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Compatible Aquarius with other signs in love

Aquarius is a sign of the zodiac that has an extraordinary character. This is due to the fact that its fate and behavior is influenced by uranium. This rotation of the planets emits a huge amount of heat, which at the energy level feeds Aquarius. For this reason, this sign also has magnetic capabilities, acquiring new and new acquaintances or friends.

Compatibility of Aquarius with other signs

The representative of the air element in many ways ahead of other signs of the zodiac. He really knows how to be friends, surrendering to friendship entirely. Moreover, the relationship with a friend is equally good and successful, both with peers and with people of a different age. The fact that there are always many people around Aquarius is explained by the fact that he has something to show to others and what to share, both in the literal and figurative sense of the word. People born under this sign are never greedy, and do not accept this quality in other people.

Speaking about the mindset of Aquarius, I must say that he thinks outside the box, his conclusions always go beyond the usual ones. We will learn in more detail how Aquarius develops relations with other signs of the zodiac, with whom Aquarius is compatible, and with whom it is worth breaking off relations at the very beginning. But first we will learn more about the sign itself, and then about the compatibility of Aquarius with other signs.

If Aquarius is looking for a partner in love, he may be engaged in this for months, and sometimes for years, the compatibility of Aquarius with other signs should be perfect in his opinion. He will make his choice on whom he can trust 100 percent. In addition, the elect must share his hobbies in order to participate in them together.

Despite the fact that Aquarius is an outstanding personality, he does not choose himself as a couple. The world will not stand two such people together. In addition, they will constantly be in a state of competition, fighting for a place in the sun.

It is also worth saying that Aquarius is the sign that, without a shadow of a twinge of conscience, can climb into a strange monastery with its charter. The fact is that in the life of the zodiac sign being described a weighty place is occupied by respect and adherence to traditions, this is an indispensable condition for the compatibility of Aquarius with the signs of the zodiac. For example, if Aquarius is in a marriage relationship, he cannot imagine the fact that if the family does not come together for dinner, this is not acceptable. Although it cannot be said that Aquarius strives to hold off the bonds of marriage as quickly as possible, they value their freedom too much. If a stamp appears in his passport, it is only at the initiative of the sign itself, if love is truly sincere.

Finishing the description of this zodiac sign in love, we will say that his creative nature will be manifested in all spheres of his life. He urgently needs to feel distant from the routine, protected from banality and gray everyday life. If there are such signs in the kaleidoscope of the horoscope, in tandem with Aquarius they will be able to build a strong and happy family.

What problems does Aquarius face in relationships

Before building relationships with Aquarius, you need to answer a series of questions that stand in the way of the sign being described:

  • Are you able to surprise your partner daily, do you have enough imagination and fiction?
  • Do not you ever get tired of praising Aquarius to the skies, saying every time, he is the smartest, most beautiful?
  • Do you want to put up with his loving and constant compassion for the people, animals and so on? He will pity everyone except you, this is what the influence of the moon has made of him.
  • Will you support him throughout his life, while he is looking for his place and profession, because it can last more than one year.
  • Are you ready for the fact that in all your life together you are unlikely to hear the phrase “I love you” or “forgive me”, it is extremely difficult for Aquarius to talk about your feelings.
  • Will you be able to remain calm and not be annoyed by the huge number of openly disastrous ideas and rather strange plans?
  • Will you be his foundation and support in everything and always, since only minor roles will most often be provided for you?

If you answered most of the questions in the affirmative, you can talk about the good compatibility of Aquarius with the signs of the zodiac. If the word “no” sounded more often, it is worth thinking, maybe you don’t need this acquaintance?

What relationships do Aquarius have with air signs?

In his native element Aquarius feels like a fish in water. By the way, the air element combines the three signs of the zodiac:

Moreover, the support will be felt not only by the described sign, but also by its fellow elements. In such a relationship, on the one hand, each of them will be able to express himself and feel his freedom. But a smooth relationship does not promise to be. The fact is that in a relationship there cannot be two leaders, Aquarius will not tolerate this. The advantage of such a relationship is that domestic problems will never be in the way of their happiness. They will be so busy with themselves, developing in a creative and professional way that such trivial problems will bypass them.

What awaits Aquarius with signs of Fire — archer, ram and lion

Unlike the previous element (air), in this situation, where the relationship develops with fiery signs, the described sign of the zodiac can radically change its life. The fact is that when they interact, it turns out like some kind of mechanism. Aquarius plays a managerial role, and one of the signs (Sagittarius, Aries or Lion) will present new ideas for implementation. It should be said separately about the compatibility of Aquarius with a lion. If these two people meet on a life path, they can turn mountains together. Their thoughts are always optimistic, they are open to experimentation. They tend to set goals together and achieve them together. This is probably the best of all possible combinations with this sign.

