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Compatible Taurus with other signs in love

Compatibility Taurus with other signs in love relationships

Calm and rational Taurus will be able to interest many. But how can they find a partner to match? To search for success, it is necessary to establish the compatibility of Taurus with other signs of the zodiac in love.

Compatible Taurus with other signs

Taurus — people thoughtful and balanced. Representatives of the mark are known for their friendliness and tolerance. The lunar horoscope of Taurus speaks about the calm and somewhat phlegmatic character of the people of the sign. However, one should not deceive ourselves about the fact that Taurus is not able to stand up for himself — this is far from being the case. If you touch him for a living, you can get such a rebuff that your opponent will forever lose the desire to enter into any conflicts with the representative of the mark.

The general characteristics of Taurus undergo changes depending on the year of birth according to the Chinese horoscope:

  1. The Year of the Rat contributes to the character of the representatives of the sign of sociability and love for a good life.
  2. Year of the Bull — reliability and endurance.
  3. Year of the Tiger — practicality, dedication and determination.
  4. Year of the Rabbit — the love of good things and to yourself.
  5. Year of the Dragon — sentimentality and sensitivity.
  6. Year of the Snake — wisdom and flexibility.
  7. Year of the Horse — balance in feelings and actions.
  8. Year of the Goat — self-discipline and ability to stand up for yourself.
  9. Monkey Year — sociability and ingenuity.
  10. Year of the Rooster — energy and confidence.
  11. Year of the Dog — cheerfulness and dedication.
  12. Year of the Pig — self-control and good nature.

The similarity in temperaments, interests and views on life speak about the compatibility of Taurus with the signs of the zodiac. The ideal partner of the sign representative must be a calm and balanced person. Among women signs of Water, a man will suit Cancer and Pisces. As for the representatives of the signs of the Air, they are unlikely to interest Taurus.

The good compatibility of Taurus and Pisces will allow the couple to build strong relationships. It would seem, how can a gentle and romantic girl living in a fictional world and a mundane man come together?

However, representatives of signs, being compliant by nature, will be able to come to a mutual agreement, and the differences between them will gradually disappear. In this pair, time is working on partners: the more years they have been together, the stronger is their union.

In the compatibility horoscope for Taurus men and women, Scorpio does not save a high percentage. This union can only exist with a large number of «ifs». Representatives of signs, being similar in terms of strength of character and perseverance in achieving the goal, are absolutely the opposite in terms of how they will achieve this goal and how they will apply their strong character.

Tolerance and poise of a man goes “in the cut” with mood swings and short temper of a woman. The more years this relationship lasts, the more difficult it will be for partners to understand each other and forget the mutual grievances that have accumulated.

Taurus man is not bad compatible with Cancer woman, which is promoted by similar interests and life goals of partners. They both seek a cozy home and financial well-being, and therefore will not be slow to enter into marriage.

The disadvantage of relationships is the fact that spouses can get too carried away by the material side of life and simply forget about the existence of each other. After a few years of family life, each of them is surprised to find himself living with an absolutely stranger. In this case, they will not help even sex, the compatibility in which the lovers are not the best.

Compatibility Taurus men and Aquarius women low. At first glance, it is not even clear that they can be attracted to each other.

A solid and calm homebody is unlikely to accept the freakish character of a darling who cannot live in a cage, no matter how golden it is. However, despite all the inconsistencies in the behavior of partners, some unknown force as if a magnet attracts them to each other.

Compatibility men Taurus and women zodiac sign Libra, born in the period from September 23 to October 22, is not the best, but the couple have a chance. The guy will not be able to pass by the romantic and mysterious girl, and the solid Taurus will certainly be interested in the representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

The mutual attraction of partners will push them to great changes in their character and worldview. The rapprochement of lovers contributes to the influence of the general patron planet of Venus, thanks to which they will find additional points of contact.

In the table of compatibility of Taurus men with other zodiac signs, the tandem of the sign representative with the Gemini woman occupies one of the lowest positions.

The contradictory and extravagant nature of the girl will puzzle an organized and balanced guy. But, oddly enough, this is exactly what attracts him to the representative of the weaker sex. After partners get to know each other better, everything that attracts will separate them.

Speaking about the compatibility of the man of Taurus with other signs of the zodiac, it is impossible not to note the «earthly» women. All three representatives of the elements will be able to make the sign representative happy.

