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Sagittarius and Aquarius: the compatibility of women and men in love

Is there a future in love with the compatibility of Sagittarius and Aquarius?

Astrology is an interesting and rather mysterious thing. For years, this science forced people to plunge into its secrets and those who could do it were rewarded with a happy life. Many of us today, relying on the horoscope, trying to build their relationship with love and marriage.

Compatibility Sagittarius and Aquarius

Someone does not even enter into relationships with other signs that are not recommended by the horoscope. In this publication we consider the compatibility of Sagittarius and Aquarius and find out whether friendship or love is possible between them.

Sagittarius (dates of birth November 23 — December 22) are patronized by Jupiter, who endowed them with generosity and justice. People born under this sign are constantly striving for knowledge and sincere in their prejudices. With such a man, as well as with a woman, you need to be extremely attentive, because they do not tolerate lies.

Sagittarius refers to the fire element. But at the same time their ardor is somewhat different from other signs of this element. They are characterized by a quieter temperament than Aries or Leo (especially when the horoscope is Monkey, Tiger, Dog and Snake). If in the ascendant of a person born under this zodiac sign, the Sun or the Moon, then he is curious and spiritualized by his future accomplishments.

With a man, Sagittarius is very difficult if you try to change it, and all to try to put pressure on him, lead to harsh criticism. The whole problem is that the realization of the situation comes much later than this representative of the zodiacal world expresses his, in his opinion, correct position. What he soon regret.

Sagittarius loves to patronize, but Aquarius does not interfere. Moreover, sometimes this behavior of Sagittarius helps to get out of a difficult and problematic situation, which is very often a representative of the air element.

People born under this zodiac sign are sociable and friendly, therefore, as a rule, they have a lot of friends.

  • active life position;
  • high mental abilities;
  • honesty;
  • friendliness;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • resourcefulness.

But rudeness, harshness and straightforwardness does not always help to build relationships in love, in marriage and in friendship.

Aquarius is born under the auspices of Uranus and Saturn — dates of birth January 21 — February 20. This tandem endowed the sign of the zodiac with vital energy, brightness and incredible will power. In addition, such people have the ability to be creative and innovative thinking.

Representatives of this zodiacal world belong to the Air element, which has awarded them high intellectual abilities and interpersonal skills. Thanks to these abilities, they are able to achieve high goals in their professional activities. Aquarians are humane, altruistic, which gives them an incredible desire to change the status quo. Friendship for Aquarius is not just a word, it is mutual understanding and mutual assistance, therefore such people have not so many friends.

People born under this zodiac sign are absolute realists. But at the same time, they do not live solely on the present, but prefer to look ahead and make plans for the future (especially if their horoscope is Bull, Rooster and Dragon).

Thanks to a wide range of interests, representatives of this sign feel comfortable in a different society. They are calm and reasonable, but sometimes they love to defy public opinion, entering into controversial situations. And if you are dealing with Aquarius, then be prepared for various kinds of surprises.

  • high intellectual abilities;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • logics;
  • generosity;
  • independence.

If we talk about negative qualities, then these include:

  • stubbornness;
  • irresponsibility;
  • excessive curiosity;
  • absent-mindedness

The relationship between a man Sagittarius and a woman Aquarius

Enough favorable combination of signs of the zodiac. They may well become good friends, companions and spouses. Their vital activity will help them quickly find common points of contact. The fair sex is great for the Sagittarius guy, because next to her he can be himself. This is due to the fact that for a girl born under the sign of Air, nothing is more important than the good attitude of her lover to her. And since she is not angry at the harsh criticism of her chosen one, who in any case will be present in a relationship, he treats her very well as a sign of gratitude.

Compatibility in love is very high (if in percentages, then this indicator fluctuates within 90-95%). In the love relationship of this couple, everything happens very rapidly. They are literally pulling each other. Sagittarius will be able to win the attention of the girl with his serious attitude to everything around him. The beauty of the relationship between Aquarius and Sagittarius is that it does not seek to take a leading position, but it is pleasant for him to make decisions for two.

The male Sagittarius and the woman Aquarius in no case will not allow strangers into their relationships. At the same time for the girl, as well as for the guy, personal freedom is very valuable, so each of these signs does not tolerate close control. Moreover, it is this trait of temperament that will bring this love union together. They will begin to trust each other more and will no longer be afraid of harsh criticism from the side of their chosen one for this or that offense.

Such a love union exists, as a rule, for a long time. This is due to the fact that they feel comfortable in the company of a partner, at ease and easily, which becomes decisive for the girl Aquarius and the guy Sagittarius when creating a new social unit.

In most cases, the union Sagittarius-Aquarius is very quickly resolved to enter into an official marriage. And each of the signs perfectly understands that he cannot find the best match for this.

