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Sagittarius and Scorpio: the compatibility of women and men in love

The union of representatives of these horoscopes is very interesting, and can enrich both partners. To get the desired relationship, each representative of the mark will have to make some sacrifices. Compatibility of the archer and the scorpion is quite possible, although they are not compatible combinations.

Compatibility Sagittarius and Scorpio

Sagittarius has emotionality and generously shares it with Scorpio, and he conveys to Sagittarius a sense of freedom within himself. Compatibility in Scorpio and Sagittarius love relationships becomes an exchange in which the partners equally complement each other. Now we will try to find out the compatibility of the female archer and and the scorpion man.

Since the ascendant is the outer part of your personality, that is, communication with the outside world, you can make certain conclusions.

Scorpios are vain, suspicious, decisive, they have great inner strength. But they hide their feelings and emotions, with someone to get close to them is extremely difficult. But they know how to pursue their own. They are looking for passion, trust and full return. But winning their love is not easy.

If the moon in Sagittarius, then they have a fair amount of vitality, fun and ease of communication. They have a slight sense of adventurism. Surrounding with them is easy. They love society, new acquaintances, constantly learning something new and interesting. They deny any control and may wither because of this, or to stop compatibility.

The Thirteenth Constellation Ophiuchus is formally absent, but has a great influence. This month captures two zodiacs: the archer and the scorpion, that is, the last week of the scorpion and the first week of the archer. People who have come under the influence of this hidden sign have features. They are ready to serve people and to sacrifice themselves. But it also goes to the other extreme. These two weeks are called the Burned Path. According to legend, the Sun God or Helios gave the son of a chariot, but he did not cope with it and the fire started, which lasted ten days.

General characteristics of the compatibility of horoscopes of scorpion and archer

Compatibility of the woman of a scorpion and the man of an archer is a combination of these signs of the zodiac which are not combined in relations appears because they represent different natural elements. Compatibility of water and fire is difficult. Scorpio is a watermark. He is cold, reserved and secretive. Sagittarius — a sign of fire. His character traits can be considered friendliness, openness to everything, the ability to rejoice in trifles, sociability. Excessive activity and openness of the archer will be balanced by the coldness of the scorpion. The external behavior of representatives of these signs of the zodiac differs more.

But there are unifying character traits. Both signs are characterized by curiosity and a desire to get to the bottom of the truth. But the motivation is different. Sagittarius is just curious, and the watermark is very suspicious.

The difference of their characters is also in the ability to lose. Sagittarius does it with passion and dignity, although he wants to recoup and take revenge. But cheating is not meant. Scorpio does not accept the loss, and if this happens, he begins to think of a plan for revenge. And hit at the most inopportune moment.

Their internal psychological state is also different. Scorpio is an introvert, and the archer is an extrovert, he is emotional and open to everything and everyone. Often these qualities come to grips. But despite the external coldness, inside is very sensitive and vulnerable. But he carefully hides and masks it. It is not difficult to offend a scorpion, and therefore the archer must be careful with his words and actions. The doctor in the face of a scorpion is very undesirable.

Sagittarius expects relationship of fire, enthusiasm and energy. All his feelings are on display. He cannot hide everything that happens inside him. Excessive emotionality and cheerfulness do not allow finding a response in the soul of a scorpion. Both suffer from this.

To improve compatibility, the relationship of the archer and the scorpion, they need to learn to respect each other, to exercise patience and attention. If they can let each other know what they are trying to learn, then the opposite qualities will cease to be a stumbling block.

Scorpio will have to accept the love of archer, his thirst for adventure, to stop doubting that he is a reliable and loyal partner. All these doubts do not give a scorpion peace and do not allow to plunge into real feelings. Sagittarius cannot be tied with a sense of duty or duty. Only a great love can pull him to a partner forever. And just a scorpion can engender these real feelings in the archer.

As for the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac of scorpion and archer in terms of finances, everything is not so well and simple. Scorpio is economical, will not spend money on an emotional purchase. A fire sign, on the contrary, can lower everything to the last penny. Thus, in a pair of budget must be separate or manage all the scorpion.

