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Taurus and Gemini: the compatibility of men and women in love

Taurus and Gemini love and family compatibility

Taurus and Gemini compatibility is difficult and ambiguous. These zodiac signs have different life goals, characters and temperaments. Find a common language is not easy. Saves the situation patience Taurus and an amazing ability to adapt to any circumstances Gemini. If the partners really want to find a common language, they will have a chance to build a good relationship. In the percentage of divorces, this pair is not very common. However, they also marry quite rarely.

Taurus and Gemini Compatibility

What will be the relationship between people depends largely on their characters. Taurus and Gemini are very different, they belong to the elements of earth and air. What does your solar horoscope say about them?

Born under the constellation of Taurus people are accustomed to act for sure. Because of this, gained fame as sluggish and indecisive. In fact, they are very solid, they ponder every step. Taurus love life in all its manifestations, because their patroness Venus. They are sociable and benevolent, have many true friends. Earth sign is not accustomed to give empty promises, always adheres to this word, brings any case to the end. He loves comfort and home comfort, ready to spend a lot of money to create it. Here are the main features of the character of this sign:

  • Slowness
  • Conservatism
  • Goodwill
  • Sociability
  • Patience
  • Reliability
  • Thoroughness
  • Optimism
  • Thrift.

Taurus is very stubborn, it is difficult to convince them of something, they rarely change their point of view. The characteristic of this sign will be incomplete, if you do not recall the extreme conservatism, which often goes beyond the limits of reasonable. With all his patience, Taurus can break, then he destroys everything in his path. The unrealized Bull turns into a bore or a domestic tyrant. Thrift can turn into stinginess, when every penny is controlled.

The speed of reaction Gemini has no equal, they are able to do a dozen things at once. Quickly adapt to any circumstances, change their opinion with lightning speed. Very sociable, have many acquaintances, but they have few real friends. Gemini has a paradoxical thinking, so they are able to solve non-standard tasks. Representatives of this zodiac sign are striving for the ideal, but they do not have enough patience to fulfill their dreams. They are easily related to life, rarely have bouts of bad mood. Here are the characteristics and main features of this sign:

  • Versatility
  • Mobility
  • Activity
  • Quick response
  • Sociability
  • Ease
  • Idealism
  • Inconstancy
  • Variability

The twins are talkative, do not know how to keep either their own or others’ secrets. They love to brag, it’s worthless to lie to them. Twins often do not adhere to their promises, do not bring things to the end. I am pleased to equip your comfort at your expense, easily shifting responsibility to others. There are evil and bilious, do not miss the moment to make a sharp remark.

What can unite such different natures as in Gemini and Taurus? At first glance, these people have nothing in common, so they cannot build relationships. But opposites attract, Taurus and Gemini can perfectly complement each other. In this pair, the air sign acts as a generator of ideas, it moves the union forward. Taurus is a diligent performer who does not allow the ideas of Gemini to be wasted. The conservative Taurus carefully calculates all his steps, does not allow Gemini to risk in vain. Where you need to make a non-standard decision, before the lead air sign. Relations between a pair of Gemini and Taurus will be good if the former learn to adapt, and the latter show all their patience in reaching compromises. Then between them there will be both friendship, and love, and fruitful cooperation in work.

The union of the conservative Taurus and Gemini is never simple. They must try hard to achieve harmony. The earth sign hardly endures the air fussiness, its constant mood swings. Most of all Taurus appreciates a measured way of life, comfort, but next to the Twins, this is difficult to achieve. The air sign does not understand slowness, indecisiveness of the earth. He is full of energy, he wants to go forward, and Taurus inhibits his movement. In addition, the earthly sign is the owner, and the air does not tolerate the limitations of his freedom. Different attitudes of these zodiac signs to money. Tauruses are thrifty, they love to spend money only on essential things. Twins never think about financial stability, they live for today.

The relationship between the signs of the zodiac affects not only the sun but also the moon. If her ascendant is in a favorable position, for example, in the element of air in Taurus and in the earth sign in Gemini, the connection between them will be strengthened. A good effect of the combination of water and air in Gemini. But the fire element can turn partners into rivals. Chinese horoscope also has its effect. A calf is convenient if Gemini is Bull, Horse or Rat by birth year. The air sign is suitable Monkey, Rooster, Boar or Pig. Not bad impact on the relationship of the dog and the goat, but the Tiger and Dragon will make a considerable share of the contradictions. Rabbit and Snake perfectly fit together, as they both love homeliness and understand each other well.

Compatibility in the love relationship between Taurus and Gemini is not the best. Venus generously gave the earth a sign of sensuality, but he lacks imagination. Taurus can spend hours having sex, while their actions will be monotonous and stereotypical. Temperament Gemini is not as stormy as the Taurus. After all, they are patronized by the fast Mercury, and not by the languid and sensual Venus. But the Twins are always open to the new, they are ready for the most incredible experiments in bed. Even when the partners managed to win each other’s hearts, physical attraction arose between them, they could easily be disappointed. Their ideas about sex life are very different.

