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Sagittarius and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in love

What is the astrological compatibility of Sagittarius and Pisces?

Love compatibility archer and fish, how is this possible and can it be in principle? This question interests the couple when they begin to meet and are faced with a choice — is it worth it to marry or are they absolutely not like each other? At first glance, a man is a fish and a woman is an archer or a fish is a woman a man is an archer — these are completely different signs of the zodiac, because fish is a representative of the element of water, and the arrow is one of the three fire signs of the zodiac.

Compatibility Sagittarius and Fish

To understand whether there is a chance for a happy love and a long strong marriage between a male archer and a female fish, we suggest deciding on the basis of information from our article on the love compatibility of fish and archer whether friendship and working relationships are possible between them. You help photos, reviews and recommendations of practicing astrologers.

What does astrology say about the dialogue of the couple, in which all feelings and actions are subject to such polar elements? As you know, water extinguishes the fire, and the fire evaporates the water. Thus, it becomes clear that compatibility in the love relationship between the fire and water sign of the zodiac is quite problematic. They are waiting for endless tension and irritation by the actions of each other, even if the feelings at first attract them to each other like a magnet.

It does not really matter who you are — male archer and female fish, or vice versa, all our feelings and actions follow the rules of the elements that we belong to from the very moment of birth.

Look at the main differences between archers and fish:

  • Sagittarius. It is subject to the power of the planet Jupiter, in which the Sun was at the time of its birth. Suffering from everyday life and ready for many fun and adventure. Sagittarius — pretty straightforward people and try to tell the truth, as it is, that may not like the fish, who try not to delve into the prose of life and focus on unpleasant moments. Sagittarius lives in the endless search for a new and unknown, he is the discoverer of unknown spaces and secret spiritual and mystical practices. The whole life of this fiery zodiac sign is aimed at external freedom from life and new impressions. If a fish doesn’t like a safe haven, but a life with risk and adventure, it is perfect for a freedom-loving Sagittarius as a life partner.
  • Fish. They live under the influence of the hypnotic planet Neptune, also under the Moon. This combination of planets gives them the external charm, appeal and impression of the keepers of many secrets. He likes to plunge into his own fantasies, but some representatives of the sign swim in the waters of their own dreams, while others are looking for an opportunity to make them a reality. Some fish fully rely on responsibility and hard work, others believe that prayers and luck will do everything for them. Many fish can hardly stand loneliness, so they try to quickly adapt to the circumstances. If you meet a man or a woman of fish, their cheerful disposition, creativity and beauty will conquer you for a long time. If you are ready to submit to their charm for many happy years, keep in mind that you cannot put pressure on fish, leave it room for maneuver and freedom, and then it will thank you with loyalty and care.

In addition, we can say that both signs are compatible not only in love, but in friendship and work, because before it was thought that both the archer and the fish are controlled by the planet Jupiter until the planet Neptune was discovered by astronomers.

Compatibility of archers and fish in love can be either complete, or not in principle, one of two things! Even violent passion and the impression of love can end forever with a banal divorce, if a couple has such different habits and personality traits that they don’t even try and don’t want to adapt to each other. This pair is very easy to recognize. They do not want to make concessions and vigorously defend their superiority over the feelings and actions of another. If you are a guy of fish and a girl archer, think a hundred times before rushing into the maelstrom of passion with your head.

Decide for yourself whether you like this person so much that you are willing to regularly yield to him in everyday situations and not stand at the back of his song? When people asked how some couples manage to play gold and diamond weddings after 50 and 60 years of marriage together, they always answer that one of the main conditions for a happy marriage is mutual respect and love for each other, as well as a willingness to make concessions.

That is why if a guy, fish and a girl archer fall in love with each other or are ready to win hearts, they shouldn’t focus on the stars, but work on their own relationships, because love and family are impossible without working on yourself. In marriage and sex compatibility, the archer is a man — a woman reaches 60-70% according to astrological practical statistics, but when calculating the coincidence of signs in percent, many additional nuances should be taken into account, for example, the year of birth and the location of the planets in the individual horoscope.

If a girl of fish and a boy archer decided to go deeper into their compatibility in love and marriage, they will have to turn to an experienced astrologer to compile individual horoscopes and find out if their partner is suitable or should they look for another. If you are more interested in intimate life, you need to find out which planet affects the ascendant, it is desirable that it was Venus, because it gives magical sexuality and incredible attractiveness for the opposite sex.

It is also very important when calculating compatibility year of birth. So, there is a maximum coincidence of interests and characters, if a guy and a girl are a dragon and a horse, a monkey and a snake, a tiger and a rabbit.

What can be said in brief if a man of fish and a woman archer suddenly met on the path of life? Should they submit to each other’s charm or part, before it is too late? Given the difference between the signs of the Sagittarius and the fish, so considering the compatibility in the light of the elements and the control planets, we can say that they can build a happy, lasting relationship. What do you need to know for this? First of all, try to focus not on the shortcomings of the partner, but on its merits. Such an approach to relationships saved more than one pair, even the most incompatible couple in the light of astrology.

If you are worried about whether the compatibility of a woman’s archer and a man’s fish is possible, trust your feelings and intuitions, they will not deceive you! Especially this advice is acceptable for a man of fish — a female archer and the compatibility of a woman in the love and family sphere is quite possible in the long-term version.

A more detailed horoscope of compatibility for archer and fish, as well as what a bride or wife can attract and keep with itself her sensitive to external circumstances bridegroom and husband, you will be your personal astrologer based on the specific locations of the planets in zodiac signs at the time of your birth.

What could be the compatibility of a fish female male archer? Look at the features of each partner. If the gentleman will give the lady more time and attention, she will appreciate it and try to treat his freedom-loving and adventurousness with condescension. In order for a male archer and a fish woman such a union to turn out to be durable and happy, the husband must provide his life partner financially, and the wife will forgive him for all his shortcomings and accept him for what he is. What is important for the lady of the fish sign? She wants reverent relationships and warm, respectful feelings. In gratitude for this, the husband has the right to count on her loyalty and readiness to give up on the issue of career growth and spiritual development.

If you are more interested in the compatibility of a bed for an archer and a pair of fish, we hasten to reassure. Passion, activity and ingenuity in the love of the archer will love the tender and sensitive fish, and they will become excellent lovers for each other.

Want to know the full compatibility of the fish female male archer? Contact astrologers for a personal detailed horoscope, and you will learn about yourself a lot of interesting and surprising! According to astrological statistics, the success of archers and fish in marriage depends largely on the individual location of the planets at the time of birth.

How can you summarize the topic of compatibility of fish and archer? Many reviews say that this is quite a possible thing, but the duration of a relationship depends closely on how important friendship, love and work are for both.

If you are more interested in what the subordinates and chiefs of fish and archer are in work, keep in mind that their favorable activity in the field of art, esotericism, philanthropy, philosophy, mutual respect and friendship are necessary, otherwise no joint business and partnership will succeed.

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