Call the relationship of a pair of archer and a scorpion can not be simple. They combine completely incompatible features. The union will resemble a roller coaster. The whole range of feelings from ardent passion and tenderness to terrible anger, from which will even shake, as in an earthquake. There will be deep trusting relationships and deceptions, a desire for material well-being, and high spiritual development, painstaking work will be required.

Compatibility in sex representatives of the signs Scorpio — Archer

A male scorpion with a female archer and in sex are able to receive unique pleasures from changing landscapes.

A scorpion has a subtle mental structure, and the second of the bed is used to getting things done in this regard, sometimes it can even be rude. Sex life and love compatibility archer and scorpion is very difficult. Scorpio does not like the assertiveness of his pair and the desire to subjugate the whole space. The second horoscope is very simple in nature, therefore it does not understand the sophisticated requirements of a partner. Such an attitude of sex makes the relationship of a scorpion with an archer difficult. When the first is once again dissatisfied with the behavior of his partner, his irrational actions and lightheadedness, he will try to injure him as much as possible offensively. But his orchestra so simply does not give in to provocations, despair and despondency do not threaten him. It is very difficult to deprive it of cheerfulness and fun in a relationship to life. But if all this overflows the cup of patience, then he will simply leave such a partner.

Marriage compatibility male scorpion — female archer

Marriage in the archer woman and male scorpion is quite possible. The ideal female archer and male scorpion in a relationship happens in two cases. When they fully trust each other. Jealousy and feelings of ownership are controlled by a scorpion. And at the archer, freedom of action is combined with the understanding that too much communication with people and openness is not to their liking, so the woman does not pull friends home. Scorpio men and archer women indulge each other surprises and know how to have a good time together.

The second case is when a man is sullen and silent, and his wife is a cheerful talker who can openly make a joke about her husband openly. Although at home he will take his. And such a relationship both suit. Such pairs of scorpion male archer woman in marriage are able to exist for quite some time. But I need a job.

A pair of scorpion guy girl archer is very fragile. This horoscope girl is very cheerful, open and sociable. A woman can easily fall in love with a guy. With her appearance, everything is filled with light and joy. She loves new experiences, dating, travel. In this pair she is Venus, and the man is the real Mars. At the beginning of a relationship, her character traits touch him, and she conquers him. Her love for life and honesty will open, even for the very sign of water, the hidden corners of his soul. In part, he will take over its features. But he himself will act on her negatively. His cold and dull attitude to life will be extinguished like fire by the water, her desire to rejoice. In time, he wants to subordinate her freedom and vitality to himself. Next to such a man, a woman may soon wither away.

Constant disagreements will appear on the basis of the fact that the girl is too straightforward and her frank statements can offend him. In response, the man will try to hurt her as much as possible.

The jealousy of the sign of a scorpion to his girlfriend is groundless. The woman is too open a man to make a secret union. A pair of scorpion — archer to exist in this case is not long. The girl just leaves.

Compatible married scorpion women and male archer

Such a union archer male and scorpio woman can be very durable. People in it have equal positions. Sagittarius and the female scorpion find true compatibility in love, but it will take time. They have achieved some success in society, made a career. They have financial well-being. Perhaps they do not have enough warmth and understanding of each other. The compatibility of scorpion and archer in a pair has its own rules. The girl likes people with passion and passionate temperament, and sex that knows no boundaries. He also likes when his freedom is not limited, and if so, sexual energy with interest, which he is ready to share. From the above, it can be concluded that the compatibility of a woman’s scorpion and a horoscope archer is quite possible.

Compatibility of female scorpion and male archer in love relationships

Consider a horoscope where a woman is a scorpion and a male archer. Strong jealousy on the part of the girl can completely kill their relationship. He is very open and simply does not know how to hide his feelings and moods, in the beginning he conquered her. He needs some leeway. If you deprive him of such pleasures of life, then the man will either wither or leave, unable to withstand the pressure.

At the same time, he needs to be extremely caring for his second half. The girl has great inner strength. She will never discover her deepest experiences. He needs to try very hard to understand what is going on inside her. But she is loyal and faithful about the partner.

Friendship representatives of these signs need to go through a lot. Friendship between a male scorpion and a female archer is very rarely possible. They do not trust each other. She thinks he is arrogant and indifferent. They prefer to keep their distance. The percentages are small, they will find a common language.

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