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Sagittarius and Virgo: the compatibility of men and women in love

Sagittarius Sagittarius and Virgo in the marriage relationship

Compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius is extremely low. They have different characters, temperaments and attitudes towards life. However, such couples are found. Young people can fall in love with each other, lose their heads, and even marry suddenly. The success of this pair will depend on the patience of each of the partners, the desire to reach a compromise and harmony.

Sagittarius and Virgin Maidens

They can cultivate together, go towards a common goal, if they really want to. In the percentage of divorces of such pairs a lot. A happy union between them is the result of many years of work on themselves.

Horoscope Virgo and Sagittarius is very different. There is almost nothing in their characters to unite the elements of fire and earth. Because these people are so hard to build relationships.

The modest and reserved Maiden eschews noisy companies. She prefers to communicate one on one with a man, and not in a noisy get-together. Representatives of this zodiac sign are accustomed to living by the rules, do not tolerate rebels. They are perfectionists, they want to systematize and streamline everything, to do any kind of work perfectly. Best of all, Virgos feel at home, where every thing is familiar and lies in its place. They are smart, in their head holds hundreds of numbers and accurate information from all areas of knowledge. Here are the main traits of the Dev:

  • Discipline
  • Organization
  • Equilibrium
  • Morality
  • Practicality
  • Logics
  • Principle
  • Restraint
  • Criticality

Virgos can’t keep silent if they don’t like something. Tolerate can not lazy and idle people. They love to criticize their actions and deeds. Calculating, often use other people to achieve their own goals. Dev pedantism goes beyond reasonable limits, they are so fixated on the details that they do not notice the whole picture.

Rebel Sagittarius will never obey orders of others, go on about social stereotypes. Of all the zodiacs it can be called the most cheerful and active. Sagittarius can not live without a goal and moving forward. He has a wide circle of communication, but he does not feel strong attachments. However, the easy nature, good sense of humor, love of life attract people to it. Sagittarius forgive more than others. After all, you can not be angry at this good-natured jovial, who rarely remembers the insults, Here are the main traits of Sagittarius:

  • Cheerfulness
  • Purposefulness
  • Activity and energy
  • Sociability
  • Rebellion
  • Ambition
  • Enterprise
  • Humanity
  • Straightness
  • Sincerity and honesty
  • Generosity.

Sagittarius are not able to simultaneously do several things, they fully concentrate all attention on one thing. The long-term perspective seems boring to them, therefore they cannot think strategically. Often they are rude, too rectilinear, they do not know how to keep other people’s secrets. Optimism, Sagittarius humor is intrusive to aggressiveness. Representatives of this zodiac sign are often entangled in questionable companies, fall into various dependencies.

Sagittarius and Virgo sign compatibility are low, because partners are not easy to find mutual understanding. They can be united by a common goal, the achievement of which they will devote all their lives. The relationship between them can be built only on respect for the needs of each other, which are completely different. If Virgo and Sagittarius agree that they have different worldviews and accept this fact, they can be long together. Each of the signs has something to learn from the other. Virgo ceases to be petty, sees in front of a more sublime and ambitious goals. Sagittarius learns patience, discipline and accuracy. Good cooperation Zodiakov is obtained when they begin to use each other’s strengths, do not pay attention to the disadvantages. In any case, partners achieve agreement only through hard work on themselves.

Problems in the relationship of Virgo and Sagittarius are inevitable. These signs are poorly compatible, in order to understand each other, they need time. At first, the Virgin tries to control the Sagittarius, to impose his way of life on him. After all, the earth sign believes that he is right in everything. Sagittarius does not accept the restrictions of his freedom, he can not live in the standard, someone established order. Because the fire sign constantly rebel. In turn, he wants to draw the Virgin into the social circle that is important to him. He tries to pull his partner out of the house, proves the importance of high life to him, tries to get him interested in traveling. Most likely, Sagittarius will fail. Virgin modest, closed, they do not like noisy companies, changing places. Sagittarius annoys the pettiness of the Virgin. After all, he looks at the world with wide eyes, sees distant goals in front of him, and not just domestic and mundane ones.

The horoscope of Virgo and Sagittarius is influenced by both the Sun and the Moon. When the lunar ascendant of Sagittarius is in the earth element, and with the Virgin in the fiery, it is easier for them to understand each other. But this does not mean that the relationship between them will be simple. The air supports fire, but is completely alien to the earthly Virgin. Because this combination is not the best. Almost the same goes for water. Only here it is better that she was in the ascendant Sagittarius. When the water in Virgo — the partners will compete. The compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius partners in the relationship also depends on the Chinese horoscope. Earth sign is suitable year of birth Rabbit, Rat, Rooster. It combines well with the Year of the Bull. Fiery feels great with a man whose year of birth is Tiger, Dragon, Horse. Snake and Dog well affect the relationship of partners. Goat and Monkey can spoil the mutual understanding between them.

The love compatibility of Sagittarius and Virgo also does not bode well for them. These signs have a completely different attitude and physical proximity. Virgo is a little hypocrite and conservative, she is afraid to try something new. Even when a partner awakens a passion in her, incites to the realization of secret fantasies, her conscience will torment her. After all, it seems to an earthly sign that mistakes, violation of social norms, always lead to punishment. In addition, the Virgin loves gentle sex, filled with romance. Sagittarius can not offer her a sophisticated erotic game. He is passionate, always ready for experiments. In bed, he behaves like a warrior who came, conquered and fell asleep. Venus rewarded this sign with a really fiery temperament. It is difficult for him to perceive the notorious Virgin.