For Taurus and Gemini to find comfort in love, they must give in with their convictions. The twins make it easier, they will easily give up perverted fantasies in favor of a long and intense sensuality of the night. Taurus is difficult to break themselves, but they can make concessions to the Twins, if they see in this benefit for themselves. Improve the compatibility of signs in sex can real, sincere love. The kindness of the soul Taurus will be able to wake up in Gemini and hidden tenderness. And the ease with which the air mark belongs to everything will conquer the conservatism of the partner. Then Venus will give both unforgettable nights of love.

The girl Taurus and the guy Twins can fall in love with each other, but their romance rarely develops into a long and strong relationship. At first, the girl will be delighted with the intellect and oratorical skill of the partner, she likes his efficiency, the ability to immediately resolve any issues. But very soon she will see that the Twins are frivolous, unprincipled and do not fulfill their promises. The guy will be fascinated by the beautiful and well-groomed girl Taurus, only he will be disappointed too. The dear lady, having gotten into the role of a wife, will want to fully possess them, is jealous and controls every step. A business union, a common interest that goes beyond personal relationships can unite partners.

Since the compatibility of Taurus women and Gemini men is not the best, they need to try to achieve harmony in family life. In fact, partners can give much to each other. An ideal couple always has a common goal, for which they are willing to compromise. They do not try to change each other, but skillfully take advantage of the character of the partner. The twins are sociable and flexible; they can adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. A man is always a leader in such a family, and his wife is a reliable rear. She protects her spouse from rash steps if he listens to her. The wife skillfully manages the money that her husband brings to the house. Therefore, such a family is well-to-do and prosperous, it is comfortable and cozy in their home, and children grow up fully developed.

The male Gemini and the Taurus woman are constantly testing their compatibility. The wife loves stability, she is used to making long-term plans, to calculate all her actions. The husband absolutely does not accept constancy, his projects replace each other at lightning speed. Such a pace of life tires Taurus, destroys composure. It is difficult for a woman to endure the constant lies and chatter of her husband, since she was not used to throwing words to the wind. In turn, Gemini suffers from the limitations and conservatism of a friend, her excessive caution and slowness. Taurus owners, and jealousy, the desire to control every step of the husband also contribute to the family situation. Twins do not want to give anyone freedom.

Improve compatibility Gemini man and Taurus woman can only through mutual respect. They should value each other more. Husband should listen to the advice of his wife. They will help in the implementation of plans, because the Twins are so difficult to bring things to the end. Taurus woman should not put too much pressure on her husband. It is better to give him freedom of action, then he will feel happy, stop lying and throwing words to the wind. Financial issues better to instruct his wife. But her husband does not hurt to deal with contacts with the outside world. Just do not get involved in gossip and quarrel from the hut. Within the family, Taurus and Gemini may well find mutual understanding. When outsiders intervene in their conflicts, it often comes to divorce.

The girl Twins and the young male Taurus can hear feedback about each other long before they met. It will intrigue them, everyone will want to know their exact opposite. At first, the guy will be amazed by the quickness of mind, sociability, and speed of the girl. But soon he will begin to pay attention to the lack of organization and unprincipledness of her friend, her weak and illogical motivations. The girl will be delighted with the whole personality of Taurus, the strength of his character and principles. But any attempt on his part to step down her airy nature will be perceived as an encroachment on freedom. If they manage to overcome these contradictions, find a common goal for themselves, they can be quite happy in their marriage.

Male Taurus and female Gemini, who created a happy family, have achieved harmony with great efforts. Often they are connected by a common business, exciting social activities. In this pair, Taurus acts as a ram that overcomes all obstacles. But when a man comes to a dead end, a woman comes to the rescue. She finds a way out of the most unfavorable situations. In this tandem, the family can turn the mountains and achieve incredible success. They in turn occupy the leading role. The Taurus man leads a family ship in times of stability, the Gemini woman — in periods of storms and unrest. Both such roles are great. They trust each other and treat with respect, they know how to appreciate the partner’s abilities, to benefit from their merits, and even from their shortcomings.

If your friend is Taurus, and your friend is Gemini, you can never understand how they can live together, because they are almost incompatible. This pair has different temperaments, they move at completely different speeds. Where the wife has time to remake a thousand cases, the husband is just beginning to delve into their essence. Quarrels often arise on this basis. The initiator is more often a woman, she is less patient. But Taurus’s excerpt also has its limits. When this sign bursts into anger, nothing remains in its path, including relations with Gemini. Taurus jealousy brings a lot of problems, especially since Gemini gives a lot of reasons to it. The man is constantly tormented by suspicions about his wife, he makes her reasonable and not very complaints. She, in turn, begins to lie and gets out, perceives any control as an attack on her identity.

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