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Gemini compatibility with other signs in love

How to live life happily ever after? We must find the perfect pair as soon as possible.

Gemini compatibility with other characters

How to determine how much a person is interested in stable family relationships and is he able to live harmoniously with a partner for a long time? This will help such a thing as the compatibility of twins and other signs of the zodiac. First of all, let’s define what properties of character twins themselves possess, what they are capable of for the sake of love and what they can give in return.

Before discussing the compatibility of twins with other signs of the zodiac, especially with representatives of the elements of earth and fire, it is necessary to note the negative and positive characteristics of representatives of this sign, at least as a percentage.

Unstable as the wind, and as unpredictable as 90%. In terms of compatibility, the twins are the least suitable for marriage bonds. The infinitely changing mood of the twins does not allow his partner to improve relations and calmly look around in search of leverage to stabilize the situation. Now the twins sparkle with charm and easily flit from one subject to another, and in a moment you will see a gloomy and self-contained recluse.

Even in love, the twin acts in accordance with his element of the wind — they easily disappear for a few days and appear just as suddenly without any explanation or apology. Have you been invited on a date by the twins? Be prepared that they will forget about him and do not wait for excuses. Love and marriage with him are impossible without an endless showdown.

Do you want bright explosive relations, a lot of unpredictable actions and a hectic pastime in clubs, travels, friendly meetings? Then go ahead, in search of twins! And 100% fun in your life is guaranteed!

Who is the most compatible with the twins among the signs of the zodiac and whom do horoscopes recommend as a reliable companion to life?

  • The highest probability. First of all, these are twins — scales, the compatibility of which all astrologers recognize as ideal. Why? Both of them belong to the elements of air, have common interests in the form of travel and entertainment, which gives them the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company for a long time. You will have the perfect wife, and your husband the perfect companion of life. Compatibility twins — scales horoscope calls long and happy. If you are looking for the most favorable compatibility of the twin girls, look around if there are unmarried scales in your environment and open the mating season! A wonderful romance is guaranteed to turn into a delightful marriage with the infinite mutual understanding of each other. Looking for eternal love? You will find it with weights!
  • Great luck. In addition to weights, the compatibility of twins is very favorable — the Aquarius horoscope is just perfect for both women and men. You will enjoy the twins wit and the creative sociability of Aquarius. This is the complete unity of souls! Both signs have a great passion for freedom, so with any threat of despotism, in any union, there will be threatening cracks that can destroy even the strongest family home. That’s who is compatible with the twins in full! Want to know the secret of happiness in this alliance? Never encroach on the freedom of a partner, and then the saying “they lived together happily ever after” will be about you!
  • The best family. What can be said about such a pair as twins — Aries horoscope compatibility is very good, provided that as much as possible the concessions to each other. What does it mean? If the twin thinks more before doing something, and the ram to work on his clumsiness, they will be a great couple and a model of a happy family couple for those around them. Even if there are quarrels and squabbles between you, you will quickly reconcile if you agree with the dominant role of the ram in the family. According to astrological statistics, among the happy married couples are dominated by duets Aries and twins.

There are people who can only very comfortably feel comfortable in the company of other people. The same can be said about all the signs of the zodiac. That is why, before crossing the line and transferring superficial and friendly relations to an intimate plane in the hope of creating a family, you need to know who is not compatible with the twins and with whom he cannot eat salt. Such knowledge will help you in time to avoid disappointment and get out of unnecessary relationships with minimal moral and spiritual losses. What could be the recommendation of the astrologers in this case? Better mild disappointment than severe depression as a result of parting with your loved one, who, as it turns out later, does not suit you on a horoscope, despite the passion and love.

In a pair of twins — a scorpion, compatibility is not very good, but sexy. Despite this, the relationship of the two signs of the zodiac can be stormy, and love will be passionate and, at first glance, durable. But nothing can be as wrong as a man in love. Therefore, before you fall in love with a scorpion, remember, he is a despot and a jealous man. Very soon you will get tired of his property claims and your patience will eventually burst. Let the romance begin for everyone bright and unforgettable, make a decision to part, until you are bogged down in feelings, because the compatibility of the twins is a scorpio horoscope unfavorable.

