbornness of both partners.

They are able to show intransigence even in small things, as a result of which they become rivals.

Compatibility Taurus and Scorpio: in love, in marriage, in sex

Taurus man and Scorpio woman — compatibility

A Taurus man and a Scorpio woman have good chances to create a successful tandem. But for this they need to show patience and survive the initial period of the formation of relations.

When they learn to understand each other, they will not part in the future. In order for the addiction to pass safely, the partner must abandon the idea of ​​redoing each other.

Such a union is more suitable for a woman if she wants a reliable and strong man next to her.

In a love relationship (compatibility in love 77%)

The development of strong feelings in this tandem contributes to the high compatibility of male Taurus and female Scorpio in love relationships. In other areas, the representatives of these zodiac signs are so different that involuntarily I want to note that opposites attract.

In a love union, the chosen ones acquire new qualities. They are both goal-oriented and able to work hard.

Therefore, they can give each other practical advice, and share invaluable experience.

Girl Scorpio always cares about his chosen one. He feels very comfortable with her.

But it’s very important not to make her jealous. At the initial stage of the relationship, a gap will immediately follow after that, even if the suspicions are unfounded.

For the mundane guy Taurus, his chosen one always remains a mystery. It helps to unleash inner talents, while remaining in its shadow.

For its part, the young lady Scorpio appreciates the intelligence and intellect of the chosen one. Partners always find topics for conversation, and they are never bored.

In bed (compatibility in sex 87%)

The compatibility of Taurus men and Scorpio women in bed is almost perfect. They are both very passionate people, so they prefer to get maximum pleasure in bed. A Taurus man is a very romantic and sensual person, as a result, he is able to give his beloved a true pleasure.

For a passionate young lady, Scorpio, such a sexual partner is a godsend.

It is very important that the partner remembers that in bed he must take the initiative. If he fears that his partner will not understand, then sex can turn into a boring routine exercise. But, as a rule, this happens extremely rarely.

To exclude such an option in intimate life, the partner should make it clear to the man that she really likes to have sex with him. And also to emphasize the fact that she has no complexes in bed.

It will take a little time and partners learn to listen to each other, each time turning sex into a real fairy tale, filled with positive emotions. Any experiments will bring new sensations to the intimate life and will strengthen the connection between the partners.

Married (compatibility in family life 73%)

Spouse Scorpio has a strong natural character, therefore, next to him will never tolerate «henpecked». In this regard, if the representatives of these signs of the zodiac decide to start a family, then the wife gives way to a leader in the family of a man and never competes with him.

Moreover, she is actively involved in the fact that he successfully moved up the career ladder.

High compatibility between Scorpio and Taurus in marriage has a favorable effect on family life. In such a tandem, a woman fully reveals her abilities for competent housekeeping.

This very much attracts the chosen Taurus, who loves comfort very much. The spouse is a workaholic, so he can always financially provide for his family.

As the spouse rationally spends money, the material well-being of the family is constantly increasing.

But at the same time jealousy of both partners represents a great threat to family relations. Despite the fact that the spouses prefer to remain faithful, from time to time, everyone in the shower has certain suspicions regarding their half.

Such emotions destroy the idyll and are remembered by partners for a long time. And if there is a real deceit on the part of the spouse, then the divorce will follow immediately.

In friendship (compatibility in friendly relations 52%)

In friendship, the compatibility between the male Taurus and the female Scorpion is not very high. For friendships, a woman is too sexual, she excites men, so familiarity often ends in bed.

If a woman does not agree to an intimate relationship, but insists on friendship, then at first people strongly quarrel, and then disperse, holding a dislike for each other in their souls.

But if friends belong to different generations, the friendly relations between them are often very strong. In this case, the second half may not be jealous of them, so the likelihood of love on the background of friendship is very low.

Friends often spend time together and discuss different news. But the global world information does not interest them, much more attractive for them is the subject of various household trifles.

They feed each other with such conversations with energy, which allows them to more successfully overcome various everyday difficulties. Invaluable is also the experience that is usually shared by the oldest friend. Friendship can persist for a long time, friends part only under unfavorable circumstances.

But if Taurus and Scorpio quarrel, they will never come together again, friendly trust will be lost forever.

Compatibility Taurus and Scorpio: in love, in marriage, in sex

Scorpio man and Taurus woman — compatibility

The Scorpio guy and the Taurus girl are the opposite signs of the zodiac. And here again, despite the difference in character, the statement that opposites attract each other works.

Representatives of these signs of the zodiac have great chances to build harmonious and stable relationships in various fields.

In a love relationship (compatibility in love 70%)

Compatibility of men Scorpio and women Taurus in love relationships is always based on loyalty, constancy and reliability of partners.

Love gives them the power to become more successful in the professional field, and that is what a man and a woman value in such a tandem. Partners complement each other very well.

Compatibility Taurus and Scorpio in love has a high percentage. If they overcome their natural shortcomings, then their chances of building a harmonious union increase significantly.

A woman in such a union shows tolerance and endurance. The Scorpio guy appreciates such an approach, but he is periodically bored with ordinariness and responsibility. For this reason, he often gets involved in questionable events and takes unnecessary risks.

