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Compatible Libra with other signs in love

Compatibility of Libra with other signs of the zodiac circle

The compatibility of Libra with other signs depends on many circumstances. The relationship is influenced by the Moon and the Sun, the elements and planets, the year of birth. This sign of the zodiac is looking for balance and harmony in everything, that is why with many people he has a good mutual understanding. No matter who Libra meets, their compatibility will be possible only when both partners want to find a common language. Astrology only tells you how to do it better.

Compatibility Scales with other signs

The compatibility of the Libra sign directly depends on their character. These people are calm, good-natured, trying to be in good relations with everyone. They are born diplomats and peacemakers. Sociable, Libra can not stand loneliness. They can be very efficient, but occasionally suffer from bouts of laziness. Sufficiently stubborn, achieve goals, following the path of least resistance. Here are the main features of the character of this sign:

  • calm;
  • equilibrium;
  • good nature
  • sociability;
  • delicacy;
  • diplomacy;
  • stubbornness;
  • indecision;
  • elegance;
  • developed intelligence;
  • purposefulness.

Scales are cruel and ruthless, if their interests are affected, someone crossed their path. Periodically naughty, irritated and nervous. Among the representatives of this sign are many egoists. When they do not want to do something, they can not be forced. Responsibility is always trying to pass on to others. Libra is easily compatible with other signs of the zodiac, despite the negative traits of character. They are always ready to seek a compromise first.

The element of air gives signs of the zodiac ease, developed intelligence. These people do not like to assume obligations and build strong bonds. Air signs are:

Who is compatible with Libra better than his fellows? In fact, in this relationship is not so simple: air signs are very freedom-loving and independent.

At the meeting, these people quickly find mutual understanding. They have similar interests, temperaments, life views. The couple has a great time traveling, at parties, exhibitions and other great places. They are compatible in friendship and work, but family life may not work out.

The horoscope of compatibility signs Libra and Gemini promises them many difficulties. They absolutely do not want to take responsibility. Between them there can be strong sexual appeal and even true love. But relationships are broken about life, the slightest difficulties can destroy them.

The relationship between two representatives of the same zodiac sign is beautiful. This is an ideal couple in which love, respect and mutual understanding reign. Both partners are creative individuals, they pay a lot of attention to their spiritual development. They do not tolerate conflicts, so very rarely quarrel among themselves. Even when married is not all right.

Problems arise when you have to make important decisions. None of the partners want to take responsibility. In such a situation, the compatibility of two Scales can easily be shaken, mutual claims and accusations will appear. Often, a couple is experiencing material difficulties: both love to spend money, but they do not know how to earn it.

This is a wonderful pair of two spiritually close people. They already at the first meeting feel how they fit together. Between the two representatives of the air element there is love at first sight, followed by a tumultuous romance and a beautiful wedding. Family life promises to be happy, such a couple rarely falls into the percentage of divorces.

Whatever good compatibility Aquarius with the sign of Libra, there are quarrels in a pair. Aquarius loves freedom more than his partner. For him, family is a very relative concept. Also, this sign is stingy with emotions, the intellectual component of relationships is important for him in the first place. Often, Libra has to take all the responsibility for the family, which they do not like to do.

The element of fire is energy, passion, emotions. The people she manages are natural-born leaders; they cannot live unless they do important things and do not set themselves lofty goals. Signs of the flaming element are:

Compatibility of air scales and fire signs is not bad. It is important that the fire does not overheat the air, but it does not blow it out. But since our zodiac sign looks for balance in everything, this rarely happens.

These signs are complete opposites. However, they attract each other, like Venus and Mars, their planets. The air inflates the fire, makes it burn. The fire heats the air and it rises up. Something like this is how relationships are built in this union. Horoscope compatibility signs Libra and Aries promises them an interesting family life, full of emotions, ups and downs.

Riffs in a pair are, and often. Aries can not understand the torment and indecision of the air mark, trying to stir up his partner. In response, he receives resistance and complete unwillingness to do anything. It happens and vice versa: the sign of the air takes over all the household chores, while his fiery partner catches a crane in the sky.

Leo is not bad compatible with Libra, any astrologer will confirm this. The air sign has a pacifying effect on Leo, keeping him from rash actions and decisions. Lev becomes a protector for his partner, takes responsibility for his family and relationships in general. Such a tandem is quite successful if the partners learn to find compromises.

Violating compatibility can be an air sign passion for disputes. He likes to object out of the blue, which Leo does not tolerate organically. Bad influence on the relationship aggressiveness of the fire sign. He can turn into a real beast, terrorize loved ones, if something goes wrong in his affairs. Whoever Lev is, a domestic cat or a wild animal, he wants to be a leader in a pair.