Marriage compatibility is very high. Even astrologers say that the male Sagittarius and the female Aquarius are the perfect union for creating a family. Marriage is due to emotional intimacy. They are based on mutual understanding and trust of spouses. They practically hide nothing from each other, and, in fact, they have no desire to lead a dual family life. Sagittarius man, Aquarius woman can find common ground and resolve any controversial situation without obvious criticism and quarrels.

Man and woman Aquarius and Sagittarius are good together. The manifestation of impulsiveness and aggressiveness of a spouse does not mean anything to the wives of Aquarius, and they try not to pay any attention to this. In addition, the woman always tries to give her husband moral support and gives him the opportunity to throw out all the accumulated negative emotions out. I would just like to note that from the wives of Aquarius, excellent housewives are not obtained, but at the same time, this does not bother the man at all, since for him life is not the most important thing in family life.

Sexual compatibility girls Aquarius and male Sagittarius is quite high. She is relaxed, sexy, loves experiments in sex (especially if Venus is present in her ascendant), which, in turn, fully satisfies the man. Aquarius woman, compatibility Sagittarius and Aquarius, compatibility in bed at the highest level only thanks to the ingenuity of the fair sex.

As a rule, in marriage, the compatibility of these signs can be broken only by the appearance of a child, and even then, this is only for a short time.

The compatibility of the girl Aquarius and the guy Sagittarius in terms of building friendships is good. The girl Aquarius and the guy Sagittarius have many common interests and topics for discussion. They trust each other and can chat for hours on various topics. But at the same time, a strong, true friendship between a man and a woman of these zodiac signs is a rarity. Indeed, in most cases they are not connected by friendly relations, but by mutual sympathy. And the girls of Aquarius and the Sagittarius guy are an additional opportunity to show themselves and consider the merits of the interlocutor, once again making sure of their own sympathy.

The male Sagittarius and the female Aquarius are a good couple in all respects, and what is the compatibility in the love relationship of a female Sagittarius with a man Aquarius, consider in the next section.

The relationship between a man Aquarius and a woman Sagittarius

Even when Sagittarius and Aquarius work together and are connected by purely business relationships, they still feel sympathy for each other. The man Aquarius and the female Sagittarius will always find something to talk about, they have common life positions and hobbies. And even in the case when the man of Aquarius and the woman of Sagittarius already have families, this will in no way prevent them from communicating. Sometimes, such office romances, which seem to be just a momentary passion, lead to the fact that the woman Sagittarius and the man of Aquarius tear up their marriage and tie life together to always be together.

The woman Aquarius and the female Sagittarius — differ in their concepts of married life. And if for the first it is important to be always behind the strong back of her husband, then for wives born under the sign of Sagittarius, there are no barriers to happiness. Neither financial welfare, nor children who are in the family, will not interfere with putting an end to relationships for the sake of true and sincere love.

Sagittarius and Aquarius, their compatibility in love is high, in percentage terms it is 90-95%. In most cases, the man of Aquarius and the woman of Sagittarius do not have time to show each other their sympathy. There is already a spark between the man and the woman of these signs on the intuitive level, so they can only meet.

The man of Aquarius and the woman Sagittarius have a lot in common. Sagittarius and Aquarius in some cases even complement each other. He often finds himself in all sorts of problem situations, whereas she will always come to his aid and help solve the problem.

Thanks to the diplomacy of the young man, he manages to avoid conflicts with his chosen one, which allows Aquarius and Sagittarius to maintain their relationship.

He and she Sagittarius and Aquarius need each other as in the air, but at the same time, we are not talking about painful addiction. Everything is very simple: there is much in common between them, they feel good together and this love relationship for them is an opportunity to adopt the positive qualities of a partner.

Are Aquarius and Sagittarius compatible in terms of building a married life? Male Aquarius and female Sagittarius compatibility in marriage — excellent. Sagittarius — Aquarius, their union is the most favorable for creating a strong and friendly family. They have no mutual claims. The Aquarius guy and the Sagittarius girl trust each other, so they see no point in deceptions and omissions.

The guy Aquarius and Sagittarius girls some other plans to spend personal time. She prefers hobbies, while he is busy working. But at the same time they manage to go to the cinema together or stroll through the park. Such a love idyll is extremely rarely destroyed, because there is nothing stronger than this attachment.

It is impossible to assert that a couple has a man Aquarius and a woman Sagittarius. For wives, as well as for husbands, this side of the issue is almost at the lowest level of life priorities. A pair of Aquarius men and archers women there is a need for cleaning only before the arrival of friends, relatives of loved ones.

Aquarius and Sagittarius will get the perfect horoscope of sexual compatibility, if they can open up to each other, in which no particular problems should arise. Relationship Sagittarius and Aquarius in the same bed passionate. And even in the event of several decades, the man Aquarius and the woman Sagittarius compatibility in sex remains very high.

For a man of Aquarius and a woman of Sagittarius, there is nothing better than to be in the company of such an interlocutor. She is friendly, therefore she sincerely believes that there can be friendly relations between a man and a woman. While the young man communicates with her only because he is in love with her.

As you can see, Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility in a different plan is quite high.

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