Women of Fire are attractive to Taurus, but they are absolutely incompatible with their character. The only exception may be the girl Aries, with whom the representative of the sign will be able to start a relationship, but not simple.

The Capricorn woman is well suited to the man Taurus, who, in turn, is the person with whom she can find happiness. The partners will have common views and aspirations, they highly value stability and consistency.

Being patient people, the boy and the girl will not provoke quarrels and scandals. Mutual love, common interests in work and leisure will be able to make the union of Capricorn and Taurus strong and harmonious.

Speaking about the compatibility of the two Taurus, one could argue that it is the best, if not for the famous stubbornness of the representatives of the sign. If one of them has conceived something, it is rather difficult to convince him.

Otherwise, the life of partners will be calm and measured, and love — without passion and jealousy. On the part of their relationship may seem faded, but their partners are comfortable.

Virgo and Taurus — a couple whose compatibility is greatest. They have everything in their places: the man is the protector and the breadwinner, and the woman is the keeper of the home. Partners complement each other in all spheres of life: in work, in love, in hobbies. The marriage union of partners will become happy and durable.

Roman guy Taurus and girls Sagittarius will resemble a fairy tale. All differences in views on the life of partners manifest themselves after they get to know each other better.

Business and «advanced» woman puzzled conservative man. He will try to “temper the ardor” of his beloved, which will serve as a starting point in their confrontation.

Love between a lion girl and a boy Taurus can break out after the first meeting. A gorgeous woman and a solid man will make up a harmonious pair of looks. But not everything is so smooth in their union.

Soon the partners will understand that their opinions on almost all issues diverge, and the relationship is starting to take place.

A Taurus man and an Aries woman are quite able to make a good pair, although they are not distinguished by good compatibility. They are not inclined to idealize each other, which will eliminate subsequent disappointments.

The negative point of such a union is the unwillingness of partners to compromise. As for family life, the spouses should not interfere in the scope of each other, it can be fraught with conflict.

A good «option» for women Taurus may be a representative of the signs of the Air. The exception is the male Scorpio, whose temperament is much brighter than that of his partner.

As for the guys of the Air signs, they have almost no chance to find mutual understanding with the representatives of the sign. Views on the life of «air» men are fundamentally opposed to the worldview of Taurus.

The horoscope of compatibility of the woman Taurus and the man of Pisces foreshadows a good union for the couple, provided that the partners work on themselves and their relations.

A dreamy man is looking for a kind and understanding companion of life, a woman Taurus could well become. Patience, delicacy and condescension girls will make this union viable. The guy will have to go down from heaven and plunge into everyday problems and worries. In general, the pair have pretty good prospects.

The compatibility of the woman of Taurus with the man of the zodiac sign of Scorpio is not so high as to speak of an ideal pair, but not so low as to consider the relationship a failure. In such a union, it all depends on which of the two strong partners will give way to the championship.

Ideally, it should be a female Taurus, which. due to his balanced temperament and tolerance, he can “curb” the exuberant temper of Scorpio’s man. A great «plus» in the relationship between partners is their excellent sexual compatibility. A bed is a place where lovers forget about the rivalry and have a good time together.

The good compatibility of Taurus and Cancer Signs makes this relationship very promising. Both men and women in such a union will be very comfortable, but from the outside they will seem to be the perfect pair.

The only thing that can destroy the relationship between partners is their stubbornness and unwillingness to go to reconciliation first, so any, even the smallest quarrel can cause a break.

Horoscope compatibility men Aquarius and women Taurus does not give partners a chance for a happy life together.

The calm and somewhat conservative nature of the girl will rebel against the desire of the guy to fix everything and change everything. But, despite bad forecasts, there are many such couples, many of whom have been married for many years. The secret of their success is mutual love and compromise. About such a marriage they say that it lasts exactly as long as the feelings between the spouses are alive.

A pair of female Taurus and male Libra looks rather strange. From the outside, the romantic visionaries Libra are more like young boys than mature men.

The Taurus woman is a model of balance and practicality, therefore, it will be quite difficult for partners to find mutual understanding and the future of such a union is rather vague.

The Gemini man and Taurus woman are the least like a perfect couple. Irregular and optional guy is unlikely to arrange an organized girl. A woman, having a strong character and her own views on many questions, will not listen to the opinion of the chosen one, considering it insolvent. Quarrels and accusations against each other partners can not be avoided.

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