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Leo and Virgo: the compatibility of men and women in love

The compatibility of Leo and Virgo in love leaves a couple few chances for a happy union, however, such relationships may have a future.

Compatibility of Leo and Virgo

Lions and Virgos are completely different and have few points of contact in terms of love and life. Their union can only be successful if partners give up trying to re-educate each other. Each of them has a strong enough character and is unlikely to allow someone to change themselves. Such couples can save only mutual compromises and the adoption of partner deficiencies.

People born under the sign of the Zodiac Leo can be recognized by their regal bearing and proud look. Representatives of the sign behave with majesty and with some condescension, because, in their opinion, people should know who they are dealing with. The sign is patronized by the Sun, thanks to whose influence the Lions perceive themselves as the center of the universe. If the representative of the sign is influenced by the planet Mars, then the output is a person with a steel will and great strength of mind. Such people succeed in all spheres of life, be it family, love, friendship or work.

What is the influence of the Chinese horoscope on the king of beasts? Year of the Rat creates aesthetes who love beautiful things and know how to be friends. Bull Lions are extremely energetic and categorical in their judgments, and Tigers have a good character, but can be arrogant.

Year of the Rabbit gives the proud character of the representative of the sign flexibility and ability to get along with people. The combination of Leo and the Dragon brings to the light knights and aristocrats, who are no strangers to romance, and the tandem of Leo and Snake gives representatives of the sign wisdom and honesty.

People of the sign, born in the year of the Horse, have a bold and strong character. In the year of the Sheep, reliable and noble personalities are born, and in the Year of the Monkey — merry men and lifejob. The Year of the Rooster gives representatives of the sign altruism and developed self-esteem. Lions-Dogs are honest and straightforward people, and Lions-Boars are full of energy and do not like to sit still.

The lions are rather ambitious and proud, which is favored by their patron planet — the Sun. Representatives of the mark react painfully to criticism. In life, Lions choose the best, the same applies to the choice of a partner, to which representatives of the sign approach responsibly and meticulously. If Venus interferes in the horoscope of Leo, his demands increase enormously.

People born under the sign of Virgo are pure thoughts and soul. They are not peculiar extravagant acts and vulgar behavior. Externally, the Virgin look quite attractive. This applies to both sexes. The planet-patron Mercury has given people the sign the ability to think logically and make the right decisions. Under the influence of the Moon, the Virgins may simply be obsessed with cleanliness, both in everyday life and in the soul.

By “connecting” the Chinese and the zodiac horoscopes, it is possible to trace how the characteristic of the representative of a sign born in a given year changes. For example, Virgos, born in the year of the Rat, possess business acumen and diligence, especially brightly these qualities are manifested under the influence of the Sun. Representatives of the sign, born in the year of the Bull, are inclined to criticize everyone and everything, they are hard to bear any changes in life. The Year of the Tiger brings practicality, love of order and cheerfulness into the character of Virgos, and the Year of the Rabbit contributes compassion and frugality. Dragon Maidens have extraordinary mental abilities, and Virgin Serpents are prudent and careful.

The Year of the Horse added an “emotional component” to the character of representatives, making it passionate and romantic. The combination of the Virgin and the Goat gives birth to all-knowers and critics, and the union of the Virgin and the Monkey — people on their minds. Representatives of the sign, born in the year of the Rooster, are beautiful and charming. Virgin Dogs are fighters for the truth, and Virgin Boars love life and will always come to the rescue of friends.

Dev is characterized by a desire to criticize and teach others, which negatively affects their relationships with family and friends. If the ascendant of the mark is in Virgo, this negative side of their character, doubling, becomes simply unbearable. To friends of Virgo attentive and always ready to help. In a love relationship, representatives of the sign are manic faithful to their partner. However, it is worth noting that the Virgin — people are vindictive, they do not forgive resentment and are prone to revenge.

Male Leo and female Virgo — an ambiguous couple. Differences in the character and behavior of the representatives of the signs appear at the beginning of their acquaintance, which can immediately put an end to the relationship. The peculiarity of this alliance is that its viability depends on how the partners act. If the woman Virgo and the man Leo understand each other, the couple may fold.

Compatibility in the love relationship between a man of Leo and a woman of Virgo is not so high as to speak of an ideal couple, but not so low as to give them a chance. The girl will be able to win the heart of the king of beasts with her decency, honesty, elegance and, of course, external beauty. Guys Lions, because of their charisma, are not deprived of female attention. Virgo, not being an exception to the rule, almost at the beginning of a relationship, will understand that she fell in love without memory with this strong and confident man.

In a relationship, the guy plays the first violin, and the girl will be glad to be under his protection. Disagreements in a pair may arise as a result of the failure to accept the Virgin Leo’s behavior, regarding his desire to always be in the center of attention. The man will be offended by the critic and stinging remarks of the beloved about his self-love and theatrical behavior. Excessive cleanliness and correctness of the beloved will drive the boy out of themselves. The freedom-loving character of a man is also unlikely to appeal to a home girl.

Sexual compatibility between Leo men and Virgo women is rather low. The man Leo in bed, as in life, should feel the best of the best. The partner should admire his sexuality and irresistible. Virgos in sex are somewhat conservative and not prone to the rapid expression of emotions, which the emotional partner may take for coldness or indifference.

As for the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac Leo man and Virgo woman in family life, this figure is low. How successful the marriage will be depends on whether the spouses are able to negotiate. If a compromise is reached, Leo will become for his wife not only a loving and caring husband, but the head of the family and her stone wall, behind which the woman will be calm and comfortable. A virgin with her calm home character will become for her husband a reliable rear and keeper of the home.

An apple of contention between spouses can be the freedom-loving and independent nature of the husband and the criticism of the wife. It seems to Virgo that her husband spends more time outside the home, solving other people’s problems and forgetting about his responsibilities to his family. Unreasonable jealousy of the spouse, the reason for which is her insecurity in accordance with such a prominent man, can also be connected here. Leo is touched by any criticism, and his wife’s remarks will be perceived as a knife in the back. If the spouses do not learn to give in to each other, then the marriage can break up.

Male Virgo and female Leo are absolutely not compatible. Their union is rather an exception to the rules than a law. The poor compatibility of women in Lviv and the men of Virgos is due to the difference in the character and views on the lives of representatives of the signs. In order for such a union to develop, partners will have to make serious reciprocal concessions.

Elegant woman Leo is able to conquer the heart of any man. Guy Virgo will be smitten by her beauty, self-confidence and cheerful character. The girl Leo will also enjoy the thorough and practical man Virgo. That seemed to be a couple, but it was not there.

A brilliant and sociable Lioness will not be able to constantly be close to her lover. She just needs fun, noisy companies and adoration of others. Virgo doesn’t like such a life, he likes to spend time at home, reading a book or his favorite hobby, that for a girl Leo seems boring. All attempts to reason the beloved and set her on the right path will fail and restore the lovers against each other. If one of the partners decides to leave, the second will be very difficult to keep him.

How compatible are women Leo and Virgo man in sex? In this regard, the lovers are doing well. In bed, the Lioness behaves differently from life: she is not inclined to show emotion and ingenuity in sex. Virgo man is also not a passionate person and not a fan of experiments. In general, classic sex and the lack of excessive demands from a partner can bring together lovers.

Compatibility in family life between a man, the Virgin and a woman Leo is low. The relationship between the spouses will not be easy. On the one hand, Leo’s wife will find support and resistance in a man. Virgos are able to achieve a lot financially, which is important for loving comfort and beautiful things of the Lioness. Her husband will be flattered that such a woman chose him, and even surrounds him with love and care.

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