Signs of water (crayfish, scorpions and fish) and representatives of the earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) almost never can create a good pair with Aquarius, they are among those who are not compatible with Aquarius. The fact is that in a relationship they burden each other. The representative of the described sign cannot fully reveal its potential, more and more routine appears in the relationship, and passion and feelings fade into the background.

In the sexual life even more melancholy than in everyday life. When every day reminds groundhog day, living together becomes unbearable. The couple sooner or later comes to the issue of divorce.

Is it worth fighting for such a relationship? The answer is most likely negative because their outcome is predetermined. Although, each rule has its own exceptions, it is possible that in this case everything will be, not as sad as usual.

What awaits Aquarius with each of the 12 signs of the zodiac separately

We learn more about the horoscope of compatibility of Aquarius with other signs of the zodiac.

Quite a good combination, despite the fact that the elements of fire and air are not the best interaction. Horoscope compatibility of Aries and Aquarius varies from 50 to 60%. Success will be held on the creative potential of the air sign and the strongest energy of fire. Quite often, feelings grow on the background of friendship.

This is the relationship of the student with the teacher, but not the love that we all used to see her. If these two signs are together, then there is always a logical explanation and reason. For example, it may be a banal material interest of someone from the participants of the couple. Horoscope compatibility Taurus and Aquarius in love is not high.

Usually, sympathy and love between them occurs within minutes, just a few words and looks, and Aquarius is deeply in love. The horoscope of compatibility between Aquarius and the twins says that the development of relations will depend on the woman, it does not matter to them, under the sign of what zodiac she was born.

Relationships will be difficult, if you are looking for something simple and superficial, it is better to pass by and look further. Cancer sticks to the net, and for many years it will not understand how he deftly managed to break his unshakable character. The horoscope of compatibility of cancer and Aquarius is almost zero, it is not customary to speak about love here.

This tandem is the most successful combination, as the compatibility horoscope promises Aquarius and the Lion long happy years of family life, where everything that was intended will be realized. It is worth saying that they will never be bored with each other. Both partners are well educated, have a great sense of humor and, of course, love each other. Horoscope compatibility lion and Aquarius confidently strives for 100%.

This alliance can not be called either a failure or a successful 100%. On the one hand, their relationship looks perfect, but this is just a role that is played out especially for friends and acquaintances. At home, they turn into an ordinary husband and wife, earn money and raise children. Nothing interesting happens in this pair. Horoscope compatibility Virgo and Aquarius is 20-30%. It makes no sense to continue such a relationship.

Both signs are governed by the same element, it is them and unites throughout all the years of family life. Usually, their relationship develops gradually, without sudden changes. They manage to preserve feelings, respect and harmony. But happiness is not easy for them, they will have to work hard to make life go that way.

The stars have prepared for this couple a non-standard relationship development. If they have a joint business or work, things will go up, as each of the couple will carry their contribution to the workflow. If their career paths diverge, the relationship will not be so interesting, and in some cases, may come to naught.

A good intertwining fate. In these relations, there is a complete emotional balance, the feelings will be strong and sincere, in the eyes of genuine brilliance. The main thing here is that someone from the participants of the tandem does not put his career above his own family, this can put an end to the couple and negate the relationship.

Aquarius often chooses Capricorn as his companion. This is explained by the fact that both signs are controlled by Saturn, which makes the compatibility horoscope — Aquarius and Capricorn high enough. They will start their relationship as friends, they can even be friends in pairs. But one fine moment, Aquarius will be able to see something more in his friend or girlfriend, then the friendship will move to a new level.

In this union, passions are seething like water in a saucepan. Their relationship is reminiscent of Italian family life, where quarrels and reconciliations are equally pleasant for both partners. If they are in tiff — the whole world knows about it. The whole parish heard the dishes rattling and personal belongings were thrown from the balcony. If in a family way and peace partners dissolve into each other. If you look at them from the side, an advertisement with the phrase “Sweet Twix couple, and let the whole world wait …” is involuntarily remembered.

These relationships and relationships then call the language does not turn. Partners will always prove something to each other, convince in superiority and win a leadership position. Which of them needs it is not clear. As soon as one of the participants becomes sober from the charm of the partner, everything will fall into place and the marriage will disintegrate, this is inevitable.

Among all possible combinations of Aquarius compatibility with other signs, there are several alliances with whom you can talk about almost 100% compatibility of the partners in the horoscope.

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