This behavior is not liked by the partner, but against the background of her own love, she seeks to influence a loved one. And it should be noted that this is not always unsuccessful.

Jealousy threatens love relationships. And, in most cases, the man chooses his betrayal to betrayal, not realizing that loyalty and trust are the most important condition of love. But at the same time, the partner often glances “to the left”, comparing his chosen one with other candidates.

If a partner finds out about this and becomes convinced of this, then she will definitely break the love relationship.

In bed (90% compatibility in sex)

Compatibility Scorpio and Taurus in bed is close to ideal. The reserves of feelings and passion of both are huge.

They enjoy having sex with each other. Intimate life is filled with positive emotions and partners are able to fully satisfy one alone.

As a rule, a couple’s sexual relations begin immediately after they meet, but they do not necessarily lead to the fact that the representatives of these two signs create a strong love affair, or decide to get married.

The main role in tandem for a long time is intimate life, the erotic-sexual side of relationships is very important for both partners. The passion of a man of Scorpio can significantly increase the sensuality of Taurus.

It is noteworthy that Scorpio and Taurus usually hide their sexual connection from others, even the closest people do not realize it.

Married (compatibility in family life 44%)

The compatibility of Scorpio men and Taurus women is rather low in marriage, partners do not often create families.

But if the lovers do decide to formalize the marriage, then they make great families based on harmony and trust.

The spouse creates a favorable atmosphere in the house and makes sure that all household members live comfortably. And her husband believes that he should provide the household with material support and is very successful in coping with this.

Sometimes disagreements occur over the fact that in some domestic issues their views diverge. And the spouse simply does not want to listen to the opinion of the spouse. This is very offensive to her, and she begins to prove her case.

Reconciliation is not always easy. But even after the spouses make up, each of the partners remains with his own opinion, which means that the quarrel may soon be repeated.

Jealousy by a spouse can harm family relationships. The partner should understand that his second half will never allow fraud and infidelity.

In friendship (compatibility in friendship is 75%)

The compatibility of Scorpio men and Taurus women in friendship is quite high.

Representatives of these signs are able to create friendly alliances and preserve them for many years.

But this can happen only if there is no love or sexual attraction between the partners.

In fact, it should be noted that the warmth, honesty and decency of the girl Taurus always attracts people who want to make friends. On the other hand, Scorpio’s friend has natural toughness and despotism, so he rarely manages to build friendships.

But a friend Taurus with her natural balance and intelligence easily withstands the irreconcilable character of her friend. A friend in such a tandem likes the influence of a friend in society and his assertiveness.

Having set a goal, he necessarily achieves it, overcoming any obstacles.

If the representatives of these zodiac signs truly make friends, then sincere trusting relationships are established between them. Against the background of established friendships, there is never an affair between partners, so the other half may not be jealous.

Friendship in a pair of Scorpio and Taurus has a beneficial effect on the overall work. But at the same time, the success of cooperation depends entirely on the interest of partners in its development.

But if opinions on friends’s ways to solve certain work tasks differ, conflicts between them are inevitable and this will only harm the cause.

Compatibility Taurus and Scorpio: in love, in marriage, in sex

How a Taurus woman conquers a Scorpion man

There are no difficulties for the young lady Taurus to win the heart of Scorpio’s man. This lady easily attracts the attention of the chosen one after the first meeting.

It has a special charm, it looks well-groomed and always tastefully dressed. In other words, it can be said that the Taurus woman always knows her worth and knows how to properly present herself in society.

In addition, almost after the first intercourse between the representatives of these zodiac signs, sexual attraction arises, which is very difficult for both of them to resist.

Evaluate the chosen Scorpio and the level of communication with the chosen one. He will be interested in the life values ​​and ideals of the Taurus girl.

He is very surprised by her attitude towards life, aimed at creating an absolute sustainable sustainable world around her.

It is not inherent in the Scorpio guy himself. Therefore, he will definitely want to understand and unravel his chosen one.

In order to attract the chosen one you need to demonstrate natural balance, calmness, rationality. It is important to make it clear to Scorpio, who you like, that you are a self-sufficient woman, preferring equal relations in all spheres of life.

As a Scorpio man to conquer a woman Taurus

In order for the Scorpio guy to win the heart of the beautiful Taurus you need to open up to her from the good side. In no case can not show her their natural rigidity.

But you need to show that you are a strong and confident person.

In addition, the elect of Scorpio should be remembered that short novels and easy flirting are not for the woman of Taurus. She will reciprocate only after she is convinced of the seriousness of the intentions of the elect.

Also, a man, caring for the lady you like, should constantly demonstrate their material viability. To do this, you need to invite your darling to fabulous restaurants and various entertainment events.

In addition, we should not forget to give her flowers and expensive gifts.

Of course, Taurus cannot be considered a mercantile woman, when acquaintance occurs at a young age in the period of becoming a man, she can be interested in her grandiose plans for the future. Be sure to admire the chosen one and more often tell her compliments. But the beauty of her singing is not worth it, she will perceive it as insincerity and hypocrisy.

It is better to gently focus on its reasonableness and practicality.

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