Two creative people quickly find a common language between themselves. Sagittarius likes the easy temper, sociability, wit of a partner. The air sign is fascinated by the energy, optimism and determination of Sagittarius. They can be friends, work, but love still arises between a boy and a girl. They very quickly find themselves in marriage, often at the initiative of Libra.

The family of these signs is strong and happy, although not without problems. Most often, disagreements arise because of the indecision of the air sign and the aggressiveness of the fire sign. Households are mainly engaged in Libra, which they also do not really like. But important decisions are made by Sagittarius, not always taking into account the opinion of his half.

The elements of the earth symbolize prosperity, stability, and patience. Signs that she rules are conservative, calm and fundamental. Here is a list of them:

Compatibility with the sign of the earth Scales build themselves. Only from them will depend on how the relationship develops.

These signs can unite their patroness — Venus. She gives them love, sensuality, rich inner world. Both love comfort and home comfort, are not afraid to work for this. The partners are perfectly compatible with sex, there is a very strong physical attraction between them. But the horoscope of compatibility signs Libra and Taurus does not promise them an easy life: there are many contradictions between partners.

The earth sign is slow, it does not keep up with a dynamic air partner. This causes irritation of the latter. In turn, Taurus is surprised at the ease with which Libra change their mind, forget about their own promises. Both experience their love in different ways: one sign is in the clouds, and the other is firmly on the ground. The stubbornness and intransigence of both signs will lead the relationship to collapse.

Air Balance and Earth Maiden compatibility is bad. There is very little in common between them. Unite partners can love to order, good taste and sexual attractiveness. Virgo is not charged with anyone so optimistic as with Libra. But this is too little to build a strong relationship. Conflicts and quarrels in this alliance are common and customary.

Air sign is too lazy, according to Virgo. She certainly tells him that at every opportunity. The indecision of the partner brings the Virgin into a rage, deprives of rest. In turn, Libra can not stand the constant criticism of the Virgin and begin to seek solace on the side. Lies, betrayals, carping, destroy relationships, partners run in different directions and never meet again.

To build relationships, these signs will have to make a lot of effort. They can give a lot to each other: Capricorn — confidence and stability, air sign — useful contacts, dynamism. But partners rarely reach that stage in a relationship when they can appreciate the merits of their union. They part very quickly, if they start dating at all.

The closed, egocentric Capricorn is the complete opposite of its partner. He hardly understands his changeable nature, mental agony. Earthling annoying air sign annoying. He, in turn, is frightened by the coldness and callousness of Capricorn, his assertiveness, bordering on aggression.

The element of water is mysterious and mysterious. She gives her children supernatural intuition, emotionality, the ability to hide thoughts and feelings. Here are the signs that belong to the water element:

Compatibility with signs of water Scales are not too good. But relationships are possible if partners want to build with their own hands.

The Libra and Cancer compatibility horoscope is difficult, but they can reach a compromise. Both signs try to avoid conflicts. They appreciate family relationships, home comfort. These are creative personalities with rich spiritual organization and subtle sensuality. It is on this basis that they converge with each other.

Problems arise between signs often. Cancer is the owner, and his partner values ​​freedom above all else. Both love to withdraw into themselves, to harbor resentment for a long time. A peace sign is a peacemaker in the family, but he soon gets tired of picking out the offended Cancer from the shell. Partners can build relationships only when they appreciate the positive aspects of their union.

There is a karmic connection between these signs, their compatibility is rather high. Scorpio acts in such a union as a mentor, and his partner as a diligent student. They can support each other in difficult situations, many are jealous of their friendship. But in the love relationship between the signs of water and air is not so simple, they have many contradictions.

The air sign is indecisive and controversial, at the same time it is a great optimist; it sees only good things in people. Scorpio is also not devoid of contradictions, but his views are already settled. In addition, he does not share the optimism and credulity of his partner. On the basis of a different perception of the world between them and conflicts arise.

To build a relationship with these two signs is very difficult. At first, Libra and Pisces interpret their compatibility horoscope optimistically. Between them, there is love, a romantic connection, they can drown in their feelings. Very soon, the difference in character and temperament makes itself felt. Partners either run away, or torture each other all their lives.

Each of the signs tries to shift the responsibility to the other. As a result, Pisces take over all the homework, and their air partner tries to save the family boat in the stormy sea of ​​the outside world. But such a distribution of roles does not suit them, the internal tension increases. As a result, both become self-contained, feelings cool, spouses live out of habit or part.

Compatibility horoscope Libra can change if they themselves make efforts to this. They are able to find a compromise with anyone. If this sign is really interested in the relationship, he will build them. An astrological compatibility table can only help find the right approaches.

Moon signs influence the solar horoscope. If they are in the earth element, Libra will become calmer, more serious and responsible. Fire will add energy, dedication and self-confidence, and water will add sensuality and emotion.

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