To find compatibility in a love relationship, partners must be close in other areas. When they are joined by common goals, hobbies, interesting intellectual communication, sex will become their natural continuation. Short-term passion, which flashes between them when they meet, quickly ends. Lovers are frustrated in each other. Only sincere feelings allow them to make concessions, to recognize and respect the tastes of the other. Sagittarius in Virgo can wake up passion if she becomes to trust him. In turn, Virgo is able to appease the unhealthy instincts of Sagittarius, to make him a faithful and loyal partner. This happens if Sagittarius and Virgo are married. With a free relationship, they will lose interest in each other and part. The sexual compatibility of the humble Maiden and Sagittarius is bad, and will not become a link for them.

Sagittarius, a man and a Virgo woman, when they meet, will not ignite passion. Their mutual interest is based on intellectual communication. A man gives interesting ideas, a woman gives a lot of accurate information. Virgo and Sagittarius will be interesting to communicate, but far from the fact that they want something more. The boy and the girl will start a novel only when they wish to improve themselves, learn from a partner. After all, each has features that are so lacking to another. Such relations rarely end in a wedding, because the compatibility of the male Sagittarius and the Virgin of a woman is very weak.

If you met a happy married couple, it means the woman Virgo and the male Sagittarius have put a lot of effort into peace and mutual understanding in their family life. Most likely they are linked by a joint business, career, passion. Both in such a union have changed. Virgo has ceased to be boring, fixated on household trifles. She added optimism, the range of interests expanded significantly. Sagittarius settled down a bit, began to appreciate the comfort of home, family, forgot about his love adventures. In his affairs established order, and the goals became more specific and long-term. Such a family is often united by children, the representatives of these Zodiacs are excellent parents. Quarrels between spouses arise, but they try to solve them by compromise. Often a husband and wife can be seen separately. They realized that it was better to give each other freedom.

Sagittarius man and Virgo woman do not find a common language immediately. There are too many differences between them to reach a quick understanding. At first, wives and husbands have conflicts almost every day. The woman tries to control her man, tied to the house. He aspires to freedom; it is important for Sagittarius to feel free, to communicate with people. Virgo always focuses on the little things, Sagittarius sees the thing as a whole. These features of the psyche of each of the zodiacs will give them a lot of trouble. They hardly choose things in the store, places for recreation, a school for children. Often conflicts arise due to adultery men, it is not easy to get rid of the habits of youth. Criticism Dev can poison the atmosphere if the wife does not stop sawing her husband. Different attitudes to the signs of money, Sagittarius spender, and Virgo economical to stinginess.

Improve your horoscope compatibility Sagittarius man and Virgo woman can, if they try well. The union should be built on friendship and respect. If the Virgin loves her Sagittarius, she does not have to constantly find fault with him. It seems to a woman that in this way improves a man. In fact, it causes only resistance and a backlash. Sagittarius will not prevent more attention paid to the family. Friends are good, but the beloved and best of wives is much better. If he stops flirting at the first opportunity, a friend will no longer be jealous of him, which will certainly affect the quality of family life. Spouses have to look for common points of contact. When they set themselves a large-scale goal, devote themselves to its realization, their connection will become much more promising. Sagittarius and Virgo, their sign compatibility will be more likely.

Can create a pair of Virgo male and Sagittarius female Virgo boy and girl Sagittarius? The guy is able to become interested in a bright, fun and unusual girl. He understands that this ridiculous person will bring a whole new life to everything. The girl will also pay attention to a serious and modest guy. Next to such a man, she feels confident, tomorrow will not seem so ghostly and unstable. But such a disposition is possible only when there are adults, spiritually mature man and woman. Young Sagittarius and Virgo, most likely, will not pay attention to each other. The young girl is still looking for adventure, and the guy is too unsure of himself to conquer the bright Shooter.

Male Virgo and female Sagittarius can be happy in marriage if they find a compromise between themselves. In this pair, both partners give each other freedom. Often the husband provides the family financially, and the wife is engaged in creativity, career, and social activities. It happens that spouses are united by common projects or business, they are addicted to psychology, philosophy or religion, they learn a lot from each other. Virgo helps his Sagittarius to organize things properly, he takes on many household duties. The wife supports the husband in his aspirations, teaches not to dwell on trifles, to see things on a larger scale. The union is built solely on friendship and respect, the husband and wife try once again not to quarrel, as it is very difficult for them to put up.

Problems in this pair are inevitable, since the compatibility of the male Virgo and Sagittarius women is very low. A husband from the first days will be jealous of his wife to all her girlfriends and friends. He will try to close his soul mate within the four walls and make an ideal hostess. But this is an absolutely unattainable dream, the man knew what was going on. Attempts to restrict intercourse in the wives of Streltsov cause violent resistance, they are rebellious by soda. A woman is also waiting for disappointment. At first she was interested in a clever and well-read man, but very quickly she would realize that he was too petty. It is unlikely that her husband share with her interests in exotic travels, will be a company at a picnic or visiting friends. It’s good when he will let her go there alone. Conflict spouses because of finances, the wife spends them with incredible speed, the husband simply does not have time to earn.

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