What can be said about such a pair as twins — a virgin, compatibility is quite controversial and superficial. The reason for such a short-lived union of two characters astrologers call the difference of characters. Remember, a virgin is often apathetic and outwardly cold, and to a sociable and frivolous twin, such behavior of a partner will very soon become unbearable. However, do not be discouraged and do not be discouraged. Twins with a maid can be wonderful business partners and will have the opportunity to quickly build a great financial foundation for life and entertainment.

When astrologers consider a pair of twins — fish, compatibility is obvious, if the partners make an effort to themselves and condescendingly treat the shortcomings of each other. First of all, the fish should calmly accept the impulsive actions of the twins, but in return they want to receive reliability and care. What to do in this case? Stars do not claim they recommend. If this person is really dear to you, do your best to prevent your negative qualities of character from destroying the desired union.

  1. Compatibility twins and twins is the basis for the saying «found a scythe on a stone.» How to explain such an expression? Two people of the same signs of the zodiac, which means they try to get along with the same character traits, find love and build a marriage. However, if you really love each other and want to live long and happy just with this person, despite his shortcomings, then arm yourself with patience and be prepared to give in.
  2. What can be said when the compatibility of twins with other signs of the zodiac is determined, for example, with representatives of the signs of the elements of fire or earth? Here, for example, you met the archer and want to know whether the game is worth the candle and whether the relationship should be developed further. The novel can be beautiful and bright, both of you love freedom and society. Passion will flare up because of your complete opposite to each other, but unwillingness to be responsible for your own promises will lead such an alliance to scandals and quarrels. In the end, a couple of archers twins with a bang and noise will disperse, and your future plans for life will be incompatible.

In any case, more information about the longevity and well-being of relationships will tell an individual horoscope of twin compatibility and another sign of the zodiac that an experienced astrologer will compose for you based on the location of the stars at the time of your birth. To live or not to live, that’s the question!

There are only a few signs of the zodiacal circle, with whom the twins are quite controversial to give a certain forecast.

  • If you look at a man and a woman twin — a lion, the compatibility of sex will be successful, because the lions will attract their partners with their bright appearance and interesting behavior and keep them at a distance, but not letting them go far away. It is in this marriage that the twins will not be able to change their halves, since they will be under constant supervision. It is the lion that the twins gladly obey, but on condition that they do not go too far in the critical moments of life.
  • To assess the prospects of living together the twins — Capricorn, compatibility is unlikely. Capricorns are fairly conservative people who prefer to act according to the rules in order to preserve family ties. They will not like the superficial, unreliable and infantile twin, at the same time the twins will be attracted by the mystery, sexual attractiveness and external coldness of the nature of Capricorn. Both of these signs belong to different worlds, so they have no chance of a long life together.
  • Now consider a pair of twins — Taurus horoscope compatibility is not perfect, but also hardly durable. The twin will do his best to preserve the semblance of the family, treating the partner as the custodian of the family hearth, but his too much external caring and compassion can be extremely annoying for the calf and it will end in quarrels or divorce. You are too different to be comfortable together.
  • Many families ideally keep on self-deception and mutual deceit, like a pair of twins — the cancer is a typical horoscope of compatibility. Two souls are united by the desire to get rid of the control of a partner, but to acquire their own freedom of actions and deeds. To do this, they are competing, who is better to deceive the other and how to get out of the situation safe and sound. Joint life can be with endless breakdowns, evasive answers to direct questions, tantrums and quarrels, and both partners will look for an outlet from the family environment at work, on a business trip, on the road.

Astrologers recommend, at least briefly, to imagine compatibility in love between people of different elements, birth years and be guided by the answers of professionals in the astrological sphere of knowledge. It would be nice to know who your acquaintance is by year of birth, since the snake and the bull do not suit signs like dog and pig, as well as rooster, dragon and horse. Personal horoscope will help to avoid many disappointments, because the location of the planets indicates future problems, especially Venus and the days of the third decade of the lunar month.

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